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Top 20 Best Horror Games for Android That You Can Play Right Now

We all have some friends and familiar persons who love to get afraid and so always enjoy watching horror movies and series. Even while playing games, they want to play some horror games. So, this article is for them. Because here I have tried to gather the scariest games and thus make a list of 20 Best Horror games for Android.

Best Horror Games for Android

Yes, all the games on the list are free to install and even update. But they may include some in-app purchases, but those are not mandatory. These games provide horrifying and mysterious stories, involved with the gameplay. Also, many of them provide missions, puzzles, and tasks. You can enjoy a few of them while being offline too. So, let’s have a look at these 20 Best Horror Games for Android.

1. Eyes- The Horror Game

Eyes-The-Horror-GameYou can give a try one Eye, one of the Best Horror Games for Android if you are a horror-fantasy concept lover. It is really a terrifying game and one of the most played multiplayer horror games. It comes with a satisfying resolution and sound effects. In this game, you have to save the hero from being caught by the ghosts and evil spirits. So, let’s see what it will offer for us.

Important Features

• Free to install and update.
• Including horrible looking monsters, ghosts and evil spirits as the blockers.
• One of the Scariest Games with doom atmosphere, sudden and jump scares and addictive gameplay.
• Offers lots of unlocked levels and systems.
• Provides multiple uses of the mystical eye so that you can see the monster’s tricks using twisted vision.
• Let you customize your own visual custom and provides music options.

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2. Evil Nun: Horror in the School

Evil-Nun-Scary-Horror-Game-AdventureAre you interested in playing some school-based scary horror games? If so, let’s have a look at Evil Nun: Horror in the School. The game tactics are horrifying but perceivable. You have to save the hero from the nun who can hear every sound you make. There are also many hostage children whom you have to rescue too. However, let’s see what the game offers.

Important Features

• Amazing graphics and resolution.
• Scariest sound effect.
• A mission-like game.
• Provide puzzles to complete the missions.
• You have to hide and ran to save your lives.
• It is hard to be pro but easy to play.

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3. Horror Hospital 2

Horror-Hospital-2Let me introduce you to another horror game for Android, Horror Hospital 2. It is actually the second version of the game Horror Hospital. But the second version gets more popularity than the first one. In the game, you have to escape death and lots of paranormal spirits in a haunted hospital. It also makes you involved with another story where a young girl is possessed and near to death. So, you have to save her too. Let’s see the important features of it.

Important Features

• Provides 2 different stories to get involved.
• The unique sound and music that matches the stories well.
• Amazing resolution and animation.
• Offers a wider world to explore as it is quite like an adventure game.
• Provides lots of unlocking options.
• It requires an internet connection.

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4. Slendrina: The Cellar

Slendrina-The-Cellar-FreeAre you looking for a mission like scary horror games? If yes, then you can have a look at this Horror Games for Android, Slendrina: The Cellar. The strategies are different but perceivable. In the game, Slendrina is the evil spirit that doesn’t like the presence of anyone in her territory. And you are there for a mission. Now, you have to escape Slendrina and her tactics. However, the game features are given below.

Important Features

• You have to find some missing books in Slendrina’s territory.
• You have to find out some keys to unlock some doors.
• Provides fascinating horror sound effect.
• Includes satisfying resolution and graphics.
• Offers lots of unlocking options.
• Provides a doom and dark atmosphere.

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5. Granny

GrannySay hello to another awesome horror game for Android, Granny. The sound effect with the combined stories must make goosebumps on you. However, game tactics are very easy and interesting. You have to hide without making any sounds. Otherwise, the terrible Granny will find you. Let’s see what the special features it includes.

Special Features

• Amazing music with scariest sound effects.
• Awesome resolution and graphics.
• Provides many unlock levels and options.
• Easy to play but hard to be the master of this game.
• Provides a doomed atmosphere.
• One of the scariest Android games.

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6. Zombie Hunter: Post Apocalypse Survival Game 

Zombie-Hunter-Sniper-Apocalypse-Survival-GamesAre you interested in some zombie killing game? Then meet Zombie Hunter: Post Apocalypse Survival Game, one of the best horror games for Android. It is a survival game where you have to kill the zombie gangs to save the world from them. It is quite an addictive game with a suitable sound effect and atmosphere. The strategies are quite perceivable, and you will get it soon. However, let’s see what it will offer.

Important Features

• Provides doom and horrible atmosphere with scariest sounds.
• Provides missions.
• 12 different types of weapons, and you can also update them.
• Provides a wider world to explore.
• Offers lots of unlocking options.
• Amazing graphics and resolution.

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7. True Fear: Forsaken Soul I 

True-Fear-Forsaken-Souls-ISay hello on another one among the most played free horror games, True Fear: Forsaken Soul I. The game’s tactics are easy but horrific. You have to rescue your sister and also to reveal the mystery of your mother’s death. At the same time, you have to escape the darkness and those evil spirits. Let’s have a look at the special features of this game.

