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26 Best Google Docs Tips To Become A Power User

Google Docs is a compelling and versatile online cloud-based app, which is used to create and share word documents. Many of us already know about this web application, but might have fear to use it, because of losing core functionality by going into cloud-based. But believe me, google docs is a robust app with lots of fantastic features, that many of us do not know about. Google docs is equally suitable for professionals and students as well as fitted for personal use. So you must have the courage to leap, leaving offline based word processing software, toward using cloud-based google docs and be amazed to see tons of powerful tools to do the productivity task.

Best Google Docs Tips

I am here to help you by giving a list of best google docs tips and tricks to be a power user.

1. Enjoy Your Conversation While Writing – Voice Typing

Do write like you are making a conversation with audiences by using Voice typing
Do write like you are making a conversation with audiences by using Voice typing

It’s easier to talk about a subject than it’s to write about it. Now every big tech company giving lots of emphasis on artificial intelligence and voice command functionality. Here in google docs, you can find voice typing, which can help you to write quickly.

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You can only use this feature if you have microphone built-in into your laptop or any Android smartphone. So to use this feature you need to go to Tools >> Voice typing. One voice typing box will appear with a big microphone. Now you can start typing by voice, mostly in any language. You can use a keyboard shortcut, Cmd + Shift + S (on a Mac) or Ctrl + Shift + S (on a PC) to start recording.

2. Clear Formatting of the Copied Document

If you copy some docs from the web or other places and paste it into google docs, then it may not merge with the other part of your google apps documents unless you do the formatting. Follow any of these to format the copied documents.

  1. Highlight The Text >> Right Click >> Clear Format
  2. Highlight The Text >> Go to Format Option at the top Menu >> Clear Format

3. Explore Huge & Beautiful Google Fonts List

Google docs offer a huge list of beautiful fonts, which can suit both for professional and personal. Go to the fonts from the drop-down menu at the top of the document, and select more fonts. From here, you can choose anyone that suits you. But check out the Google Fonts directory, where you can see the practical use of any fonts, which can help you to get the best one.

4. Image Editing Inside the Documents

Google docs provides basic image editing options inside the documents. You can crop, reset, use a border to the image and can also make brightness, transparency and contrast adjustment of the image.

Do-Search-and-Insert-Links-inside-DocumentsYou can link any word or sentence by using insert link button from the top menu bar, but google docs has one unique feature to search content inline and insert a link. To put the link in the document, you need not go anywhere else rather select the word and press Ctrl+K to get the desired link and insert.

6. Bookmark Your Documents for Less Scrolling

This bookmarking feature is good and helpful while making any long documents. To enable bookmarking into documents, go to Insert Menu and select Bookmark. This will show a blue bookmark icon on left side of your document. You can add a link to a specific paragraph, that will enable a table of contents at the top of your document. This table of content might seem useful while navigating long documents.

7. Footnote

Footnote is easy and simple to put into google docs. To add footnotes, you have to keep the cursor in the text of the document where you like to have footnotes to show, go to Insert and select Footnotes. Write the footnotes and click on the document to save.

8. Suggestion Mode for Making Better Documents

This is one of the power tools that can be used inside google docs to make the document shared, collaborated, and edited. In a suggestion mode, google docs can keep tracks of all the changes and show an accept-reject button just beside the changes.

This is a convenient and useful tool if you go for making any shared documents, where everyone can contribute to making perfect papers. To enable the suggestion mode, go to the right upper corner, click on pencil like editing tools and select suggestion mode.

9. Collaboration in Real Time – Google Docs

Real-time-collaboration-in-google-docsGoogle docs offer the ability to share the document with other users. All the users can simultaneously edit the document in real-time. If any two people are writing the same text, the google docs will keenly see the time stamp for keeping the latest corrected version. And another old version will be remaining on the revision panel.

Moreover, users can interact with each other regarding the document editing and creation. All those things happen in real-time, and all the users, who have got access permission, can see the changes instantly.

10. Tag Someone in a Comment to Get the attention

Tag-someone-in-a-comment-to-get-attentionYou can draw the attention of any specific person by using “@ or + sign” and email address in the comment box. The email ID holder will get an alert email about the comment or question, which is asked inside the google docs.

11. Publish a Document Online

In google docs; you can create or edit documents, and give access to others for editing the documents. Here you must remember, the document only can be seen by you and others, who have the access authority, but in public, it can’t be seen. So to make it viewable, you have to publish your document online. To do so, go to File from the top bar and select “Publish to the web….”

12. Keyboard Shortcuts

There are tons of useful keyboard shortcut into google docs. Many of them are very common as the other application. Like you can use Cmd + C (Mac) or Ctrl + C (PC) to paste, or Cmd + B (Mac) or Ctrl + B (PC) to bold but it has some unique shortcut which helps to do the task very quickly. Some of them are :

Shift + T = Create a new document.
Ctrl + Alt + M = Insert a comment.

While writing on google docs, you can also get the keyboard shortcut list by just holding Cmd + / on a Mac, and Shift + / or Ctrl + / Chrome OS or Windows. See the full list of google docs keyboard shortcut key.

13. Awesome Smart Spell Checker

Smart spell checking in google docs
Smart Spell checking in Google Docs

Google search has included its smart spell checker into google docs, and it’s incredible. This tool does not rely on the traditional dictionary; instead, it’s based on Google’s search engine algorithm. Which helps the user to find the spell mistakes intelligently.

