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Top 15 Best Linux Racing Games That You’ve Maybe Never Heard of

Many games are available on the Linux platform. A few years back, it was believed that the Linux platform has an inadequate number of games; nevertheless, in recent years, that perception has changed. Linux racing games are significantly developed and entirely contemporary thus, thrill, amusement, and excitement can thrive in those games. Game–savvy people would find numerous games that are enough for titillation, and online game enthusiasts can have a brilliant time playing those games. In addition, among many games, some of them are free and open source, and the rest of others need to buy albeit; you would get back a good value of money.

Best Racing Games for Linux

In this article, all the details of Linux racing games have been reviewed. Along with a short discussion, a few features have been given too. Additionally, all the required information, data, and links are provided in this article also. Hopefully, you will walk along with me in this article.

1. DiRT Rally

Dirt rally is believed one of the most thrilling and breathtaking racing games. It will let you drive crazy with its speed, and your excitement will be accelerated with the acceleration of this car. This racing game is notable for its speed moreover, the Linux community has tested this game more than 80 million miles of road around the world.

You will be provoked to have the white knuckle feeling and will be pushed to the edge to experience the breakneck speed with this racing game. DiRT Rally also offers officially licensed World Rallycross content, which will give the stimulation to go through the breathless and high-speed thrills off-roads and around. This car racing game will provide you with a good value of money.

dirt rally racing game

Features of DiRT Rally

  • DiRT Rally boasts over its more than 40 model cars: the stunning, auspicious, iconic, and most relevant modern car for racing.
  • This racing game is featured with six giant rallies and over 70 stages in a different part of the world. It offers being thrilled with the head to muddy in the Wales, fascinating dusty trails of Greece, and icy cold tarmac of Monte Carlo.
  • You can participate in any event with any car by customizing and configuring it to compete in a single or multiplayer game.
  • This Linux racing game is flexible and user-friendly; thus, you can upgrade, repair, set up, and tuning it the way you want.

Get DiRT Rally

2. VDrift

Among numerous racing games for Linux, VDrift is a free open source simulation car racing game designed by taking into consideration drift racing. This game has been programmed to thrill the game player with quality racing simulation and titillation with breakneck speed. Moreover, it was designed to utilize the best modern computing technology for racing simulation to create buzz across the arena.

Though it was released at the early stage of the car racing era, it has been updated throughout the tome; thus, it still offers the best features, sensations, and stimulation for the game player. This game will tempt you to be addicted to its white knuckle speed.

vdrift racing games

Features of VDrift

  • This game has 45 real-world tracks that will make you feel like having real-life racing among thousands of spectators.
  • This racing game is designed with 39 different real-life models; hence, you would choose the best car that you desire.
  • It is programmed with Mouse/joystick/gamepad/wheel/keyboard support in addition; this simulation grade racing game will offer you a realistic racing vibe.
  • Multi-camera modes are operational in this game, and what is more, drivers are facilitated with automatic shifting, traction control, anti-lock braking, and so on.

Get VDrift

3. TORCS – The Open Racing Car Simulator

TORCS is another free open source racing game that is well designed for racing thrill-seekers. It has given an international standard; thus, the game player would find it lucrative and stunning for their real-life like racing.  Game-savvy people would be allured with the distinct features that have made it striking and sensational.

It can be played with and around the tracks moreover, and artificial intelligence has been used in its program; thus, it would automatically run on the tracks. Racing-related multi-features have been used in this Linux racing game. Therefore, the game player can choose the best option, tracks, and model to play this game.

torcs racing games

Features of TORCS 

  • In the earlier version of this game, the car engine was not available; however, finally, when the engine got added to the fan, the community had a blast.
  • Multiple camera angles are featured with this racing game. Additionally, texture mapping that is used in this game gives more details of the car.
  • This racing game was design with the inspiration of a robot auto racing simulator where a 3dfx graphic design card has been used to develop this game.


