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The 20 Best Google Cloud Certifications and Courses Available in 2020

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Google cloud platform certifications are getting a bright spotlight as the Google cloud platform is evolving remarkably more extensively in every segment. Keeping up with that, we need more certified experts and professional individuals in the sector. Google cloud platform is all about cloud-based data transfer, analysis, process, and more amazingly, development itself. We might have passed the days when the tech nerds were dependent on the physical devices and local servers to access or the development process.

With being said that, it is easily assumable that most of the business giants are relying on cloud-based platforms for obvious reasons. Now it is the time when you don’t worry about the devices much for your developments. As dependency is growing, the need for cloud certified engineers is also going up. To make it much easier for the tech community, several cloud platform certifications are available online. But hey! You might be searching for this on Google.

Best Google Cloud Certifications and Courses

Did you know that you can turn your obsession with cloud computing into a high paying job? Yes, you heard, right. With the help of fantastic google cloud certifications and courses that are available in several platforms and your self-development process, you can get into some tech giant companies. Well, the self-development process is all on you. Let me help with the certifications and courses that you can quickly achieve. Today I am going to discuss the best google cloud courses and certifications available.

1. Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer Certification

Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer

This Google cloud platform certification will help you to conduct a cloud-based solution in real-life problems. This is one of the primary yet amazingly convenient certifications for anyone who is trying to get a hold of cloud computing. This course focused on the necessary skillsets for a reliable cloud engineer. Starting from handling the google cloud accounts with the best outcome, google storage accessing and configuration of the accounts to introduction to the solution implementation are covered in this certification.

Insights of This Certification

  • You will be able to create Google cloud accounts and set up methods for role-wise task selections.
  • You will manage and configure the total cloud-based system and implementing the core features in convenient ways. This covers almost all the standard services, including the APIs.
  • You will be able to manage the cloud-based data storage, sharing methods, and optimization of the resources.
  • You will perform primary operations and deployments of the solutions.
  • Knowing about the Kubernetes engine and compute engine is an amazing feature.
  • You will also be able to set up an audit log and security services for the cloud-based solution.

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2. Professional Data Engineer Certification – GCP

Professional Data Engineer Certification - GCP

A significant part of any system is data transfer and resource management. This certification makes you explore the world of cloud-based data transmission and processing methods. Data engineers are responsible for all kinds of operations, transforming, processing the data resources of the system.

Your data management and processing skills on a cloud-driven solution will be boosted up with this certification. This certification also focuses on cloud storage and database types. You will also get a hands-on experience on the cloud spanner and schema design. You will have experience with BigQuery and the proper practices with it.

Insights of This Certification  

  • You will get a clear overview of the data cycle of the cloud-based system.
  • You will be able to set up cloud storage and database arrangements.
  • Primary data storage, retrieval, and processing methods are also your responsibilities.
  • To manage the data, you will get expertise in indexing, sorting, and searching methods as well.
  • You will have an introduction and implementation of the cloud spanner and schema.
  • Data visualization and composer practices for end user experiences. 

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3. Professional Cloud Architect Certification – GCP

Professional Cloud Architect Certification - GCP

Businesses need structure; it doesn’t matter if online or offline. On an advanced cloud-based solution, the necessity of the well-planned structure and as well as the cloud architecture engineer. This certification will lead to having the skills to make an entire structure of the cloud-derived solution, including the management of the whole system, role-wise accounts, finance sections, and database management processes.

This certification will not just make you a system architecture of the cloud platform but also an expert in the micro-selections of the overall system. This course also covers up the security and technical processes structure design. Not to mention, you will be able to implement the designed architecture in the cloud platform by yourself.

Insights of The Certification

  • You will get the whole idea of the structure designing of the whole system based on the cloud platform.
  • You will get a bird’s eye view on the solution from a cloud architect’s perspective.
  •  Security and maintenance methodology for system designing will be one of your primary skills.
  • You will know how the Kubernetes engine will work on the structure.
  • As a cloud architecture, you will be able to work with the computer organizational methods and Big data as well.
  • You will be familiar with the cloud-based software life cycle and network designs as well.      

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4. Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Developer

Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Developer

This is one of the best choices for cloud developers. Any developer needs to be aware of the cloud-based system applications and how they work. This certification implies the development of the applications and implementing those with the cloud platform. You will also be able to check the application usage and use the essential cloud platform services.

