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Top 20 Best Cloud Computing Courses and Certifications in 2020

Cloud computing offers a solution to the problem of mandatory physical presence for accessing our data or files when required. It is a combination of hardware and software that is hosted on the internet to store, manage, and process our data. Naturally, a personal computer or a local server is required. But with the help of cloud computing, we can use our data anywhere anytime, which eventually increases efficiency and save time. Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft are some of the famous names that are using cloud computing as the core of their services. To make yourself acquainted with the most advanced cloud computing technology and trends, you must learn this sector through various online or offline cloud computing courses and training.

Top 20 Best Cloud Computing Courses

You can get a highly paid job if you become a specialist in cloud computing. Although it is not easy to acquire a job, there are some top cloud computing certification courses available out there to help you. This article discusses the top 20 cloud computing certification courses for you.

1. Google Cloud Fundamentals

Google Cloud FundamentalsThis course is designed to render an overview of Google cloud products and service operations. You will learn to apply cloud computing to your business strategies. If you are a newcomer in this space, then this is the most suitable cloud computing certification course for you. Developers, entrepreneurs, system operators, and solution architects can also take this course to get a better understanding.

Insights of this Course 

  • This course focuses on BigQuery and Google’s managed data warehouse that will help you to dig deep into the analytics. 
  • For storing, managing, and accessing your data, this course covers Google cloud storage, Google Cloud SQL, and also Google cloud table. 
  • Besides, you will learn software developing techniques in the cloud. From developing to debugging the total life span of software in the cloud will be covered. 
  • Help you to identify new cases, opportunities, and ways to implement cloud computing for delivering a smarter and quicker approach to face any problem.

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 2. Cloud Computing by IBM

Cloud Computing by IBMThis course is created by IBM and intended for everybody. It has a goal to make people understand about cloud computing. So, the development process and the main terminology covers most of this course. You will learn the basics of infrastructure as a service and its operations. Alongside this, this course will enable you to relate IaaS with PaaS, SaaS, BMaaS, containers, and serverless. 

Insights of this Course 

  • Gain knowledge on the multi-cloud network that can make your organization’s performance better, improve efficiency & create opportunities for other technologies. 
  • Learn to program a serverless programming model more simply and cost-effectively and operate in the cloud. 
  • It will enable you to run applications from the cloud and use cloud resources to provide stable communication with physical or virtual servers. 
  • Focuses on building cloud servers. And also let you know the importance and benefits of these servers in an organization’s operational activities. 
  •  You will be able to work for the betterment of your websites and mobile applications by adding new features and control costs as well. 

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3. Cloud Computing Concepts by Coursera

Cloud computing infrastructure is built around a specific set of technologies that include distributed systems, algorithms, and design philosophies. There are known as fundamentals of cloud computing. But this course is not appropriate for beginners or non-technical people, as this course advises to have basic knowledge of C++ programing language. 

Insights of this Course

  • Intended to be understood easily and interviews with the leading professionals, managers, and researchers are also a part of the course. 
  • Covers a wide variety of concepts such as MapReduce. NoSQL stores, trending areas, scalability, and classical distributed algorithms. 
  • Focuses on detail peer to peer design likee Napster, FastTrack, and BitTorrent. Also, it enables you to analyze these systems in more detail. 
  • Each interested person needs to pass a quiz exam to be eligible to join in this cloud computation training course. 
  • Two industry systems are described: Apache Cassandra & HBase. As a result, most of the students get a job after passing the course. 

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4. Introduction to Cloud Foundry and Cloud-Native Software Architecture

This course is specially designed for entrepreneurs. If you are looking for adding more value to your business but do not have any knowledge on the lingo, then this is probably the best cloud computing certification you can attain. The length of the course is 14 weeks, and you will get the instructor signed a certificate at the end of the course. This course is additionally fit for those who want to get a better job or start a career in this field. 

