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10 Best White Noise Apps for Android To Get Sleepy Instantly

Have you ever heard about the color of sounds? Many of you may not be familiar with this term but it’s very essential for your health and life. Basically, calming sounds or noises are categorized into different colors like white, brown, violet, pink, etc. These sounds refer to specific types of calming sounds. For instance, white noise refers to radio stations’ sounds when it stops broadcasting, brown noise refers to sounds of waterfall, etc. However, white noise is used to keep a person calm and relaxing. That’s why they are used to make people sleepy. If you are interested, you can check out the best white noise apps for Android right below.

Best White Noise Apps for Android, Must-try for Parents and Insomnia Patients

As white noise improves one’s sleeping habits, it’s suggested for insomnia patients. Some parents also use it to make babies sleepy. However, whatever the purpose is, you have to ensure the app is providing the sound properly. Though there are lots of white noise apps available on the PlayStore, you may not be satisfied with any of them. The following 10 apps, I am sure, will help you in this case efficiently.

1. Baby Sleep – White Noise

Baby Sleep - White NoiseLet’s start with a white noise app that can greatly improve your sleeping schedule. This app features a collection of tons of calming and relaxing sounds to improve sleep and increase focus on something. Baby Sleep is the app I am talking about which works both on adults and babies. You will find categories that specify the baby sleeping sounds and it is already proved that the sounds make infants and toddlers sleepily in a few minutes.

Important Features

  • This app provides relaxing, calming, and clean sounds.
  • You can eventually use it offline anytime anywhere.
  • Initially, this app includes an impressive number of soothing and white noises.
  • Also, this app features a customizable timer to set sounds as your necessary period.
  • You will eventually find lots of gentle lullabies for babies.
  • This app indeed comes with a very decent and elegant user interface.

Pros: You can record sounds like ”Shh” and more and play them later from the app. Moreover, it’s a light app that will not consume much juice from your device.

Cons: The ads often pop up at inappropriate times.


2. White Noise Lite

White Noise LiteIf you are having trouble with sleep and looking for a suitable sound provider, then a white noise app for your Android device can definitely help you. And so, I recommend White Noise Lite, an app that might be the one you can rely on. This amusing and featureful app got good quality white noises that can quickly remove your work stresses, increase concentration or help you sleep better. It is often suggested by the doctor for insomnia patients.

Important Features

  • You can easily stay away from disturbing sounds by using this app with headphones.
  • It initially lets you mix various sounds together to make your preferable music.
  • This app comes with a huge collection of white noises in HD quality.
  • Additionally, this app lets you share your mixes with your friends using different social media.
  • Background running is indeed supported in this app.
  • Eventually, this app features an alarm and timer system.

Pros: It also lets you record amusing sounds and play them later. Besides, it includes a full-screen clock with multiple colors and brightness control.

Cons: The volume control system is a bit rough.


3. White Noise Baby Sleep Sounds

White Noise Baby Sleep Sounds, white noise apps for AndroidWhite Noise Baby Sleep Sounds is an excellent white noise generating app to give your baby a sound and deep sleep. You can also use this app for you to have faster sleep. This decent app can be a good sleeping therapy for your babies while remaining soft to the super-sensitive ears. Additionally, it includes many features to help you remove stress or have a sound sleep.

Important Features

  • It has quite a big white noise collection with different types of sounds.
  • You can initially mix sounds and save them for later use.
  • This excellent meditation app features a timer that stops audio slowly.
  • It is an offline app and so, you can use it anytime anywhere.
  • Some baby lullabies are also included in this app.
  • You can simply play any white noise or mixes in an infinite loop.

Pros: It has background audio support that lets you use other apps along with it. Also, it doesn’t show full-screen ads.

Cons: Choosing noises may feel complex to some people.


4. White Noise Generator

White Noise GeneratorIf you take names of some popular and great white noise apps for Android, White Noise Generator will surely get mentioned. In addition, this amazing app has one of the largest collections of white noises. You will definitely find the rightmost mixture of relaxing sounds for calming your mind to the topmost point. Just put on the headphones and get lost in calmness. It is for sure that you will develop your sleeping experience while improving your insomnia and other sleep diseases.

