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Top 5 Best Simulation Games for Linux: Live Out Another Life

Among all the popular gaming genres, simulation games are always special. In a simulation game, you play the roles of different characters holding various professions. So, here, you can experience your favorite career and understand the task for the profession genuinely. That’s why from young to adults, we all love simulation games. Well, Linux users often be in difficulties finding the best Simulation games for Linux. And that’s what we are talking about here in this content.

Best Simulation Games for Linux

You may not find a lot of simulation games that run perfectly on your Linux system. We have tried a lot of games, and most of them apparently, disappointed us with poor graphics and gameplay. But we manage to find out some gems as well. And I am pretty sure none of the games from the mentioned list will bore you. So, hurry, check out the below suggestions to find out your favorite simulation games for Linux.

1. RimWorld

rimworldLets’s start it with one of the most popular simulation games, RimWorld. For Linux users, it is almost the perfect game as it requires not a lot of storage and RAM. The developers of this game were basically inspired by Dwarf Fortress, Firefly, and Dune.

Here, a new empire has arrived in the Sci-fi colony. And you are the survivor of the colony, and you aim to save the other people of the colony. You will have different tasks and missions where you have to play roles in different professions.

Important Features

  • In RimWorld, you have to rule the colonist, fight pirates, clean the colony, dig soil, use weapons, and do a lot of tasks.
  • You will get a western space vibe all over the game.
  • The game also lets you enjoy small-team tactical gaming mode when using lots of weapons and futuristic materials.
  • You can simply be a watcher of colonial development and make relationships with others.
  • Here, you can also build colonies in the desert, jungle, and beach.
  • You can directly download this game on Linux or just enjoy it on Steam.

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2. Cities: Skylines

cities skylines, simulation games for LinuxThe next suggestion is Skyline of Cities. It is basically a city-building game launched by Paradox Interactive. This city simulation game is indeed full of fun as you are free to build your city the way you want.

Here, you have to first explore the whole like you in an adventure game. And then, you will choose a place to build your city. Not just city-building simulation, this game also offers many more like traffic simulation, politics, etc.

Important Features

  • You can initially play roles of different characters like a designer, city hall administrator, etc.
  • The gaming environment is indeed very realistic. You will get night and day to utilize the time properly.
  • It also provides a huge map, improving the city by expanding the map.
  • The challenge will be designing the whole city. You have to properly structure the drainage system, fire exit, hospital, school, and so on
  • You can additionally make roads to improve the communication system of the city.

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3. Euro Truck Simulator 2

Euro Truck Simulator 2Meet one of the most popular simulation games for Linux called Euro Truck Simulator 2. You can have the exciting experience of traveling across the vast European region. It eventually offers many different types of cargo trucks, and you can customize them at your will.

The in-game graphics are indeed very rich, with realistic European city areas filled with near-accurate infrastructures. So, get ready to test your driving skills and try to unlock all the available achievements.

Important Features

  • Online multiplayer mode upto eight players is primarily available for play.
  • The single-player and co-op modes are highly challenging in this game.
  • You will like the online community called World of Trucks, where players can interact with each other freely.
  • It primarily features over 60 different European cities to transport your cargo and maximize the overall income.
  • Players can buy numerous trucks, build garages, hire drivers, upgrade vehicles, and so on.
  • The gameplay, soundtrack, and controlling system are top-notch.

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4. Escape Simulator

Escape Simulator, simulation games for LinuxPine Studio comes with Escape Simulator, a challenging puzzle-solving simulation game. You can enjoy this game alone in the single-player mode or play with friends and other players in the online co-op multiplayer mode. Moreover, this game supports multiple languages with complete support for English as default.

You can eventually edit different levels in the game using the dedicated level editor. So, use your mind to solve hardcore puzzles or solve with a group of friends in the rooms of Escape Simulator.

Important Features

  • It offers beautiful graphics and sound effects, even on low-end systems.
  • This game simply supports a cross-platform multiplayer mode where players of any supported systems can play together online.
  • You will have over 20 different rooms with interactive puzzles where everything is moveable.
  • The online co-op mode can also handle upto ten players, and all the available rooms are supported for multiplayer gameplay.
  • You have to use your sharp mind and check through everything within the rooms to solve the riddles and escape.

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5. X4: Foundations

X4Check out X4, Foundations from Egosoft, one of the best open-world simulation games for Linux. This space-themed game offers an addictive single-player gameplay platform. You will have comprehensive support in the languages section.

This game requires an additional GPU to run it smoothly. You will love its visuals and audio output. X4, Foundation is a rare game where players can simulate an entire game universe with NPCs, space ships, and stations. It’s a complete package full of action and adventure in the deep space of the game world.

Important Features

  • After getting adequate resources and in-game money, you can simply build your personal space ships and space stations.
  • The ships, gears, weapons, structures, and other upgraded items can be leveled up to improve their efficiency and productivity.
  • This game primarily features a detailed and powerful map by which you can navigate and manage your empire.
  • It indeed supports Steam controller and other popular gamepads without any issues.
  • You can also explore the vast game universe to gather precious items, trade with foreign people, and conquer other areas with your fleets of battleships.
  • The research facilities, stations, and NPCs should be level up to get the technological advancements like teleportation and remote NPC management.

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Finally, Insights

Among all the games I have mentioned here, Cities, Skyline is my all-time favorite. It’s mainly because this game offers so many roles to play. The other four games are also exciting and offer multiple roles. They even deserve to be your favorite simulation game for Linux.

Well, let us know which one you are going to try. Also, inform us about other exciting simulation games that run perfectly on your Linux system. Well, here, we take our leave for today and will soon come with something new. Thank you.

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