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10 Best Firewall for Windows 10 PC | Get Firewall Protection for Your PC

If you are a Windows user, you must have installed a firewall in your PC. Basically, every Windows 10 has a built-in firewall. This Windows built-in firewall is great, but it has limited features compared to other firewalls. If you search for the best firewall, you may find lots of firewalls offering more features compared to Windows’ built-in firewall.

A firewall program adds an extra security layer to your PC’s antivirus. It is a security wall that continuously monitors incoming and outgoing data in a network. A firewall also filters network traffic and protects your PC from unauthorized access to viruses and malware. Moreover, you can block specific IP or websites which become a threat for you. So whenever you mistakenly visit the blocked IP or website, the firewall stops you and warns you about security.

Best Firewall for Windows 10

So, in this article, we have listed the 10 best firewalls for Windows 10 PC. We listed both paid and free versions. From the below list, you can choose your required firewall considering features. However, when you install a new firewall on your system, you must disable Windows built-in firewall. Otherwise, either you cannot install a new firewall or cannot get the actual performance of the new firewall.

01. Comodo Firewall

If you want the best firewall service free of cost, you can download the Comodo firewall. This award-winning firewall protects your PC from viruses, malware, and hackers. Comodo firewall has a clean and user-friendly interface. The best thing about this firewall is that it can block apps. If the comodo firewall has found that any app tries to change settings, then it blocks the app and warns the user about the security vulnerability.

Comodo Firewall

Important Features

  • The philosophy of this security software is that prevention is better than cure. So, it protects viruses and malware before they enter the computer.
  • Comodo Firewall uses auto-sandbox technology. This technology isolates untrusted programs from the rest of the computer program of the computer.
  • Though every day, new viruses and malware are created. So firewalls always need to be updated about these newly developed viruses and malware. Comodo Firewall offers an auto-update feature. 
  • This software offers ‘Game Mode’ and ‘Training Mode. Both modes offer customization experiences. 
  • Moreover, this software can analyze cloud-based behavior to detect malware instantly. 

Pros: You have full control of the protection setting. Moreover, you can set the levels and types of possible threats on your computer.

Cons: Phishing protection performance of comodo firewall is not satisfactory level.

Pricing: Comodo firewall free edition is perfect for protecting your PC. But if you frequently shop online, we recommend you purchase Comodo Firewall Full Protection Package at $29.99/year.

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02. TinyWall

If you are looking for a lightweight firewall to protect your PC, then TinyWall is the best security wall. It is a completely free but feature-rich firewall for Windows 10. Tinywall is a unique firewall compared to others firewalls. In this software, you can manually enable a list of software to grant network access. Moreover, if you are looking to prohibit unnecessary firewall notifications, you can relieve yourself from annoying notifications by using TinyWall.

Tinywall - Best Firewall for windows 10

Important Features

  • This firewall filters not only on untrusted applications but also in boot time.
  • If you want to set temporary firewall rules or block IPs or domains, you can do so using TinyWall.
  • The best thing about this software is no need to install additional drivers or kernel components. So new firewall installation does not affect the Windows system processing speed. 
  • You are not disturbed by the notification popup. This software restricts pop-up notifications.
  • Moreover, you can enjoy allowing or restricting communication with LAN. 

Pros: If you are using limited memory in your system and want a free, no ads firewall, you can trust TinyWall.

Cons: There is no protection against DDoS attacks.

Pricing: Free

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03. ZoneAlarm Firewall

ZoneAlarm is the world’s first firewall service provider for PCs. Zone Labs develops ZoneAlarm Firewall. More than 20 million users download ZoneAlarm Firewall to protect PCs from hackers and online threats. ZoneAlarm Free Firewall is good enough for protecting any cyber attract. If you want to defeat new and advanced cyber attract and ensure maximum security, then you need to purchase ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall. 

ZoneAlarm Firewall

Important Features

  • This firewall inspects suspicious activities of hackers and blocks untrusted traffic.
  • When the operating system boots, then this firewall runs and monitors to find out dangerous rootkits. If it finds any harmful rootkit, then block it.
  • Most of the time, malicious attracts when a file or document is downloaded from the internet. ZoneAlarm Firewall scans the file or documents before download and warns you if it finds any malicious content included in particular files or documents.
  • You can set two different security settings for the private zone and public zone. As a result, you can increase your network security.
  • When you browse any link, then automatically firewall scan the link to protect you from phishing attacks.
  • If you are from the US, then you can enjoy extra features from ZoneAlarm to protect against identity theft. You get an alarm if your personal information or credit card data is changed.

Pros: This firewall has auto-learn features which maximize security by ensuring the best-suited features for you. 

