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Cherrytree – A Powerful Wiki Style Note Taking App for Linux

So, here comes the Cherrytree, one of the most admired note-taking wiki-style applications in the market for the users who need to note down all their details and specifics so keep they life organized and well scheduled.

This open-source and free data managing app has all the customizable advanced features in combination with formatting texts, highlighting texts and all other the typical traits that will make the note-taking life more comfortable and better.

Rich text formatting, being one of the most important attributes of a note-taking app, is also attached to the feature of synchronizing the cloud services with this app.

Cherrytree – A Powerful Wiki Style Note app

Cherrytree – A Powerful Wiki Style Note Taking App for Linux

Not only the typical attributes of hierarchically managing and organizing data and notes, but it also affords the user the prospect of adding tables, links, images, etc. with the notes to keep it comprehensive and the feature of saving them to PDF lifts the significance of the app higher.

Features of Cherrytree

  • Rich text editing options with remarkable UI  
  • Highlighting syntax and texts for emphasizing
  • Password protection for safeguarding data   
  • App window having resizable alternatives
  • Includes classic note editing layouts along with several toolbars  
  • Includes file tree-view in combined with adding images and tables
  • Open source and free app having available source code (on GitHub)
  • Data storing options in the XML file or a single SQLite
  • Available in range languages counting French, Greek, etc.
  • Includes drag and drop support
  • Highly developed search option for searching text and notes
  • Theme, fonts, background, node icons can be customized
  • Modifiable app preferences and user interface  
  • Options for exporting notes to the HTML
  • Available copying and pasting cross-application

Install in Ubuntu Linux

Run the below command to install this app in Debian or Ubuntu based distros:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:giuspen/ppa
sudo apt update
sudo apt install cherrytree

If you have other Linux distros than the above mentioned, download the appropriate file from below link.

Download Cherrytree

Final Verdict

The features of the Cherrytree does not end here rather it goes on and on and so if you want to know more, just visit their website and know the delicate details of the app.

With this data managing app, you will get the opportunity to safeguard your notes properly with password protection which is a much looked-for feature in this era of hacking and unethical interference in personal life. In conjunction with the preference of propping up keyboard shortcuts and exporting-importing data, irrespective of their location locating flies crosswise the file-tree is also added with this application.

The Zim users can utilize the extensions, but Cherrytree includes more features than that. Being user-friendly, Cherrytree can function according to your desire if compared to Zim.    

If you like our assessment, do not forget to share it with your friends and for any query or progress let us know by commenting below because we work for you.


  1. I heartily agree. I used to use Cherrytree for all my writing/word processing needs – logbook, inventory, poetry, story/article/letter writing, address book/contacts list, recipe book, to do/task lists, project management, notebook, and much, much more. It’s cross platform so I can use it on Windows or Linux without skipping a beat. It replaces all other note taking/writing software on my laptop. I have yet to find a more useful, versitile programme.


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