You will be able to perform the best practice of application development in App Engine and alternatively effective engines. For the primary tool integrations, you will be familiar with the necessary available tools for the application developments.

Insights of This Certification

  • You will be familiar with the cloud-based application development procedures and the application modules.
  • You will be introduced to the development in the App engine, and similar compute engines as well.
  •  For storage management for the application, you will be able to handle the significant amount of storage for the app data and also be able to retrieve and use them.
  • Hands-on practice for the essential toolkits for the application development cycle is another feature for you.
  • You will be able to find the logs and tracking the debugging and other processes.
  • As a cloud developer, you will be able to integrate the applications in the cloud environment.

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5. Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Network Engineer

Professional Cloud Network Engineer

Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer Certification provides you the necessary network skills to manage the network protocols and mandatory operations in the google cloud platform. The expert network engineer manages Cloud-Based network protocols. This certification provides all the essential skill sets and hands-on experience for setting up network structure, keeping up with various connection compatibility, assigning virtual network roles, and assuring the network security as well. You will be getting the experience in the multiple network service configuration as well.

Insight of This Certification

  • You will get the idea of cloud networking infrastructure, virtual network, and virtual private cloud setup.
  • You will able to plan, configure, and maintain various kinds of network connectivity.
  • You will be ready to work on a serverless platform with hybrid connectivity and well-defined firewall checks.
  • This certification will give you a precise overview of the security of the cloud-based network.

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6. Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer

Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer

This DevOps certification from the Google cloud platform will focus on the proficiency of the individuals on their monitoring strategies, optimization methods of the developments, service maintenance, and situation handling capabilities. A professional cloud DevOps engineer is responsible for setting up the pipelines between the development side of the project and the operation side of the project. Being on a cloud-based platform, You will be having more challenges and more excitements as well.

Insights of This Certification

  •  You will be able to set up secure and effective CI or CD pipelines in the cloud platform between applications and operational tasks.
  • For any unwanted issues, you will be the one who will come up with the solutions.
  • You will have expertise in the monitoring methods and generating new ideas based on the services.
  • One of the interesting facts of this certification is you will be able to figure out the effectiveness of the services. Based on this skill, you can set up the requirements for the development team.

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7. Professional Cloud Security Engineer

Professional Cloud Security Engineer

This certification provides one of the best skills that are high-demanding and well-paying as well. This includes cloud security and maintenance skills. Any system requires security as long as there are transactions of valuable and sensitive data. A cloud-based solution or the whole platform is no different from that.

As the cloud-based platforms are getting accepted by the business giants, the information of a large number of people are not entirely staying on a hard disk anymore. Of course, this massive amount of data storage and transaction needs reliable security protocols, and a professional cloud security engineer is responsible for that.

Cloud-based platforms are a bit different than the standard server-based platforms, and the security modules are also different. You have to be an expert in this sector to gain the ability to handle the whole security methods for the entire system. You will be working on the security modules, managing roles, incident identifications, network defenses, and so many more issues.

Insights of This Certification

  • You will get the hands-on experience of configuration and modification of the network security on a cloud-based platform.
  • You will be able to protect valuable data and encrypted storage.
  • For transactions, you will be able to assign secure protocols and encryption for any data transfer and modifications.
  • You will be able to take the responsibility to take care of the security issues of the whole cloud-based solutions.
  •  Organizational rules and regulations, role sorting, and management rule implementations according to the security issues will be your responsibilities as well.

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8. Google Cloud Certified Professional Collaboration Engineer

This certification is highly valid for individuals who are interested in setting up probable infrastructure and ideas into executable solutions. Every cloud platform needs a bridge between the business ideas and user end integrations. One active collaboration engineer is responsible for the communication protocols, institutional mailing, official agreement, and essential data access methods.

This certification will also provide you the skillset for the essential tools that are used for the operations. Of course, you need your basic programming ideas and implementation skills as a pre-requisite for this course. You should also be familiar with the Google APIs and integrations.

This certification will enhance your ability to come up with instant solutions for communication problems, Effective methods for operations, and a higher understanding of the data processes for the whole business or whole resolution.

