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The 50 Best Cloud Computing Blogs That You Must Follow

Cloud computing has been one of the trending topics in the modern developed world. Cloud computing has revolutionized the operations and existing techniques to a great extent. You can consider any business around the world. But you will find one thing in common, which is the use of cloud technologies to initiate sustainable innovation and provide better service at a lower cost. There are many cloud computing blogs and websites that share information, news, and articles frequently to keep their audience up to date and enable them to gain a competitive advantage.

Best Cloud Computing Blogs

You can go through this article to explore the best cloud computing blogs available now. Follow any of these blogs to keep pace with the ever-growing cloud industry and get familiar with the latest cloud technologies, trends, services, and all the cloud news from all over the world.

top cloud computing blogs1. IBM Cloud computing

IBM is one of the leading companies around the world who has invested a significant amount of contribution in the field of cloud computing. This cloud computing blog by IBM is another example of it. This blog is powered by industry leaders and curators who collect cloud computing news from around the globe to produce the content. Exclusive commentaries by IBM professionals are also available. It started its journey back in January 2011.

If you are a cloud enthusiast, then this blog can be a very good source to get everything under one umbrella. IBM Cloud Computing has a great community and social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and so on. They love to interact with the followers and remain engaged as well. You can expect to get thirty posts every year from this cloud computing website.

2. Microsoft Azure Blog

If you are working in the cloud computing industry, you are probably familiar with Azure, which is widely used for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services in the cloud. Microsoft Azure Blog blog covers everything you need to know about Azure as well as product features and events. The posts are created by the Azure staffers who are working with the cloud-integrated services in Microsoft.

Azure experts share their opinions alongside the opportunities we can generate using the Azure services in any organization. After starting its journey in September 2008, It has been publishing posts every day to enable its audience to keep pace with the latest addition, insights, and developments of the Microsoft Azure platform. There are around 2500 posts available on their website already.

3. VMware vCloud Blog

This USA based company is known for the virtualization platform it offers to the enterprises to reduce the cost and complexity of IT infrastructure. Any organization can be benefitted using VMware cloud by getting more time to invest in innovation and respond to the customer demands faster. This is one of the best cloud computing blogs, especially for the developers who are working to integrate this platform with third-party clients.

VMware vCloud Blog maintains a frequency of one post per day where the use of virtualization is highly emphasized along with the latest news, data centers, and virtual workplaces. It also describes how one organization can fulfill customer demands by leveraging hybrid cloud solutions and facilitate business processes. Besides, they maintain a huge community through their social media channels.

4. AWS News Blog

If you want to transform into the cloud, then AWS is probably what you are looking for, which provides reliable, scalable, and pay-as-you-go on-demand cloud computing services. We can integrate the AWS cloud platform with any third-party platform using the APIs. As a part of this project, AWS has created this blog to let their user know about updates, developments, and information. You can follow this blog to remain connected with the community as well.

All the topics covered in this AWS News Blog are based on AWS, such as AWS Snowcone, Solution Constructs, Honeycode, RDS proxy, App2Container, and so on. Its Alexa rank is 14, which proves its popularity and authenticity among the people. It maintained the frequency of three posts per week and started posting in November 2004.

5. Cisco Cloud Computing Blog

If you are from a computer science background, then you must know the name of this leading company of Network and Networking solutions. This USA based company has been playing a significant role in enabling the Internet to work for many years now. This is one of the best cloud computing blogs to read the articles and news shared by Cisco. Besides, this blog has a great number of fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter.

The topics of the Cisco Cloud Computing Blog can become complex to a great extent as Industry leaders and experts share their opinions on cisco devices and cloud computing concepts. You will get a new post every month where people can gain knowledge of how to establish secured cloud connectivity, reduce cost, and explore digital opportunities.

6. Reddit: Cloud Computing

Reddit is one of the most popular social media communities available in today’s world. It has established itself as a reliable place to share your thoughts, opinions, views, and plans with a huge community. Even you can vote on what people have submitted to show your support, or you can contradict it as well. You can expect to see the most crucial cloud computing issues in this cloud computing blog.