Insights of this Course 

  • Learn how to use the command-line interface and deploy applications in the cloud. Besides, you will be practicing basic debugging within the context of the system.
  • This course will give an opportunity to explore the run time, how security is ensured, and the basic infrastructure of Cloud Foundry.
  • Focuses on methodology to build and test modern, scalable, maintainable software that can be used as service apps.
  • Covers all the fundamental components and how they are related to each other to design a cloud-native application. 
  • Be able to identify bugs and check through step by step to find out the problems in a distributed system. 

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5. Cloud Computing by UMUC

Cloud computing is one of the swiftly expanding fields of computer science. As most of the businesses and organizations are moving forward to adopt cloud infrastructure, the number of jobs is also increasing. This is a magnificent chance for students to start their career in this demanding field of IT. Technologies like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, OpenStack, and vSphere are covered, and you will also learn to incorporate them into business strategies. 

Insights of this Course 

  • You can gather knowledge on security, compliance, and risk mitigation in this course that is required to run a business in any industry. 
  • Provides an opportunity to receive hands-on experience in implementing, configuring, and managing cloud technologies.  
  • Focuses on building cloud technology around business and managing through different techniques and methods. 
  • Shares knowledge on As A Service (IaaS), Platform As A Service (PaaS), Software As A Service (SaaS) platforms 
  • Although the cost of this course is costly, a student who has enrolled in this micro master program can earn up to $675 in AWS promotional credits.

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6. AWS Certification by Amazon

Amazon web service has already gained popularity by rendering on-demand cloud platforms to individuals, organizations, and businesses. As a comprehensive and evolving cloud computing platform, Amazon has so much to offer its users. This course will help you to become a cloud computing solutions architect and prepare you for the associated certification examination. It is a concise course but covers all of the AWS fundamentals. 

Insights of this Course 

  • The course is free but very demanding. Besides, it provides a lot of free tutorials and documents.
  • It always contains the latest techniques and methods. The syllabus of the course keeps changing to keep pace with the time by sharing knowledge on the recent technologies. 
  • Course contents are designed for both the starters and the experts. This cloud computing course is always an excellent choice to sharpen your skills furthermore. 
  • The instructor of the course will also cover the fundamentals of the big data and AWS secrets manager. 
  • Achieve AWS certification to set you apart from others in the job field. This course is available online also so you can be a part anytime. 

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7. Azure Introduction to Cloud Services

If you are preparing to jump into a sophisticated technology like Microsoft Azure, then this cloud computing training can be referred to you as a prerequisite. It will introduce you to the cloud. Besides, It combines cloud computing platforms like IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS with the azure. You will get to know how to manage Microsoft Azure through the old and new portal as well as Azure Powershell. 

Insights of this Course 

  • One of the very few cloud computing courses that let you understand Azure services and blends cloud computing with azure operations.  
  • Very short or no knowledge of cloud computing is required for this course. Simplified lectures and on-demand video help any students in solving problems. 
  • The course is available online, and you can start learning anytime. You will get lifetime access to the digital contents also that come with the course. 
  • Amazon presents an extensive variety of cloud services. You need an AWS certification to get a chance for being a part of this huge industry that you can attain through this course. 
  • You will also learn to use Microsoft Azure for the purpose of computing, analytics, storage, and networking.  

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8. Learn Cloud Computing from Scratch

Although there are so many courses available to learn cloud computing, very few cloud computing online courses start from scratch. In a cloud computing network, many independent components need to function properly for enabling cloud services. Cloud computing is a combination of hardware and software. This course focuses on helping students by keeping up to speed with cloud technologies. Besides, it is not limited to only gaining knowledge. Instead, you will get a chance to have hands-on experience also. 

Insights of this Course 

  • Virtualization helps to run multiple operating systems and applications at a time. This course focuses on virtualization used in infrastructure development. 
  • Learn how to use cloud technologies such as Amazon AWS, Red Hat Open Shift, and Google Cloud computing with unique examples. 
  • Linux system is required to develop a cloud environment or infrastructure that will be covered in this course. 
  • Course contents are described to understand easily and will show how to set up cloud computing sites by creating a project. 
  • Cloud computing is complicated, but real scenario examples make it easier for the students to follow the instructions accurately. 