Important Features

  • The quality of sounds of this app is eventually very realistic and appropriate.
  • The sounds of this app initially blend with each other perfectly.
  • You can indeed set the timer so it doesn’t bother you after you fall asleep.
  • Mixing sounds are very easy and straightforward in this app.
  • Not only the sounds but also the interface of this app gives a very positive vibe.
  • It’s an optimized and lightweight app that doesn’t put much pressure on your Android device.

Pros: You can create your preferred mixes and save them as Favorites so you don’t have to make them every time. It is helpful to increase concentration.

Cons: Its free version includes ads.


5. Bedtime Fan Noise – White Noise Fan Sleep Sounds

Bedtime Fan Noise - White Noise Fan Sleep SoundsBelieve it or not, there are people like me who cannot sleep without the sound of a ceiling fan still sleeping in an AC room. Bedtime Fan Noise is basically a white noise fan sleep sound is an incredible app that can calm your mind within a few moments. It includes white noise of fans with other essential white noises so that you can have a really good sleep. Millions of people regularly use it to remove their stress and refresh their minds with a sound sleep.

Important Features

  • This essential sleep app includes three HD fan sound modes imitating real-life fan speed modes.
  • You can initially use this app in the background while using other apps.
  • This app lets you set timers so the fan sound stops automatically after you fall asleep.
  • It eventually features a virtual fan model that copies the movements of an actual fan.
  • This app is very straightforward and you can directly reach fan noise as you open the app.

Pros: The fan stops slowly just like a real-life fan to ensure your complete hearing experiences. Moreover, it’s a very lightweight app with a minimalist interface.

Cons: This app includes noises of only one type of fan.


6. Atmosphere: Relaxing Sounds – Rain & Sleep sounds

Atmosphere: Relaxing Sounds - Rain & Sleep sounds, white noise apps for AndroidThe atmosphere is a white noise app that promises you of providing the quality sound of various atmospheres. Basically, it’s an app to make relaxing Sounds rain and sleep to make you sleep. Besides, if you miss the atmosphere of a rainy day or want to remember the amusing sound of the forest or any other environment, then this is the app just made for you. Additionally, it is greatly helpful to provide faster sleep.

Important Features

  • It has a massive collection of white noise sources of every atmosphere.
  • This app initially lets you combine different sounds of atmosphere to give you your expected mixings.
  • You can eventually save your favorite white noise mixings to load again whenever you need them.
  • The sounds are of the best quality and very realistic.
  • It is an offline app, so you won’t need an internet connection to run it.
  • It also lets you import other sounds to mix them with its white noise mixing.

Pros: The best part of this white noise app is it can run in the background also. Moreover, it has a collection of over a hundred soothing sleep sounds for a quick sleep.

Cons: Bluetooth headphones may not satisfy the sound quality.


7. White Noise Sleep Sounds: rain, nature, and more

White Noise Sleep Sounds: rain, nature, and moreA perfect companion for your sound sleep can be White Noise Sleep Sounds. It is one of the efficient white noise apps for Android. This app is specially designed with all the sounds that provide peace to your brain. While you are asleep, it will block all other disturbances so that you can only focus on sleep. The sounds are naturally recorded. Additionally, you can use this for day or night sleep and even for a quick nap.

Important Features

  • Up to 280 soothing sounds are initially available in high quality.
  • A wide range of sounds includes spa music, tent rain, storm, garden fountain, beach waves, and so on.
  • The sleep timer will eventually let you set a schedule to automatically turn the app off.
  • When the app is turned on, you can work on other apps as it runs in the background.
  • If your device is locked or you apply a dark screen, this app still operates.
  • You can indeed create a shortlist with only the sounds you like most.

Pros: To enhance your mood, there are high-quality nature images. Moreover, the sounds fade out slowly before the scheduled time.

