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Open Source Torrent Client for Linux: Top 10 Reviewed for Linux Nerds

Torrents are an excellent source to download large documents like motion pictures, Movies, Games, and TV appears. They transform your PC into part of a host where information is shared as it’s downloaded, so while you’re downloading something from other individuals, you’re likewise helping other people download the bits you’ve just got. The outcome is an extremely reliable and frequently quick approach to get your hands on galactic documents. Here come the questions of a best open source torrent client which helps to get the job done. In this article, I will be only discussing open source torrent client for Linux leaving some favorite closed source Torrent clients untouched.

Open Source Torrent Client for Linux

There are lots of famous torrent clients available in the market. But it’s challenging to find out which one comes with the best set of features. Here I will be reviewing and sharing a set of open source torrent client for Linux so that you don’t need to waste your valuable time by installing and checking all those torrent clients one by one.

1.  Transmission

Transmission torrent client

If you are searching for something that is entirely free, open source and comes with minimum configuration, then Transmission torrent client is one of them. It supports cross-platform like Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and Unix based systems.

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It’s incredibly lightweight and the system optimizer that doesn’t take many resources from your system. It’s neat, simple, and comes in plug and play mode. Transmission is perfect for the users who want to download Torrents and nothing else.


2.  QBittorrent


qBittorrent is an excellent name for a torrent program if you want speed, simplicity and all the necessary features bundled up in one single package. This free torrent client is neat and clean without any complexity for someone who is new to the world of downloading Torrents files for the first time. It takes a minimum number of system resources. qBittorrent runs in the background that let you do other light tasks on your system. It also provides an integrated media player, Torrents search, and encryption. So you can say that this open source torrent client is the closest competitor to the most popular uTorrent software.

Download from Official site  Download from Sourceforge

3.  Deluge


This one is my personal favorite open source torrent client. It’s straightforward, lightweight and comes with a set of powerful tools for downloading task. Maybe many users haven’t heard about it because they were too busy with stuff like uTorrent, BitTorrent or QBittorrent Torrent. It also provides easily integrated add-ons for Google Chrome and Firefox Mozilla that makes extremely easy for downloading task. The interface of Deluge is straightforward and extendable through plugins.

Install Deluge on Ubuntu via PPA

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:deluge-team/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install deluge

How to Remove

sudo apt-get remove deluge

Download From Official Site

4.  FrostWire


FrostWire, you may not have heard of, but one of the best and free Open Source Torrent Client available out there. It supports a multitude of operating systems including Windows, Linux, Android, and Mac OS. It’s a very resource efficient torrent client that doesn’t cost the system. Though It offers simple configuration but also provides a ton of advanced features for computer wizard. You can quickly adjust the advanced settings for better performance. The user can open torrents from several paths such as using a URL, magnet link or locally downloaded torrent files.

Download from Official Site  Download from SourceForge

5.  WebTorrent Desktop

WebTorrent Desktop

WebTorrent Desktop is one of the best and unique, utterly open source torrent client, available for Linux, Mac, and Windows. It’s one sort of streaming torrent app that allows users to play video and audio files without waiting for fully downloaded content. It is indeed a fast and lightweight torrent app with a modern user interface. It provides drag-and-drop support for adding magnet links and torrent files.

Download from Official Site  Download from SourceForge

6.  Tribler


Tribler is just like FrostWire which is a fast and lightweight open source cross-platform torrent client. This app also doesn’t require downloading the whole file instead the user can stream and download the data simultaneously. This torrent provides Privacy using Tour-inspired onion routing.

Download from Official Site  Download from SourceForge

7.  RTorrent


RTorrent is entirely different from familiar open source torrents clients like uTorrent or deluge. All the above-described torrent clients offer graphical user interface, but rTorrent is a text-based app used in Terminal. RTorrent is written in C++ and demands for an extremely low resource but provides a large scale of various features.

Download from GitHub

8.  libtorrent


libtorrent is a text-based torrent client like RTorrent written in C++. The primary goal of the torrent app is efficiency and scalability. It’s straightforward to use and provides CPU and memory efficient atmosphere.

Download from GitHub  Download from SourceForge

9.  KTorrent


KTorrent is an open source BitTorrent software by KDE which is blazing fast and lightweight. It offers you to download multiple threads simultaneously without making heavy pressure on the system. This open source torrent is written in the C++ programming language. Both versions of the IP address (IPv4 & IPv6) can be used for downloading content.

Download KTorrent

10.  Tixati

Tixati Torrent

Tixati is a free open source torrent software which is used to download various content from the internet using P2P technology. It’s very lean and lightweight application which comes with little configuration and user-friendly.

Download Tixati for Linux

Final Thought

I have tried to provide you with a comprehensive list of best open source torrent client and also their respective download link. I hope amongst these popular top rated torrent software, you will be able to find the best one. This list is the favorite one of mine. Which one do you like most? Let me know in the comment section and share this content on social media. This will let this site live forever.


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