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10 Best Eye Care Software for Linux Desktop

Eyesight is one of the blessings of the Almighty bestowed upon us. But in our everyday life, unknowingly, we do much damage to our eyes which leads to greater destruction in the future. In this era of science and technology, we spend a lot of time using phones and computers.

This causes much strain on our eyes. It is very detrimental to the eyes. To get rid of this fatal problem, today we will discuss the best eye care software for Linux, which will be proved to you the most effective remedy for your eye-related troubles.

Those who are Linux users and sit in front of the computer monitor have many possibilities of having eye problems for an extended period. Today’s article is about them. Here we will discuss some amazing software of Linux that will be very helpful for you.

Best Eye Care Software for Linux

Nowadays, most people glue down their eyes to the computer screen for so long that they face fatigue and eye diseases. Now the solution is here! Though Linux is a completely different computing environment, millions of people use it for its various remarkable features. So, people get ready to be introduced to the best eye care software for Linux. The descriptions of the software are as follows:

1. F.lux

F.lux is one of the most famous Linux software that accommodates the computer’s display according to the time pattern of the day. It makes the display warm at night and likes sunlight during the day.

Eye care software for Linux - f.lux

Noteworthy Features

• It is free software for Linux.
• You will feel very much comfortable to use.
• This software makes you sleep well and makes your computer looks better.
• F.lux works in consonance with the time of the day. When it is night, it adjusts itself as reported by the time. In the same way, during the daytime, it makes the screen look like the sunlight again.
• All you have to do is tell Linux what kind of environment or lighting you are in, and then you do not have to bother further. F.lux will do the rest.

Get F.lux

Or else To install via apt:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nathan-renniewaldock/flux
sudo apt update
sudo apt install fluxgui

2. Redshift

Redshift is another preferred software for Linux. It regulates the color of the screen by the time of the day. It helps the users to get used to the computer display color temperature between day and night. This is one of the most productive eye care software of Linux. This software will help you in the long run.

Eye care software for Linux - redshift

Noteworthy Features

• It helps to reduce insomnia.
• Takes good care of the eyes by balancing the color temperature between day and night.
• It comes with the room’s lighting and keeps the color temperature 3000-4000k at night and 5500-6500k during the daytime.

Get Redshift

3. Calise

caliseWith the help of the webcam, calise perceives the lighting around the room and then adjusts the screen’s brightness accordingly. This will improve your watching competence a lot. It works in every Linux distribution. It works like a camera light sensor. Calise collects information from your environment based on time and weather and then modifies the computer screen.

Get Calise

4. Redshift GUI

This is another version of Redshift and works mostly like it though it has some different features. It provides customization options for the color of your screen. This software puts a cooler temperature in the natural light and a warmer temperature at night. It is mostly similar to f.lux. This software is very much beneficial for your eyes. So, it is worth a try. I guarantee you that, by using this software, you will not be disappointed.

Get Redshift GUI

5. Clight

Clight is incredibly popular among Linux users and is one of the best eye care software. It captures the surroundings by turning the webcam into a light sensor. Clight will provide you with different display temperatures based on sunrise and sunset. This software can apprehend and interpret the surroundings and works according to that.

6. Desktop Dimmer

desktop_dimmerThis is one of the most remarkable eye care software for Linux. Desktop dimmer improves your sleep schedule. Desktop dimmer helps you to have a sound sleep. It helps dim the screen according to the demand of the environment and keeps your eyes safe and healthy. This is more compatible with a Linux pc at night. It has a minimal user interface and a darker-than-dark desktop dimming feature.

7. Iris Mini

It is a free, cross-platform software for Linux and an effective solution for eye strain. This is a minimalistic version of Iris. You have to double-click it to enable it to work.

Get Iris Mini

8. Iris

Iris is a free software of Linux that works to improve your watching experience. You can decrease the emitting of blue light from your screen. It can control the radiance of your screen without a PWM flicker.

Get Iris

9. Safe Eyes

Safe Eyes is a very necessary application that rescues your eyes from having asthenopia or any other discomfort of eyes. This application reminds you to take a break while working on the computer after a certain interval. It is a free open source for Linux.


To install via apt:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:slgobinath/safeeyes
sudo apt update
sudo apt install safeeyes

10. Blueshift

This software is made in the light of Redshift, and it adjusts the screen’s color temperature according to the brightness of your surroundings. This software provides no safety features. It only changes the color curves of the screen.

Get Blueshift

Concluding Thoughts

In the final analysis, it can be said that to protect your precious eyes from any damage, you will need the above-mentioned best eye care software provided by Linux. Because nowadays, the use of computers has increased to a more significant extent, and for this, the protection of the eye is a burning question. So, use this software and get introduced to a happy computer using experience to keep eye strain diseases far from you.

Mehedi Hasan
Mehedi Hasan
Mehedi Hasan is a passionate enthusiast for technology. He admires all things tech and loves to help others understand the fundamentals of Linux, servers, networking, and computer security in an understandable way without overwhelming beginners. His articles are carefully crafted with this goal in mind - making complex topics more accessible.


  1. I’m currently using MX Linux 21 and tried for days different solutions, the acceptable solution was setting only Hardware brightness from Brightness Systray and then installing a color profile using Color Profiles and xiccd for XFCE, then installing Gammy and playing with brightness and color temperature.

  2. It is possible to use redshift at all time…I want that yellow light on my display everytime I see my computer…how to enable night mode at day…


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