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The 15 Best Hacking Apps for Android Device in 2020

Sometimes, we are out of an internet connection or our cellular data and need to have a connection badly. Getting connected to others’ connections is the only way to handle such a situation. In such situations, we can hack the password of the unknown network by calculating it with the help of the basic information of that connection. Now, the question is, how can we get that information. There are some apps in Playstore that can help you by providing that info, and we call them the hacking apps for Android.

Best Wifi Hacking Apps for Android

First, let me make it clear that you cannot hack the wifi password just with an app completely. Hacking most of the WiFi passwords is not very easy either. You have to learn the basic idea and learn the tutorial to hack the WiFi password. Also, you may need the help of some powerful PC software to hack some passwords completely. So, you must think about what those apps actually do; we are talking about it.

Well, these apps can restore passwords and sometimes help you by providing the basic information that you need to hack the password. Also, most of them are very helpful in protecting your password and connection too. So, let’s have a look over those hacking apps for Android and learn about them to select one or more to try.

1. WiFi Master – by wifi.com

WiFi Master - by wifi.com, Hacking Apps for AndroidBy far, WiFi Master is the most popular wifi hacker app for Android that really works. This app will help you find all the WiFi networks around you. Also, it will show you the chart of the vulnerability of those networks so that you can find the weakest one among them. Now, look for that network and get all the necessary information about it to calculate the real password. In this sense, it is not a complete hacking app, but it can help you to hack the network. You can see details of this app to know more about its functions.

Important Features

  • One-click wifi connection and easy procedure.
  • It saves your data cost by connecting to the free hotspot.
  • This app is available in 200 countries around the world.
  • You can use it with any of 19 different languages.
  • This app is encrypted to secure shared privacy.


2. Free WiFi Password Router Key

Free WiFi Password Router KeyLet’s have a look at another wifi password hacker for android, Free WiFi Password Router Key. This app has gained a vast popularity for your password showing ability. It will show you all the passwords of the routers you are connected with. So, you don’t have to ask the password to the owner anymore. At the same time, this app will help you find out the devices that are right now connected to your Network. You can securely share your passwords with others and get there with this app too. Still not convinced? Well, this app has many more to impress you.

Important Features

  • It is a very lightweight app and so, it won’t hamper your phone’s performance.
  • Includes a very optimized password recovery system.
  • It provides router details and IP addresses of the network.
  • There is no hidden charge and you don’t need an internet connection to use this app.
  • It doesn’t need your phone to be rooted.


3. WiFi Password

WiFi Password, Hacking Apps for AndroidWiFi Password is another app that can help you have a wifi connection without knowing the password. In this sense, it is not directly a hacking app for Android but it can do more than that. Well, this app will show you hundreds of free wifi networks you are in the hotspot and let you enjoy the connection even if you don’t know the password. Besides helping you to have a wifi connection for free, this app will also help you to protect your own connection. You can share the password of your WiFi network very securely using this app too.

Important Features

  • It is able to show millions of WiFi hotspot networks.
  • You can use it as a powerful personal wifi security guard.
  • It can detect WiFi security and details.
  • Let you share passwords and other details safely.
  • Automatically detecting wifi networks and it works very fast.


4. Router Keygen

Router KeygenGet through a locked router with Router Keygen. It is one of the most effective WiFi hacking app for Android devices. It gives you entry to your home router settings anytime if you have forgotten the passwords. If you know the default key of the WiFi router you can get into the network settings instantly. It provides you the used keys and supports most of the common routers of the market. It is a very lightweight application. The app interface is basic with useful tools for target operations.

Important Features

  • The app is completely free to use but comes with location-based in-app ads.
  • It recommends Android 4.0 or later for smooth work experience.
  • It scans the available WiFi networks and gives you entry protocols on demand.
  • The app uses all the known algorithms from public domains.
  • You don’t need to worry about device space as it takes less than 5Mb of system storage.
  • It helps you hack into available networks and helps you recover the keys of WiFi networks.