4. Super TuxKart

If you are a fun-loving person, then Super TuxKart is the right game for you. This Linux racing game would offer you relaxation and a fun time to play hour after hour. It is a free and open source game where you can play, and even you can participate in different events. Moreover, you can win the race with an award.

At the earlier stage, the player could choose a Tux only; however, now, you can select different mascots related to the penguin. This game was released in 2006; nevertheless, it has been updated a couple of times; thus, you won’t ever feel it boring. You can select types of race, for instance, single or group, and you can get numerous tacks in different cities.


Features of Super TuxKart

  • The latest version of this Linux racing game is updated with different characteristics, for instance, new karts, tracks, and surroundings of the tracks.
  • A few tracks have been updated, such as ‘Cornfield Crossing’ is set up in the farm, ‘Candela City’ is a nighttime track in the European city, and ‘Las Dunas stadium’ an arena for the battle mode.
  • Players are awarded new tracks, and those tracks would be used for playing in the next level.
  • Karts have been updated as well, where headlights got added with the exhausted smoke; thus, the player would find a real-life racing vibe with this racing game.

Get Super TuxKart

5. Speed Dreams

Speed Dream is another breathtaking 3D racing simulation that will thrill you whenever you try it.  This Linux open-source racing game is free and has been published under the GNU General Public License. Its features and real-life-like vibe would give the white knuckle speed that will push you to the edge of sensation. Its multi-tracks that have been designed with the European city glamour will make you breathless, and you will be driven crazy.

Speed dreams

Features of Speed Dreams

  • This racing game is the fork in the open source simulator where AI opponents have been added to make this game much thrilling and competitive.
  • It is featured with visually reworked menus moreover, three amazing fine-tuned and balanced cars are set.
  • Having been updated with the TRB1 car sets now, it is much more realistic and well-balanced.
  • In this new edition, smashing liveries have been integrated along with the TRB first-class robot for the supercars.

Get Speed Dreams

6. Road Redemption

Road Redemption is an arcade racing game that is believed one of the violent and illegal road race competitions.  In the ’90s, a game called Road Rash is considered the predecessor of this bloody game. It is exciting, blood spilling, and in some cases, it is gruesome; however, there are many positive reviews from the gamers who believe it is entertaining to play this game.

It is a bike gang race across the country road where they believe there is a single chance to live. They make money from the competition, robberies, assassination, and different other challenges through the journey. There is a feature called permadeath; however, they use their collective experiences to upgrade bikes, characters, and weapons.


Features of Road Redemption

  • In this racing game, there is a form of Mad Max where a character has been set who is manifested as a dictator and rules the world.
  • The violence takes place in a bid to find the assassin who killed the leader in the earlier stage.
  • The fighting is very expansive with the range of grabs, kicks, and counter where opponents get very aggressive, and beating the enemy is the main motto of this game.
  • Multi-player mode is available in this game, and what is more, a vast range of weapons can be chosen for this game.

Get Road Redemption

7. F1 Series

This game will give the real feel of racing in the Grand Prix event. It has been designed for gamers who dream of participating in the real F1 race. It offers different year’s championship, win the race by breaking all the previous record set by the F1 cars and to this end; a gamer can use the most iconic cars used in the last 30 years.

In this racing game, a career can be expanded for ten years when a varied range of games can be played on the championship event. It is believed that F1 is the most complete and thrilling video game where the gamers would find the white knuckle speed and sensational craziness while the game is being played.

F1 racing game

Features of F1 Series

  • The greatness of this game is having the excitement not only the on-track but also off-track dealing and opportunity to develop the car and getting access to have the required accessories.
  • Career can be expanded in this thrilling game where a gamer would be facilitated to participate in the training program to sharpen the skill in this field.
  • Moreover, the gamer can participate in the research and development program that would expedite them to get into the depth of car management, such as driving control, engine knowledge, etc.
  • Along with many more features, this game allows the gamer to be thrilled in the stunning locations and beautiful characters to be interacted with in different occasions.

