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The 20 Best Linux Gaming Websites That Every Gamer Must Know

Gaming on Linux is now a term that we can no more address a very complex task. Moreover, we can say that many developers and Linux enthusiasts are building up more suitable games for Linux and setting up arrangements to play the most popular PC games on Linux systems. To spread the Linux gaming news and guide the gamers with proper instructions, gaming websites for Linux are playing a vital role in the Linux gaming sector. On the web, there are a few Linux gaming websites that are built by actual Linux gaming enthusiasts. 

Linux Gaming Websites

There are millions of sites and blogs for reviewing and guidance of Windows and Android games. But only a few Linux enthusiasts show the guts to create a website for reviewing and guiding Linux games.

It is not that there are no famous games available for Linux, but most of them are so much heavy and complex to install and play on Linux that contributors might not get much motivated to share their experience with Linux games. Hence, nowadays, NVIDIA is offering to play games on Linux with a minimal configuration.

In this post, we will not show the methods to play games on Linux, despite, we will discuss the famous websites for Linux gaming that review and provide help for gaming on Linux. 

1. Gaming On Linux

Gaming On Linux

Gaming on Linux is the very first website that appears in search results if you search for Gaming on Linux! No doubt, this site provides a lot of information, news, updates about Linux games. There are sections for game servers, live streams, statistics, free games, and many more. Moreover, they also supply a discord link for Linux gamers.

Upon discovering this site, we have found that this site covers Ubuntu, Manjaro, Red Hat, and other major Linux distributions for gaming. If you’re a newbie on Linux and also a gaming freak, please make a bookmark of this site on your web browser.

Like other regular technology websites, Gaming on Linux also pins top viewed posts, featured posts on the website. With the global Alexa traffic rank of 241,389, this Linux gaming site is growing is faster each and every day. 

Gaming on Linux

2. Boiling Steam

Boiling Steam

PC gaming on Linux is tomorrow; with this motto, Boiling Steam is another authentic gaming discussion and review website for gaming on Linux. Besides reviewing the games, they also publish articles on various Linux-tech and gaming-related hacks and help.

This red-colored themed Linux gaming website will blow your mind with both content and design. With a minimal design and category section, they supply moth-wise post and drop-down category systems.

The forum, newsletter, Wiki, and quick navigational button will help you find the exact article you’re looking for. This Linux gaming site is run by the Nginx server that ensures the highest level of availability and fast loading speed. If you’re looking for different and unique Linux gaming guidelines, this WordPress-made site can be your most visited site. 

Boiling Steam

3. Linux Game Consortium

Linux Game Consortium

The website Linux Game Consortium itself is a review and forum journal for Linux games. On the home page, you will find Linux gaming news and review articles that enlighten your knowledge of gaming. There is a section for reviews and help discussions also.

This WordPress-made Linux gaming site offers categories in a drop-down style on the middle right side of the homepage. Top posts and pages about gaming are showcased on the homepage. Visiting this site very often would not be a waste of time. 

Linux Game Consortium

4. LinuxGameCast

Linux Game Cast

The LinuxGameCast is a WordPress-made Linux gaming review and forum site. They have a unique style to spread Linux gaming news and updates. Besides publishing a variety of reviews and guideline articles, this site also premieres podcasts on Linux gaming. In the products, they talk with Linux gaming experts to discuss gaming tips and tricks. They also have an AFFILIATES program for growing up with the visitors together. 


5. GamersOnLinux


These XenForo made portals especially focused on both games and gamers on Linux. They post a handful of articles on different Linux games. With a very simple and basic user interface, the GamersOnLinux site has already attracted a lot of Linux gaming enthusiasts and geeks. 

You can look up the recent activity, new posts, and the help section from the very top bar situated right after the site logo. The site was created more than a decade ago to help the free open source gaming community, which now ranks #7,726,911 in the Alexa global site ranking. 

They publish guidelines, news, and recent updates about Linux games. If you’re a true Linux gamer, you might have known the name PlayOnLinux tool. They also shared a dedicated post on PlayOnLinux. GamersOnLinux covers both software and hardware reviews for gaming on Linux. 

Gamers On Linux

6. Play Deb

Play Deb

The Play Deb site entitled their website for gaming on Debian Linux distributions. Though they might have started their Linux gaming journey with Debian, now they cover pretty much everything from the Linux gaming sector. This site is fully built with the WordPress CMS. 

In the first appearance, you would see the home menu, news menu, apps, and games section on the menu bar. The entire site is designed in the block pattern style. Each and every block shows an individual article about Linux gaming. This simple and beautiful Linux gaming site with a professional site logo will attract you to visit every now and then.

