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The 15 Best Econometric and Statistical Software for Linux System

Today’s article is specifically designed for those who work or study in the statistics field. This field is quite tough, and to preserve the data and calculation, some software may come of great help to you. To ease your burden and take care of all your information, Linux has come up with some prodigious software that will work as your helping hand and lead you to the right track.

As you know, econometric software and statistical software almost belong to the same category. In this article, you will find an amalgamation and combination of this two Linux software. By doing this, it will also be easier for you to search the software easily.

Best Econometric and Statistical Software for Linux

The software we will discuss will hopefully come to your help and fulfill all your demands. Please remember that this software is not following any particular order, and all the features are not included here.

1. R Project for Statistical Computing

R project is a software environment where statistical computing and graphics are done. To make R easier to use, you can download RStudio. R is an open source and free econometrics tool and statistical analysis software. It is ductile software, and you can do a wide range of work through this software. R is a mobilized software that provides the facilities of data manipulation, mathematical calculation, and graphical display.

Learn R programming Language
Learn R Programming Language

R is not an ordinary software, and rather it is software that has an abundance of intermediate tools for data analysis and statistical programming. One of the R’s idiosyncratic qualities is producing perfect designed plots, which include mathematical symbols, conditional loops, and many other notable facilities.

Download R

2. Gretl

Gretl is a cross-platform, free and open source statistical software and econometric software for Linux. C programming language is used to write it. This software can interact through various languages, which makes it easier for us to use it. Gretl’s data is exchangeable with GNU R, GNU Octave, Python, etc. It supports various data formats like XML data files, Comma Separated Values, Excel, Gnumeric, etc. Gretl is comparatively easy to use than the other related software.

Gretl Econometric SoftwareThis software supports multiple estimates, including least squares maximum likelihood, single equation, etc. Gretl also has numerous function packages, which are written in hansL.

Download Gretl

3. Grocer: An Econometric Toolbox for Scilab

Like Gauss and Matlab, Grocer is a matrix-based statistics program. Grocer mostly does the jobs which are done by commercial software. It is free, open source econometric software that has been specially designed for scilab. It performs various tests like ADF, KPSS, CADF, Johansen, etc. Besides these jobs, it also has the feature of handling various business cycle tools. The grocer can sort out the perfect linear model from a huge set of data too.

Download Grocer

4. GeoDa

geodaGeoDa is a free, cross-platform data analysis software package and a spatial data analysis tool that operates spatial spontaneity and modeling. This is a powerful tool to get these jobs perfectly done. Besides these, you can also make it perform basic linear regression. It transforms various file formats into one file, and it further transforms data in various file formats. For example- .csv to .dbf.

Download GeoDa

5. Draco

dracoDraco is one of the best data analysis tools which analyses econometrics in an easy, understandable manner so that the user does not have to face any kind of vexation. Many of the tools used by costly commercial software are available in Draco. For the improvement of working capability, Draco uses a highly developed user interface. This user interface represents all the composed variables before the user. It can also manufacture new variables which are based on complex equations by using the JRuby language.

Download Draco

6. Stata

stataStata is a data analysis software package that you will be able to use without paying any annual license fees. It can work fast and gives an accurate output. Stata masters your data and can contribute to data manipulation, visualization, statistics, etc. It is a cross-platform software that provides highly efficient technical support.

Download Stata


PSPPPSPP is a free, open-source Linux econometric software that is slightly different from the other software. You can use this software in multiple ways, and it is quite reliable. Its graphical interface is highly commendable. This software supports billions of variables and cases. It has the capability of importing information from spreadsheets, text files, etc.

Download PSPP

8. IBM SPSS Statistics Software

IBM SPSS Statistics software is a vast library of machine learning algorithms. It reduces pressure and risk factors. This data analysis software is user-friendly and has a modern interface with high statistics analytical capability. IBM SPSS Statistics software will also be helpful for all types of users.

Download IBM SPSS Statistics

9. Deducer Data Analysis Software

Deducer Data Analysis SoftwareDeducer software has been made for using propriety data analysis software like SPSS, IMP, Minitab, etc. This software has a menu system that operates analytical jobs, information manipulation, and so on. Deducer data analysis software is designed in such a way that it allows itself to be used with Java-based R console JR. This is free software.

Download Deducer

10. JASP – Statistical Analysis Software

JASP – Statistical Analysis Software

JASP is a dynamic Linux statistical analysis tool for doing statistical analysis and other statistics-oriented jobs. This software supports a spreadsheet layout facility. You can easily get the results and perpetuate your data. This feature will help you in your further calculation. JASP has a user-friendly interface.

Download JASP

11. SOFA Statistics

SOFA - statistical analysis softwareThis statistics program comes with a wonderful output system. This software enables the users to take various tests like histograms, scatterplots, pie charts, etc. It has a simultaneously reporting python script export. You can import data from Excel, Google docs spreadsheet, and so on and export information in excel format. SOFA is a free statistical analysis tool for Linux.

Download SOFA Statistics

12. Root

Root is one of the greatest statistical analysis software for Linux. The root is an object-based program having the ability to solve high-energy physics data and equations. This software is a bit high qualitative and not for beginners. Root was chiefly designed for analyzing particle physics data, but currently, it has also been used in other fields like astronomy and data mining. This software works as a standard mathematical function. The root is used for both C++ and python.

Download Root

13. MacAnova

MacAnova is a free and open source statistical software and one of the best Linux statistical analysis tools. This software has some functions similar to R. Through this software, and you can commensurate data and make a relation between vector and matrices. You can also add footnotes with all variables. With the help of html, you can read in your preferred web browser.

Download MacAnova

14. PAW: Physics Analysis Workstation

PAW is an excellent Linux statistical analysis tool. Its full form is a physics analysis workstation. PAW has been designed as an instrument to help physicians to analyze and present their data. This software is another highly qualified software that will smoothly do your jobs. You can also decide on which model you will like to run it. This is totally your choice. It has 1,2,3 dimensions and a huge representation range.

Download PAW

15. Dap Project for Statistics and Graphics

Dap is a small Linux statistical analysis tool that is based on the C programming language. It has the capability of reading SBS programs. Someone acquainted with the basic syntax of C programming can easily learn the features of dap and use it in a relaxed way. Instead of reading all the files in the memory, dap reads one line at a time.

Download Dap

Concluding Thoughts

Given the above discussion, it can be said that this software is really helpful for doing statistical and econometric-related jobs. This Linux econometric software and statistical software will do your jobs nicely, and you will like the software for sure. Here we have sorted out the best software for your convenience.

Do you like this set of statistical analysis software? Did we miss any important data analysis software on our list? If so, please let us know in the comment section to include that in the next revision. And don’t forget to share this content with your friends and family on your social network.

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