Cons: Through the firewall offers a free edition. But most of the features are available if you purchase ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall.

Pricing: Their free edition has limited security protection options. For advanced firewall, purchase ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall at $22.95/year.

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04. PeerBlock

If you are looking for IP blocking advanced label security software, you download PeerBlock. It is an open source firewall. But it is different compared to traditional firewalls. This advanced IP blocker utility scans your connection and blocks untrusted IP addresses, thus preventing spying and identity theft.

Besides, you can make a blocking category, and you can create your own block list, thus labels categories like educational, ads, spyware, etc. For Windows 10 users, the PeerBlock firewall might be another good option.

PeerBlock Best Firewall for Windows 10

Important Features

  • With PeerBlock, you can block annoying pop-up advertisements and spyware.
  • If you are a heavy torrent user or use peer-to-peer communication to share files, you can trust PeerBlock.
  • It is lightweight and uses little CPU memory for running. Thus operation system performance is not affected by the backend running PeerBlock.
  • This system displays real-time data, which is affected for people who are trying to find troublesome or detecting malware in a specific page.
  • With PeerBlock, you can connect through port 443 or port 80; despite being blacklisted.

Pros: This system stores all information for the future. So you make a quick decision about blocking lists.

Cons: This firewall can not protect against viruses attract. It only blocks uncertain IPs.

Pricing: Though it is open source software, so any can download it free and customize it.

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05. Glasswire

If you are looking for a user-friendly and impressive graphical presentation of firewall activities, you might pick Glasswire. This firewall visualizes your past and present network activity in a beautiful graph that you can easily understand your network security status.  Besides, like other firewalls, Glasswire blocks malicious, pop-up ads and unauthorized access in networks. Glasswire has been downloaded more than 24 million times.

Glasswire Best Firewall for Windows 10

Important Features

  • This firewall continuously monitors network activity and instantly graphically presents the activities. Basically, this is a modern and most beautiful user interface.
  • If any unusual changes happen in your network, instantly block it and notify you about these unusual changes.
  • Moreover, if any unregistered device is connected to your network, it instantly alerts you.
  • With Glasswire, you get real-time data about incoming and outgoing traffic, apps, and host information.
  • This firewall detects and blocks the malicious attack and bandwidth hogs.

Pros: It always monitors all applications even if the application is not open. With Glasswire, you know which application consumes how much bandwidth. So, when new applications start using bandwidth, then you instantly notify.

Cons: This system is compatible with Linux OS. High GUI slows down the operating system. So, here need to be optimized. 

Pricing: Though it has a free edition, you need to upgrade the package for extra protection. It starts at $29/PC.

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06. AVS Firewall

If you want to have a safe internet surfing experience, then you might pick AVS Firewall for Windows 10 because this firewall protects your computer from hackers’ attacks and intrusion. Besides, this firewall block not only malicious stuff but also pop-up ads and flash banners. Moreover, this firewall blocks unauthorized apps, IPs, domains, and port access from your network connection. The user interface is simple but interactive.

AVS Firewall

Important Features

  • AVS Firewall filters all applications when connected to your network and authorizes them to run on your operating system after passing several security levels.
  • If the firewall finds any suspicious attempt to change the registry, immediately it stops the action and notifies you for the final decision.
  • If you become annoying to show lots of pop-up ads and banners, then you block these using the AVS firewall. Besides, this firewall allows users to determine the blocklisted URLs.
  • With an AVS firewall, you can configure your own rule for each application to connect your network.
  • If you are using limited traffic, then the AVS firewall sets rules to save your traffic.

Pros: With an AVS firewall, parents can set a whitelist for their children while surfing the internet.

Cons: Sometimes, it mistakenly marks a regular program as a suspicious program which is annoying for users.

Pricing: Free

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07. Firewall App Blocker

Firewall App Blocker, the name lets you know what this firewall actually does. If you are looking for a simple app blocking application, Firewall App Blocker might be the right choice to pick for you. Sordum develops this firewall. This best firewall for Windows 10 makes it simple and easy to block any application from accessing the internet. Just drag and drop to the interface to block any app.

Firewall App Blocker

Important Features

  • With a Firewall app blocker, you are experiencing the most simple way to block any programs.
  • You can create a white list, which can not be transferred into a block list. 
  • With a Firewall app blocker, you can configure incoming and outgoing firewall rules.
  • The best thing about this firewall is that it does not require installation. Just download it from the internet, unzip it and then run the .exe file.
  • This firewall is automatically updated when it gets internet access. So you can enjoy the latest features of this firewall.

Pros: Very simple and easy to use. So anyone can use this without having IT knowledge. 

