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How To Customize Ubuntu Gnome Shell Extensions

Gnome Shell Extensions is the best tool to customize your Linux. You will simply enhance the beauty of your Linux desktop with some awesome, icons, customized fonts, awesome skin pack etc. Gnome shell has some awesome extensions which will definitely provide you extra features. First, you should activate the tweak tool to install all the extension. The Gnome Shell Extensions are like as the traditional browser extensions you use on your chrome or firefox browser and these are free of cost. Just you need a browser for a successful installation. In this article, I will share How will you customize Gnome Shell extensions.

Chrome Integration Tool

If you want to customize Gnome shell extensions, first you will need a web browser to download the latest extension for your Gnome shell. You should know that Gnome Shell requires a web browser based extension to work properly. Basically, Plugins will not work well in your browser. It will show the error message on your browser.

Sometimes, it will stop working. Google Chrome required Netscape API plugin to load all the Gnome shell extensions. When Google removes it, this features stops working at all. However, the Gnome Developer has recently created some integration tool to make your work easy. With this tool, you can easily download the extensions through Google Chrome Browser.

Now I am going to show you how to integrate this Chrome tool into various Linux Distros.

Arch Linux

Gnome Shell extensions require an additional Arch Linux Runtime package to work properly. So now you should download the available AUR package.

Now Download the AUR package and install it.

For Ubuntu

Type This Command

sudo apt-get install chrome-gnome-shell

For Fedora

Gnome Runtime Extension is also available for Fedora. You should use these commands to Install:

sudo dnf copr enable region51/chrome-gnome-shell
sudo dnf install chrome-gnome-shell


Gnome Google Chrome runtime is now available in the OpenSUSE service. It will provide you the 1 click install process to complete. It takes less than 2 minutes to successfully install.

For Gentoo

Type This Command

sudo emerge -av gnome-extra/chrome-gnome-shell

Firefox Browser Extension

Firefox Browser is one of the best browsers which will provide you some awesome extension. If you want to install Gnome extensions via Firefox browser, you will need a Gnome integrated extension. This will allow you to install the extension on Gnome Shell directly.

At first, open your Firefox browser, go to the extension tab. Now it will show you a pop up with a warning message. You just simply click the install button then the warning window will be disappeared.

How to Install Extensions

Gnome Shell Extensions

Gnome shell extensions are very easy to use on various Gnome Linux Desktop Environment. It doesn’t need any additional component to start. Gnome Extension installations are really simple and easy. At first, you should visit the official extension page to download. You will get various Gnome extension or you can search for a specific one.

Gnome Shell Extension disable

Each and every extension comes with a clickable install button and a detailed information page. You just do a single click to install on your Gnome desktop directly. Later on, you can change your Gnome Linux desktop environments via Gnome Tweak Tool.

Enabling, Disabling and Uninstalling Extensions

Gnome tweak tool basically helps you to manage all the extension that you previously installed. You can install, uninstall, enable, disable extension from there. You will also have special options to modify the extension. Every Linux user who uses Gnome shell must have Tweak Tool. If it is not installed you should install it first. Not that this is very easy to install.

Ubuntu Gnome Tweak Tool Extension Tab

For Ubuntu

sudo apt install gnome-tweak-tool

For Fedora

sudo dnf install gnome-tweak-tool

Arch Linux

sudo pacman -S gnome-tweak-tool


sudo zypper install gnome-tweak-tool


sudo apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool

When you install Tweak Tool successfully you can enable or disable installed extensions from the Gnome “Extensions Tab”. One thing you must remember that disabling any extension from Tweak tool doesn’t mean to uninstall. You can always enable that extension later on if required. If you want to remove the extension completely just click uninstall. You should remember that all extensions are removable. It doesn’t need any additional command to uninstall.

Over To You

Gnome shell extensions are a very effective tool to customize your Ubuntu Gnome Linux desktop. The extensions are so awesome that you can’t imagine. However, the extensions are very easy to use and perfect for the better customization. You can modify, enable/disable and uninstall without any difficulties. You will find the changes when you will install it on your Ubuntu Linux.

I think you have got a clear concept about how to Customize and modify your Ubuntu Linux System via Gnome Shell Extension. If you like it please share with your friends. Thank you very much.


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