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5 Best Puzzle Games for Linux To Sharpen Your Intelligence

When you are not in a mood to work but still have to be in front of your PC, some stress-releasing games sound amazing. Some of the puzzles games come with soothing and exciting puzzles that you can enjoy in your busy schedule for having a break. Even kids can enjoy such puzzle games to increase their cognitive and thinking power. However, getting an addictive puzzle game for Linux is not particularly an easy task. But we manage to make a list of puzzle games you can flawlessly enjoy on your Linux system.

Best Puzzle Games for Linux

Generally, Puzzle games don’t require a high configuration PC, so you can enjoy them on whatever PC you have. So, don’t think much about the compatibility issue and try out our handpicked puzzle games for Linux.

We are particularly not sure about what kind of Puzzle games you like. So, we include varieties of puzzle games here in the list. Don’t forget to check out the features of the games to find out the appropriate for yourself.

1. Slidetracked

slidetrackedAxis Aligned Games comes with Slidetracked, a 2D puzzle game for Linux. This cute indie-style game works on almost all computer setups and does not require many resources to run.

The gameplay mechanics are too simple yet challenging to solve as the level goes up. Slidetracked’s main feature is its unique sliding movement-based tactics. The overall game interface is minimal, with beautiful graphics. You have to use your brain and solve logic-based challenges as much as you wish.

Important Features

  • It features an abstract-themed game plot with minimal visual effects.
  • You will love this single-player game for its stress-free gameplay.
  • This game requires no extra training or tutorials to get acquainted with.
  • It features over 60 different levels with various difficulties.
  • Slidetracked includes Steam achievements for keeping a competitive platform.
  • Its minimalistic graphics and animation works are flawless and pleasing to the eyes.

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2. Sudocats

Sudocats, puzzle games for LinuxHere is a cute cat-themed sudoku puzzle game called Sudocats. The presentation and overall UI of this game are very beautiful and appealing to all sorts of puzzle games lovers. You will love the cat characteristics of Sudocats, and you have to cope with their expressions to place them in the right order.

This game offers many levels with different types of sudoku difficulties. So, try it now on your Linux computer box today and enjoy a relaxing leisure time whenever possible.

Important Features

  • It runs smoothly on any modern setup with a decent 64 bit CPU and other workable peripherals.
  • You will be able to play classic sudoku games with adorable cats.
  • It offers 9×9, 6×6, and 4×4 sudoku puzzles, so you won’t be missing anything big.
  • The cat characters and assigned numbers are changeable at any time.
  • You can change the background color and theme.
  • The grids within the game are completely customizable.

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3. Quest for Cathay Kingdom Mah Jong

Quest for Cathay Kingdom Mah JongQuest for Cathay Kingdom Mah Jong is a solitaire game that has been developed on a strong narrative based on some historical facts. Besides, the player will find it more interesting as it combines Mah Jong board game, puzzle match 3, wildcards, and bet.

No wonder this game will give you an excellent storyline, and you can enjoy it with themes like black and white piece sets as well. And I am pretty sure that it can be a nice option to enjoy your leisure with this excellent puzzle game fr Linux.

Important Features

  • This exciting game initially offers three different modes, including Match Mah Jong, Waterfall Mah Jong, and Cathay Mah Jong.
  • It will let you enjoy several levels and on each turn. Here, you have to unlock these levels to enjoy.
  • There will be a total 4 hours story campaign.
  • You will also get approximately 8 hours to play all the gaming modes.
  • The thematic music will truly give you a legendary vibe.
  • You will only find a single-player mode to play this game.

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4. The Last Cube

The Last Cube, puzzle games for LinuxThe Last Cube will take you to the adventure of 3D puzzles, where it is packed with strange technology and rich tactics. This game brings a lot of hidden lore, and you have to find them and get the bonus puzzles. Moreover, there will be frequent challenges and your role is to untangle all those to save the world.

In addition, whatever obstacles may arise, your cube has to be rolled to the end of this game. So, if you are looking for a stress-emitting puzzle game for Linux, this one is your must-try.

Important Features

  • The entire gaming interface is nicely constructed with a colorful environment.
  • This game will keep introducing you to new mechanics and surprise you with the abilities of the cube.
  • You will have full control over the whole game, and it offers only single-player mode.
  • There is an official discord server for this game where you can connect with other members.
  • With stamp stickers, you can use special power to solve the puzzles.

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5. Alchemistry

AlchemistryIf you like a casual-style puzzle game for Linux, Alchemistry brings challenges to solve, and you have to discover every element around. Here, you need to merge distinct elements and make them all together to get a new one. And as you will step further, the challenges will get more intense, and you have to wrap them up with dozens of intermedium objects. In addition, Sandbox will help you craft and create rare elements and discover everything around you.

Important Features

  • This game only offers a single-player mode.
  • Initially, you will need one or two steps to find the hidden elements.
  • This game will get you to multiple levels where different challenges are designed accordingly.
  • There is an official discord server for this game and it will introduce you to other community members.
  • The developer keeps updating this game with more new and exciting features.

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Finally, Insights

It’s for sure that, these are not the only playable puzzle games for Linux. Indeed, there are hundreds of games available on Steam. But we are not sure if they can entertain you equally. We can simply ensure you that these 5 games must get your attention once you start playing them.

These puzzle games are also proven to help your cognition and improve your fast-thinking capability. For me, Quest for Cathay Kingdom Mah Jongis the most exciting one, while Sudocats is the most entertaining one. 

Let us know which one is your favorite. Also, inform us if you have any other games that can beat the following games easily. So, we are leaving for today, and we will see you soon on another happy day. Thank you for your time.

Mehedi Hasan
Mehedi Hasan
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