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Best 15 Fractal Software for Linux For Beginners and Professionals

Are you seriously seeking to know about some fantastic fractal software for Linux? It may seem to be a common and normal thing to find, but only a few resources will show you the right solution. Yes, you came one of the proper places to check! I am gonna show you the best 15 Linux fractal tools that are excellent in the drawing, shading, and creating a perfect and appealing artistic work.

Before going the main part, let’s have a look what actually the tool means. From the dictionary, fractal means a geometrical figure which holds the same statistical character as the whole. It may define as a complex pattern showing self-similarity in different scales. That means, whatever you do with any part (like zooming or the opposite), it shows the same amount of detail as before.

Best Fractal Software For Linux

From the web search, several fractal software for Linux will be found at the moment. How can you measure them with its functionalities? Well! I found some ways to find out the best 15 fractal tools from the list. Let’s show you the weapons to generate unique images and arts with their genuine and advanced features.

1. GNU XaoS

GNU XaoS is something unique and interactive fractal program that is used in zoom in or out of a fractal in a fluid. This amazing capability makes this tool great. It is developed in a way that you can get excellent and smooth rendering at a high frame rate. XaoS is optimized for the highest speed with boundary detection, periodicity checking, and solid guessing. It can operate in the most popular operating systems including Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X.

GNU XaoS-fractal software

  • Variation of different fractal types (Barnsley, Newton, Phoenix, Manderbolt)
  • Animated tutorials to learn the concepts
  • Post-calculation filters (Edge detection, pseudo-3D projections, Embossing)
  • Saving, Restoring, and Sharing
  • Multiple Languages & Cross-platform support

Download GNU XaoS

2. Mandelbulber

Mandelbulber is an open source fractal Software that focuses on generating three-dimensional fractals. It’s expert in designing hyper-complex, trigonometric, IFS and more. It is capable of creating hard shadows, ambient occlusion, refraction, and translucency. You can get unlimited image resolution on 64-bit systems.

Mandelbulber-fractal software

  • Rich GUI in Qt environment
  • Command line interface for headless systems
  • Texture mapping
  • Material management
  • Cross-platform support

Download Mandelbulber

3. JWildfire

JWildfire is another open source and easy to use fractal software with a sophisticated user interface. It is a Java-based software and opens in both Windows, Linux, and Mac systems. JWildfree is a simple but powerful fractal frame generator which has many common image processing effects like twirl, erode, and convolve.

JWildfire-fractal software

  • Remarkable 3D effects
  • Powerful user interface
  • Sunflow integration
  • Cross-platform support
  • Allows to animate any parameter

Download JWildfire

4. Chaotica

Chaotica is a modern fractal application designed for both the beginners and professionals that support GPU acceleration. You can create attractive animations as well as HD wallpapers with the help of this online tool. New algorithms with C++ code has brought smooth rendering performance. It also has built-in HDR color curves to control the color balance in your art.   

Chaotica-fractal software

  • Unrivaled image quality
  • Powerful editor with animation support
  • Modern rendering engine
  • Real-time imaging controls
  • Flam3 compatibility

Download Chaotica

5. Gnofract 4D

Gnofract 4D is a free and open source Linux fractal software that allows making stunning images. It provides a high-quality output with 24-bit color rendering system. It creates gorgeous images based on mathematical equations. Gnofract 4D is written in Python programming language. It is used widely with more than 125000 downloads already. Besides Linux, it is also available in FreeBSD and Mac OS X.

Gnofract 4D-fractal software

  • Simple integration
  • Unlimited variety with innumerable options
  • Fast and smooth calculations
  • Supports Fractint and Ultrafractal formulas & coloring algorithms
  • Unlimited output size

Download Gnofract 4D

6. Xfractint

Xfractint is a versatile and modern fractal generator software that allows the generation of Julia, Manderbolt, IFS, and more. It can create images in both 2D and 3D. Literally, this fractal software can draw most kinds of fractals you can imagine for your artistic task. Xfractint can easily zoom in or zoom out of a fractal.

Xfractint-fractal software

  • 3D overlay
  • Flexible software
  • Provides fractal types of information
  • Color editing and cycling system
  • Complete documentation

Download Xfractint

7. Fraqtive

Fraqtive is an open source fractal Software for drawing Manderbolt and Julia is multi-platform software that uses a very fast algorithm to generate high-quality images. It supports OpenGL-rendered 3D view and images up to 30720* 17280 pixels. Fraqtive can operate in full-screen mode and has the compatibility with Qt 5. It also has the features of zooming, moving and rotating in real-time.

