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18 Best Photography Apps for Android | Beyond Stock Camera

Photography is the science or art of creating hefty images by recording lights on your device. You cannot claim to be a photographer by merely tapping the capture key. With multiple lenses and DSLR, you can create a tornado in the photographic world but don’t lose heart if you do not have one.

You can always use your cell phone like a dear photography mentor, whether you are an Android user or use any other device. If you want to improve your photography, there are a few of the best photography apps for Android devices that will spellbind you and make you a pro photographer.

Best Photography Apps for Android

Weather, location, photography assistance, photo editing, geo-tagging, and photo sharing are the essentials of total package photography. To help you choose the best Android photography apps, I have compiled an explicit list of the best 18 photography apps for Android based on the essentials mentioned above of photography. Most photographers would benefit from and find them useful in becoming pro photographers.

Weather Apps for Photography

As photography is the game of lights, weather plays a vital role in photography. Good weather produces good photography. But you can’t predict the weather, but some fantastic apps certainly can. With radar, satellite imaging, and many advances in meteorology, weather forecasts are now more reliable than ever.

If you install the right weather app on your device, you can keep the weather in your grip. Here I have listed a few favorite weather apps that will give you a significant dividend in the process of your photography.

1. 1Weather


1weather plays a big part in photography. This weather app gives you a full package of weather information and keeps you away from professional hazards. It forecasts and provides updates wherever you go or adds any location you choose.

This fantastic photography app checks temperature precipitation forecasts and keeps up with the current phases of the sun or moon to assist your photography. The 1Weather app reports weather forecasts from 3 million locations worldwide.

Important Features

  • Tracks sunrise, sunset time, and lunar phases for you.
  • It provides important tooltips.
  • It provides information on clouds and shows satellite map views, temperature percentages, and likely changes.
  • This app doesn’t only forecast the weather of your location but also shows the weather conditions of 12 places of your choice.
  • It also provides temperature, Wind Speed, Visibility, Humidity, UV Index, Barometric Pressure, Dew Point, and Percentage Chance of Precipitation for the Next Hour.

2. PhotoPills


PhotoPills is one of the best weather apps for taking your photography to the next level. This award-winning one of the best photography apps for Android unlocks your creative potential by assisting you in various phases of photography.

It provides you with all the answers to your questions before you plan to go out for a photoshoot. Photo Pills keep you updated on all the needful information and help you plan and decide to explore your expedition.

Important Features

  • Plan and monitor the location you want to shoot over some time.
  • Check the changes in natural lighting and share any information or comments with others.
  • Click the photo of your dream scene of the Sun, Moon, and Milky Way and bring out that in reality.
  • Get 3D Augmented Reality of the Celestial Equator, Milky Way, Polaris, and many more.
  • It provides various Key information about the weather such as Sunrise, sunset, Golden Hour, Blue Hour, Moonrise, moonset, Supermoon dates, Moon Calendar, and Twilights.

3. AccuWeather


AccuWeather is a super accurate weather app for photography that provides live weather forecasts, real-time alerts, and urgent warnings. You will get the daily weather forecast, spring updates, and information on sun, wind, rain, and so on.

This app will tell you about sudden changes in the weather and provide storm alerts and real temperature information so that you can go out for photography without any tension in your mind. This weather app brings the weather forecast to your palm. Its weather-tracking technology also helps you to prepare for the day’s temperature.

Important Features

  • Temperature notifications.
  • Severe weather warnings that keep you safe.
  • Delivers today’s temperature in detail.
  • Get weather updates and local forecasts sitting at home.
  • Severe weather alerts.
  • Get weather updates and trending videos of your location.
  • You can get the daily updated and filtered forecast as per your preferences.
  • You can switch off any weather alerts that aren’t necessary for you.
  • It allows you to share on social media.
  • Get the amount of cloud cover to expect each hour.

4. My Aurora Forecast

My Aurora Forecast

My Aurora is a magical piece of the app in modern times that tells you the exact time when and where you are likely to see the lights in the north. It takes a bit of guesswork to find suitable lights in that area; again, photographing in that area is a dream to the photographers.

This app sends you a notification on your device, and then you learn about it. It’s not a weather forecasting app but a celestial event app. You will know exactly how likely you are to see details about the winds and sunlight.

Important Features

  • Get free push notifications when auroral activity is expected to be high.
  • Get solar wind statistics and sun imagery.
  • You will find the current KP index and how likely you are to see the Northern Lights.
  • Get Tour information if you want to go to other nearby countries.
  • Opportunity to view a list of the best locations.
  • Forecast for a long time, so you can plan your Northern Lights viewing long in advance.
  • Completely free of charge.
  • Get the weather information from the map.

