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10 Best AI Image Generators | Creating Magic with Pixels

In this new age of artificial intelligence, the fusion of AI and image generation has revolutionized the way we visualize our imagination. From aesthetic artwork to realistic photographs, AI image generators are such powerful tools that break the boundaries of creativity and innovation. With the best AI image generators, you can now visually watch your imagination.

You just need to guide these tools, and they will do the rest. I’m sure that you’ve already heard about these tools, and now is the time for you to test them. Today, we will guide you to the best AI image generator tools that can help you make images even for professional use.

Best AI Image Generators to Make Revolutionary Visual Content

Even though there are lots of image generators recently developed, only a few can offer you the best outcome. In this blog, we aim to gather all those tools that are worth your try. Here, you will meet some free and premium tools that you can use for fun or for professional use. Let’s check out briefly:

1. DALL·E 3

Undoubtedly, DALL-E is the best AI system to generate unique images, and DALL.E 3 is the upgraded version of this tool. The first two versions are available for people who opened an account before the beginning of 2023. But you can get access to the third one if you buy the ChatGPT Plus subscription.

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With this outstanding AI image generator, you can get an amazing outcome of whatever you ask from it. Here, you have to give it a command on the description of the image. Then, it’ll ask you to wait for a few seconds. That’s it. This tool will give you 3/4 outcomes to choose from. You can download the images directly as well.

2. iStock

If you are looking for the best AI image generator to use for making commercial images, you should use iStock. This one is the safer option among all the listed tools. However, this is not a free tool, and you need to pay for a subscription. You can generate images with your commands just like DALL.E.

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Using iStock is easy, and the images it creates are pretty natural. Besides, it’s not as complicated as the next option, Midjourney. Prompting is easy and fun for this tool, and you can indicate the focusing object and the background as well. This tool uses NVIDIA’s Picasso infrastructure to create realistic yet unique images.

3. Midjourney

Actually, Midjourney is not a simple image-creating tool but an entirely independent research lab. The AI image generation section is a part of this online lab. As a self-funded team, it’s completely free for users, and you can join the discord to create images from your imagination.

For me, using Midjouney is comparatively more complicated than the other tools like the first two ones. But the result of this one was beyond my expectations. The best part is you can add an image and command it to change the image part or customize it as you need. Besides, you can generate completely new images out of nothing but with your short commands.

4. NightCafe

If you are looking for a hundred perfect, free, and extremely easy solutions for generating vibrant images like anime characters, try NightCafe. This one will be the best helper in creating AI images for art. Usually, the images generated by this tool are very colorful and vibrant. They also have an anime-like vibe that looks pretty aesthetic.

To generate images on this tool, you just need to be a perfect prompt maker. It’s because it will show you exactly what you will ask for. So, it will be good if you describe your imagination with accurate wording and details. However, as a free tool, it won’t ask you for card details, and you can use it directly on their websites.

5. Runway AI

If you are into video making and visual arts, then Runway AI could be your perfect companion. It has so many different AI generation modes for images, animations, 3D art, and videos you can imagine. You can try it for free, and it is also available in the App Store. This is the best AI generator for video content making, as you get anything you want just by expressing it.

You can reimagine any image given to it and make a series of images on the same topic. You are free to hone your creativity here with a multi-motion brush, moving images, image expansion, model training, and much more. You don’t need anything else to get your task done.

6. Craiyon

Craiyon will give you one of the best AI outputs for your imagination. This is easy to access, and you don’t need to add anything to get the desired AI-generated images. On their homepage, you will see the panel to provide a prompt and just by tapping on the ‘Draw’ option, you will get your desired output.

It is free to use, and you can use the generated images for all types of creative workspaces and media. Craiyon uses the DALL-E model to get you the best possible images you want. Whether you are an art junkie or just a regular user, you will love to use this tool to the fullest.

7. Adobe Firefly

Adole Firefly is one of the most advanced and vastly feature-rich AI image generator tools you will see in the current market. If you are a PhotoShop or Adobe Illustrator user, you must like this tool. Firefly can be used in that software if you choose the Firefly plan on your next purchase or renewal.

It lets you just write and get images in its text-to-image function, and you can make your 3D model into a 3D image with it all, as well. It can generate artistic images in 3D forms. You can get text effects and recolor an image as you desire just by giving different prompts.

8. DreamStudio

Dreamstudio is a state-of-the-art AI image generator tool for users. It is free to try and have affordable and relevant packages for all types of consumers. If you are interested in photos and have a creative mind, this is the right tool for you. Here, you can give prompts of your desire and get the appropriate visual outcome.

You can generate texts to images and image-to-image outcomes with numerous variations and art styles. Your work will become easy and vastly expressive as the StableDiffusion model will take you to another level. You can use these breathtaking photos in your content and projects without any hiccups.

9. Canva AI

You must have heard of or used the application called Canva. It is an all-rounder image processing and editing tool, and now they come up with Canva AI. It is almost free to use and offers cutting-edge features if you move up to their premium packages. It packs all the image editing tools along with AI utilization.

Get your image ready for work, visual projects, social media, and you name it in no time. Canva AI offers layers and effects that you can use on the generated photos instantaneously. It has a huge collection of ready-to-use images which will boost your creativity to the edges.

10. Deep AI

Deep AI is another top-of-the-line AI image generator tool that you can access freely on the internet browser. It also has a powerful AI-powered photo editor. So you can get your desired outcome in one place. You can also search your queries using AI search, which is pretty convenient.

You can modify and give your personal touch to your images using Deep AI. It might not have an immensely appealing interface, but you will have a pleasing outcome every time. You can easily make AI-powered characters for recurring usage. Moreover, you can make image-based puzzles and visual illusions almost instantly using Deep AI.

Wrapping Up

I’m sure that the list of the best AI image generators full of extremely competitive tools must confuse you. No worries, I can help you choose the best one for you. Well, if you are a beginner, think no more and try either DALL.E or NightCafe. If you are a photo editor expert, try MidJourney or Adobe Firefry. And if you are looking for professional use, try iStock or Runway AI.

Now, let us know which group you are in and which one you pick. Also, don’t forget to share your thoughts about the tool you have chosen. Thank you for your time.

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Mehedi Hasan
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