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15 Best Movie Making Apps for Android Devices

Short movie-making has become quite popular among young people nowadays. They often create these videos to showcase their talent or other personal reasons. However, not everyone has access to professional video editing apps and devices.

Fortunately, Android devices are widely used, and the Play Store offers a variety of movie-maker apps. In this article, I will discuss the best movie maker apps for Android that are available for you to choose from and enhance your movie-making experience.

Best Movie Making Apps for Android

Here, I have added 15 awesome movie maker apps for Android, which are completely free to download and use. You can simply install any of them and follow the instructions to use them perfectly. Also, some of them have some special features, whereas others act in another way. So, it is better for you to have a glance over its features, given below. Hopefully, it will come as a great help.

1. VideoShow


If you are into vlogs and video editing, then you will surely like VideoShow- Video Editor, Video Maker, and Beauty Camera. It is one of the well-equipped all-purpose movie maker apps for Android.

It is completely free to download and gives you professional-quality functionality and productivity on your Android phone. You can know about some of its keep features to be a bit more specific about it.

Important Features

• Provides easy and versatile video editing functions.
• Includes customizable texts, sounds, and music files for better management of your clips.
• Offers post-processing, beauty effects, and FX effects for both photos and videos.
• Provides lots of filters, stickers, frames, and adjustable backgrounds for your quick and easy productivity.
• Includes professional video and photo editing tools and numerous effects for cinematic videos.
• Integrated with smart formatting sharing options for many known social sites.


2. Film Maker Pro 

Film Maker Pro

Let’s talk about the movie editor app on the Android platform. Film Maker Pro – Free Movie Editor is an amazingly featured movie maker app for Android you can find in the Play Store. It can add music, photos, filters, and even text to make cinematic videos. If you want, you can have a glance over its major features.

Important Features

• Equipped with video trim, split & duplicate, and cut options for a better editing experience.
• Provides high-quality filters for perfect mixing.
• Includes customizable color adjustment tools and full manual control functionality.
• Provides numerous animations and illustrations for versatility.
• Includes featured sound effects such as music and song, animal sounds, explosions, etc.
• Provides an easy-to-use interface and improved UI.


3. Music Video Editor – VCUT Pro

Let’s meet Video Maker with Music, Photos & Video Editor. It is an all-in-one free movie-making or video-editing app you will find in the Play Store. It is equipped with cutting-edge functions and a beautiful interface, and the best part is professional-grade work done just on your smartphone. Let’s know about some of the main features it provides in the following section.

Important Features

• Provides powerful options in the timeline and advanced video editing functionality.
• Equipped with slow-fast motion capabilities, numerous sound effects, customizable backgrounds, and templates.
• Provides pre-installed filters, color effects, and patterns for easy and quick editing.
• Includes customizable text and captions for your videos or movie clips.
• Provides aftereffects, such as retouching and beauty effects.
• Integrated with cut, paste, move, compress, collage, and many other handy tools.
• Gives you easy sharing options for different social platforms.


4. PowerDirector – Video Editor App, Best Video Maker

Cyberlink is one of the known names in the video editing software industry. I highly suggest PowerDirector, a video editor app, for its performance as one of the best film apps for Android on your Android phone for easy and high-quality video editing. It is equipped with the industry’s best functionality with an interactive interface.

Important Features

• Includes customizable background and numerous effects and templates for your convenience.
• You can also use the app on your personal Chromebook.
• Offers both photo and video college options.
• Equipped with voice-over and Audio redo functionality
• Give you the opportunity for aftereffects and slow-fast motion video editing for better cinematic effects.
• Offers versatile sharing options, as well as various frames and formats for different social platforms.


5. YouCut – Video Editor & Video Maker, No Watermark 


Another great movie maker app is YouCut – Video Editor & Video Maker, No Watermark. It is a stunning film app for Android you will find in the Play Store with beautiful UI and easy-to-use functionality. It is so easy to use that you will be able to run it from the very first minute of its installation. A handful of exclusive features are also here for you.

