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10 Best DOS Games That You Will Still Love in 2024

DOS games are actually the old classic games from the MS-DOS, PC DOS, and other DOS-based operating systems. If you are among the early users of personal computers, you must know about the best DOS games of that era. These games are still fun to play, and you can run them on your modern PC using hubs and clients.

The support for DOS ended with the introduction of Windows XP in 2001. Still, you can play and relive the nostalgia using game clients nowadays. Here, we have mentioned some of the best DOS games for your convenience.

Best DOS Games That Can Make You Nostalgic

Regardless of being so older, the DOS genre is always so popular. But that doesn’t mean you’ll love any DOS games out there. Well, we have made a list of the 10 best DOS games ever. No matter how old are you and what genres you love, there is no way but to get nostalgic with these. Let’s get introduced to them briefly:

1. The Settlers II Gold Edition

The Settlers II Gold Edition is a strategy game with a bird’s-eye view. Like empire-building games of modern times, it is a kingdom-building game from the Dos era. You can build 25 types of buildings in your settlements. Moreover, there are two different game modes: free game and campaign modes. Players can play story-based solo missions and customizable PvP and HvC gameplay.

You can play with your friends as it supports two-person competition. You can race, fight, and gather resources while competing with friends. The old-school graphics could be challenging, but who knows, you might love the overall settings. Also, it can be played online, and it is completely free to access.

2. DOOM (1993)

Yes, now you can play legendary DOOM on your modern PC through Steam. It is one of those old gems of the DOS era with early 3D-style 2.5D gameplay. The in-game graphics quality is quite good, with nearly 60 fps support on the new widescreen monitors. Moreover, this first-person shooting game offers both single-player gameplay and split-screen co-op gameplay with friends.

You will surely love its shoot-and-approach gameplay mechanism. Also, this best DOS game ever supports numerous gamepads. Moreover, it comes with numerous community-developed add-on content, so it will keep you hooked. Furthermore, DOOM will surely offer you a thrilling PvP split-screen gaming experience in the best possible ways.

3. Lords of the Realm II

Here, you will learn about Lords of the Realm II, an empire-building DOS game for PC. This medieval-themed turn-based RPG strategy game supports multiplayer mode in LAN connection for up to 4 players. The game storyline is rich, and you will deal with 13th-century feudal England.

Even though the game is from 1996, the graphics are quite good if you consider the old-school gaming vibe. You will love this game if you like to build structures and castles, raise armies, and improve settlements. Also, the turn-based RPG style makes the game even more royal. 

4. Grand Theft Auto

The first ever Grand Theft Auto came to market as the best DOS game of all time. Why don’t you relive the old days? This game made a huge impact in the DOS and PSOne era. Now, you can play it on your modern PC. GTA offers an open-world feel while you ride different types of cars on colorful city streets.

Also, there are many car racing missions and assignments to meet in short window periods. Moreover, players must outrun the police vehicles to reach the goals. So, you have to be the best driver to win the challenges. The game environment is very interactive and has a bird’s-eye view. 

5. Theme Park

Bullfrog Productions released Theme Park in 1994, and since then, it has become a fan-favorite building simulator game. It was a very popular DOS game, as players could build their own in-game theme park. Now, you can play this game for free on supported web browsers. Besides, it is up to you whether your park becomes profitable or not.

Research is mandatory as you have to build your park smartly. Also, the buildings should be evenly distributed. You must add shops, restaurants, and numerous rides with a proper plan. Moreover, you can build game shops in the in-game park. Also, the park’s income greatly depends upon your planning. 

6. X-COM: UFO Defense

Check out the best DOS game, X-COM: UFO Defense, a space-themed turn-based strategy game. This classic game from 2K has a huge fan base, and now you can revisit it through the Steam client. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about DOS support issues as it is optimized by Steam. 

Here, you are the boss of the X-COM organization. So, you must act smartly and fight against aliens. There, you have to command your armed forces and crush the UFOs and alien settlements. Additionally, you should research the alien gears and harvest them for your good use. If you are a strategy junkie, then this game will be the right choice for you.

7. Master of Orion 2

The best DOS games of all time are mostly about space, starships, and sci-fi. Master of Orion 2 is among the few graphically good DOS games with space settings. If you were a fan in the old days, it is time you revisit it on your new PC through the Steam client. 

Generally, you must stay strategic and expand your control in the galaxies. Also, you have to conquer the alien star systems to keep the basic resources full. Moreover, this game offers over 60 technology fields, numerous spaceships, and much more. So, you must tactically handle intergalactic diplomacy as you grow your empire.

8. Civilization I

The first of the Civilization series came in 1991 as an MS-DOS empire-building strategy game. This game became so popular that even today, the latest Civilization games have a considerable fan base. Civilization I provides you the opportunity to build and discover over 70 new technologies. Also, the details, maps, and times are almost historically accurate.

Besides, you will like the old-school graphics of this game on your new system more. In civilization, you are the ruler and decision-maker. Also, the people’s condition greatly depends upon your economic and political movements. Moreover, the gameplay is click to initiate style turn-based type. So, you can hone your strategy skills as you progress in the game world.

9. STAR WARS™ Dark Forces

Star Wars Dark Forces was first released in 1995 for MS-DOS systems. It is a first-person shooter with 2.5D-style gameplay. Moreover, the action, graphics, and plot of this best DOS game ever are comparatively advanced. If you were born in the ’90s and had the opportunity to play Star Wars, then you already know the excitement.

The evil empire is raising a doomsday army to dominate the universe. So, you have to join the rebel forces and defeat the evil forces to liberate the intergalactic societies. Moreover, you can enjoy fierce battles with soldiers and machinery. You can also use over 10 types of weapons and gears to fight enemies. Besides this, the DOS game works fine on both Mac OS and Windows, thanks to the Steam client.

10. Championship Manager: Season 97/98

The last one on the list is Championship Manager: Season 97/98, a text-based soccer management game for DOS systems. If you are a sports fan and love to go through spreadsheets, this classic is for you. You might not have the taste of managerial soccer computer games, even if you were hardcore DOS games junkie.

Now, you can play this sports simulation game on web browsers or PC through DOSBox. This is the base of many football simulator games. So, you should see what this classic title offers from the DOS gaming era. Like many other old-school simulator games, the controls are based on keyboard and mouse clicks. Finally, it is free to play with many nostalgic elements.

Wrapping Up

I’m sure you have your sweet cake already if you are looking for the best DOS game to play again. Well, there is no need to get confused about all these competitive recommendations. Just focus on your preference. If you like car racing and dodging obstacles, then Grand Theft Auto would be your best pick. For turn-based strategy lovers, I would suggest Civilization I.

So, share this blog with your friends who also love DOS games, and let us know about your experience. Thank you for your time.

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