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AV-17: A Free 2D Action Platformer Linux Game

If you are fond of platformer game, AV-17 should be your stuff. It is a free 2D action game. “Information technology” and “BUBBLE BOBBLE” has inspired this game. The game is designed on the basis of digital hardware boards and circuits. Here, you have to play as Antivirus or A.V. Your tasks are to clean up the system infected by bugs. By doing this, you have found out the source of the infection. Quite interesting, isn’t it? As you progress with the small bugs, you to clean up the big bugs known as the boss. There is a boss in each level. Let’s dig out more information about this free steam games.

Game Info

Wanzungdev is the publisher of this action game. Here is the game information of AV-17 game:

  • Developer(s): Wanzungdev
  • Publisher(s): Wanzungdev
  • Genre: Action, Casual
  • Initial Release: October 18, 2018
  • Compatibility: Ubuntu 14.04 or higher

System Requirements

This game requires little hardware support. Let’s have a look of system requirements of this game:

  • OS: Ubuntu 14.04 or higher
  • Processor: Intel i3 or equivalent
  • Graphics: Not specified
  • Storage: 150 MB available space
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Network: Any modem card to play this game.


AV-17 is easy to learn. You can play the game alone or with your friend. At the starting of the game, you will face lots of bug in the system. You have to kill those bugs by firing them. Each of the bugs gets executed, you can take the leftover stuff. After shooting a certain amount of bugs, a boss will appear of that particular level. Then you have to kill that boss like you killed the bugs.

There are 17 levels to clean up the source of the infection. The game has 26 different types of infections. And along with that, there are 5 bosses. You will have 4 types of scan gun powerups. As you progress, the difficulty of the game increases drastically. It makes it more fun and keeps you glued to the game.


Comparing to other 2D free Linux games, the graphics quality of AV-17 is not satisfactory. The reason is, the first thing you will notice is the design. It has very unattractive designs. Overall the artwork will not please you at all. Artworks are a little bit ugly. Also, the edges of the objects are blurry. Some of the graphics like micro USB ports are poorly presented.


  1.  Free platformer game.
  2. Excellent as a feeling of 90’s game.
  3.  The game is exciting to play.


  1.  Very low-quality graphics and artwork.
  2.  Unprofessional color choosing makes it complicated to play.

Download & Play

If you want to play this exciting game, you can download this game from the steam and play this games in Linux.

Download From Steam Store


A platformer game is always fun to play. Gathering point, killing the enemy, and fighting with bosses in each level is obviously addictive. It is one of the free Steam games that can make you engaged. Apart from the graphics, the game is quite good. Moreover, it has more than 95 percent positive reviews on the steam platform. Though it needs some further development, let’s give it a try.

Did you enjoy this Linux steam games like other players? If you did, let’s spread this game to your friends and help to make it better to play games on Linux.


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