Insights of This Certification

  • You will be able to configure the mailing procedures for the whole organization.
  • Your expertise will be working on G-suite for every kind of communication and authorization process.
  • You will adopt the new methods for G suite configuration.
  • As a collaboration engineer, you will be setting up the workflows for the users.
  • You will be responsible for the scheduled meeting and the communication methods as well.

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9. Google Cloud Certification on G Suite

Google Cloud Certification on G Suite

This certification implies more on the G suite configuration and the services. This is one of the high demanding certifications if you are planning to work on the google cloud-based platform. Making the best usage out of the G Suite services is one of the primary goals for the G suite certified individual.

This certification enhances the skills for any individual to operate simple tasks on G suite. G Suite is the simplified and one single platform for all the basic and advanced google services like mail, calendar, tasks, doc, sheet, and so more. It is quite necessary to have one in the team for managing the G Suite services fluently. G Suite certification will make you an ert on these specific service management.

Insights of This Certification

  • As a G suite certified individual, your major skill will be implementing the google services in the business models.
  • Your basic workstream will be with basic google services like drive, docs, sheets, forms, hangouts, Gmail, slides, and more.
  • You will be able to make people familiar with the services and the best usage out of them.
  • You can provide the pieces of training that might be required for the cloud-based environment.
  • You are responsible for maintaining the g suite protocols for the whole system.

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10. Google Cloud Platform Machine Learning with TensorFlow

If you are into the advanced computing and the technologies out there, you must already have seen some movies where AI took over the world. In reality, Artificial intelligence is not that much scary. To add some extra weight to this point, Google is offering you this course, which allows you to jump into the world of cloud-based machine learning with the open-source Artificial Intelligence library called Tensorflow.

This is a useful course for you if you are looking for a future in the next generation of artificial intelligence-based jobs. This course will be a total package of the basics of machine learning and an introduction to this fantastic TensorFlow. For being an open-source AI library, it offers a lot to the developers with the designs and the models.

Insights of This Course

  • You will be introduced to the Google cloud-based machine learning environment.
  • Google uses machine learning in a bit different way rather than the other tech giants. You will be introduced to these usages and the primary differences.
  • You will get to know about the machine learning histories and how the developments of machine learning changed the perspectives of modern age computing.
  • You will be introduced to the TensorFlow, an open-source AI library that is used by Google for their developments and further researches.
  • You will cultivate the fantastic possibilities of the future machine learning world and the possibilities that might change the world.

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11. Google Certified Mobile Web Specialist

Google Certified Mobile Web Specialist Course

You might be looking at this article via a smartphone right now, and why wouldn’t you? It is handy, extremely efficient and you can manage to do a lot of things that previously wouldn’t be possible without a computer. People are getting more dependant on mobile devices rather than the larger devices if they find convenience and comfort with their works.

This Google cloud course is suitable for individuals who are highly interested in the platform of mobile web applications and other services. A mobile app requires a lot of signified developments rather than other applications. A mobile web specialist is responsible for web app development, basic web designing, and development strategies, and proper user experience as well. This course simplifies the whole mobile web concept in just one course, and that is why you can certainly check this out.

Insights of This Course

  • You will know about the basic web designing and development methods.
  • You will be introduced to the world of mobile application development and compatibility issues.
  • You will be able to do the networking from the front-end development side of the project.
  • Your introduction to the ES2015 JavaScript syntax, which is currently used by the majority of the mobile web developers community, will sharpen the development skillset.
  • Different kinds of mobile devices require different types of forms. You will be able to work on different types of compatible mobile forms.
  • You are responsible for straight-up testing and debugging for the specific web app development.

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12. Google Certified Associate Android Developer

Google Certified Associate Android Developer Course

The android operating system came to our lives a long time ago and seems like it is going to stay for a more extended period. Google offers this course to individuals who are interested in android development, which is, by the way, one of the most significant development industries right now, and it is not stopping anytime soon. A google certified android developer is responsible for app development, design, device compatibilities, testing, managing, and so more.

Insights of This Course

  • You will design useful mobile apps and develop them in the android industry-standard manner.
  • You will be able to test and debug the implemented codes and other segments.
  • As an android developer, you will be familiar with the open-source platforms and the upcoming android development strategies.
  • Your app will depend on the user experience, and you will be responsible for using the productive frameworks available.
  • You will also be familiar with the data management of android devices.

