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Dillinger – An AngularJS Powered Online HTML5 Markdown Editor

Dillinger is a cloud-enabled Markdown editor which is free to use. Its simple and modern interface will make you feel more comfortable to work with. If you are a beginner and looking for a tool that will allow you to convert your Markdown text to HTML or HTML to Markdown easily then here you have Dillinger. What you need to do is just write your text or drop your file in the left window there then select the format you want it to be converted, and you will see it has been converted to the chosen format in the right window.

It’s kind of magic, right? Dilling works appropriately by using some advanced open source project like AngularJS, Ace Editor, Node.JS, Gulp, jQuery, Markdown-it, Breakdance. This tool allows you to link up your Dropbox, Google Drive, Bitbucket, Github account so that you can import file from there and convert it into your preferred format. After converting the file you can easily save it in your Dropbox, Google Drive, Bitbucket, Github. And this is why this tool makes me more enlivened to work with.

Features of Dillinger

  • Instant result while working.
  • Very easy to install in a Docker Container.
  • Drag and Drop option for Markdown & HTML file.
  • Export file as HTML Styled HTML, Markdown & PDF.
  • Drag & Drop images (make sure your Dropbox account is linked up).
  • Extended with some popular plugins (Google Drive, Dropbox, Github, OneDrive, Medium & Google Analytics)
  • Mobile-ready & offline-storage.
  • Auto-saving option.
  • Word count option.

Install Dillinger on Google Chrome

Final Thought

Thank you for reading this article and now you know what Dillinger is and how it can help you better. So go and give it a try!

Is this article helped you? If it does, please share it on your social network so that it can help the people who are also trying to have such a helpful Markdown editor. I am sure it will help them too in choosing for themselves. Again if you have any suggestion, please write it in the comment section. We are always careful about your opinion.


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