WiFi WPS WPA TESTER, Hacking Apps for Android

Let’s take a look into WiFi WPS WPA TESTER. It can measure your WiFi network’s signal strengths and weaknesses in the security system. This app is a great tool to check the potentials of your WiFi security system against hackers. It can also be used to get into the WiFi network by using some logical algorithms and security loopholes. It works using WPA and WPS PINs and tries to get access without showing the passwords for non-rooted devices. The app’s interface is modern and easy to navigate the tools.

Important Features

  • It is a moderate level of security testing and hacking supported tools.
  • You can get into WiFi networks with ease using random WPS PINs.
  • The app comes with numerous connection modes to test the vulnerability of the targeted access point.
  • If your devices are rooted you can see the saved WiFi passwords.
  • It takes a very little amount of system space and works in almost all the current Android devices.


6. WiFi Inspector

WiFi InspectorI bet you want to know if anyone is using your WiFi network without your permission. Yes, it is possible to check with the WiFi Inspector. It checks your WiFi network security system and inspects if any vulnerabilities are present in the encryptions. It is an information accessing hacking supported app for Android. You can check the whole network details with IPs and MAC addresses of the connected devices. The app comes with easy system navigation and modern UI.

Important Features

  • You can get complete net connection details and connected devices details in one place.
  • The app is widely accessible and does not require extra knowledge of data science.
  • It marks the unknown devices and shows intruders within 30 seconds.
  • This app works seamlessly on devices that are based on Android 4.0 or later.
  • You will be able to see manufacturers’ details, MAC addresses, access point info and much more of the connected devices.


7. Fing – Network Tools

FingYou should always have control over your WiFi network system. Fing provides you the opportunity to check who is connected, possible vulnerabilities and intrusions from the Android devices you use on a regular basis. This is a moderate to advance level app if you are into system testing and tuning up network security measures. You can test your network’s speed for both WiFi and cellular networks. It lets you secure your home networking to the core level. The app interface is also very modern and colorful.

Important Features

  • It comes with its built-in scanner to scan both WiFi and LAN networks.
  • You will be able to get advanced information, such as NetBIOS, UPnP, SNMP, properties, devices info, etc.
  • It checks for potential loopholes and vulnerabilities by force invading approach, so that you can reinforce the security system.
  • This app includes advanced port scanning facility, DNS lookup, MAC addresses and lots of other advanced data on the networking system.
  • It is able to filter out hidden spy cameras on shared networks.


8. WiFi Analyzer

WiFi AnalyzerYou can also try WiFi Analyzer. Farproc has come with this supportive wifi hacker app for Android that really works. You can find almost all the information about the nearby wifi connections. It will show you the graphical chart of the traffic of those networks too. So, when you will find out the most vulnerable network, it will help you get access to it. Now, you’ll find almost all the information on that network like the IP address, SSID, distance, netmask number, etc. If you know the basics of hacking, you’ll surely hack the network very soon.

Important Features

  • It will show you the list of wifi connections and their vulnerability.
  • You can find all the WiFi channels around you very easily with this app.
  • Finding less crowded channels getting details of that is very easy here.
  • It can recover the passwords you have used before.
  • It is free and updated automatically.


9. WiFi WPS Connect

WiFi WPS Connect, Hacking Apps for AndroidAnother powerful App is here to help you get access to WiFi networks around you. This time, it is Wifi WPS Connect. You don’t have to hack the network in case of this app, but you can recover the password of the connection you were connected to before. For that, your device has to be rooted. You can also find the necessary information on the wifi networks around you to get access to calculate the password.

Important Features

  • It requires your phone to be rooted.
  • You can use this app on your device only if it is with Android 5 or more.
  • You can use this app to connect your device with a connection even if it is not rooted.
  • There are two separate methods for rooted and unrooted devices.
  • This app includes defaults for different algorithms.


10. Network Mapper

Network MapperIf you want a map to explore the WiFi networks and their details, you can try Network Mapper. It is another useful wifi hacking app for your Android device that will help you to get access to the weakest WiFi network around you. Now, the question is how you can find the most vulnerable network. Well, this app will tell you about it too. Moreover, this app is also very helpful to track your network and increase its strength and privacy.

