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Top 10 Best Song Identifier Apps To Find Your Favorite Songs

One of the most common problems of music freaks is failing to find a song’s name. We often have a few lines recognized of songs, and we badly want to find out the real song. And Google also fails to identify the song by just a few words of it. Sometimes, we can only remember the sound but not just a word. And then we have no way to Google it and find the actual song. Well, time to fail to find a song is now over, and you can find whatever song you are looking for just with the best song identifier apps.

Best Song Identifier Apps for the Music Lovers

There are tons of song identifier apps available for iPhone and Android. But most probably you will not be satisfied with many of them. It’s because of the poor database of those apps. The best song identifier tools must have a huge database of song lyrics and details. And after checking through lots of apps for Android and iPhone, we have found the following 10 apps with a large database, amazing UI, and many more exciting features.

1. SoundHound – Music Discovery

SoundHound - Music DiscoveryWhen you only remember a few lines of a song but don’t know which one it is, SoundHound can help you. And this one is the first app I would like to recommend. This app comes with a very minimalist interface, and it is quite easy to find almost any song in this app. You can simply sing the particular lines of the song you want to find, and this app will do the rest to find it. You can also let it listen to the lines from another device as well.

Important Features

  • If you cannot remember any lyric of the name, you can simply hum it appropriately. This app will find the song with the music as well.
  • This app will initially show you the name of the song, artist’s name, album’s name, and so on.
  • Apparently, You can simply share the song details with your friends directly from this app.
  • If you are planning to use it on your iPhone, you can synchronize it with your Apple Watch to get the song details on the watch.
  • This app indeed supports voice command, and so you can command it to find the song automatically.

Pros: If you want to find out the song you did find months ago, you can simply check out the history.

iPhone Android

2. Musixmatch Lyrics Finder

Musixmatch Lyrics FinderNext, it is Musixmatch Lyric Finder that should get the place in the list of the best song identifier apps. this app is available for Android and iPhone, and this app is mostly popular for its huge song lyric data. Besides, it takes a few seconds only to find a song, and you just have to write out the lines you only remember. Besides, this app will find a song of different countries and languages.

Important Features

  • Here, you will have a profile, and you can add all your favorite songs here with a few taps.
  • This app lets you find songs from different countries and languages, and you just have to write down the lyric in any language.
  • It initially lets you connect it with Apple Music and Spotify to find new songs.
  • The best part of this app is its lyric translation features, and you can apparently find the translation of songs from different languages.
  • It’s easy to find lyrics even if you don’t have an internet connection.
  • You can add artists and albums as your favorite. And when a new song of the artist releases, this app notifies you instantly.

Pros: The app lets you join a big community of users. So, if you fail to find a song in this app, you can simply upload it there, and the members will find the song for you.

Cons: Once you will subscribe to the premium function, it will deduct the monthly payment automatically.

iPhone Android

3. Shazam: Discover songs & lyrics in seconds

Shazam, song identifier appsIt is almost needless to say how popular Shazam is to music lovers. This app is even known as the best music app ever, and you can still use it to identify songs. It takes a few seconds to find songs, and you can immediately discover songs by artists, lyrics, music, videos, albums, and so on. Eventually, you can discover songs without an internet connection. Let’s see the best parts of this app.

Important Features

  • On the discover section, you can find the search bar that lets you discover songs easily.
  • You can also pop up this app on any other apps like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc.
  • This app lets you find out exactly what is the trend and popular in the world of music.
  • It is quite easy to share songs with friends using different social sharing apps.
  • You can initially use the dark theme to make it better to use.
  • Apparently, it lets you find songs even if the app is not opened using the auto Shazam option.

Pros: Not just finding your favorite song, you can also use this app to find lots of music videos as well.

