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3Buttons: Short Yet Addictive Free Linux Game

3Buttons is a free runner style platformer Linux game. Though the game is short, the fun is much more than that. If you hate to play a game using both of your hands, then this game is for you. The reason is you can play this game only with three buttons. The game is full of the geometrical shape of objects. You will have an object, initially looks like a capsule. There are two other shapes like the sphere and the dreaded cube. There are some rectangles object to hinder your running. One of these stem games is available to download on the steam server.

Game Info

3Buttons is a newly released game. Take a look at the crucial game information below:

  • Developer: John Segerstedt
  • Genre(s): Action, Puzzle
  • Initial Release: October 25, 2018
  • Compatibility: Linux(X86, X86-64)
  • Number of players: No Online Multiplayer

System Requirements

3Buttons is low memory occupying game. You don’t need much system configuration to play this game. You can see the system requirements for the game below:


  • OS: Any Linux distribution
  • Processor: Intel N3060 or equivalent
  • Graphics: Nope
  • Storage: 500MB available space
  • Memory: 500MB RAM
  • Sound Card: Nope
  • Additional Notes: The setup can handle 60 frames per second at 1366x768px on very high graphics settings.

Gameplay and Modes

Unlike other endless Linux games, here you have to play with simple objects. In the starting of the game, you have played with the object. The object will be over a terrain. As the game proceeds, you will have many rectangles hindering your way. You have to either jump over the rectangle or take a side to avoid the rectangles. There are two types of game mode. You can play between any of these:

  • Normal: The normal game mode allows you to run freely. If your conflict with the obstacle, you will respawn. And the game will start from the beginning.
  • Speedrunner: In this mode, there is no respawn. You have to complete it within time. There will be a counter, counting from one minute. You have to complete the level within this time. If you can beat the game, your score will be added to the leaderboard.


The graphics are not too much impressing of 3Buttons. As I have already said, all of the objects of the game is geometrical shaped. Therefore, the game is very clumsy at graphics level. You won’t find too many details in the graphics. About the lighting of the game, it seems very basic 3d animation alike objects. You can play this game without concerning about the graphics card. The graphics requirement is very low for this short game.


  1.  It is a free game.
  2.  Free runner style makes it playing for hours.
  3.  Simplicity makes you fall in love with this game.


  1.  The game design is too much poor.
  2.  Less hardness and redundancy of objects may make you bore over the time.

Download & Play

If you are interested in playing this game, you can download it from the Steam.

Download & Play on Steam


Endless running is fun. Especially when you have a lazy time. The 3Buttons game is a good Linux game. You have to play it alone. Go ahead if you are ok with classic games. Did you enjoy this Linux steam games? If you do so, share this game with your friends and family who like to play games on Linux.


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