Play Deb

7. PenguSpy


The PenguSpy gaming site for Linux mainly focuses on spreading the news that Linux is a gaming-friendly OS now. They have been publishing articles on different action games, adventure games, board games, and other categories of Linux games. They kept sections covering both free and non-free games for Linux. Since it’s Linux, they also cover the open-source and closed-source games on the site. 

The developers have chosen the most used WordPress CMS for building the site and kept the menu bar organized on the left side of the home page. From the menu bar, you will be able to find video reviews and game trailers. 


8. SteamDB


SteamDB is a third-party website that acts as a database for the most popular gaming platform, Steam. You can see the price, rating, reviews, and other pieces of information about Linux games through this website.

It shows how many players are online for a specific game on the Steam platform. Furthermore, they also supply the Discord link and a Google chrome SteamDB extension for making this Linux gaming site more user-friendly and handy. 

Along with the game ratings and reviews, it also displayed the minimum price of a game that you can buy from Steam. They have their in-built pricing calculator for evaluating the price of a game. This Cloudflare-hosted Linux gaming site has already attracted Steam gamers and has the Alexa global rank of #6,148. You can visit this site if you really care about steam games


9. ProtonDB


ProtonDB is one of those Linux gaming sites that shows popularity charts for both native, rated, and provisional games on Linux. The illustrations for the top ten, top hundred, and top thousand Linux games are really helpful for a better understanding of the gaming hypes on Linux. Their gaming-type site background image will also provide visitors with a decent idea that they have been landed on an authentic Linux gaming site. 

Through ProtonDB, you can search for games and directly go to the Github page or the Steam website link for that game. For contributing to the site, you can log in through the Steam ID. As their primary aim is to display the gaming score and compatibility score with Linux, we might say they are doing quite well in that section. 


10. Lutris


The Lutris is a free and open-source Linux game managing tool and website for getting authentic gaming reviews. You can download games after reading the descriptions and ratings. This Linux gaming site is built with the Django framework. Their main motto is to make all games playable on Linux.

This site features a gaming wiki, forums,s and helping discussions for supporting the Linux gaming enthusiast. Professional Linux gamers don’t mind getting the Lutris application on their Linux system for enhancing the gaming experience in Linux


11. Libre Game Wiki

Libre game wiki Linux Gaming Websites

The Libre Game Wiki gives the vibe of Linux with the term ‘Libre’, and the word ‘Wiki’ emphasizes the enormity of gaming on Linux. This Linux gaming site is built with the MediaWiki CMS, where most other sites are made with WordPress.

In general, MediaWiki is a free and open-source wiki tool for building Wikipedia-like sites. But, it can also be modified into a CMS for building sites with tons of content and storing data as they store data in an organized way like Wikipedia. 

However, the Libregamewiki site is also known as the gaming encyclopedia for Linux users. You can get a lot of games that you can play on Linux systems. And, in addition, they also supply a list of hardware configurations that you need to have for playing specific games on Linux. 

Gaming history, community portal, libraries, and other gaming tips are also available on the Libre game wiki main page.

Libre Game Wiki

12. Linux Gaming News

Linux gamingnews Linux Gaming Websites

This Linux gaming site has a unique design that features the actual game-review-type articles. The navigation button in the top bar will guide you to find the gaming-related interviews and the GNU/Linux gaming forum. On the left bar, you would see the post archive where you will find decade-old Linux gaming posts.

With a very simple and classic blog post style, this Linux gaming site has been serving gaming enthusiasts for over the years. They cover Steam, simulator games, game engine reviews, adventure games, open-source project-based games, and other GNU/Linux games. This WordPress-made Linux gaming site can be your regular visited site if you’re a keen Linux gamer. 

Linux Gaming News


GOG Linux Gaming Websites

The name Gog is the acronym for Good Old Games. This Linux gaming website reviews old games that can be played on Linux systems. Games often visit this site to go through the reviews and buy the games.

Their community help page has a rich amount of posts for guiding new people in the Linux gaming world. Despite having a community section, they have an additional support section for discussion and solving technical issues, orders, and payments, and downloading and installing. 

If your intention is to buy some good games for your Linux machine and you won’t regret your decision, this site is definitely for you. A vast number of posts, forums, and documentation will not only help you buy games but also will inspire you to spend more on games.

For serving their users, they use Zendesk to provide support team facilities. From my prior experience with Zendesk, I must say this chatting tool helps a lot. Don’t mind bookmarking and visiting this site before you make any purchasing decision on Linux games.


14. Game Jolt

Game Jolt Linux Gaming Websites

Not all Linux gaming sites review games and rate games. The Game Jolt is different from other gaming sites. Where other sites share articles about games, Game Jolt serves community platform buttons and helps to connect developers for solving issues. From Minecraft to Pokémon, they cover pretty much everything in the world of gaming. For mobile users, they have an APP too. 