Reddit a great source of getting everything related to the cloud without wasting so much time looking for thousands of sources. Expert opinions, as well as the most occurring problems, potential solutions, and the latest additions to this field, are also discussed. Besides, the most important cloud computing tools, grid computing, and distributed computing are highly emphasized in the five posts it posts per week.

7. CloudTech

CloudTech is known for delivering outstanding cloud computing content. If you want to know the best practices and strategies in the cloud, then you must follow their post to gain a better understanding. Besides, it focuses on cloud technologies and their features. You can expect to get at least 3 posts every week, which will help to remain updated all the time.

It is powered by the experts coming from industry leaders such as IBM, Cloudonomics, and Cloud Industry Forum. Some of them are Sebastian Krause, Ian Moyse, and Sebastian Krause. There are already more than hundreds of cloud computing blogs while their contents are followed by 350,000 cloud architects, DevOps, and professionals.

8. ServerGuy

ServerGuy is a cloud services company that was founded in 2009 and gained huge popularity by rendering its great service, especially when it comes to hosting WordPress and Magento. Alongside cloud, they emphasize SEO, Serverless Computing, Plugin Vulnerabilities, AI, Containers, and so on. Besides, their contents are well organized, sorted, and graphical representations are also available.

As a great cloud service provider, ServerGuy has a reputation for serving organizations at all levels, while businesses and eCommerce are their primary partners. As a result, you will find a lot of cloud security and privacy-related content on their blog site along with Cloud Hybrid Solutions, Cloud firewalls, Big Data, Testing frameworks, Content Delivery Network, and Cloud migration.

9. Magalix Blog

Magalix can be considered as the autopilot of the cloud. It offers Kubernetes security and services to the organizations enjoying cloud infrastructures for their operation. Besides, it focuses on enabling the developers to work on integrating intelligence into the applications. If you are interested to know more about their activities, you can follow this blog to remain updated.

You can gain the necessary information required to deploy and balance the performance of the applications with infra capacity on Kubernetes. Developers are advised to follow this cloud computing website, which will make them able to augment application intelligence to build a more reliable and efficient cloud. They maintain a frequency of 2 posts per week while the number of followers is quite remarkable in social media accounts.

10. Cloud Management Insider

As people of today’s day and age, we can understand the importance of the cloud services and how much efficiency they can bring to our day to day operations and activities. As a result, the rate of innovation and new developments is quite high if we consider the cloud industry. This is one of the best cloud computing blogs which brings all the latest disruptions, additions, and happenings in this domain.

It is challenging to keep pace with all the technologies, although it is essential for any developer. Cloud Management Insider is intended to solve this problem and has a goal to simplify the complicated cloud environment. If you are keen to know everything in the cloud and gain enough knowledge to explore then, this is the blog you should follow, and you will get two posts every day.

11. Compare the Cloud

You can probably understand the topics covered by this blog from its name. Besides, if you look at the number of consumers it has got, then you will get the authenticity of the contents and information shared from this website. It focuses on the quality rather than the quantity of the materials to bring light on the facts that really matter. You can contact them through email if you have any questions.

Compare the Cloud posts every day to make your leisure hours more productive and remain updated. This UK based company publishes unique blogs to help you to stay ahead in the tech game. Thousands of articles and videos are also available so that you can select the best services and cloud providers for yourself and your organization.

12. All Things Distributed

Any people who are using cloud platforms or cloud services are familiar with the Amazon AWS platform. This blog is designed to bring light on the AWS services, and if you are a developer and use AWS for your application, then you must follow this cloud computing website to remain in the competition. Although the contents of this blog can become much complicated, it has got a huge community and followers as well.

All Things Distributed is maintained and written by the world-famous Amazon CTO Werner Vogels. His goal is to share his opinions and thoughts on various AWS services with his readers through this one of the best cloud computing blogs. His discussion is sophisticated and can go to any extent to cover all the cloud topics and AWS news.