Important Features

  • Designed with user-friendly interface and graphics architecture.
  • It supports Android devices of any version.
  • You can find hosts, protocols, open ports, and services of the network around you.
  • The app can be used to get access points default passwords through the use of public algorithms.
  • You can also analyze bandwidth usage information and WiFi sweet spots.


11. [root] WiFi Key View

WiFi Key ViewYou can also have a look over WiFi Key view. As one of the best wifi password hackers for android, this app will let you have almost all the information you will need to calculate the password of a nearby connection. But for this, you have to keep your device rooted. Because no unrooted app can have access to use this app. You will get the wireless password list and their SSID using this app. Even, you can restore the passwords you used to be connected to before.

Important Features

  • It is an open-source and free Android app.
  • This app comes with a modern User interface for the rooted devices.
  • This app is very light in weight and your phone’s performance won’t get hampered.
  • This app can show you the list of Android connections around you.
  • It supports different wireless profiles too.


12. WLANAudit

WLANAuditLet’s check another simple and materialistic WiFi network scanning app called WLANAudit. It checks the WiFi network’s security and WLAN access points with its advanced algorithms and security tools. You can easily find out the connected devices on the same network and get detailed information on the available networks. It also shows the location of connected devices along with their IPs, MAC addresses, signal strength, etc. You can test the security strength and possible loopholes by force invading approach with the app.

Important Features

  • It can filter out saved networks, known devices, and unknown devices.
  • The app can gather the information of available networks and devices MAC addresses, IPs, PIN codes, security encryption types and much more.
  • You can diagnose the networking system and go through possible vulnerabilities for both accessing and making counter security enhancement.
  • It can help you hack into public WiFi networks and also let you gather information on other connected devices on the same network.


13. WiFi Warden

WiFi WardenYou can also try WiFi Warden. Though it does not work as a complete hacking app for Android, it can help you find essential Information that can help you to hack any wifi network. It can calculate the PIN of other networks or help you to get it in different ways. Also, this app will tell you all the information about the WiFi network around you like Channel number, Channel bandwidth, The router manufacturer, SSID, BSSID, Encryption, Security, Distance, etc. But the best part of this app is it’s security functions to protect your WiFi network.

Important Features

  • Good at analyzing wifi networks around you.
  • As an security app for your device, this app can increase the security of your network too.
  • It can view all the saved passwords you used before.
  • You can find new and unit passwords from this app.
  • It can calculate the WPS pin of the connections too.


14. WiFi Password Recovery Pro

WiFi Password Recovery Pro, Hacking Apps for AndroidOften you had access to a network for once and now you are out of it. In such a case, you can try this app to recover the wifi password from history. First, let me tell you, it is also not a complete wifi network hacking app for Android but you can find out important information of the previously connected network and also to recover the password with this app. Isn’t it more likely to be a hacking app? Well, this app will keep records of all the networks you have connected with and let you use it later.

Important Features

  • It includes a quick password recovery approach.
  • This app comes with a modern user interface and structure.
  • Only one touch us enough to copy a password.
  • It shows the available wifi connection in a chat
  • Advanced search engine and offline using capability.


15. Show WiFi Password

Show WiFi PasswordLastly, it is Show Wifi Password. If you want an app that will show passwords of the connection your device has, then it is the best choice for you. This app aims to reveal all the passwords of the saved connection on your device. Hence, you can get access to those networks. If it fails to show you the password directly because of the high-security system, it will show you essential Information like SSID, Encryption, distance, etc so that you can just hack it.

Important Features

  • You can share wifi passwords with one touch and strong protection.
  • Cross-platform supported app with fast working capability.
  • Designed with a minimal UI approach.
  • It can be used on the device of any Android version.
  • One click SSID finding system is also available.


Finally, Insight

I hope you know well about basic WiFi hacking ideas before giving a try on a hacking app for Android. Because none of these apps, even none of the apps from PlayStore, can completely hack a wifi password by itself. You can just get some help to do so from these apps. In this case, I must recommend WiFi Master – by wifi.com and Wifi Password as people know them as the best wifi hacker apps for android that really work. You can try the other apps, and none of them are less competitive too.

So, share your experience with the app you are going to give a try on with us. It will inspire us to work hard. Soon, we’ll come with something new and till now stay connected. Thank you.


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