Cons: Some users fail to find songs using this app.

iPhone Android

4. Genius — Song Lyrics & More

Genius — Song Lyrics & MoreGenius Media Group has brought very popular song identifier apps for iPhone and Android. And we call it Genius. This app is designed nicely, with you will love the interface. Also, finding the song with just a few lines of its lyric is very easy here. It only takes a few seconds, and you can find the song with a few clicks only. Eventually, you can find lots of annotated lyrics of any song using this app.

Important Features

  • The database of this app includes over 1.7 million songs’ details.
  • This app is initially updating its database regularly. So, you will get the new songs too.
  • You can either sing the lines of a song or write the lyrics to find its details.
  • It will find the complete song lyric, artist’s name, album’s name, and other details of all the songs you will look for.
  • This app will eventually open the opportunity for you to explore the huge world of music.

Pros: Apparently, this app lets you join a community of millions of users. Then enjoy verified contents of other members.

Cons: You cannot copy the text of the lyrics in this app.

iPhone Android

5. MusicID

MusicIDHow about identifying a song that you once heard in a coffee shop? Well, MusicID has come all the way to reach your favorite song, and of course, the service is totally free. In addition, This software gives the best user-friendly interface, and that’s why it’s quite reliable. Moreover, you can have the album details of your favorite artist and play their music all day long. Besides, it shows movie and TV information of those artists.

Important Features

  • You can initially add a note and locations to remember why you made the ID.
  • The app also allows you to buy or download songs with a single tap.
  • You can enjoy the similar songs of your favorite artists.
  • The software eventually lets you see biographical information about the artist.
  • You will also find compelling artist pages in this app.

Pros: The software identifies classical or rock or any type of music in the fastest way possible. Plus, it will get you songs of different languages with subtitles and a whole bunch of information.

Cons: The app might freeze and doesn’t work at a certain time.

iPhone Android

6. Song Finder & Identifier

Song Finder & Identifier, song identifier appsIf you are looking for the best song identifier apps, Song Finder is definitely the smartest decision ever. This application brings the song that you’re listening to a while ago in real-time and works with every type of music source like radio or a music compilation on the internet. Moreover, it provides a link with details of the song and artist and gives you the most popular streaming music services in seconds.

Important Features

  • The app initially keeps a record of all your searching songs on the personal history page, and you can access it anytime.
  • You will indeed find this app very light-weighted, and it is totally free.
  • You can identify the music within sound search, and tapping the icon will bring whole details to you.
  • The software lets you listen to the full songs on Spotify, Deezer, or YouTube.
  • The app also requires internet and microphone permission or else, it won’t work.

Pros: There will be a music map, and through this, you can know where you heard the song. Besides, you can explore the music of different genres, and it identifies the song even from 30 meters away.

Cons: For some users, the ‘tap to recognize’ option is almost useless.


7. Music recognition

Music recognitionWhy not try the best song identifier apps where you’ll find music in the simplest way? Music recognition is an app that lets you explore album songs, the biographies of artists, and the top-ranked song. Besides, it offers options like if you would like to play full music in, Deezer, Spotify, and YouTube streaming services. In addition, you can look up the recognized song with a web search without writing any word.

Important Features

  • This app lets you find every identified song is saved on the personal history page.
  • You can indeed listen to the preview of the song just to be sure if it’s the music you really wanted.
  • The app lets you watch music videos on YouTube, and it offers a hypnotic visualizer as well.
  • This software allows you to share your recognized song on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and so on.
  • The app brings your result in the fastest way possible with a whole bunch of information.

Pros: Flashlight party mode will help to transform your place in a disco club. Plus, it can even detect the sound coming from the voice recording.

Cons: There are some wrong words or translations on the lyrics in this app.


8. Song Finder & Music Lyrics

Song Finder & Music LyricsIf you are looking for the smartest app to bring the name of the song in seconds, Song Finder must be a great help. As the best karaoke app, this software will help you to discover the lyrics of any song, the artist, and the playlists with a single tap. In addition, you can open music directly in Spotify or Apple Music. And it allows you to open with these tools to play music or connect with the playlist in the Lyrics app.