13. CHARBEL NEMNOM MVP | Cloud & Datacenter Management

This blog represents everything that you can expect from a Cloud Solutions Architect and Microsoft MVP. Charbel Nemnom from Switzerland publishes this blog to share his experience, skills, and expertise in cloud computing and distributed solutions in a simple manner. If you are wondering and do not know what you can do in the cloud, then follow this blog to get a detailed overview.

The writer talks about all cloud providers such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, SalesForce, and so on. If you want to get, all the latest news subscribe to Cloud & Datacenter Management blog and get updates frequently. Besides, the latest IT platform solutions, Hybrid workloads, Security and Threats, File sharing in the cloud are highly emphasized and comes with a new post every week.

14. Cloud Mantra

AS the number one SMB Managed Service Provider in the world, this company has already got huge attention from the companies, especially those who are looking for digital transformation. Besides, they innovate to provide business with the benefits of technology-led business solutions. If you are from the media & Entertainment or manufacturing industry, you can follow this Cloud Mantra blog to remain ahead in the competition.

Cloud Mantra covers a wide range of cloud computing topics. You can get an overview of AWS Chime for Building Meeting Application, Fault Detection in Cloud, minimizing the cost of quality control, cloud edge computing, Internet of Things, and so on. A new post is released every month, while social media channels are also available.

15. Hybrid Cloud Blog

It is one of the newest cloud computing blogs available out there. It is designed and maintained by Stefanos Evangelou. Stefanos has been working as a cloud consultant and trainer for many years who loves to share his experience, skills, and thoughts through the Hybrid Cloud Blog. It is an excellent website for developers and working professionals to gain knowledge of disaster recovery and identifying solutions.

Although it focuses mainly on cloud computing, it also covers many topics from Citrix, Microsoft, DevOps, Edge computing, and Data Center. You will also get many eBooks on their website to guide yourself and learn the technical expertise required for cloud projects. All the contents are discussed in a simple manner, which makes it easy to understand and enjoyable.

16. Cloudwards

This company runs its operation from Berlin, Germany. If you are kind of a person who loves to get everything organized and do not want to waste much time browsing on the internet, then this cloud computing website is pretty much what you are looking for. While Cloudwards covers every aspect of the cloud, topics like project management, backup, security, privacy issues, and online storage are highlighted in their articles.

You will get expert reviews and simple solutions that will help you in the digital transformation to a great extent. Before finalizing a cloud service provider and cloud storage for your company, you should check their posts to get the comparison, reviews, and what people are saying to get the best deal. You will be updated every day through a new post and their social media connections.

17. Cloud Computing Magazine

It is a great cloud computing magazine that tries to focus on real-life issues and how we can face the challenges with the help of cloud technologies. The best part of this cloud magazine is you will learn everything, including the awards, best performing company list in the cloud domain, and latest articles on cloud computing. It can be considered as a news channel that highlights the major factors in the cloud.

Cloud Computing Magazine is unique when it comes to presenting the contents and addressing critical issues such as Application security in the cloud, Making decisions using Big data, cloud interoperability, Cybersecurity, Cloud operations, Multi-cloud environment, and how Cloud computing influences Artificial Intelligence. You can definitely follow then and subscribe to get regular updates.

18. Cloud on TechRepublic

If you consider the popularity and authenticity, then Cloud on TechRepublic is one of the best cloud computing blogs available out there. They have a huge community while they frequently provide updates on their social media accounts, which include Facebook, Twitter, and so on. It is a great source to collect the latest news, developments, and innovations to stay ahead in the competition as a cloud developer or solution architect.

It highlights the importance of cloud technologies that are revolutionizing the businesses of any level. Get to know how big companies like Amazon, Rackspace, IBM, and Microsoft are transforming the cloud to bring it from data centers to the IT landscape, through their articles. You will also get an overview of the benefits and the risk factors of cloud in Cloud on TechRepublic blog.