Important Features

• Offers ready-to-use quick productivity for your convenience.
• Includes pre-installed templates, frames, filters, and FX effects for video recording clips.
• Provides professional-grade productivity completely free on your Android phone.
• Includes multifunctional video splitting, slicing, and speed control in clips.
• Offers faster sound file integration and video aspect ratio customization.
• Provides multiple options for conversation and compression of your video clips.
• Includes formats and frames for different social platforms for a better sharing experience.


6. Quik – Free Video Editor for photos, clips, music


It’s better to have a video editing app on your smartphone if you are into video uploading. Quik is a versatile video editing app you will find in the Play Store. It provides easy-to-use functionality and a beautiful interface for a better experience. Let’s dig into its unique offerings in the following discussion.

Important Features

• Provides professional-grade options for photo and music editing.
• Includes customizable themes and templates for quick response in photo and video editing.
• Offers numerous adjustable text, patterns, and backgrounds for your convenience.
• Provides advanced options for video integration and sharing with direct support for numerous digital cameras and camcorders.
• Includes customizable samples and formats for quick productivity and versatility in social sharing.


7. KineMaster – Pro Video Editor


Now, Android smartphones can do computer-level professional work, and video editing is made easier than ever with the help of Kine Master- Pro Video Editor. You will find it in the Play Store completely without any cost, but it gives you premium facilities with a beautiful interface.

Important Features

• Offers versatility in video editing and mixing with multiple layers of integration and easy background effects.
• Provides customizable FX effects, layouts, texts, and frames for easy photo and video clip editing.
• Offers instant preview options for precise work experience.
• Includes advanced sound editing and integration for your movie clips and social videos.
• Provides professional-grade functions, such as blur, cut, collage, beauty effects, and speed control.
• Integrated with lots of templates and animations and adjustable effects for both video and audio files.
• Includes advanced sharing options for social sites and real-time audio-video recording.


8. VivaVideo – Free Video Editor & Photo Movie Maker

VivaVideo, Movie maker apps for Android

Another popular movie maker app is waiting for you to show its best performance for you. It is VivaVideo. I think you have already heard about it because it has become trendy among the young generation because of its user-friendly interface and extremely perceivable functions.

Using this app, you can add music, transitions, and various kinds of special effects to your normal video clips to make them gorgeous. Sounds interesting, right? It has more to impress you.

Important Features

  • Professional music video-making skills.
  • Add songs, pictures, and other effects with a few touches.
  • Function to combine more video clips and make it longer.
  • Tons of transition effects are available.
  • Blur background video editing is possible.
  • You can export video clips from movies and other TV shows.
  • Supports 4k video files.


9. InShot – Video Editor & Video Maker


InShot is another option for you. It a very supportive movie maker app with tons of exciting features. Using this app, you can turn average video clips into something fabulous. So, becoming a famous video star is now easy, and your talent is the only thing it needs.

Make your video, trim, transition, add special effects, add sounds, make blur, and use other functions to make your video clips unique and interesting. Once you use this app, you will understand how easy it is to make something better.

Important Features

  • Active video trimmers and cutters are available.
  • There are lots of prepared layouts and icons.
  • The video splitter is there to make your task a bit easier.
  • Use tons of unique filters to make the background color.
  • The easy converter will help you convert your video clip into an mp4 format.


10. AndroVid – Video Editor, Video Maker

AndroVid, Movie maker apps for Android

If you are looking for some easy but efficient movie maker apps for Android devices, then I suggest you AndroVid. It is a next-level and high-definition video-making and editing app that helps you make something bigger with less effort.

Just make the video clips using your phone camera. Now, use this app to make it different. It will find the best moments, add special effects, and transition to it. You can also add text, music, and emojis to the video clips to customize it as just you want to.

Important Features

  • You can get rid of the unnecessary parts of a video clip using the trimming tools.
  • Let you use frames of different patterns.
  • Lots of layout and transition effects are available.
  • Combine multiple video clips and make a better one.
  • Video files of high definitive formats, like 4k, ultra HD, etc., are allowed to be used.