Get F1 Series

8. Grid Autosport

This racing game is all about the rivals, team, and race in a sensational and intense new arena of professional motorsport. It is entirely a team game where you have to play along with the teammates moreover, you have to beat the rivals to satisfy the team sponsor in an aggressive and ferocious atmosphere where every pass and position count.

This game is thrilling, enduring, fascinating, and alluring for the gamers where they have to participate in the race, and beating the rival is the only motto. The players get thrilled, and each feature series is dedicated to different classes and even touring cars. This stunning game offers 100 different routes and 22 different locations across the world that are incredibly contemporary and unique.

grid autosport

Features of Grid Autosport

  • The central theme of this game is developing a professional racing career, joining a team, switching to another group, getting sponsored, being awarded, and beating the rivals.
  • This game is versatile and pleasant because of its range of series, for instance, Touring Cars, Super Modified vehicles, Hypercars, Endurance GT Cars, Prototypes, Single-Seaters, Drift cars, and many, many more.
  • It facilitates the racers to experience the most exciting cars, such as that you have dreamt of driving in your real life.

Get Grid Autosport

9. Super GTR Racing

Super GTR Racing is a casual game that implies you might play it to have a brilliant time while you are alone and you have little things to do. It just like other games, you have to compete against many opponents, and you would aim to win the race.

This Linux racing game is pretty compatible for this platform, and the updated version is available on Steam. In this game, you need to focus on the track and make sure opponents don’t push you are to track off; hence, you will be the winner.

Super GTR Racing

Features of Super GTR Racing

  • This game is featured with championship mode, where you would encounter many cars with AI opponents.
  • It contains stunning graphics, and you would find many steam achievements while you are on the race.
  • You will be thrilled by the actual completion, and what is more, many trails of this game will make you much more concentrated.
  • Additionally, there is a single play option and championship too; you won’t be bored.

Get Super GTR Racing

10. Vector 36

Vector 36 is a Physics-based racing game that is set on the terraformed surface of Mars.  This game is entirely customizable, and being a pilot, you are a skimmer, and you have got a skimmer vehicle. Having control over every component of the skimmer, you are solely responsible for the performance of that vehicle. How well capable you are of piloting and how good knowledge you have on engineering are the determiners of the race losing and winning.

You would be thrilled to race with other pilots in different tracks on Mars where you have to compete on the Tournaments, Circuits, and Sprint modes and have to aim to win credits, parts, or new Skimmers.  There is a ghost replay system in this Vector 36’s game where you can play with your friends. The game’s motto is to develop your skill and knowledge and push the limits and race fast to settle on Mars.

vector36 racing game

Features of Vector 36

  • The physics theory binds the skimmer that is used in this game; each part of it, for instance, moving internal components, will balance the gravity, and its flights get affected by the adjusting angles.
  • It is believed, fine-tuning is the mantra to winning or losing the game. Thus the skimmer has to be driven and move around with handy hands.
  • Winning the game by beating opponents will make your fortune, and you would be awarded the new skimmers, support bots, parts, weapons, tracks, obstacles, opponents, and game modes.

Get Vector 36

11. FlatOut2

This racing game is branded “A crash and smashes driving game,” which is extraordinary with many features, and you will get a white knuckle speed in this game. This game lets you drive around the track and smash your opponent’s cars to have the racing advantage. It is designed in such a way you can drive AI cars off the road and smash your pathway to victory and glory.

This game is programmed with the motto to race the cars with your unparalleled driving skill aggressively and violently to win the race. Crashing up was immensely popular in the middle of the 2000s. This game was on the pinnacle of this sort of game; having stunning music in this game another advantage that would let you be driven crazy whenever you smash an opponent’s car.


Features of the FlatOut2

  • Your car might summersault, crack, and break and bounce back; there is so much fun being a violent and aggressive game.
  • According to the different reviews from the gamers, it has been branded as damage and crashing physics-friendly.
  • There are excellent audio and incredible driving mechanics; thus, you would find the fast-paced screaming excitement.
  • The main motto of the game is ‘crashing and smashing where the fun begins.’