Location Apps for Photography  

A location signifies a photo in various ways. A good location is a prerequisite to better photography. Finding a photoshoot location is a hard job. However, in recent years, finding great photography locations has become easier than before.

A good location app puts many corners of the world at our fingertips nowadays. Here, I have suggested a few apps that will help you in this regard.

5. 500px

500px is a popular app in the market that helps you find a suitable place for photography. This app is an excellent tool to figure out the probable compositions based on the location around your targeted area.

You will get plenty of photographs captured by other professional photographers, encouraging and giving you the idea of quality work. You can choose a location and browse photos that have been geotagged. 

Important Features

  • Get a map handy for scouting locations.
  • You will get GPS coordinates by clicking on the photo.
  • This app provides you the platform to show your creativity within a big community of 15 million photography lovers.
  • Get a great source of information and know more about photography.
  • It’s a lucrative resource for inspiration from other extraordinary professional photographers.
  • Learn more about various photoshoot locations and probable photo compositions just sitting on your sofa.

6. PlanIt

PlanIt! For Photographers (PIFP) is a super useful app that integrates with Google Maps and many other exclusive features that inform you of the suitable photo location and help you plan your photography.

The app will provide you with terrain maps and give you an idea of the topography of a particular area. Aerial images show the place from a bird’s eye view.

Not only that, there are features to show where the Sun, Moon, and Milky Way will rise and set. It will also show you a photo example to explain how the photo will look in this area and its condition.

Important Features

  • Ephemeris features enabled.
  • Use various tools to help pre-visualize the scenario.
  • Enjoy location scouting facilities such as GPS coordinates, elevations, distance, and many more.
  • This Android photography app lets you get the cloud distance overlay on the map.
  • It allows you to enter a location by name or latitude longitude.
  • Get location services on your phone.
  • Center the map and automatically correct the time zone to the new location.

Photography Assistant Apps

Photography is a combined job of management and calculation. The photographer has to manage everything and concentrate on the integrity of photography, such as the field of view, focal length, aperture, ISO, and so on. Here are some apps that assist a photographer in this regard. These photography assistant apps will help you become a professional photographer.

7. HyperFocal Pro


Calculation plays a significant role in photography. HyperFocal Pro does all the necessary calculations, such as the angle of view, the field of view, depth of field, the zone of sharpness, and hyperfocal distance with f-numbers for the photographer.

It is one of the best photography apps for Android, which takes photos neither it edits, and it helps to capture perfect shots. This excellent app is hugely useful to photographers because it relieves the photographers from the complex calculations during photography.

Important Features

  • It provides a quick setup for calculating the hyperfocal distance with the depth of focus.
  • It includes an advanced graphical representation of the shooting scene.
  • It has a smooth, spontaneous, and receptive user interface.
  • Get a customizable hyperfocal distance table generator.
  • Enjoy advanced graphical scenario viewer.
  • This app ensures complete documentation for technical concepts.
  • This app integrates with Depth of field, Angle of view, and Field of view display.
  • It has available profiles for the management of multiple set-ups.
  • Easy to share and export to multiple file formats. Share and export to various file formats.

8. My Gear Vault

MyGearVault is usually designed for all levels of photographers, from amateurs to professionals. This fantastic app inputs and organizes your accessories to protect your gear. These are the particular and helpful ways to assist you in arranging your gear properly.

Your equipment gets a level of security when you store it inside your vault. You can make custom kits of gear, like a travel kit, video kit, wedding kit, studio kit, and more. You come to know the value of the gear you’re taking with you.

Important Features

  • You can quickly and securely input all of your gear into your vault.
  • You can secure the storage of all the essential data and information of your gear.
  • Verify the serial number, date of purchase, and photo of your receipt and store it for the future.
  • Even if your item doesn’t have a serial number, you can still add it to your vault.
  • Get each item saved into a specific category.
  • You will get fully comprehensive coverage from one of our licensed insurance partners.
  • Keep your inventory by MGV, and you’ll never misplace those.

Best Editing Apps for Photography

Photography doesn’t finish after clicking the shutter button; instead, it starts. Photo editing plays an important role. A good photographer knows how to click a photo, frame an image, and edit perfectly. Here are some favorite editing apps that will give your photographs a new Standard.

9. Photo Tools


This photo tool is one of the best photography apps for Android. You will get a huge number of editing tools in it. From a field-of-view calculator to a light meter to a sharpening radius estimator, all features get rolled into one app. It is a tool for professional photographers and advanced amateurs. So, some background knowledge is required.

