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10 Fast and Secure Remote Desktop Client Software for Linux

As you are a developer or administrator or even a traveler, you might want to access the remote desktop for performing any task including mounting remote directories, may clean remote database or even backup remote servers. In this situation, the remote desktop client software helps to communicate the remote RDP server for easy access. There are many remote desktop protocols available for performing the task of remote system access. It’s a communication between the server and client software.

Linux has the default SSH remote access tool to perform this sort of job but as it’s done through terminal so many users does not feel comfortable to use it. Besides the use of the terminal, you can also use GUI based remote desktop client for your Linux system.

Best Remote Desktop Client

In this roundup article, I will share a list of best 10 Remote Desktop Client Software for Linux which will cover all the protocols including VNC (Virtual Network Computing), RDP, SSH, NX, etc.

1. Remmina

Remmina Remote Desktop Client is an open source, free and powerful remote desktop sharing tool for Linux and Unix based system. It offers feature-rich useful tools for the administrator and travelers to have easy and smooth remote access.

Remmina Remote Desktop Client

It’s developed in GTK+3. The interface is modern, comfortable to use, unified and supports several network protocols including VNC, RDP, NX, XDMCP, SPICE, EXEC, and SSH.

Download Remmina

2. Vinagre

Vinagre is another remote desktop client for Linux with lots of compelling features for accessing and controlling a remote system. This client is well integrated into the gnome environment. One of the best features of this remote desktop software is it supports VNC server and with multiple connections open simultaneously. It also supports many protocols like RDP, SSH, and VNC.


Download Vinagre

3. TigerVNC

TigerVNC is an open source, free and multi-platform VNC implemented software which allows you to interact with the remote system via GUI based client/server application. This Linux remote desktop software capable of running 3D and multimedia files smoothly. In all the devices, it maintains a consistent look and feels with the re-use of components.

Download TigerVNC

4. TeamViewer

TeamViewer is a protected, robust, cross-platform and modern remote desktop software that let you access the remote devices with multiple devices and users simultaneously. It has both the options to use, free for personal and a paid version for business purpose.


TeamViewer is an all in one remote desktop software for sharing the remote desktop, online meetings or even transferring files across the devices which are connected over a network.

Download TeamViewer for Linux

5. RealVNC

RealVNC is also a multi-platform, reliable, and easy to use remote access client for Linux, Windows and much more. It offers a unique technology based on VNC screen sharing with add-on products like VNC connect and VNC viewer.


This remote desktop client let you access the remote desktop system, control unattended system, offer remote support, get access to the central resource center and much more.

Download RealVNC

6. NoMachine

NoMachine is a fast, secure, cross-platform and high-quality remote desktop client based on NX protocol. This protocol can perform really good and gives local speed responsiveness just like you are sitting in front of your computer.


Where ever you go, whatever you want to share, everything is possible with this free remote desktop client. It’s a personal server which is reliable and encrypted. It gives you access to all your documents, files, videos, audio, etc. with lightning speed.

Download NoMachine

7. KRDC – Remote Desktop Client

KRDC is a native remote desktop client for KDE desktop environment that’s simple and small software for performing essential desktop sharing task. Though it doesn’t provide many features in relation with others described above, still you can remotely access the system with speed using Linux RDP or VNC protocol.

KRDC - Remote Desktop Client

8. X2Go

X2Go is an open source remote desktop access client for Linux that uses desktop sharing NX protocol. X2Go is speedy and works better than VNC protocol. It’s the best alternative to RDP and VNC desktop sharing protocols.


Download X2Go

9. Chrome Remote Desktop

This list of the remote desktop client will remain incomplete if I don’t mention Chrome Remote Desktop tool. As Google Chrome browser can be used in all the devices including Linux, Window, Android, MacOS and much more, thus it’s possible to run this free remote desktop software in everywhere with less configuration.

Chrome Remote Desktop

With the help of this free remote desktop client, you can give or take any remote support, access files or complete online meeting.

Get Chrome Remote Desktop Add-on

10. X11 Window Forwarding

Often the system administrator control or access server using SSH inside a Terminal. Actually, the administrator doesn’t need anything else except Terminal for installing, controlling, checking or accessing the system. But if you need a GUI tool for accessing a remote desktop, then X11 Window Forwarding is one of the best option available for you.

For using this feature, you need not install any software, just enable the forwarding in SSH configuration file. This remote desktop client is a bit difficult to apply for the newbie in comparison to others mentioned above. But this one is a great tool to use.

Honorable Mention

Final Thought

This list of a remote desktop client for Linux may seem redundant, but it always better to have different options for the users. Because different users have a different purpose while accessing remote desktop environment. So this variety of Linux remote desktop client helps to perform the tasks.

Is this article helpful? Let me know if you have any best Linux remote desktop client that’s not included here in the comment below. Moreover, don’t forget to share this tutorial on social media.


  1. In addition to above tools, you may try R-HUB in-house remote support servers. It is fast and secure software for screen sharing which works on all platforms PC/Mac/Mobiles and supports unlimited users.


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