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9. Cloud Security for Government and the Military

Cloud computing is taken seriously by all governments and taking initiatives to use cloud technologies in national security. As cloud computing is expanding rapidly, concerns around cybersecurity are also rising. This course breaks down regionally to explore security breaches and security requirements also. Besides, relevant case studies that are included in this course show cyber threats and actions taken by the government. 

Insights of this Course 

  • Shares knowledge to tackle security attacks and identify scammers to protect and ensure the safety of the cloud infrastructures. 
  • You will acquire a chance to explore different branches of cloud technology and know the features of security frameworks and cyber defense priorities.
  • The course portrays the requirements of the cloud environment alongside with the data protection and privacy policies. 
  • This cloud computing certification course provides regional data protection scenarios of many countries like Japan, USA, UK, China, etc. 
  • Students of this course will help you to identify the risks and compliance requirements to get a government job as a Cloud security specialist. 

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10. Cloud Skills by Cloud Academy

The industry of cloud computing has seen significant growth in recent years. Many courses are available to train people in cloud computing. But this cloud computing training is intended to build a bridge between the industry leaders and the students. Through Multi-model learning paths, hands-on experience, and skill assessments, this course tries to highlight the theories of the cloud ecosystem. 

Insights of this Course 

  • Delivers the traditional methods and technical knowledge to enable students working directly in business enterprises. 
  • Training on practical cloud and DevOps will be shared. Besides, it will also let you learn how to use cloud consoles. 
  • One of the best cloud computing courses that emphasize critical thinking. It is required to use a cloud network to develop the workflow and improve the process. 
  • You will learn to select the cloud technologies, deploy it, and also know to identify the best-fit solutions. 
  • Designed for organizations. Enroll and make yourself ready to serve your company by learning cloud environments and technologies. 

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11. Cloud Computing Sales

Technology is advancing day by day and getting improved to become more powerful than ever. With the developments in the IT sector, the business process is also changing. Uses of technology have become common and an integral part of customer relationship management. This cloud computing training focuses on applying the latest methodologies for adding value to your business with enterprise-level integration. All the contents are available online, and you will get access for lifetime. 

Insights of this Course 

  • This course will enable you to incorporate cloud technology to the companies who keep their data on-premise, and you will be able to become a valuable team player. 
  • Focuses on redesigning the traditional lead collection or sales funnel. After fulfilling the course contents, you will be able to build pipelines and identify practical solutions. 
  • Every business faces some technical challenges. This course helps you to overcome these challenges and bring necessary changes in the existing business model. 
  • Enables you to convert potential queries into loyal clients by using cloud software such as big data, data warehouses, data lakes, and so on. 
  • Can be called one of the best cloud computing certification courses as it gives the unique opportunity of using CRM software to the students. 
  • Also highlights the importance of client management in a business and introduces Agile or Waterfall management techniques. 

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12. Cloud Computing Basics

In this world of competition if you want to sustain, then you must find cost-effective solutions for your business. In the blue whale market, every business should identify opportunities and bring innovation into existing infrastructure. Cloud computing can help you to meet these requirements. This course will help you to understand cloud computing technologies, architecture, and the benefits you can get from the cloud also.   

Insights of this Course 

  • There are many courses in cloud computing, but this cloud computing training focuses on discussing the fundamentals and big jargons of cloud computing in-depth.
  • All the technical terms are explained in layman’s term. So you can start from the basic, or there is no need to have any prior knowledge to enroll for this course. 
  • Discusses on cloud service model and cloud deployment model by sharing cloud computing example in real case scenarios.
  • You will have hands-on experience to expand the knowledge on how cloud computing can help your business to grow and generate revenues. 
  • This course also discusses the key challenges and characteristics of cloud computing. Upon completion, you will get a certificate that will help to find a job. 

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13. Cloud-Native Certification

If you desire to construct your career in the field of cloud computing, then you must understand the importance of achieving a certification provided by the cloud-native computing foundation. This course will help you to pass the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) exam. It focuses on the cluster components and Kubernetes platform to provide a solid foundation to the students. 

