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10 Best Warehouse Management Solutions | Track Your Inventory

Do you face the great challenge of tracking the accurate status of stock? Do you want to process accurate orders just in time? Do you want to establish a centralized warehouse or inventory management system and produce real-time data with customized report analysis?

A well-designed warehouse management software can manage all these operations. It is the best way to track inventory efficiently. A good inventory management system reduces operating expenses, improves employee morale, and increases customer satisfaction. 

The warehouse management system is an automated system designed to support and optimize warehousing operations that keep products efficient and business operations smooth.

This software ensures reliable supply chain management. Besides, It facilitates management in their daily planning, directing, and controlling the optimum utilization of the resource. Moreover, it boosts business profit.

Best Warehouse Management Solutions

The warehouse and inventory management system varies largely depending on your business type, business needs, and budget. There are lots of company-provided warehouse management solutions offering a variety of features.

To find out the best-suited warehouse and inventory management system for your business operation, you should consider its inbound & outbound process system, warehousing & storage capacity, evaluation & planning technique, and reporting & forecasting capabilities. Besides, it should feature third-party integration & usage of modern technology.

1. Bright Warehouse

Deposco’s Bright Warehouse is a leading cloud-based warehouse management application and follows a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscription. This is a powerful and cost-effective solution for managing warehouse functions.

It is especially best suited for retailers, distributors, 3PLs, and brand companies. The Bright Warehouse offers real-time order management. It optimizes supply chain operations more effectively and efficiently.

Deposco_Bright warehouse

Key Features of Bright Warehouse

  • Provides ASN tracking, barcoding, labeling, cross-docking, quality control reporting, and return products receiving services.
  • Corresponds to sales orders by allocating inventory according to the specific sales order.
  • Able to monitor inventory levels, determine optimal levels of products, and reorder points of products.
  • Determine the mode of transportation for product delivery and select a route for the carrier.
  • Generate automatic replenishment orders, identify cross-deck opportunities, and track vendors.

Pros: Bright Warehouse does not need to install hardware and software. This software is flexible in configuration and easily scalable. It has a built-in point of sale (POS) service and captures real-time data. Besides, this software can create customs reports and send reports automatically to the right person.

Cons: The software price is comparatively high.

Pricing Plan: Pricing starts from $5,000/month—no free trial version.

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2. NetSuite WMS

NetSuite WMS is a product of Oracle integrated with NetSuite ERP. This inventory management software offers various key functionalities, including designing a warehouse layout, setting up multiple UPC codes, and creating a cycle count plan.

It integrates inbound shipment management. NetSuite WMS composite barcodes establish pick & pack processes and cross-docking systems. This software provides real-time inventory updates and wave management. In addition, it also has a mobile app for warehousing operations.

Oracle_NetSuite Warehouse Management Software

Key Features of NetSuite WMS

  • It can scan products using mobile RF barcode scanning.
  • Generate ASNs and related EDI transactions automatically.
  • Define pick and putaway strategies.
  • Generate cycle count plans.
  • Print item labels on the receipt automatically.

Pros: NetSuite WMS is simple and easy to use. Its new features are updated regularly. It has robust and customizable features. Moreover, this software has a large NetSuite community leverages with vast NetSuite consultants.

Cons: It is expensive to start, maintain and update. If you want to get 24/7 NetSuite customer support, you need to purchase NetSuite Premium Support. 

Pricing Plan: A Free product tour is available. The price depends on the customization requirement.

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3. Fishbowl Inventory

Fishbowl Inventory is a very popular inventory management application based in Queensland, Australia. This software is suitable for small to midsize manufacturing organizations.

The core feature of this software is its integration option with industry-leading third-party business solution applications, consequently automating business operations and improving warehousing operation efficiency. Fishbowl has multi-currency conversion facilities.

Fishbowl inventory

Key Features of Fishbowl Inventory

  • Integrate with QuickBooks and leading business solution applications.
  • Able to manage multiple warehouses.
  • Feature of many warehouse management tools such as barcode printing, scanning, automatic reordering, picking, packing, and shipping products tools.
  • Can process orders from customers, track the shipment, reorder sales, and deliver.
  • Create a customized performance analysis report.