For each game, they have built community tools in their very own platform where gamers and developers from around the globe have joined to discuss and solve issues. In the in-built community tool, they also share twitter-like posts for reviewing games. The app is available on both the Android and Apple stores. 

For users, they offer client facilities and support. For developers and influencers, they offer game API and other partner programs. Visit this gaming site to get ideas and community help for your favorite Linux game. 

Game Jolt

15. Indiexpo


Through the Indiexpo Linux gaming website, you can learn news about the latest and old Games on Linux. This site is also offering visitors to join online events and see the Champions and challenges that they offer and share.

By signing up, you can download Linux games from the most downloaded games and upload a game if you have a new one. The Chart section of the Indiexpo Linux gaming site is really helpful for visitors who want to explore the trending, most voted, most followed, and most downloaded games. 

The awesome retro-style Linux gaming site is made with the Ruby on Rails web framework. You can visit this site to get regular Linux gaming updates if you’re a true Linux gaming enthusiast. 


16. Gaming on Linux


Gaming on Linux is a very dedicated site for helping those people who are so into gaming on Linux. This site is mostly designed to supply enough gaming and Linux gaming-related information. This WordPress-made site has claimed that they have a huge database and log to serve the Linux gaming community.

Racing, sports, action, strategy, and all kinds of other games are being focused on by the site authors. With the written articles, they also supply a video tutorial URL for a better understanding of that game. You won’t regret visiting this site to get Linux gaming reviews.


17. RootGamer

root_gamer Linux Gaming Websites

The site title itself reflects that this Linux gaming site is for professional and pro-level Linux gamers. The Root section covers all types of features posts and analytical posts that are related to gaming on Linux. The latest gaming news, game reviews, video tutorials, and how-to related posts are showcased in different sections on this gaming site. 

Besides covering gaming reviews and tutorials, this gaming site also supplies gaming benchmark and gaming wiki-type content. Do visit this site for viewing their awesome gaming articles and content. 


18. Linux Game Server Managers

Linux Game Server Managers

The Linux gaming website is a server manager that is originally an application for managing and handling game servers on Linux. However, you can also find their website useful for game installation instructions, features, news, and support. They supply documental help for gaming help. You can contact experts via the discord URL. 

This Linux gaming site shows game statistics, gaming data, installation guide, configuration help, and gaming alert. You may find this site useful and handy for finding your desired games to know if they are playable on your Linux machine or not. 

Linux Game Server Managers

19. Linux Games

Linux Games me Linux Gaming Websites

The site Linux games provide pure review-type articles for those games that are playable on Linux. This site publishes articles, ebooks, download methods, and other helpful tips for Linux games. They showcase their posts both category-wise and in the archive. The top viewed posts for Linux games are pinned to the right-sidebar of this site. 

The Linux Games site maintains to keep the gameplay, story, graphics, hardware info, system requirements, and other pieces of information for reviewing the Linux games. By going through their site, anyone will be able to get a clear idea about whether their system is appropriate for playing the game on their Linux system or not. Fluent writing and reviewing style with necessary images has already made this site notable in the world of Linux gaming sites on the web. 

Linux Games

20. Steam-Powered Linux 

Steam-powered Linux Linux Gaming Websites

This sub-domain of Steam is a renowned portal for finding famous games for Linux that are also playable through Steam. 

You can look for new and trending top sellers and upcoming Linux games on this domain. If you already are an existing Steam user, you can use those login credentials for signing in to the Steam site and browsing your games from the dashboard.

Despite having the main Steam domain, the developers have built this domain specially for Linux gamers. We must appreciate this love of Steam for Linux. You can visit this area of Steam to get updated about Linux games, news, and playing Linux games via Steam

Steam-Powered Linux

Extra: Linux Game Database LGDB

This Linux gaming website covers all types of games, emulators, and tools necessary and required for gaming on Linux. Their forum section has many discussions on solving issues. The Linux game database (LGDB) features those categories of games that are smooth, playable, and available on the web.

The LGDB also publishes game news, updates the gaming database and game versions in different sections on their site. If you want to find a site for reading gaming news, articles and going through the gameplay images and videos, the Linux game database is so for you. 

Final Words! 

Having a Linux distribution makes you unique and elegant in the tech world. Though most people use Linux for productivity, there is no harm in having some fun with Linux! In the entire post, I’ve described the top most viewed and organized gaming sites for Linux. If you have been looking for sites to find crack download links for games, please be noted that covering crack software is not legal.

Gaming on Linux is fun if you own any of the distributions from Ubuntu, Fedora, Lakka, Pop! OS, and SparkyLinux distributions. These distributions are really easy to handle, and most games are playable on them. Please share it with your friends and the Linux community if you find this post useful and informative. You can also write down your opinions regarding this post in the comment section.

Mehedi Hasan
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