Important Features

  • You can simply synchronize lyrics for the song in your music library.
  • The app lets you search for your favorite song with title, artist, and even with a single line of lyrics.
  • You can also check the ongoing popular songs in your country.
  • The app is the easiest way to learn a new language from line-by-line lyrics translations.
  • You can eventually share songs with your friends on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and so on.

Pros: The app indeed offers lyrics with multilingual translations for all the music. Besides, you can use it offline, and dark mode is available too.

Cons: The users might face issues with the interface of this app.


9. Music Finder – Recognition songs & Lyrics

Music Finder - Recognition songs & Lyrics, song identifier appsYou can also try the easiest option to identify the music around you. Well, Music Finder has come with a user-friendly interface, and it lets you explore the lyrics of the identified song. Furthermore, you can even listen to the preview of the song if this is the song you are looking for. Besides, it lets you listen to full songs on YouTube, Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, and Yandex Music streaming services.

Important Features

  • This app is almost the fastest way to identify the song.
  • The application initially saves the identified song on the personal history page.
  • You can simply enjoy watching music videos on YouTube.
  • The app offers a Hypnotic visualizer that will help you.
  • You will find your own playlists and the song lyrics too.

Pros: There is a search bar so you can reach your favorite song anytime. Moreover, You can set auto recognition mode with a long press of the start button to get the background sound.


10. What the Song: Instant Tune ID

What the Song: Instant Tune IDWhat the song isn’t only an app for music recognition but offers a lot more. Basically, it’s an app to identify the song when you might be wondering what’s the song playing on TV or radio. No wonder it has come with a smooth interface and brings the result in the fastest possible way. Besides, the software is too handy, and it listens to a few seconds of the playing song and provides the best matches.

Important Features

  • The app automatically sends the recognition history by emailing you.
  • You can indeed share the identified songs with your friends on social media.
  • The app also allows you to listen to previews of songs, and you can check if it’s the right one.
  • Initially, there will be a download link so you can download the identified song easily.
  • The app won’t work unless you connect this with a microphone.

Pros: This app even identifies music from old times and country songs. Additionally, The app shows the lyrics of any song of an unknown language.

Cons: You can not integrate a song within your music library.



Q: Does a song identifier app work?

A: Yes, a song identifier app works well to find your favorite songs. Some apps require the lyrics of a part of the song, while some apps can find it with its music. A good app will let you him properly and then find the song details for you. But you cannot just try any apps on the AppStore and PlayStore. There are only a few apps that really words, and we have reviewed them right over.

Q: What is the best song identifier app?

A: SoundHound and Misixmatch are the best song identifier apps for both iPhone and Android users, and both of them come with a huge database full of millions of song details. Also, there are many popular apps like Shazam and Genius that also work well to find your favorite songs.

Q: Is SoundHound better than Shazam?

A: SoundHound is definitely better than Shazam. When it is about the comparison between two song identifier tools, anyone should focus on the database collection. And SoundHound comes with a huge database. And there are millions of song lyrics, and details are saved.

Q: Can Google identify songs?

A: Just Google cannot often identify a song that is playing around you. But if you are talking about Google Assistant, it will definitely work. Google Assistant can simply find the songs with its lyric, humming, music, and so on.

Q: Which app can identify a song listening to the hum of it?

A: SoundHound and Genius can find songs with just the hum of it. It is true that most of the apps of this category require lyrics to identify songs. But some really good apps still finding songs without any words from them.

Finally, Insights

So, from now on, you don’t have to wait for long to find out the song that you listened to for a few seconds. The best song identifier apps are nowhere to assist you. And these apps let you share the songs with your friends using different social sharing apps. Hopefully, you have now no confusion left about this factor and still, if you have any, just leave a comment to inform us. We will always be there to solve your issues. Thank you for your time and support.

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