Cons: This firewall only blocks unnecessary program files, but it cannot protect from malware, spyware, and identify theft attacks. 

Pricing: Free.

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08. Evorim

If you are looking for a free firewall, Evorim is another full-featured free firewall that protects your PC against online threats. This firewall is compatible for Windows 10. With Evorim, you can fully control every program on your PC. No program can access the internet without prior permission. Besides, you can enjoy a fast web surfing experience. Moreover, it prevents web tracking of your surfing behavior through cookies and other similar techniques.   


Important Features

  • With Evorim, you can protect yourself from external and internal threats of remote access or hack your personal data.
  • When an unauthorized program tries to access your network, you get an immediate notification and can allow or block internet access for that program.
  • Besides, you can prevent the transmission of telemetry data to the software vendor servers.
  • You can track how many programs and services are running on your computer. Evorim simple administration lets you know this structured list of running programs and services.
  • With Evorim, you can define rules for applications, domains, IPs. These rules identify which website or program gets permission to run or not run.
  • Moreover, you can make a group for rules and assign which rules are applied or not.

Pros: With Evorim, you can enjoy professional firewall protection service completely free. Moreover, you can export your firewall rules and import them to another computer. This exceptional feature helps you to install a firewall on any computer quickly.

Cons: The firewall does not provide any notification when it blocks any program automatically. Moreover, it does not provide a learning mode. 

Pricing: Free

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09. Sophos XG Firewall Home Edition

Now, most home multi-users use a single wifi network. So home cybersecurity might have more concern. Here Sophos XG Firewall is dedicated to providing not only computer security but also network security. It is free for home users. Sophos XG has its own operating system.

During installation, it overwrites all data. So you cannot change any applications when Sophos XG OS is running. The host computer needs a minimum of 4 cores processors and 6 GB RAM to be fully compatible with your system.

Sophos XG Firewall Home Edition

Important Features

  • With Sophos XG Firewall Home Edition, you can increase your bandwidth speed by prioritizing application traffic according to your requirement. Moreover, you can connect with multiple ISPs to get more bandwidth.
  • Parents can configure a safe surfing web for their kids and prohibit the kids from surfing bad sites.
  • Besides, you can set a bandwidth quota and schedule for family members. So it can save the wastage of bandwidth.
  • With VPN, you can access your home network from anywhere, anytime.
  • Sophos XG always monitors incoming and outgoing traffic. So it prohibits any malware, spyware attack.

Pros: Sophos has a good support system and provides training for users.

Cons: The cybersecurity report generation process is complicated. 

Pricing: Free.

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10. Netdefender

If you are looking for a free and easy-to-use firewall, then Netdefender is another option for you. Netdefender, a product of ENA, is the most renowned name in the antivirus industry. It is one of the best firewalls for Windows 10 users. It is a product of ENA.

This firewall provides all the basic functions of your computer network security. Besides, its installation process is so simple that anyone can install it without having IT knowledge. It prohibits DDoS attacks from your computer network. 


Important Features:

  • With Netdefender, you can prevent your computer network from malicious attacks. So, you can not suffer for network downtime.
  • You can set custom rules based on IP, Port, Protocol to the firewall for your computer network.
  • With a single click of the mouse, you can block or allow all traffic.
  • It can automatically filter all traffic, inbox, and downloaded files. And, if it finds any unauthorized pieces of stuff, then block it and warn you.
  • Besides, you can block annoying pop-up ads and spoof ARF attacks.

Pros: You can enjoy a user-friendly interface and a simple installation process.

Cons: Some features of Netdefender are unnecessary.

Pricing: Free.

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Our Recommendations

Each firewall which is discussed above here has been some pros and cons. Most of the firewalls offer free service. But if you want more protection and security of your computer network, you might choose a paid edition firewall. Choosing the best firewall for your Windows 10 operating system is always a crucial job.

If you are looking for complete protection against malware, spyware, and unauthorized attack, it is recommended for you to pick any firewall from the list of Comodo Firewall, ZoneAlarm, and Glasswire. If you are looking for beautiful visualization and real-time alert, you may choose either TinyWall or Glasswire.

On the other hand, you may choose firewalls free of cost between TinyWall, PeerBlock, AVS Firewall, Firewall App Blocker, Evorim, Sophos XG Firewall Home Edition, and Netdefender.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, installing a firewall is a wise decision to ensure your computer and network malware are free. If you do not want to pay the extra money, then you can choose a free firewall. Some firewalls are lightweight so that they do not consume extra memory. So here we shortlisted the best firewall for Windows 10. If you think any other firewalls are the best alternative, you may know us by writing in the comment section. Moreover, if you think this article is helpful for your friends and family, you may share it in your social media profile.

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