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13. Google Cloud Apigee Certified API Engineer

Google Cloud Apigee Certified API Engineer

Google provides APIs for further access to data and features for any developments, and as we depend more on the APIs for the precise level of development procedures. This google cloud training allows you to explore the world of APIs and the proper implementation, development, and documentation of the APIs. As an API engineer, you will be able to work on the equivalent modeling, designing, and also security issues of the APIs and the solution as well.

The user experience of the application depends on the features and the data accessibilities, and proper implementation of the API is one of the easiest and convenient solutions for any developer. This google cloud course is accurately providing you the skills that are required for a better API development process.

Insights of This Course

  • Designing the APIs would be your prime skill from this course. This includes API modeling and specifications with the help of resources.
  • APIs come with different versions and models. This will be one of your responsibilities.
  • You will be familiar with RESTful designing methods with the skill of determining push REST or depending on legacy designing.
  • One of your basic responsibilities will be API paging designs, URL pathways, and naming the resources as well.
  • You will develop and implement APIs in the proper way.
  • You will be able to identify the content-based attacks and deliver the necessary security solution for the attacks.

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14. Google Cloud Platform Big Data and Machine Learning Fundamentals

Google Cloud Platform Big Data and Machine Learning Fundamentals

We are living in the era of Big Data. Every possible development is happening around the world, depending on the specified information and the valid range. When we combine the data report with automation, this becomes something way too practical. This course allows you to enhance your knowledge about big data and as well as machine learning.

This google cloud course is one of the primary and practical training if you are planning to get a career in the field of big data. You will be working on the data analysis and dataset processing beside the machine learning basics with TensorFlow. As you will get a google cloud-based training, you will also be familiar with the environment and the fundamental protocols that are used in the google cloud platforms in manners of the data analysis.

Insights of This Course

  • Data science and big data fundamentals are your prime workspace.
  • You will be familiar with the services of the big data in the google cloud platform.
  • You will be working with the communication protocols as well.
  • Hands-on experience on Datalab, BigQuery, for the data analysis will be your strongest skill.
  • You will be responsible for the maximum efficiency for data management, storage, and access as well.
  • For the machine learning process, you will be using TensorFlow, an open-source artificial intelligence library.

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15. From Data to Insights with Google Cloud Platform

From Data to Insights with Google Cloud Platform

Data scientists work interestingly. If you find the data analysis exciting and you are willing to get the byproduct depending on the enormous amount of data, then this course from the google cloud platform is a fantastic choice for you. This course implies the data analysis, schema management, performance optimization, data storage modeling, graphical representation of the data using google services, and so many more.

You will be working on a lot of exciting segments. You will be able to perform as an expert in the data-driven solutions in the google cloud platform. You will have hands-on experiences with the Google BigQuery datasets.

Insights of This Course

  • You will be introduced to the big data comparison in the platform of Google and the challenges, obstacles, and benefits as well.
  • You will be familiar with the google cloud platform data tools and extended BigQuery services.
  • You will cooperate with analysts, data scientists, and data engineers. You will also get to know the differences that you can make with any selection from them.
  • Experience with SQL coding in the cloud platform will enhance your ability to work on the cloud platform.
  • You will prepare a proper module, visualization, and insights for the analyzed data.
  • You will take responsibility for optimization and data security.

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16. Architecting with Google Compute Engine

Architechting with Google Compute Engine

One of the first things that you should know before getting into the google cloud platform is about google compute engine. Most of the google services are conducted in the google compute engine, and you can understand the role an individual plays when he is working with the google compute engine.

This specific course allows you to get the basics of the google to compute engine and the entire infrastructure between it. This training is not just to boost your cloud compute engine skills but also to your significant development in developing the models in a compatible way.

Cloud-based solutions need way more secure and compact architecting. If you find the cloud-based architecture modeling for any solutions and you are willing to sharpen your skills, this is, of course, one of the best picks for you.

Insights of This Course

  • You will be familiar with the cloud-based solution modeling and make the total architecture out of them.
  • Being familiar with the underlying architecture modeling processes and previous works for the solutions would be the next big thing for you.
  • With managing the solution infrastructure, you will develop the architecture from time to time, depending on the business needs.
  • Security is always an issue, and you will be responsible for the security layers for your models.
  • Optimization of the total architecture will also be one of your skills.