Pros: Fishbowl inventory is integrated with dozens of business solutions. This software is best suited for small and medium businesses.  It has multiple currency options. Besides, it can generate a new barcode and offer part tracking systems.

Cons: Its customer support response is slow. The custom report is complex to create.

Pricing Plan: Starts from $4,395/user annually. 14-day free trial period.

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4. Softeon

Softeon is a cloud-based warehouse management software loaded with innovative features. Its headquarters is in Reston, Virginia, USA. It is a highly configured workflow and easily scalable system to provide service-oriented architecture adapted to warehouse operation and end-user supply chain management.

Softeon is specialized in automatic material handling and advanced productivity tracking. Besides, it provides real-time and graphical interface data.


Key Features of Softeon

  • Integrate with automatic materials handling technology.
  • Flexible in the configuration.
  • Create multiple order-picking strategies.
  • Formulate a simulation-based resource plan.
  • Provide Wave-based, waveless, and combination order process facility.

Pros: Softeon has good customer support. It has a high volume order process capability.

Cons: It is not compatible with Mac OS and Linux OS

Pricing Plan: Contact the company for a price quote. No demo is available.

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5. Infor WMS

Infor WMS provides an advanced inventory management solution combining warehousing operations with labor management and 3D visualization. It is a highly configurable and global warehouse management solution that can operate multi-site warehousing. This software supports 14 languages.

Besides, it offers an automatic receiving process and material handling. Infor WMS can create cross-docking and order processing plans. As a result, this software can accelerate warehouse operations and increase operational execution. It has both on-premise and cloud-based platforms. 

Infor WMS

Key Features of Infor WMS

  • Monitor labor activities and produce real-time data.
  • Execute the mode of transport for product handling and delivery.
  • Visualize the warehouse operation data in 3D form.
  • Can track the centralized shipment.
  • Enable advanced features such as Web RF and voice processing.

Pros: Infor WMS introduces an automated replenishment system. This software can make inbound and outbound optimization. It has more efficient labor management.

Cons: It has a poor RF interface, and a limited number of reports can be produced.

Pricing Plan: Contact the company for a price quote. You can request a demo.

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6. HighJump

HighJump provides warehouse management solutions designed to be tailored to the organization’s specific business processes. It is a cloud-based and mobile-enabled warehouse management software.

HighJump is a highly configurable and adaptable warehouse management tool integrated with ERP to support multi-client operations and shift forward omnichannel retail models.

In addition, it provides best practices for inventory management, order processing, inbound and outbound shipment, and replenishment services.


 Key Features of HighJump

  • Integrate with ERP.
  • Provide omnichannel fulfillment.
  • Provide task management and wave management.
  • Optimize cycle load and cycle route.
  • Intuitive transportation management feature

Pros: HighJump has great customization features, is easy to use, and has third-party integration. It can make a cross-docking plan.

Cons: Its reporting function is not available.

Pricing Plan: Contact the company for a price quote. No free trial is available.

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7. Astro WMS

Astro WMS was developed by the European company Consafe Logistics. It is a cloud-based inventory management solution and follows a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscription. Retail, manufacturing, or 3PL- any type of business size can use Astro WMS to optimize warehouse operation.

It is integrated with ERP. Astro WMS is more flexible in configuration and easily scalable. Besides, it provides real-time forecasting. 

Astro Warehouse Management Software

Key Features of Astro WMS

  • Manage a centralized inventory with real-time data updates that can maintain optimal stock in all warehouses.
  • Process orders and track the transportation of inventory more accurately leverage with AI function.
  • Forecast real-time warehouse operations.
  • Integrate with third-party carriers and last-mile delivery partners for efficient shipping management.
  • Control product quality standards.

Pros: Astro WMS is more flexible in configuration and easy to scale. It features future-proof and real-time forecasting.

Cons: Its user interface is outdated. It has limited modules and limited customer support.

Pricing Plan: Contact them for price quotations. You can request a demo.

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8. Manhattan WMS

Manhattan WMS is an innovation of Manhattan Associates, whose headquarters is in Atlanta, Georgia, US. Currently, It provides warehouse management solutions for more than 1200 customers all over the world.

