Are you a reader – love to read and get updated? Lucidor should be on your desktop as your primary ebook reader. This app is an open source ebook reader application that helps to manage ebook content. It supports EPUB file format which is easy to find and easy to download, means more freedom. This ebook reader supports internet accessing feature to swipe between app and content.

It helps to manage content as a bookcase which is far better than other open source ebook reader apps. Since lucidor uses OPDS (Open Publication Distribution System) format which helps to access different content through different electronics publications and HTTP protocol, so it is more secure and reliable. To get access to recent update, it is always recommended to use OPDS catalogs, from there you can download content for free.


But personally, I like Lucidor for its converting feature. For example, you found something interesting but now you can’t read it now, here comes the lucidor again. You can select that web page and convert it to EPUB file so you can read it later, this feature is also available for webfeed.

Lucidor is free and cross-platform so you can use this lightweight version in any of your OS. Lucidor is customizable application including scrolling feature, lookup words, text justifications, highlighting text feature and more importantly search word in the file.


Technically we can say Lucidor is a XULRunner app. So what is it? In a simple English, this app is developed on the basic core engine, in which firefox and thunderbird browser has been developed. And that is why lucidor supports as a firefox plugin. Even its functionality works like firefox.


  • Free and open source software under GNU license system.
  • Supports in cross-platform, available for Linux, Windows, Mac.
  • It supports epub file format and uses OPDS format.
  • Supports theme based on Firefox.
  • It supports to manage ebooks, keep them as a catalog.
  • Converts web pages and web feeds to an epub format and make an ebook.
  • Offers feature to access online and can use OPDS catalog to download books
  • It provides maintaining multiple books feature.

Download Lucidor

It provides deb package for installing on Ubuntu and Debian based distros. If you get stuck anywhere to install the deb installation package, follow my tutorial on How to Install deb package on Ubuntu.

Personally, I love to read the book. I have tried multiple ebooks readers and now finally stuck in the Lucidor because of its simplicity and extensive functionality.

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