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17. Architecting with Google Kubernetes Engine

Architecting with Google Kubernetes Engine

Your google cloud architecting experience will not be enough if you are missing out on this training. Google cloud platform offers various services including cloud engines or containers. Google Kubernetes Engine, aka GKE, is one of the highly functioning cloud-based applications and solution container, which is an open-source container as well. You will be working on the basics of the Kubernetes engine and also be familiar with the fundamental practices and services.

You will also get a total grasp of the storage and the application implementation and compatibilities within the container. Container creating, managing, and storing would be one of the necessary skills. As you will be working on the Kubernetes, the operations, inspections, and using the commands would also be in your earned skillset.

Insights of This Course

  • You will be familiar with the containers and how to build one with CloudBuild.
  • This course will lead you to have a total understanding of the architecture of the Kubernetes and the basic operations.
  • You will get hands-on experience with the cluster and the pod inspection.
  • You will manage the services of the applications from the pods and optimize the performance.
  • You will also be working with the storage and data processing in the container.

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18. Business Transformation with Google Cloud

Business Transformation with Google Cloud

Every day businesses are expanding unimaginably faster, and this amazing google cloud course will be a proper practice for jumping into this world. Most of the business models are changing, and they are relying on cloud-based solutions.

The more businesses are getting dependent on the cloud-based platforms, the more exploration is found in the way. This course will be a proper boost for your business innovation idea models and the appropriate transformation skills. This course also implies secured, advanced, and innovative business models.

Insights of This Course

  • You will be able to research and find transformative solutions for your business.
  • The responsibilities of the innovations and cultural changes in the business models will be yours.
  • Your expertise will be on the updated business development processes.
  • You will always be responsible for the implementation of the methods.
  • Managing the business models, according to the different business patterns, will be one of your strongest skills.

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19. Data Engineering on Google Cloud Platform

Data Engineering on Google Cloud Platform

This course is one of the summarised and practical parts of the Data engineering certification on the Google cloud platform. This is one of the best training of the google cloud platforms as you will be working directly with the google cloud dataproc and BigQuery. This course will allow you to be efficient in cloud data storage and processing.

Machine learning is also a part of this training, and you will get the necessary steps to match up with the current practices. Data analysis and the pipelines of the data flow would be in your skillset as well. This data engineering course would be properly efficient to walk trough the road to become a data engineer.

Insights of This Course

  • You will have a clear idea about google cloud storage management and learn how to manage storage and access.
  • You will be introduced to the BigQuery and dataproc.
  •  You will achieve excellent skills in data analysis and data flow.
  • For optimization, you will be working on the best practices on machine learning with TensorFlow.
  • Security protocols are also your responsibility, as well.

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20. Architecting with Google Cloud: Design and Process

Architecting with Google Cloud Platform Design and Process

Your web application or website will depend on the basic designs. This fantastic course is based on the best models, architectures, and patterns that are to be followed for better solution design. This course allows you to work with the active design models for google cloud solutions and how they work on the platform. You will also be familiar with the user-perspective and consistent UI, network, and security design patterns.

Insights of This Course

  • You will be working on the cloud-based design patterns for any application.
  • You will be familiar with the logically developed design patterns that work for online users.
  • Security and networking designs will also be in your skill area.
  • Data layer design is one of the best skills that you will be getting out of this course.
  • You will also be responsible for data security and disaster management, as well.

Finally, Insight

Google cloud certifications and courses are being helpful to anyone for their easy-going materials, open-source solutions, and amazingly effective presence in the business world. Future computing is seemingly cloud-based, and there is no doubt that Google will have a significant impact on that. As the cloud-based solutions will grow, the google cloud certifications and the google cloud training will grow their significance with time.

Technology is expanding at an enormous speed, and to catch up with the technology, you must be prepared. The question is, have you already figured out your skill? If you are willing to jump into the future of cloud computing and make a career out of this amazingly exclusive platform, I think you should figure out your potential first. Then find out the best google cloud certification or the google cloud course that will sharpen your skill. So, Take time and find out which course or certification will help you to build your career. Good Luck!


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