Insights of this Course 

  • You will study to utilize the command-line interface to perform specific actions. Even you will need to participate in labs to have hands-on experience in cloud computing. 
  • Focuses on the cluster network. You will learn the relationship between the master cluster & worker cluster and how they work together. 
  • Learn to build own Kubernetes cluster application and monitor all the components in a network. 
  • This cloud computing training also emphasizes on how to deploy working apps and schedule pods in an infrastructure. 
  • Shares knowledge on how to run end to end testing and upgrade clustering application.
  • Ingress rules and load balancing for establishing communication between clusters will also be covered. 

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14. Introduction to Cloud Computing with AWS

Unlike other cloud computing courses, this course entirely focuses on deploying web applications in the cloud. Besides, it also helps students to understand the environment of Amazon Web Services and how to work on this platform. All the fundamental concepts of AWS will be covered, and you will learn to build applications on the Amazon platform. The course is sketched for absolute beginners, and all the terms and facts are explained to ensure that they remain simple and straightforward. 

Insights of this Course 

  • This cloud computing training not only focuses on cloud technology but also it brings light on building and managing web applications on the AWS platform. 
  • WordPress is a popular CMS. This course also discusses on WordPress and how to deploy it onto AWS. 
  • After completing the basic foundation, it will describe advanced terms like configuring IAM and setting up cloud trail. 
  • Security is a major concern in a network. If you enroll in this course, you can gain knowledge on security issues, deploying a relational database and create remote servers. 
  • You will also learn techniques to use as backup strategies like rds backup, S3 costs with Amazon glacier, S3 backup, and so on. 

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15. Architecting Distributed Cloud Applications

Cloud architecture can go through hard times due to the failure of the hardware and software components. Again, distributed cloud applications can contribute to the growth of your organization. This cloud computing training discusses the advantages and disadvantages of these applications that offer high availability and scalability. Besides, you will learn to generate cost-efficient solutions using cloud technologies. 

Insights of this Course 

  • Data storage services like partitioning, replicas, object services, relational & nonrelational database, and even consistency pattern will be discussed.  
  • Covers network communication, network infrastructure, upgrading and configuration, message communication, and services like data storage. 
  • It is intended to focus on system failures and versioning. Students will learn disaster recovery and take precautions before any unpleasant situation occurs. 
  • The pros and cons of numerous cloud technologies are described thoroughly. You will learn to define and manage APIs for endpoint services. 
  • Cloud computing mostly uses resilient patterns to handle disruptions or temporary failures which will be portrayed in this cloud computing training.
  • If you complete the course, you will be able to design cost-efficient and fraud-tolerant services. 

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16. Cloud Computing Management

Very few cloud computing certification courses discusses managing cloud computing projects. Many risks and compliance issues are involved in a cloud environment, and this course highlights these concepts. Cloud computing is changing businesses around the world as it offers a shared pool of accessible data, network, storage, and utility-based model. Besides, this course also describes clouds vendors management. 

Insights of this Course 

  • Focuses on sharing industry-level knowledge, cloud technologies, standards, and best practices. 
  • The migrating process is an essential part of the cloud. This course is designed to resolve migrating issues and discuss business opportunities using the cloud. 
  • You will learn to adopt and implement cloud computing alongside cloud proposals, compliance standards, and request for proposals. 
  • Discusses various characteristics of the cloud computing model that include network access, resource pools, rapid elasticity, and metered resource usage.
  • After completing the program successfully, you will achieve a certificate verified by MicroMaster and be a valuable asset for your company. 

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 17. Cloud Computing Security

The course focuses on cloud computing security. Cloud computing security indicates a wide range of concepts that include policies, standards, technologies, and actions taken to protect virtual IP, services, and infrastructure of the cloud environment. Learn to identify cybersecurity threats and standard procedures to prevent or decrease the risk to some extent. A massive amount of data can be deposited in an organization’s cloud, and you will be able to protect these sensitive data if you enroll in this course. 