11. Cute Cut – Video Editor & Movie Maker

Cute Cut

Want to make movies that are different from those you are used to seeing everywhere? Well, you can deal with such work just with your Android device. Let’s install Cute Cut, a very popular and high definitive movie maker app for your Android device.

All the common utilities of a pro-leveled video editor are available here. At the same time, it includes Hollywood-style video editing functions. So, all your tasks will be easier and more efficient with this app. Doesn’t it seem to be very interesting?

Important Features

  • A very user-friendly interface.
  • Over 20 different types of transition effects are there for you.
  • Drag and drop adjustment and bookshelf style arrangement.
  • You can add six different video clips in one simultaneously.
  • Add voice, text, sound, song, and emojis to your video clips.
  • More than 30 drawing tools with 3 different versions of brushes are available, too.


12. Video Editor – Glitch Video Effect, Movie Maker

Video Editor

You can also try Video Editor, a unique Android movie maker app. You will find all the tools to edit and trim a video file in this app. Also, there is a VHS camera option that will let you have a better video clip with tons of existing effects. Besides, you can the real-time Glitch effect will help you make the clip unique and efficient sound effect.

So, capturing the beautiful moments of your life will be easy and effective with this app. At the same time, it can be a light of hope for future movie makers and directors.

Important Features 

  • Let you use hundreds of effects for glitch videos.
  • You can import videos and combine them with a big one.
  • Cut and trim parts of the clip if you think of them as unnecessary.
  • VHS effects and vintage filter process are very easy to deal with.
  • Use frames and sounds to customize the clips.


13. Filmora – Video Editor & Maker

You can now make your video clips with inspiring music and sound effects. It is Filmorago, a very popular video or movie maker app suggested for your Android device.

You can keep your memories fresh by making funny video clips very easily with this exciting app. Do you know what the best part of this app is?

It can help you get video clips with no watermarks. It even costs only a few taps to share your video file with your friends using various social media.

Important Features

  • Beautify your video clips with a lot of visual effects.
  • A real-time preview clip with VHS effects is available.
  • Combine multiple videos and make a bigger one.
  • Import clips and photos from movies and other shows and use them in your clips.
  • Find the most suitable soundtrack from a huge collection.
  • Thousands of themes and preset templates are available, too.


14. Video Maker – Video.Guru

Video Maker

YouTube celebrities are doing good things. So, what are you doing? It’s time to make something great and make it big. If you are ready for that, I would like to suggest Video Maker for YouTube, a very updated movie maker app for your Android device.

Using this app is easy, and all the necessary editing and trimming tools are available. So, why are you making late by not using this essential app? If you are waiting for more information about this app, then stop here. You will find them here.

Important Features

  • You can merge and compress multiple video clips and pictures into one.
  • Also, make it shorter by removing its unnecessary parts by trimming it.
  • Use YouTube video cutter for free.
  • Vlog, intro, and slideshow video-making ability.
  • Supports almost all kinds of video formats and ratios.
  • Thousands of free featured music are there to add to your video clips.


15. Music Movie Maker

Music Movie

The last one is Music Movie Maker, another supportive movie maker app for your Android device. You can make a slideshow, mini-size movies, video clips, etc., with no special effort. Just install this app, set up the tools, make your video clip, and use the tools to make it better.

All the tools of this app are easy to perceive, and you don’t have to think about how to share them with others. You must find visible options to share your video clips with others.

Important Features

  • Add your favorite music to your video clips and make it glorious.
  • Option motion speed change capability.
  • Very high definitive video clips are supported.
  • You can export video clips and pictures from anywhere you want to add to make a new one.
  • Share your creativity using different social media like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.


Final Thought

Have you made your decision already? Not yet? Please don’t get confused, and focus on your needs. If you want to do it professionally, I suggest you go with VideoShow or Film Maker Pro, But if you think it should be simple and easy, then KineMaster and Film Maker will be the right choices. But to be honest, all are excellent and resourceful movie-making apps for Android.

Is this article on the best movie-making apps for Android helpful? If so, then let me know which one you have picked from this list and how you feel about it. Also, inform me if I have made any mistakes. Thank you for staying with us.

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