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10 Best Sandbox Games for PC | Enjoy the Virtual World

Generally, sandbox games are the type of open-world games where players have significant freedom to explore, interact with, and manipulate the game world. That’s why this specific genre is so popular. However, in a sandbox game, the players have few imposed goals or limitations on their actions for a more open-ended and immersive experience. Now, the question is: What are the best Sandbox games out there?

Well, if you are a hardcore PC gamer and looking for the best sandbox games, this could be your landing point. You will get a list of sandbox games online and play them freely. So, take a look into these sandbox games for PC and have a great gaming time ahead.

Best SandBox Games You Can Try

You must know that there are hundreds of sandbox games out there to try. However, the possibility is great that you don’t like it for a lot of reasons like a carelessly built background, no details, poor graphics, no strategies, no plots, and so on. Well, if you don’t want to take a risk and simply try out some sandbox games that will definitely rock your gaming experience, try out the following ten games.

1. Genshin Impact


If you want to play an anime-themed open-world game, then Genshin Impact is the right choice. It is an epic adventure-based free sandbox game. This game is available on almost all the popular platforms, even Android phones. The in-game world is graphically sophisticated, and the quality is jaw-dropping.

You can play solo or together with friends in the online mode. There are many things to do, and you can become a master of seven different elements. In Genshin Impact, you can make your team fierce with different characters who possess unique abilities. So, get ready to wander around the vast sandbox world with endless possibilities.

2. Minecraft

Here comes Minecraft, one of the most popular sandbox games online. This game is available on PC and other platforms. Minecraft is an ever-evolving open-world game where everything is made of blocks. You can team up and play with friends or play solo. Players can do anything, like fight with the enemy creatures or tame them to become friends.

The in-game environment is very interactive, and you will get new content every now and then. You can manipulate the game world by making different things in the game. There are many game versions so that you won’t feel bored. Moreover, it offers many realms and mods for all players from different platforms. 

3. Grand Theft Auto V

Even if you are not into hardcore gaming, you must have heard the name GTA V. Grand Theft Auto V is one of the best sandbox games with lots of actions and adventures you can imagine. This open-world game is full of different activities. You can play online with players all around the world.

Moreover, the solo gameplay is praiseworthy, and you can enjoy Los Santos from three different characters’ perspectives. You can shoot, fistfight, ride bikes and helicopters, and much more. The vast area with tonnes of interactions and exciting missions will keep you hooked on the game. It supports gamepads, and the visual quality of this game is mind-boggling.

4. ARMA 3

If you like war games, then ARMA 3 will amaze you with its massive military expeditions. This war-themed sandbox game for PC gives you total freedom along with its signature gameplay. You can play ARMA 3 in both multiplayer and single modes. It has a huge community of gamers worldwide so that you can join numerous competitions online. 

Moreover, ARMA 3 comes with a game editor where players can create their own content. This game mod-making facility gives additional freedom to gamers to dig deep into the game worlds. The basic gameplay is great as a sandbox title; you can use all sorts of weapons, battle gear, and vehicles as you immerse yourself in the game.

5. The Sims 4

Check out The Sims 4, one of the best lifestyle simulation sandbox games for PC. The best thing about this version is the base game is free to play. You will have total freedom in making characters, life choices, romance, and relationships. Also, it has a huge community of players worldwide. 

Basically, in Sims 4, you can live a virtual life. There, you can develop your own set of characters, make them learn new things, build infrastructures, and much more. Besides, you can visit other players’ worlds and join community parties. Furthermore, The Sims 4 is a considerate game in terms of hardware resources so you can play it on any modern PC.

6. Elite Dangerous

Are you a fan of space sci-fi? Then Elite Dangerous is a perfect space-themed open-world game for you. It encompasses the whole of the Milky Way and other galaxies as your game sphere. The in-game environment and graphics are astonishing. Surely, you will love this best sandbox game for its continuous growth in content and fan bases.

You can start your career with small starships or land bases. Gradually, you can earn credits and resources to climb up the ladder. You can also play solo or in massive multiplayer modes. This game lets you freely trade, hunt, fight, or mine, whichever suits you best. 

7. Space Engineers

Now, you can play Space Engineers on Xbox and your PC. It is a space-based sandbox game where you can make your own decisions and create different mods for the game community. Here, you can explore or build endless space stations, ships, outposts, and more. 

Space Engineering is full of realism and utilizes an advanced physics engine. Besides the top-notch game mechanism, players can enjoy the game in both single and multiplayer modes. Whether you play alone or in teams, you have to build your own gear and machinery. The multiplayer modes are rich and highly competitive. 

8. Life is Feudal

Medieval settings games are fun, and Life is Feudal comes with a realistic medieval setup for you. There are three different modes, and the MMO version is the biggest one because of its sandbox MMORPG qualities. Besides the huge realistic game area over 36x36km, it offers over 10000 players in a single game world.

The game world is always fresh, as you can interact with numerous real players in real-time. Life is Feudal: MMO is a living and ever-growing world where players will continue to improve. So, join the community today and claim lands, resources, and guilds as you progress. Also, if you remain consistent and hardworking, you will have influence in the game world.

9. Red Dead Redemption 2

Here, we have another title from Rockstar Games. Yes, it is Red Dead Redemption 2. It offers strong and captivating open-world single-player gameplay based on a Westworld theme. The online DLC elevates it to a living and growing sandbox world. Moreover, you will love its unparalleled graphics quality and unique gameplay mechanism.

The game’s plot is set in 1899, USA, and you can feel the classic Western vibe in the game environment. As you go through the story, you can hunt, fight, steal, rob, trade, and so much more in the game world. The online version gets new missions and plots regularly. On the other hand, it requires some heavy hardware resources to run blissfully.

10. No Man’s Sky

Last but not least, take a look at the intergalactic sphere of No Man’s Sky. This game is available on almost all the popular platforms. So, you can enjoy this best sandbox game for PC from any of your devices, and its huge gaming community will surely amaze you. It offers a huge game universe with beautiful HD graphics.

Besides the open-ended multiplayer mode, you can also play a solo storyline for over 30 hours. You can create bases and colonies anywhere in the galaxy. This game also lets you farm, hire workers, and gather resources as you build your space empire. Moreover, you can form teams with up to 32 players and explore the galaxies in the multiplayer modes.

Wrapping Up

So, these are the ten best sandbox games for PC from our point of view. You can now choose any of them and play in your free time. There are many other great sandbox games besides the ones mentioned above. If you have some on your favorite list, don’t forget to mention the names in the comments.

However, if you like open-world actions among these games, I would suggest Red Dead Redemption 2. Alternatively, if you love building things, I would recommend Life is Feudal. I hope you have a wonderful gaming session ahead. Best of luck.

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Mehedi Hasan
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