Insights of this Course 

  • You will learn to build a secured cloud infrastructure and use sophisticated techniques to mitigate the risk of fraudulent activities. 
  • Know the features of the latest security technologies and how to configure these features in a cloud platform. 
  • Many case studies will be provided throughout the course, and you will be justifying whether the appropriate securities are applied or not. 
  • Learn to use tools and techniques for monitoring the environment and identifying security breaches such as monitoring logs. 
  • It is intended to let you understand the security policies for improving the overall strategy of an organization. 

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18. Google Data Engineer and Cloud Architect Guide

This course will guide you comprehensively to become a Google data engineer and cloud architect. Although Google has not become the most popular platform for cloud engineers, yet it has so much to offer. While AWS provides the maximum number of features for a cloud application, Google is best for machine learning applications. As Google delivers deep learning technology TensorFlow, so undoubtedly, Google will become powerful also in this sector in no time.

Insights of this Course 

  • This course discusses on computing and storage that includes AppEngine, Container Engineer, and Compute Engine.
  • You will learn to build, manage, and deploy Hadoop apps on google cloud platform using Dataproc, Dataflow, BigTable, BigQuery, and so on. 
  • Intended to share knowledge on TensorFlow and hot it works in the cloud. You will also learn how neural networks and how you can train them. 
  • Be a cloud development manager by gaining industry level experience on StackDriver logging and monitoring.
  • Also, it highlights the critical security issues, cloud and CDN interconnect, network layers, HTTP protocols, etc. 
  • This course will enable you to come up with big data solutions in the cloud alongside with deploying serverless analytics.

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 19. Associate Cloud Engineer Certification

Those who have a plan to become a google certified cloud engineer, this cloud computing training is the most suitable one for them. Although this course is not designed for beginners, it discusses most of the primary concepts also. Gather knowledge on the google cloud environment, tools, access, security, and even billing accounts. As most of the companies are adopting multi-cloud strategies, this is the best time to enroll in this certification course for enriching your portfolio. 

Insights of this Course 

  • Focuses on account management in Google cloud platform. Be capable of designing and configuring cloud accounts with best practices also. 
  • Dive into the most advanced technologies in the cloud, such as cloud Storage, Compute Engine, and Kubernetes Engine. 
  • You will learn to deploy applications, monitoring operations, and identify enterprise-level solutions. 
  •  How to use and access Google cloud using both command line and console will be covered throughout the course 
  • Alongside this, this course will help you to pass the Google Associate Cloud Engineer certification exam by sharing adequate information and real-life cases. 

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20. Essential Cloud Infrastructure Foundation

The most useful component of this course is it introduces flexible infrastructure and all the comprehensive cloud platforms offered by Google. The course duration is short, although it covers some of the intermediate level concepts like networks, virtual machines, and applications services. Besides, it also emphasizes sharing a cloud architects role in designing Private Cloud (VPC), Projects, IP addresses, Routes, and Firewall rules as well. 

Insights of this Course 

  • If you want to enroll in this course, then having a clear idea on google cloud computing fundamentals is a must.  
  • Introduces GCP infrastructure, and you will learn how Google’s managed networking functionality works for cloud resources. 
  • Basics of computing engine alongside with different memory and CPU options will be covered. 
  • This cloud computing training is available online, and you can achieve the certificate once the course is completed successfully. 
  • The course is intended for technical leads, technical solution engineers, system and security engineers. 
  • Flexible deadlines allow you to join this course even if you are doing a job because you can reset the deadlines according to your wish. 

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 Finally, The Insight

Cloud computing has seen major growth as most of the companies are adopting cloud technologies. Cloud computing or cloud resources can add an extra advantage and value to your business. If you want to make a profit in any competitive industry, there is no alternative to the cloud. As the use of cloud is increasing rapidly, it has opened a new door for the job seekers. If you want a better job or integrated this system into your businesses, this is the perfect time to enroll in any of the cloud computing courses described above.


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