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Eclipse Che – An Next-Generation Developer Workspace Server and Cloud IDE

There are so many posts on the developer workspaces and the Cloud IDEs, but no other software bears the equal features like this Eclipse Che. Yes, the Eclipse Che, in our opinion, is one of the best Workspace Server of these times with amazing efficiency and flexibility. This freeware application is impeccable as you can go for no-money but enjoy it by downloading only.

This app is customizable and the workspace of this software is standardized. The workspace is clonable and highly responsive with an intuitive-enough web User Interface. The extensible functionalities of this app which is made by the use of a range of open source projects that have made it possible for any user to contribute to the whole projects in absence of installing any software.

Eclipse Che

The features are developer-attractive and they do not exclude the production runtimes, several frameworks along with programming language support. The workspace is called to be the DEV MODE WORKSPACE and this is not a surprise that the commercially obtainable cloud IDE, Codenvy, was built on this.

Eclipse Che-2

Features of Eclipse Che

  • Free for everyone, enjoy it just by downloading it
  • Open source under the Eclipse Public License 1.0 and source code is accessible on the GitHub
  • The cloud-based program can be run in any private or public cloud
  • Cross-Platform applications go with Linux, Mac and all Windows
  • An online documentation which is comprehensive
  • Stacks, IDE Extensions, templates, RESTful APIs, etc. are customizable
  • Can be installed and hosted on any Docker container
  • Includes multiple-user support
  • Hosted SaaS accounts are supported
  • Workspace models with a lot of individual runtimes
  • Workspaces are shareable
  • Desktop IDEs can be connected over SSH
  • Work with the preferred IDE

Download Eclipse Che for Kubernetes, OpenShift or Docker

Final Words

The open-source capability of the application is really great. Do these features of the Eclipse Che convince you to download it? Or you have any negative experience using this app? Share your views and experiences on the comment box and let all the people know the true color of the apps. For further inquiry, comment below and share our reviews with your acquaintance and open the book for them to let them know each and every detail.

Mehedi Hasan
Mehedi Hasan
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