19. InfoWorld Cloud Computing

This company started its journey to share their opinions and thoughts on the cutting edge cloud technologies, cloud providers, software development, machine learning, big data analytics, and so on. Their articles come with a graphical representation and written by David Linthicum. You will find some great content like AWS vs. GOOGLE vs. Azure and the best practices in the cloud, which are quite easy to understand and presented in a simple manner.

InfoWorld Cloud Computing is solely focused on cloud computing, and the writer loves to share his experience of working as a cloud engineer and an industry leader. If you want to learn something new every day about the cloud, then follow their articles. It covers a wide range of contents like CaaS, Fog computing, cloud challenges, distributes SQL, multi-cloud environments, Cloudops tools, and many more.

20. SingleHop

This US-based company is one of the fastest-growing cloud computing companies around the world. They are known for their hosted private cloud and on-demand servers. It started its journey in 2006 and is already serving an astonishing number of 4000 clients in 114 countries. They share the best practices and knowledge to help thousands of clients all around the world through this dedicated cloud computing blog.

You will find a wide range of cloud-related posts on their website to boost your digital transformation and make the most out of it. Gain in-depth knowledge and establish yourself in the blue whale market shared by the articles posted in the SingleHop blog. Topics like CyberAttacks, Network Solutions, Private Clouds, Hybrid IT infrastructure, Tech trends are highly emphasized.


VEXXHOST is a Canadian company that serves high-performing cloud computing solutions to the organizations in over 70 different countries. They provide public and private cloud to support managing the ever-growing workloads and requirements. They have already posted a significant amount of posts in their blog that prioritizes edge computing, GPU, OpenStack solutions, and manages solutions like Kubernetes enablement.

If you want to know the platform-agnostic, cost-efficient, and flexible solution in the cloud, follow VEXXHOST to stay ahead. Besides, cloud integrations, cybersecurity infrastructures, cloud data storage, enterprise computing, and how to deal with the Cloud Operation Complexities are brought under the spotlight. While they post a couple of new content every week, they also maintain several social media accounts.

22. The Diversity Blog

In this cloud computing blog, the writer Ben Kepes tries to share his skills and experience that he has earned over the years working as a cloud technology analyst. It is a great blog to remain updated about the innovations in the cloud domain and become more productive. Every cloud professionals should follow the latest trend to provide a competitive advantage to their organization. Go through the articles posted in this blog to get an overview.

As a technology evangelist and entrepreneur, Ben knows how business can take advantage of cloud computing and brings light on this matter. He tries to write at least two posts per week and replies to the emails frequently. You will also get journals and articles from all over the world on The Diversity Blog website.

23. The Cloudcast

If you are looking for an active cloud computing blog or cloud computing podcast, then The Cloudcast will be the best solution for you. They have been posting content since 2011. If you consider the cloud blogosphere, then this website is really unique as you will get audio posts while others are limited to posting written content only. Audio blogs are more exciting and suitable while you are on the go.

The technology expert at RedHat Openshift Brian Gracely maintains this blog and posts an update each week. The contents can become complicated as you will see materials covering topics like cloud application program, cloud solutions, malware detection, how to create flash arrays for data centers, the democratization of digital technologies, and so on.

24. Think Strategies

If you compare this with the other cloud computing blogs already mentioned in this list, you will find that no other blog covers more content, while the content topic can vary to a great extent. Alongside cloud computing, it is a great source to get authentic news of SalesForce, APIs, Machine Learning, IoT, BlockChain, SaaS, eCommerce, Algorithms, Big Data Analytics, ERP recreation, data integration, and so on.

Think Strategies does not have a Facebook profile but backed by a great number of followers on twitter. Besides, it is one of the most active blogs in the cloud domain. It is maintained by a cloud computing expert Jeff Kaplan who invites professionals, keynote speakers, and solution architects to discuss the most important and trending topics of cloud computing.

25. CloudPundit

CloudPundit is not so active when it comes to posting new content regularly. You will get a maximum of two posts every year, but the quality and the number of contents this website already contains are the reasons behind why we have mentioned this in this list. It covers everything related to the cloud. So if you are an enthusiast, explore this blog to know more.

