News Cloud Sticky Notes – A Free Note-Taking App for Linux

Cloud Sticky Notes – A Free Note-Taking App for Linux

Cloud Sticky Notes is just a dream catcher for people who are prone to blanking over a day to day tasks as this app can save your life. This app allows you to create notes of anything, no matter it is your routine or work schedule, date reminder or listing. Clouds Sticky Notes comes for free and is extremely easy going. This Java-based cross-platform note-taking app runs on several platforms as in Windows, Mac and Linux OS. The user interface is significantly attractive and allows the users to create, edit, add or delete notes.

The facilities are served even when you are offline. Now you may wonder about the online services. Well, when you are online, you can transfer the notes via Email or Dropbox. It is more like a virtual messenger. Again you can create hyperlinks of your selected notes also.

Features of Cloud Sticky Notes

  • It is a close source and cross-platform app.
  • You can either type or even write notes on your own handwriting using the surface notes. The call is yours.
  • It synchronizes your notes automatically that means no fear of losing your texts.
  • It has multiple language support thus you can customize your language.
  • Cloud Sticky Notes provides reminders. The time-based reminder feature lets you remind important dates.
  • Users can also custom the font according to their taste.
  • Features also available when the user is offline.
  • Notes can be hyperlinked and sent via email.
  • Java-based app.

Launch Now (Webstart)   Download Executable JAR

Now you can manage your meetings, schedule the day and put notes on your desktop so that you don’t miss anything. The efficiency and competence of this app are not limited on only creating notes rather you can get even reminded of important dates on your chosen time. Can you ask for more from a sticky note app? I guess no. Get this app installed and sort your life. If you find the content useful, put a comment, like the content and press the share button as well.

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