Get FlatOut2

12. Mad Max

Among many racing games, Mad Max is discrete because of its action adventurous nature. This game is a product of the Mad Max franchise developed by Avalanche Studios and published by Warner Bros. In this racing game, the player controls Max Rockatansky, who is the central character of this game and is seen to progress to the Westland by building a car, namely “Magnum Opus.”

The purpose of this car is to fight against gang raiders that are led by Scabrous Scrotus and reach the storied “Plains of Silence,” where he believes to have found peace. Mad Max prefers vehicular battle where players can use a range of weapons and armor that can be upgraded to fight against their enemy.

mad max

Features of Mad Max

  • This game is set in an open world where it has been focused on the post-apocalyptic atmosphere, and it has emphasized vehicular combat.
  • A range of weapons can be used in this game, for instance, flamethrowers and turbo boosts mounted directly to the Magnum Opus.
  • The vehicle specified with the Chumbucket operates a few more combat tools such as a grappling hook and sniper rifle.
  • What is more, the Magnum Opus engine and its powerful V8 engine can destroy the enemy’s vehicles and weaponry.

Get Mad Max

13. Rocke Leauge

Rocket League is a physics-driven competition that is easy to understand and fluid believed; it is one of the highest-profile arcade-style soccer and vehicular mayhem. This racing game is featured with things such as casual and competitive online matches and a full-featured offline season mode as well. There is a special Mutator capable of changing rules entirely, and baseball; hockey inspired extra modes and fifty million extra combinations.


Features of Rocket League

  • This game is believed one of the most critically acclaimed racing and sports game ever has been introduced in the online platform.
  • This game offers free and paid updates with fifty-seven million communities that include new DLCs, content packages, features, mode, and arena.
  • It offers a different form of challenges such as online matches, complete weekly challenges, and seasonal matches.
  • Lately, it has introduced a new feature where Decals, Wheels, and Player Banners will be manifested for the best team.

Get Rocket League

14. Trigger Rally

This Linux racing game featured with a 3D rally simulation is integrated with a stunning physics engine that can drift over 200 maps. Different terrain materials, for instance, salt, asphalt, sand, and ice. Moreover, various types of weather such as fog lights give this rally game mileage than other free games of these types.

Time limit is used in this game to make it much more sensational hence if the player can score better than their opponents, then extra advantages can be grabbed. This leverage would help the gamer improve the game condition further better, and what is more, all set up single races must win by the limited time to grab the victory.

trigger rally

Features of Trigger Rally

  • This racing game is well designed and significantly programmed, and supported with spoken co-driver and co-driver icons to facilitate the maps.
  • Configuration details for the display and audio adjustments placed in this game can be customized to make it much more user-friendly.
  • There is a long-playing time since it is designed with 200 races and what is else; this game can be modified very easily.

Get Trigger Rally

15. iRacing

iRacing is believed the world’s most premier motorsport racing game, available on the Linux platform. Membership provides the entry of this online game that has been developed with the newest form of a competitive online game.

Internet race is easy, fun, and inexpensive, and game enthusiasts can get thrilled by playing this game while they are bored. This racing game would offer you the best excitement, pleasure, and joy throughout the game.


Features of iRacing

  • This game will make you feel that this is an extraordinary racing game that would lift your excitement to the pinnacle.
  • It is featured with the head-to-head competition that is easy to utilize central place against real people.
  • Having a dynamic racing track, the game player would find real-life joy by the course of the racing game.
  • You will be privileged for having the training, ghost racing, qualifying, testing, and time trialing competition.

Get iRacing


To sum up, the above-mentioned games are available on the Linux platform; some are free, and others have to buy from the particular website. All the games are top-rated among online game enthusiasts.  Even if you buy a specific set, you will get back the actual value of money.

Finally, if you find the given information, description, download links, and other aspects of the article are useful, please don’t forget to comment, like, and share it.


  1. iracing will not work on Linux besides that its a subscription based game & has high specs sounds like a money pit


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