If you look at the posts in CloudPundit, you will find that each post goes in-depth on the topic and let people understand clearly to make the most out of it. It was founded by Lydia Leong, who is working as a cloud computing analyst and shares her professional analyses, findings, and opinions with the followers.

26. Inside Technologies

It is one of the best cloud computing companies around the world. They are quite renowned when it comes to delivering application development, enterprise solutions, and infrastructure-related IT services. They have been partnered with Microsoft, Lenovo, HP, Veeam, Netwrix, and so on. They have introduced this technical blog for helping their clients. Individuals and companies in digital transformation and integrate cloud technologies.

Inside Technologies blog provides the key concept of private and public cloud while Virtualization, Backup, and Disaster Recovery, Security and Identity Management, Veeam Replication, Microsoft Azure cover a significant amount of the posts. It is maintained by Silvio Di Benedetto, who is a consultant of digital transformation and can help with guaranteed ROI.

27. Joyent

Joyent is one of the prominent sister concerns of Samsung, which is situated in California, United States. It started its journey to provide cloud infrastructure solutions to the organizations at any level and eventually acquired by Samsung in 2016. This company understands the importance of cloud computing and shares exclusive tips and information through its cloud computing blog.

You will find a great amount of content already posted on their website, while the frequency of updates usually varies from seven to ten posts per year. Most of their posts are accompanied by a video for making the concepts easily understandable. You will also gain knowledge of the upcoming cloud challenges and how to overcome the difficulties in this blog.

28. Cloud Musings

This cloud computing blog represents everything you can expect from a leader, business strategist, and cloud technologies expert. Kevin Jackson is renowned for his skills in the cloud domain and consultancy for maintaining the best practices. He loves to share his experience and identifies the trending issue and tells people how digitalization can help to overcome through the Cloud Musings blog.

The contents of this blog solely focus on cloud concepts and cloud computing solutions. It covers topics like cloud security, how to manage data in the cloud, how to design physical cloud and secure cloud applications, big data analytics, cybersecurity, and cognitive computing. You will also find expert comments on the recent issues as well.

29. Information Age

Information Age is one of the most prominent cloud computing blogs available out there. Its contents are not limited to cloud computing instead it covers almost all the branches of computer science such as AI & Machine Learning, Automation, Blockchain, Communications & Networking, Cybersecurity, Data Storage & Data Lakes, Data Analytics & Data Science, Data Protection & Privacy, Development & Programming, DevOps, and so on.

As people of today’s day and age, we know how rapidly the cloud industry is growing, and the Information Age brings light on this for providing an in-depth analysis of the topics. It also discussed how any business could use the cloud to deliver services for gaining a competitive advantage, increased productivity, and improved performance.

30. High Scalability

This cloud computing website can be referred to as an educational website for any enthusiast learner. You will find a wide range of topics covered in their posts while the representation is kept simple for making it easy to understand for beginners or the new bees. Besides, if you are a developer, solution architect, cloud engineer, or working professional, follow this blog to improve understanding and collect information.

The complexity of the topics can range from pretty fundamental to the most advanced. Besides, High Scalability tries to relate and compare the topics to provide a better overview, like the difference between private, public, and hybrid cloud. The advantages, limitations, and deployments of cloud technologies are also highlighted along with AWS, NuoDB, MySQL, Automation, and so on.

31. CloudTweaks

If you are looking for the latest, topical, and trendy posts on cloud computing, then this is the blog you must follow. It can be considered as one of the most popular cloud computing blogs available out there. Besides, it has the maximum number of writers who use the best tools to collaborate and make the contents of this website out of the box. This award-winning blog can be a great companion to pass leisure hours.

You will learn cloud edge computing, the best practices, Big Data, IoT, and Resources in the CloudTweaks blog. Every post is accompanied by statistics, infographics, and even comics to make it easy to digest. On top of that, it is powered by prominent technology writers and countless contributors who work to make it more relevant and enjoyable.

