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FreeOffice – A Free and Best Alternative to Microsoft Office for Linux

FreeOffice is a free productivity office suite software for home and business usage. Which is a basically free version of SoftMaker Office suite. It offers some drop down helpful features to replace Microsoft Office. The FreeOffice is powerful yet extremely handy and easy to use, it keeps pace with the fast world as it is super-fast while working. It comes with its own takes over the trio sister apps of Microsoft office; PlanMaker (Excel), Presentations (PowerPoint) and TextMaker (Word).

SoftMaker FreeOffice-1

SoftMaker FreeOffice

Though the core features come for free, some key features need to be paid for upgrading to SoftMaker’s Office program. But the catch is, FreeOffice on its own is a complete surface to create and moderate a presentation or spreadsheet without the SoftMaker upgraded version. Mark my words, this software has such level of competency. And the aptitude does not limit here, FreeOffice even offers touchscreen optimization. Enough to strike you hard? To know more follow the features stated below.

Features of FreeOffice

  • Combination of classic and new ribbon: The revised interface comes with a ribbon that combines the old classic static ribbon along with a modern ribbon. The new ribbon suggests a tine triangle command where all the advanced features are shown; the old features remain the same. Even the quick access toolbar can be customized with frequently used functions.
  • TextMaker (Word): No matter how complex the document is, TextMaker can make it possible for you with its DTP capacities. Along with the DOCX support, this app lets you insert headers, tables, images, footers, and graphics. It can create complete eBooks as it has a significant PDF exporter. Drop down elements, and high-grade templates combine ease and premium quality documents.
  • PlanMaker (Excel): FreeOffice PlanMaker has around 350 disposal functions that can solve complex calculations within the least possible time and maximum accuracy. It supports XLSX format and is eligible to create charts, tables, worksheets and calculations of premium quality. No compromise with the presentation quality yet many more to offer.
  • Presentations (PowerPoint): FreeOffice Presentations has mastered in slide concept in a revised manner. Regardless of the number of layouts, FreeOffice can make layouts likely as Microsoft’s for purchase counterpart. This app now supports PPTX, and the best part is that transitions and animations based on OpenGL have never been as easy before as it has become now with the assistance of FreeOffice. Combining artwork, texts, slides, animations, images, and tables, this tool makes a presentation that stands out from other generalized presentations.
  • Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.
  • The interface has touchscreen optimizing. Both the ribbon and classic menu can open the touchscreen feature.
  • As it supports DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX thus no need to convert file while exchanging.
  • Drag and drop option.

Get FreeOffice

FreeOffice office suite with all its rights deserves an appreciation of being the most successful alternation of Microsoft Office. Switch to the FreeOffice with paramount confidence, and you will never upgrade any of premium software costing money for sure. And don’t forget to like, share and comment.


  1. I don’t mean to be negative about FreeOffice, or Softmaker for that matter, but they try to convince us that FreeOffice and Softmaker Office are better capable of supporting OOXML-based documents (.docx, .xlsx and .pptx). I’m a office suite power user, and I’ve tried them all, including the China based Kingsoft’s WPS Office. I compared them with LibreOffice, which I used the most for my production work (even professional). To be short, and my outcome: LibreOffice did the best job in converting the MS Office documents, compared with Softmaker’s products and Kingsoft’s product.

    Try it for yourself


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