Fraqtive-fractal software

  • Real-time navigation
  • Supports high-quality anti-aliased images
  • Multi-sampling system
  • Built-in tutorial for learners
  • Color smoothing and image post-processing feature

Download Fraqtive

8. FractalNow

FractalNow is a fast and advanced fractal software that generates high-quality fractals fast and easily. It consists of a command line tool and a graphical tool. Its’s graphical tool, QFractalNow allows users to explore fractals and generates high-dimensional images. The command line tool, FractalNow is used by scripts to generate animations. FractalNow uses advanced algorithms to speed up computation.

FractalNow-Linux fractal software

  • User-friendly graphical interface
  • Supports arbitrary precision floating point numbers
  • Multi-threaded to work faster even on multi-core processors
  • Almost all category formulas available
  • Ability to save and load configuration with gradient files

Download FractalNow

9. Terraform

Terraform is a modern height field generation and manipulation program that generates random terrain. It is an open source program that is available on Linux, FreeBSD, macOS, OpenBSD, and Microsoft Windows (under X11 system). This fractal software can create craters, rivers, fog, and attractive backgrounds. It has a very flexible design and allows different rendering options.

Terraform-Linux fractal Tools

  • Several different projections and color maps
  • Provides real-time preview and instant feedback
  • River and object placement
  • Supports GNU style internationalization and Gtk themes
  • Configurable undo history

Download Terraform

10. NextFractal

NextFractal is an open source application that creates amazing fractal images. It is one of the fractal programs for Linux that exports images to PNG formats and animations to AVI and Quicktime forms. It can operate in both Mac, Windows, and Linux as well. You don’t need to install the program to run in your pc. Just have to run it and start experimenting the beauty. The tools of NextFractal create time-based and even-based animations.

NextFractal-fractal software for Linux

  • Easy to use and interactive interface
  • Provides fractals like Manderbolt, Julia and Fatou Sets
  • Cross-platform support
  • Interprets M scripts and CFDG scripts
  • Tutorial to learn various techniques

Download NextFractal

11. Electric Sheep

Electric Sheep is a free and open source service that displays MPEG video of an animated fractal flame. It is actually an internet server and xscreensaver module which contributes render cycles to the next animation. Thousands of people are running this sheep around the world by establishing communication between computers by the internet without hampering security.

electric sheep

  • Provides the rendering of fractal animations
  • Cross-platform support
  • Optimized to preserve power
  • Secured system
  • Distributes system with client/ server architecture

Download Electric Sheep

12. Qosmic

Qosmic is a free and recursive flame fractal program linked with flam3 libraries. It can be used to create content for the electric sheep screensaver. This tool was developed to provide the Qt interface for creating and contributing sheep. Qosmic is an open source software and can run in Mac, Windows, and Linux.


  • Fifty levels undo/ redo feature
  • Simultaneously move, copy and edit multiple triangles
  • Cross-platform support
  • User-friendly graphical interface
  • Flam3 compatibility

Download Qosmic

13. Chaoscope

Chaoscope is a modern Linux fractal software that focuses on rendering FracInt MAP files. Though it is not an open source program yet, in the near future, it will be public after the updated version release. You can also contribute to the project by participating beta-testing. It has the features of excellent and smooth rendering at a high frame rate.


  • Several rendering modes (Gas, Liquid, Light, Plasma, Solid)
  • Various attractors support (Chaotic flow, Icon, IFS, Lorenz)
  • Changeable parameters during the animation
  • Tutorial to learn fractal materials
  • High-quality renders

Download Chaoscope

14. GIMP

GIMP is commonly known as an open source Image Manipulation Program used as a great image editing tool. But with certain plugins in this tool, it can work as a fractal generator. It’s a free tool and available in almost all the platforms, including Linux, Windows, and Mac. You can generate high-quality and attractive fractal images with some of its attractors.

GIMP-fractal software

  • User-friendly graphical interface
  • Cross-platform support
  • Supports several formulas (Manderbolt, Julia, Lambda)
  • Useful tutorials
  • Fast and smooth calculations

Download GIMP

15. IFStile

IFStile is one of the open source Linux fractal tools that allows creating any affine directed graph iterated function system in the Euclidean space. This factorial software can create both 2D and 3D fractals as well. They contain several tilings. IFStile has the capabilities to make various fractal shapes like rep-tiles, multi-tiles, irreptiles, dragons, and more. It can easily be used effectively in zoom in or out of a fractal in a fluid.


  • Render keyframe animation
  • Features to create and save the 3D mesh
  • Compute dimension (numerically & analytically) of the self-affine tiles
  • Cross-platform support
  • Render high-resolution images

Download IFStile

Wrap Up

Fractal software has gained popularity for its advanced techniques to produce stunning and professional images and artworks. Linux has numerous collection to choose from a long list. To provide quality resources, I tried to reach the most vital fractal tools with the best possible features. Hopefully, you will get something helpful and interesting to generate high-resolution and unique images. If you have any different preferences, feel free to share with me.

Till then, Have a nice day!



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