Manhattan WMS won many awards for its smart solutions. Manhattan WMS is mobile-enabled and highly flexible, using advanced AI and machine language.

This software can provide automatic material handling and native appointment scheduling. Besides, it has great features of wave management, yard management, dock door management, and labor management. Besides, this software can be used for cross-docking, quality audit, and vendor performance. 

Manhattan WMS

Key Features of Manhattan WMS

  • Formulate a cycle counting plan.
  • Provide multi-tenant fulfillment.
  • Integrate with automatic material handling equipment and multi-carrier solution.
  • Can make native appointment scheduling.
  • Perform a quality audit.

Pros: Manhattan WMS can automatically capture information and integrate it with material handling equipment. This software provides real-time data analysis and ensures more security of warehousing operations. It automates the critical process and minimizes the processing cycle.

Cons: It customization expense is comparatively high. It can not customize the putaway rule. In addition, it does not support the billing process and labor management.

Pricing Plan: Contact them for price quotations. No free trial is available.

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9. Aptean WMS Catalyst

Aptean WMS Catalyst is designed as a dynamic inventory management solution for complex supply chains and multifaceted distribution channels, including multi-site and multi-company. 

In addition, it is a highly configurable and scalable, unique business solution that leverages rules-based workflow architecture featured with real-time reporting.

Aptean WMS Catalyst also provides advanced cross-docking planning and dynamic route planning. Besides, this software has a great feature for appointment scheduling, slotting, supplier quality tracking, labor management, and transportation management. 

Aptean WMS Catalyst

Key Features of Aptean WMS Catalyst

  • Can receive inbound shipment information and advanced shipment notices (ASNs).
  • Support multiple picking- RF picking, voice picking, paper picking, and material handling equipment.
  • Provide a real-time report.
  • Track supplier quality.
  • Provide a door dock and dynamic route plan.

Pros: Aptean WMS is an all-in-one exclusive warehouse solution for complex supply chains and distribution channels. It offers configurable putaway strategies.

Cons: Its data export cannot be performed. It can not connect API with other platforms.

Pricing Plan: Contact them for price quotations. No free trial is available.

Get Aptean WMS Catalyst

10. ASCTrac WMS

ASCTrac WMS is an award-winning warehouse management solution that can handle real-time data using wireless networks. It can make itself proud for the first time by developing three-tiered intelligent technology for its wireless application.

This software is designed for complex supply chains and is globally usefully integrated with supply chain solutions. ASCTrac robots can automatically track, pick, sort, and process orders. 

ASCTrac Warehouse management software

Key Features of ASCTrac WMS 

  • Flexible in configuration and fully integrated with ERP.
  • Provide automatic notifications and customized reports.
  • Track advanced quality control.
  • Track multi-site stock.
  • Support various wireless devices.

Pros: ASCTrac WMS provides inbound & outbound shipment and advanced shipment notifications (ASNs). It configures rule-based architecture and provides real-time supply chain data. 

Cons: It is not compatible with Mac OS and Linux OS.

Pricing Plan: $29500/one-time. You can request a demo.


Our Recommendation

At this point, we can conclude that every warehouse or inventory management software has specific features, and it varies from software to software. To select the best one, you have to determine WMS capability, industry type, warehousing & storage size, budget, and security.

If you are looking for a wireless warehousing operation system, Oracle’s NetSuite WMS or ASCTrac WMS would be the best option.

If security is your concern, Manhattan WMS is the best option, or if you want to customize your service, HighJump is the best option.

If you are looking for many plugins & third-party integration business solutions, and budget-friendly warehouse management solutions, Fishbowl inventory is the best option. 

Finally, Insights

In conclusion, well-designed inventory or warehouse management software is the best way to maximize productivity and increase the profitability of a business. But, it is important to choose the best suitable warehouse management solution for your business.

We hope that this article helps you choose the appropriate software for your warehouse management. 

If you have experience using other software except for these top WMS, which you may find the best alternative, or if you are using WMS within this listed software, you can write down your experience, pros, and cons about your using software in this article comment section.

Your worthy comment helps others to make a perfect decision, so your contribution in the comment section is highly encouraged. 

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