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10 Best Bicycle Games for PC | Explore the World on Two Wheels

Among all the game genres that are relaxing yet addictive, a bicycle game for PC is the most popular one. Whether it’s just a bicycle racing game or an RPG game where you’ll explore an open map riding a bicycle, the game can be funny, addictive, and relaxing. But this doesn’t always happen, especially if you can’t find a good game.

The most challenging parts of loving a bicycle game are its street obstacles, graphics, and soundtrack. If the game lacks any parts, you won’t like it. That’s why finding the best bicycle games for PC is quite difficult. But don’t worry. Today, we’ll explore 10 cycle riding games that you must love.

Best Bicycle Games for PC

We have tested a lot of Bicycle games for PC so that we can pick out the best games that everyone likes. Even though we had to cross through a lot of garbage, some games simply made us addicted. We also added some of our personal favorite games too. However, we believe that everyone’s taste isn’t the same. So, make sure to check the details to choose the right one for you.

1. Knights and Bikes

Let’s start with a unique cycling game that you can enjoy on your PC. Knights and Bikes is not about some traditional bike racing. But it’s about the journey of two girls on a small island. Set in the 1980s, this game will take you on the adventure of the journey of these two little girls who love to ride their bicycles.

So, while riding the cycles, you can enjoy exploring the island with a complete plot of twists. On your way, you’ll meet many characters with specific backgrounds and bonds. Among everyone you’ll meet, the pet goose will be the funniest one. However, you need to remember that the graphics and visuals of this game are different, and it’s not like the go-to riding games.

2. Riders Republic

Ubisoft brings out RB or Riders Republic for biking and BMX enthusiastic gamers. This game is a complete package for riding junkies and offers a huge collection of street games in one place. You will get an interactive community of gamers from all around the world.

Riders Republic is optimized for PC and is also available on other platforms like Xbox and PlayStation. You will get new content every now and then, and the seasonal perks are too good to miss out on. It includes a lot of race modes and a realistic career option for hardcore players. You can even get proper support for gamepads and other controllers for PC without any hiccups.

3. Descenders

Here is a cool biking game with BMX-style gameplay called Descenders. You will have multiple modes where you can pick your team of interest. Each of the available teams has real-like attributes, and players will have realistic exposure in the game world. It is available on Steam and other consoles, so pick your play whenever you like.

The game world is so vivid and ever-changing. You will like the in-game environment as you cope with the preferred game style. There is proper support for gamepads, and you can join the game community easily with a dedicated discord server. So, mix up with other players and lead your team to rider glory.

4. Guts and Glory

Here is another unique bike racing game with all types of vehicle racing in one place. This is a hidden gem of steam where you will have all the excitement of bike racing along with a peculiar, funny mode. Guts and Glory is a mixed-type game with a different approach where you will face constant action and adventure.

You will have to survive fetal spikes, turrets, uneven roads, explosives, and much more. This indie game will give you complete pleasure for being a stream title. You can easily pick your favorite PC gamepad and get lost in the game world. The gameplay is simple: you have to win the race by dodging numerous obstacles till the finish line.

5. Pro Cycling Manager

Get to know about Pro Cycling Manager, a realistic biking game with lots of things to do in one place. You will like this bike racing game for being compatible with most of the available PC components. You can play this game with moderate to minimum-level hardware requirements. It is also available in the Steam library for your convenience.

Here, you will find numerous modes, training sessions, and realistic terrains. It includes all the official teams in the pro cycling world. The ranking system is real-like, so it’s like playing in real tours and tournaments. You will have the freedom to control everything in the professional cycling sphere. Its high-quality graphics make it even more appealing to gamers.

6. Tour De Force

If you are looking for a bicycle racing game for your PC, look no further and try Tour De Force. It’s a classic style racing game that comes with the old-day pixel graphics style. This game has two specific gaming modes which are the ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC. You’ll enjoy both modes if bicycle racing is fun for you.

On your way to the racing roads, you’ll find difficult obstacles so that the game can’t be so easy. You need to deal with the obstacles properly to win the match. However, you need to remember that it’s not a high-end bicycle game for PC with superb graphics like GTA 5. If you are okay with the pixel graphics, then it’s your must-try one.

7. Tour De France

Another cycle racing game here, and this time, it’s more improved with advanced graphics and background. It’s the Tour De France. The race, a shoulder-to-shoulder marathon-style racing game, will be set on the roads of France. You will enjoy 21 stages in one game, where you will experience racing in different areas.

You’ll also enjoy racing on the mountain and other beautiful locations, not just on the French streets. Besides, the game developers continue to add new modes so that you can enjoy the game with different settings. Recently, they released the ‘Descent of the Moment’ modes, which are beyond your expectations from a cycle racing game.

8. PUBG: Battlegrounds

If you haven’t played PUBG recently, you must be astonished to see this game on the list. You can be confused thinking about how PUBG can be the best cycling game for PC. Well, recently, PUBG introduced bicycles on their maps. You can find portable cycles here and there to use anytime you want.

In the extensive map of Erangle, Livik, and others, you can find foldable bicycles that you can carry in your bag. When needed, you can rid them of expensive cycling and killing the enemies. Some cycles have double seating so you can carry your friends while on a match. Also, you’ll find some bicycle stations where you can pick one up to use.

9. Spirit of The Island

For sandbox lovers, Spirit Of the Island must be the best cycling game you can try on your PC. It’s a Cross-Platform online game that you don’t need to install on your PC. Instead, you can enjoy playing this game on platforms like Steam. However, this game is not all about riding your bicycle. Indeed, there is an amazing plot, different characters, and an exciting background story.

Here, you’ll have a big firm that you can’t explore on foot. You have to ride your cycle to check different parts of your farm. Also, you can cook, feed your cattle, and build shops to sell your products. Additionally, delivering food on your favorite cycle will be the most exciting part here.

10. BikeOut

Finally, it’s BikeOut, a modern cycle game with high-end graphics developed on the Unreal Engine to enjoy cycling. This game is quite a funny yet addictive cycling game where you’ll start being a noob, and your job is to develop your riding skill gradually. So, the entire journey will be very fluent and realistic.

In BikeOut, you’ll enjoy playing both from first and third-person views. There will be a lot of customizing options for settings and gaming modes. Also, riding your bicycle while dealing with the obstacles will make this game more addictive. The best part is the ability to explore scenarios with modern graphics elements.

Wrapping Up

Bicycle games are always fun and relaxing. When you have a long day and still want to enjoy playing on your PC, you should try any of these bicycle games for PC. Among these 10 options, you shouldn’t miss Tour De France, BikeOut, and Riders Republic.

However, make sure to check out the details to know whether the game suits your taste or not. Also, share the list with your friends who love bicycle games as well. Happy playing.

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