Google docs spell check database is regularly updating, and every day its database improving through learning the new word from google’s artificial intelligent “What Do You Mean?” database and offer suggestion basing on context than just similarity. You can check all the mistake by going “Spelling…” from the Tools menu at the top bar.

14. Adjust Page Setup

Doing-of-page-setup-is-easy-and-simple-on-google-docsAdjusting page setup is simple and easy to google docs. By the page setup configuration, you can change the page color, margin, and orientation. You can apply these tools by going file under the top menu bar and select page setup.

15. Manage Personal Dictionary

Manage-Personal-DictionaryThe personal dictionary, and the automatic substitution is quite similar in action. When you write any names or uncommon words, google docs marks it by an underlined red flag. You can include these words by right-clicking on the words and select “ add to personal dictionary” or manually you can put all into the personal dictionary by going to tools at the top menu bar and select “Personal Dictionary.”

16. Use Google Docs as Offline Mode

Setting-google-Docs-for-offline-useFor using google docs; internet connection is not required. But at initial setup, while changing the setting for using google docs as offline mode required the data connection. So to enable offline mode, do the following process.

Google Drive >> click Gear Icon on upper right corner >> Check the box in the Offline section for “Sync Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Drawings files to this computer so that you can edit offline

You can create and edit all the google docs, sheets, drawing on offline and all the documents will be synchronized into google drive cloud while getting internet data connection.

17. Make Your Own Substitutions

Make-Your-Own-substitutions-for-auto-correction-while-writingYou can make your substitutions, which will help a lot during writing. Google docs make a list of auto substitutions, but you can also customize as per requirement. Go to Tools and Preference, make a change in your requirement.

18. Right-click on Definition and Research

Right-click-for-Definition-and-ResearchTo get the definition or do any research on any word, right-click and select definition or research, it will open a box at the right side with all the information about that specific word. This definition and research tools let us stay on the documents while doing the google search for more information.

It can offer us to have searched on image, tables, quotes, scholar, and literally everything from the search giant Google. Moreover, we can drag-drop images from this research box into our google docs.

19. Email a Document to Another User for Better Feedback

Email-a-Document-to-Another-User-for-Better-FeedbackAll the user might not have the google id or Gmail, so how can you share the document with them to get good feedback. Yes, there is an option to send the complete file through email as an attachment. You can send the file as Docx, pdf, plain text file or so on. This tools can be found under the File drop-down menu at the top of the document.

20. Download a Document as a PDF, Word Doc, and More

After finishing your document, you need to send it to somewhere or someone as PDF copy or Docx file, rather than an editable document. You will have a lot of options to export your final copy into as many as seven format : Microsoft Word (.docx), OpenDocument Format (.odt), Rich Text Format (.rtf), Plain Text (.txt), Web Page (.html, zipped), PDF document (.pdf) and EPUB publication (.epub). Get the option from file menu bar and select “Download as”

21. How to Use Apps Script in Google Docs

Learn-How-To-Use-Google-Docs-App-ScriptGoogle Apps Script helps to improve the overall workflow of the google docs documents. It helps to create or change the documents, change the google docs user interface, and place the important tools for easy access. But before doing anything on app script, it’s better to have a quality knowledge on java and google suggest you learn some free course and follow a guideline for getting the best out of the google docs app script.

22. Do Write the Documents in Any Language

Creating documents in google docs is not only limited to the English language, rather you can make the documents in any language. To change the default language into something else, go to the file menu at the top drop-down bar and select your desired language. All the language are given in English alphabetical order.

23. Translate the Whole Document into Any Language

You can translate the document into any language literally. There are lots of languages to apply, but remember google translate is not perfect in doing the translation job. So don’t rely on it solely, but definitely, it can help to read any document, which is written in another language.

24. Revision History

Don’t get worried about losing any information while editing. If you want to get an earlier version of your documents, you can easily get it by going to File >> See Revision History. Here you will find all the earlier version of the required document. If you chose any earlier version then the selected version is just coming to the top of the list without losing any information. Always You have the opportunity to get any version and see the changes made in the highlighted text.

25. A lot of Impressive Templates

Google Docs comes with lots of impressive templates, which can be used for writing a résumé, drafting a business proposal, formalizing meeting notes or designing a brochure for any company. Literally, you can find all sort of templates to complete any type of task for both business and personal purpose. You will get all templates from google docs home page. So do explore these and find one that suits you.

26. Use of Add-ons to Expand the Google Docs’s Functionality

Use-of-Add-ons-to-Expand-the-Google-Docs’s-FunctionalityThere are lots of useful add-ons in google docs repository or store. You can find the add-ons by going to add-ons from the google doc top drop-down menu and select Get Add-ons. All these add-ons are used to expand google docs’ functionality and productivity. It just like apps on android mobile, which are used to make our android system more functional and effective. Likewise, google docs’ add-ons are for performing many outstanding jobs, which can not be completed by the default core features.

Final Thought

Here I have listed all possible top best google docs tips and tricks to become a power user. Did you like any of them? Or do you want to add any other tips? Please feel free to share your thoughts and suggestion in the comment section. 

Sharing your thought will help us to expand our best google docs tips and tricks list. If you like this list, please bookmark it for future reference, and click the social share button for social engagement with your friends and family.


  1. Great stuff! I am going to share this with my colleagues here who are new-users on Google Docs but are already liking what they are seeing. Thanks!

    • Thanks, Reaz. Glad you like it. Let me tell you one thing that Google Office suite is really helpful and effective. No worry about virus and system damage. All the files are saved in the cloud. And definitely, this is the future of professional and personal office management application.


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