32. BriefingsDirect

This blog is maintained by Dana Gardner, who loves to share his own point of view to bring light on the cloud computing topics. Most of the contents are based on analysis and insights of enterprise IT while a significant number of cloud strategy and edge computing posts are also there. He also runs a podcast, which is followed by a huge group of people.

In the BriefingsDirect cloud computing website, you will see expert opinions and in-depth analysis of the leaders from all over the industry. The informative posts like cloud trends, strategy, technology, and products often come with a video or infographics. They will help you if you want to dive deeper into the cloud.

33. DZone

If you are coming from a computer science background and technology enthusiast, then follow this website to get information from the domains like Agile, AI, Big Data, Cloud Database and Edge Computing, and DevOps. If you are a newbie, you can become interested in this cloud computing website as it offers tutorials and learning videos as well.

If you are a cloud architect or DevOps professionals, you can improve your expertise from the cloud blogs offered by DZone. Besides, you can also have a look at their interview questions and solutions to get a job in the cloud industry. More than hundred of publications are also available for free and comes with a great community of cloud experts and industry bloggers.

34. Google Cloud

You can expect to get the finest quality like Google from this cloud computing blog. It started its journey back in 2008 when the new domain of cloud by Google was formed. You will get all the news of the latest technology, services, products, and specifications offered by google on this website and updated by the google cloud experts. You can expect to get 8 posts every week that are informative and technically elaborated.

This great blog is useful for any kind of cloud architect, especially those who are working in Google Cloud. You will get a vast amount of knowledge on identity and security, AI & Machine Learning, and how to go serverless. It addresses the current problems and shares their opinions to face the challenges with digital technologies.

35. Cloudscaling

Unlike other cloud computing blogs already mentioned in this list, this website focuses on the three types of innovations in their posts. It is a great source to know what is going to come in the future, what disruption they are going to create, and how the existing technologies will reshape to be in the market. You can follow this trendy blog to stay ahead in the competition.

The VP of Technology at Dell EMC and a Director at the OpenStack Foundation Randy Bias write the Cloudscaling blog, and you will find the most insightful posts on this blog site. Starting from the core concepts of cloud computing, all the news and cloud industry events are covered by this blog to let their community stay up to date.

36. Cloud Source

You should understand the topics and insights of this cloud computing website from the name. It can be considered as a storehouse of cloud computing resources, news, and developments. If you are a cloud enthusiast, you will be amazed to see the contents as it covers every aspect like which technologies are going to be important, how business can be blended with IT, and the changes in operations to become benefitted.

The writer of the Cloud Source blog is Christian Verstraete, who is playing the role of the Chief Cloud Technologist at HP. All the posts are relevant to cloud to let you know how to approach the cloud technologies and cloud applications, what are the main challenges and how to generate the solutions to become a pro cloud engineer.

37. Cloud Cruiser

Cloud Cruiser can be considered as the one-stop destination for the professionals who are working in the hybrid cloud ecosystem. While technical concepts of a hybrid cloud will be represented, you will see a lot of posts talking about the financial terms of the cloud environment. It is a great website to get authenticated news, cloud insights, recommendations, and gain more knowledge of the cloud domain.

It is powered by Hewlett Packard, which is known for its cloud to edge solutions all over the world. This blog is a part of their official website where they share information to transform your business and protect, collect, and control your data to reach the goal. Thus, It plays a useful role when it comes to getting ideas, compliances, and insights.

38. Wikibon

Wikibon is one of the top-rated websites that share cloud computing blogs at an impressive frequency. All the best cloud service providers, including Google, Azure, IBM, AWS, are highlighted and compared to let the community easily decide when it comes to choosing a partner for their organization or personal use. The backbone of this cloud blog is the huge number of followers, which consists of the brand practitioners and consultants on technology.

The cloud industry leaders and business specialists provide their advice on this open-source platform and help people to a great extent. This blog can be considered as a technology research service like Gartner and International Data Corporation. You can also share your thoughts, opinions, make comments, and offer changes to the author of this Wikipedia, like a blog site.