Cons: Some users found an issue that the battery consumption is higher with this app.


8. White Noise

White NoiseWhen you are having headaches and migraines, White Noise can help you to relax. The different frequency ranges will generate calming sounds for you. Here, you can browse for more variations besides the saved ones. You will have full control over the playback and support for Chromecast TV and App Widget. The app has an on-screen media player too. Again, to enable optimal playback, you can tweak buffer size. Additionally, there are a lot more pro tools available as well.

Important Features

  • More than 40 beautiful sounds are available from the White Noise Market.
  • There is a digital clock that is allowed to be set in full screen and it has different colors.
  • This app will eventually run in the background so it will not pause if you use other apps.
  • It initially allows you to mix multiple noises with pitch, volume, and balance adjustments to create a new one.
  • When you set up a schedule in the timer, the audio slowly fades out.
  • For instant access, you can indeed keep your most liked sounds in favorites.

Pros: With this app, you can prevent interruptions with advanced settings. Furthermore, you can control the volume with a swipe gesture.

Cons: There are complaints that the brown noise has no blips in it.


9. White Noise: Sleep Sounds

White Noise: Sleep Sounds, white noise apps for AndroidAre you looking for an app that can assist you to concentrate while you meditate? White Noise is a great one to choose then. It will help you to fight insomnia or tinnitus problems. Sleep reminders will do you the favor of alarm. Plus, you can mix several sounds and add more to the existing ones. It comes totally free of cost and the interface is very beautiful. Additionally, you can turn on the automatic slideshow mode along with the white and brown noises.

Important Features

  • Over 30 different peaceful sounds are available with white noise.
  • The app will eventually block out all the other sounds that may distract you.
  • It fades away with time if you set a schedule in the timer.
  • Whenever there is an incoming call, the sounds will automatically pause.
  • A variety of sounds include cicadas sounds, the sound of the night, thunderstorms, waterfall sounds, and many more.
  • As the app runs in the background, it does not interrupt when using other apps.

Pros: Here, you can create a separate list with the favorite sounds of yours. Besides, you can use the app without an internet connection.

Cons: You can not initially change the time after setting the timer.


10. Noise Generator

Noise GeneratorAnd here, the final app is a little bit different from the last 9 apps I have mentioned. It’s because Noise Generator is not a usual white noise app. Indeed, this app lets you generate the music of your preference and use it to make yourself calm. So, it’s quite like a music-making app. Sounds interesting, right? TMSOFT brought this app to town to help sleep, disorder patients. You can make your preferable custom color sounds as well. Additionally, you can use high and low-cut filters to customize a sound.

Important Features

  • Tinnitus is a special sound to soothe your ear and make you calm. You can initially make this sound here.
  • This app is suggested to use when you have problems like sinus, headache, and migraine.
  • You can also use this app to reduce your stress level and make you relaxed.
  • The activating sleeping mode will distract you from everything and make you sleepy very soon.
  • You can eventually use this app even if you don’t have an internet connection.

Pros: This app lets you make sounds of white, brown, pink, violet, and other colors. Additionally, there are lots of customization options to change the sounds.

Cons: Some users don’t like to have so many customizing options that make this app a little bit complex.


Our Recommendations

Before recommending the best apps from the above lists, I would like to recommend using any of these apps first. It’s because sleep is a fundamental need for both our health and our mind. You cannot have a healthy life with a sleep disorder. And these apps can help you get rid of your problem efficiently. However, all these 10 white noise apps for Android are worth mentioning. But you can try White Noise Lite and White Noise Sleep Sounds first. It’s because these apps provide the richest sound collections.

Finally, Insights

Whatever app you have selected from the list does not matter when you can properly utilize it. You have to make sure that it is working to make you calm and sleepy. And for that, you should check the varieties of sounds to select your preferred one. Hopefully, you will get a relaxing outcome using these apps very soon. So, let’s share your experience with the app you have selected and share it with someone you know suffering from sleep disorders. Thank you for your support.

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