Important Features

  • Get various calculators like Field Of View Calculator and Exposure Reciprocation Calculator.
  • Flash Exposure Calculator.
  • Minimal Shutter Speed Calculator.
  • Multiple Exposure Compensation.
  • Moon Phase & Exposure Calculator.
  • Get information like location Information, Weather Forecast, and many more.
  • Get a collection of photo galleries and web links for Inspiration.

10. TouchRetouch


TouchRetouch is an editing app that works on the minor imperfections of a photograph. This app doesn’t focus on basic things like red eyes or contrast; instead, it works on deleting various unwanted objects, especially blemishes, power lines, and distracting objects.

Its handy line-removing tool works like a magic tool. This fantastic app can remove straight and curved surfaces, breaks, and scratches. The good news is that you need not be precise.

Important Features

  • This app has a handy line removal tool.
  • Use the clone tool to duplicate or remove objects.
  • This app is entirely dedicated to removing unwanted elements from your photos.
  • Make objects vanish immediately only by marking them.
  • Adjust Eraser Size, Hardness, and Opacity as desired.
  • By using the segment remover, you can erase only a part of the line.

11. Adobe Lightroom CC


Adobe Lightroom CC is an excellent, superior editing app. This automatic photo editor has several powerful photo editing features that will take your photography to your desired level. It uses darkroom photography tricks to help you optimize your photographs.

This app offers you an uncompromised quality as it is part of the Adobe Suite. You can play with the color, curves, and split tones and still have excellent control over color and exposure. Unlock your phone’s potential with individual controls.

Important Features

  • sophisticated editing tools like curves and color mix tools.
  • Get outlook correction, selective editing, and healing tools.
  • It has great editing tools and a simple user interface.
  • One-tap filter presets for quick edits.
  • Easily edit photos in large albums and get consistent looks.
  • Get more detailed shots with advanced capture modes such as raw, professional, and HDR.
  • Create super clean shots by adjusting your image with powerful tools.
  • Back up your original photos and enjoy advanced sharing by Lightroom CC web.

12. Snapspeed


Snapspeed is one of the favorite Android photography apps for Its lucrative features and secure handling. This editing app has a massive collection of editing tools. You can work on color, sharpness, exposure.

Moreover, photo cropping, straightening, and rotating are also possible here. The most exciting thing is that it is suitable for both experts and beginners. Google develops this professional photo editing app.

Important Features

  • Selective filter brush.
  • It has all-purpose photo editing with precise control over color and exposure.
  • Get selective adjustments, brushes, and healing tools.
  • Twenty-nine different tools and filters.
  • Get double exposure, frames, and text.
  • It has beautiful, precise control over its overall features.
  • It opens JPG and RAW files for easy editing and professional outcomes.
  • Adjust exposure and color automatically or manually with excellent, precise control.

Geo-tagging Apps for Photography

Geo-tagging is the method of attaching location information, coordinates, bearings, altitude, distances, and place data, may it be in the form of geographical metadata to digital media.

Geo-tagging may be used to find location-specific destinations, which are very important for photography. A good geo-tagging app helps with photography. Here I have enlisted a few geo-tagging apps which definitely will help you.

13. Geotag Photos Pro


Geotag Photos Pro is a complete solution with professional geotagging revelation. The mobile app tracks and notes down the photo location when you click those. You can use the data the next time as the app stores the information on your device.

This app automatically syncs tours, uploads, and organizes trip information. It also shows you the trip statistics and exports to GPX. It supports both JPG and RAW photos.

Important Features

  • Flawless Lightroom Compatibility.
  • Use it with Lightroom, Picasa, Aperture, and other photo apps that support geotagged photos.
  • GPX files from the app work flawlessly inside Lightroom’s Map module for geotagging.
    Support Dropbox and Google Drive as they export all your trips as GPX files.
  • Compatible with Smartwatch and knob to control app from your wrist!
  • Optimize battery usage while geotagging for the whole day.
  • Choose the logging space and accuracy if needed.

Photo Sharing Apps for Photography

Photo sharing is the service of publishing or transferring images, uploading, hosting, managing, and sharing those. A photographer always wants to display his creation to others. In this regard, photo sharing has become enormously popular in recent times. Here are some photo-sharing apps which will satisfy you and fill up your requirement.

14. X-Twitter

X-Twitter is an online social networking service. This universal app connects people all over the world and is a perfect platform to share your photos. You can use the ideal effects and filters for the quality photo. You can write a message, comment, and share your photographs to show what’s happening in your area.