39. ZDNet cloud

It is one of the modest blogs that started its journey back in 1991 and backed by a huge number of fans and followers. Initially, it was used to share posts on business technology news, but later the range of topics was widened to reach the maximum number of people around the world. CBS Interactive founded this, and later Ziff Davis became interested and designed the online versions to make a technology portal.

Currently, ZDNet Cloud is maintained by CNET Networks and focuses on enterprise-level IT solutions. It has become more like an online publication to attract cloud experts, industry leaders, and solution architects. Besides, you will get to know the best practices, solutions, standards, and cloud news on this website.

40. Botmetric

Botmetric is a cloud computing website that is solely dedicated to helping businesses in their digital transformation. Their posts are focused on the magic that cloud can bring when you shift into the cloud and boost your revenue through the power of AI and Computation. You will get a brief overview of the best cloud analytical tools, cloud providers, and best services.

It is known for its AI-powered platform that is used by many businesses all around the world. Botmetric is mainly designed for the DevOps, cloud integrators, technologists, and cloud administrators. Topics like API Access for AWS & Azure Cloud Management, Cloud & AI trends, Case Analysis, Container Capabilities, Serverless Computing, Cloud Security, Automations are highly emphasized on the posts of this cloud computing blog.

41. Rick’s Cloud

This cloud computing website could be ignored due to the name behind the posts. His name is Rick Blaisdell, who has already completed 20 years of working as a CTO and creating cloud-based innovative strategies for the businesses. The posts of this blog are well written to enable people to understand it clearly and use this knowledge in real life to overcome a problem and generate impactful solutions.

Rick’s Cloud covers a vast amount of computer science topics keeping cloud in the main focus. Alongside the computational part, Migration and Security aspects of the cloud domain are also covered. Besides, it frequently posts discussions on Machine Learning, AI, IoT, Big Data, while a significant number of posts are also there to represent guest’s opinions, thoughts, and experiences.

42. Infosecurity Magazine

This website prioritizes the security challenges of the cloud. From the beginning of the cloud industry, security has been the biggest challenge that the developers have to face while working in the cloud environment. This blog addresses cloud security concerns and tells you what the steps we can take to avoid risk are and how to use cloud services to ensure virtualization security.

Infosecurity Magazine can be considered as a security conference as it hosts virtual events like webinars, which are led by industry experts, security specialists, and cloud architects. You will also find content on how cloud security varies from one industry to another, along with security strategies, cloud misconfiguration, and data protection for your organization.

43. Computerworld

It is one of the prominent cloud computing blogs that cover relevant news from all over the world while mainly focuses on countries like the USA, Australia, India, the UK, New Zealand, and the Netherlands. It covers a wide range of computer science domains while topics like windows and mobile app, cloud security, office software, and also provide a list of all the tech events coming in this year.

Computerworld loves to share tips and tricks which can help you in the long run and make you a pro in cloud computing. Vendors that provide cloud services to the organizations at any level are highlighted to discuss their role and impact in the cloud industry. On top of that, a significant amount of content on cryptography, and blockchain is also available.

44. Cloud Pro

Cloud Pro is unique in terms of content selection, and targeted audience. It started its journey to help businesses to understand the importance of handling sensitive data in the cloud. Any business owner and entrepreneur can follow this blog to gain in-depth knowledge of storing data, data processing, and provide transparency to the customers. The most essential cloud security concerns are discussed in a simple manner In this blog.

There are already a considerable amount of cloud computing articles on their website. If you want to improve your skills, go through the posts to know about cyber threats, centralized security, end-to-end encryption policy, Investigating security incidents, and how to encounter cloud attacks as well. This educational website is designed to teach people who have a tremendous interest in this field.

45. CIO

It can be considered as the one-stop solution for any kind of cloud computing issues, cloud platforms, and cloud best practices. It collects cloud industry news from all over the world and represents in their style for the audiences and followers. You will also get the list of best cloud computing certification courses, interview questions and answers, and certifications to validate your skills and boost your career.