Not only that, you can communicate with an active group of people with the same interests all over the world. Anything takes place in the world, and it takes place on Twitter first.

Important Features

  •  Discover the Moments and stories happening.
  • Get news headlines and the news of sports, entertainment, culture, and fun stories going viral.
  • You can see your followers and discover who liked and commented on your tweets.
  • Send and receive messages with your friends and followers.
  • Share your photographs with all the members and acquaintances.
  • Create a functional group for your photography work and start a conversation with them.
  • It provides privacy with friends and followers.
  • Create a group conversation with anyone who follows you.

15. Flickr

Flickr is a popular image and video hosting service app powered by Yahoo. It was the first photo-sharing tool introduced to the world. This popular Android photography app allows you to upload and share your photos with the whole world, particularly with your dearest ones.

You can use filters and photo effects before sharing your special moments with friends, family, and the Flickr community. The professionals also upload their clicks with the photographers’ community. You can edit, upload, and share your photographs at any time from any device.

Important Features

  • Find your motivation and send your photos to millions of groups of professional photographers.
  • Select and organize hundreds of photos within seconds.
  • Set free your imagination, edit photos, add filters, and resize those before uploading.
  • Improve your photography by sharing knowledge within the online photographers’ community.
  • It is associated with a vast community of professional and amateur photographers.
  • Get free online storage for your photos with Flickr.
  • Automatically tags your photos based on what’s in them.
  • The site allows you to categorize, tag,  and keyword each photo.

16. Google Photos

Google Photos

Google Photos app is a worldwide popular app to backup your photographs automatically. You can upload and share up to five hundred photos at a time. You can upload and access your photos at any time.

Google Photos keeps secrecy and maintains privacy for you. You can share all your images with your friends and relatives and as well as can receive from them.

You will get a number of essential features like automatic creation, an advanced editing suite, shared albums. You can preserve and share your high-quality photos and videos from any device with no hassle.

Important Features

  • Remove and back your photos with just a tap.
  • Get a new album compiled of your best clicks after a trip.
  • Give photos you clicked to your friends, who can share them, too.
  • Convert photos with editing tools to adjust lighting and filters with just a tap.
  • You can search the photos by the people, places, and content; no tagging is required.
  • Instantly share photos with any contact, phone number, or email.
  • Remove photos from your device to clear the space and get all of those photos in your Google Photos.
  • Create collages, add photo effects, apply filters, and make your photos brighter and more significant.

17. Facebook


Facebook is a widely known social network used for free photo sharing and networking. You can keep up with your friends easily and faster. You can share photos and updates, connect with friends and Pages, and connect to communities you like.

You can share your photos straight from your Android and have full control over your photos and privacy settings. Facebook has Pages, Apps, and Ads, which are very useful for building your brand.

Important Features

  • Meet new people on the social network site and get connected with friends and family.
  • Update your status and use the integral emoji on Facebook to share your views.
  • Share videos, memories, and your favorite photos.
  • If your friends like and comment on your post, you will get notifications.
  • Make plans to meet up with friends at local social events.
  • Enjoy online games with your Facebook friends.
  • Get backup photos by saving them in albums.
  • Follow your favorite artists, websites, and companies to get their latest news.
  • Look up local businesses to see reviews, operation hours, and pictures.
  • Buy and sell locally on Facebook Marketplace.

18. Instagram


Instagram is a photo-sharing app that gained popularity worldwide within a short period. You can share the talent of your photography with your friends and family members or co-workers.’

You can browse the photos from the photographers you follow and get your knowledge enriched. You can also edit your pictures with integrated filters and creative tools. You can directly share your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other social networks.

Important Features

  • Post photos and edit them with filters and artistic tools.
  • Browse photos from people you follow in your feed to get the idea.
  • Share a considerable number of photos.
  • Find out photos and videos you might like and follow new accounts in the Explore tab.
  • Go live to unite with other photographers and share and gain knowledge of photography.
  • Share your posts on other social networks instantly.
  • Use Instagram automation to increase account growth while you’re working on your photoshoots.
  • Schedule your posts and keep the photo content fresh even when you’re busy with photoshoots and editing.

Finally, Insights

Your device can become a versatile desktop computer with all the above-mentioned best photography apps for Android. It will reduce your labor and produce a professional identity. These apps will help you in every step of the process of photography, like finding suitable weather and a location, photo shooting, photo editing, and so on. So, make the best use of these Android photography apps and take an artistic influence over your photographs.

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