CIO shares the informative news on public and private cloud sectors, and the security measures you should take to defend the spammers and hackers. Besides, what are the approaches that cloud providers take to make the cloud more efficient, how VMWare is revolutionizing cloud security, and cloud agreements are emphasized in their posts.

46. Computer Weekly

This cloud computing website is powered by several IT professionals who frequently update the content of this blog site to keep you updated. The posts are informative, relevant, and accompanied by graphical content. It is a fascinating blog for cloud architects because of the insightful resources it provides. Besides, the best tools and trends to combat cloud security threats are highly emphasized in this blog.

Computer Weekly is backed by more than 750 contributors, so you can expect to get an update almost every day. You can follow this blog to know how to manage data breach operations, the risk of cloud data exposure, and how to deploy zero trust models for ensuring the container security in Kubernetes.

47. Security Week

If you want to keep track of the startups working to provide services in the cloud, then Security Week is a great source to get all the news under one umbrella. Besides, it is backed by a huge community that follows their posts and comments regularly on the blog and social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and so on. It is one of the most active cloud blogs and contains a huge amount of blogs.

It is powered by IT experts and leaders. Security Week focuses mainly on the trending cloud computing security strategies where Access Management, Data Security, Infrastructure Security, Microservices Security, Threat Management, and Vulnerability Management are included. Other corners of cloud computing and edge technologies are also covered in their posts.

48. Intrisec

This is one of the best cloud vendor blogs available out there. Their target audience is a niche, and they focus solely on the cloud to remain stick to the topic. You will find many cloud computing courses offered on their website. You can complete any of these courses to increase your knowledge, expertise, and become able to explore the most advanced topics to be a pro cloud engineer.

The posts are well maintained and written by IT experts and renowned coming from different industries. Intrisec talks about the business opportunities that the cloud can create and how computation can play a valuable role in accelerating the growth. Besides, Intrinsic focuses on the core security of the cloud, starting from common disasters and how to recover quickly.

49. Infosec Institute

It can be considered as one of the well-designed cloud computing blogs that address all the aspects of cloud computing and intended to share knowledge. They prioritize security concepts while a wide range of genres is covered in the cloud domain. Besides, like the Intrisec blog described above, this website offers a great number of courses and tutorial videos that are top-rated and conducted by the best people in the industry.

The courses offered by Infosec Institute have a success rate of 95%, which should excite you if you are a learner and cloud enthusiast. The posts are well documented and precise enough to share as much information as possible. You can also take preparation for the CCSP examination as the practice questions and answers are also available.

50. ISC2 Blog

The International Information System Security Certification Consortium, commonly known as ISC2, was designed to help the students take preparation for the cloud certification exams. As a result, the topics of the posts are quite relevant and do not contain extravagant posts. You will get an overview of all the cloud vendors and leading cloud computing companies like AWS, Azure, IBM, and Google in this awesome platform.

People often consider ISC2 Blog as an educational website where you can get insightful resources, and out of the box ideas to make the cloud more powerful. If you look at some of their recent posts, you will be amazed as it has posted contents like AWS cloud trail tutorial, cybersecurity trends, security predictions, online safety, handling cyber threats, and so on.

Finally, Insights

We have collected the best cloud computing blogs and websites available out there in this article. We have prioritized the blogs that focus on cloud security, cloud technologies, cloud trends, edge computing, data segregation and recovery, cloud architecture, cloud computing courses, testing frameworks, virtualization, and cloud cryptography. Besides, there are many cloud computing websites offered by the leading cloud vendors that are also mentioned in this list as you will find the best practices, cloud compliances, and standards to enrich your knowledge in this domain.

Mehedi Hasan
Mehedi Hasan
Mehedi Hasan is a passionate enthusiast for technology. He admires all things tech and loves to help others understand the fundamentals of Linux, servers, networking, and computer security in an understandable way without overwhelming beginners. His articles are carefully crafted with this goal in mind - making complex topics more accessible.


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