Special Features

• Provides more than 20 puzzles to solve.
• Offers a scary atmosphere with terrifying sound effects.
• You have to escape lots of dark rooms and horrible objects.
• You have to engage with 15 different characters and experience their stories.
• Provides over 40 achievements.
• Offers puzzles and lots of unlocking materials.

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8. House of Slendarina

House-of-Slendrina-FreeIt is another mentionable horror game for Android. This is well-known as one of the popular free horror games that combine awesome resolution and scariest sound effect. In the case of this game, you have to find out Slendarina and have to explore lots of scariest situations. The tactics are easy but addictive. You can also explore a huge area here. Now, let’s see what’s more it will offer to us.

Important Features

• Provides puzzles to solve so that you can get new things unlocked.
• Includes amazing graphics and resolution.
• Packaged with terrifying sound effects.
• Provides lots of unlocking doors and options.
• Seemed to be easy at the beginning but becomes harder later.
• Provides apprehensive strategies.

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9. Slendarina: The Forest 

Slendrina-The-ForestIt is another version of Slendarina. This time, Slendarina is in a haunted forest where you will be haunted by lots of evil spirits and Slendarina’s ghost. The game tactics are easy to understand, but it is hard to be the master of this game. The scariest atmosphere and horrifying sound must produce feelings of horror, and I am pretty sure that you will love playing this game. So, you can have a glance at the most important features of this game.

Important Features

• Includes an atmosphere with terrifying sounds to provide the perfect feels.
• Amazing graphics and video effects.
• Offers missions and tasks to complete.
• You have found out some keys to unlock the doors and other options.
• Also provides puzzles.
• Easy to understand strategies.

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10. Sinister Edge: 3D Horror Game

Sinister-Edge-3D-Horror-GameLet me introduce you to another great horrific game, Sinister Edge: 3D Horror Game. It is quite like a survival game where you have to search for your family in doom and terrifying territory, full of evil spirits and demons. The game strategies are amazing, and you can understand it very soon. Besides, the doom and the horrifying environment is also worth to be praised. So, you can have a glimpse of the special features of this game.

Important Features

• Amazing 3D graphics and video quality.
• Required an Internet connection.
• Terrifying sound effects and atmosphere.
• Provides puzzles to unlock lots of doors and options.
• Includes special VR controlling mode.
• Provides free demo video with instructions.

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11. Slender Man Origins 3 Free. Abandoned School

Slender-Man-Origins-3-Free.-Abandoned-SchoolThe next one is Slender Man Origins 3 Free. Abandoned School, one of the Best Horror Games for Android. There is an awesome and mysterious story in the game. Here, you have to rescue the hostage souls of the children who were lost from the school. So, in the abandoned school you have to explore alone and destroy the Slender Man. However, let’s see what it will offer.

Important Features

• Provides amazing story and sequences.
• Packed with awesome resolution and graphics.
• Doom atmosphere is packed with scary sounds and scream.
• Offers lots of survival elements to make more thrilling.
• Easy but interesting game tactics.
• Provides lots of unlocked operations.

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12. Horror Clown Survival 

Horror-Clown-SurvivalNow, it is a clown you have to meet. Horror Clown Survival is one of the popular scary games for Android that you can install and play for free. In the game, there are 5 teenagers who are haunted by a shape-shifting bloodthirsty creature who is actually a clown. It includes a very fearful atmosphere and scary sounds. Let’s see what it will offer.

Important Features

• Provides gorgeous 3D graphics and animation.
• Including fearful sounds and atmosphere.
• Provides lots of tricky puzzles and missions.
• There are scary ghosts, monsters, and evil spirits everywhere.
• You have to find out the hidden objects, maps, and elements.
• Provides lots of horror and scary levels.

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13. Dead Trigger 2- Zombie Survival Shooter FPS

DEAD-TRIGGER-2-Zombie-Survival-Shooter-FPSDead Trigger 2 is the popular horror game for Android. Here, the lethal virus is spread all over the world that has the power of human mutation. So, you have to kill the Zombies that have already been mutated. The story is awesome, and the video quality is satisfied. Let’s see what else it offers.

Important Features

• Provides more than 50 different types of weapons.
• Offers more than 600 game levels.
• 3D graphics and scary sound effects.
• You have to learn military squad tactics to develop the character.
• Provides amazing FPS sniper gun weapons.

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14. Into the Dead

Into-the-DeadLet me introduce you to another challenging horror game for Android, Into the Dead. It is also a Zombie killing action game for Android devices. It is also one of the most familiar scary horror games. Here, again, you have to kill the zombies to save the world. At the same time, you have to save yourself. For that, you can use your weapons and have to run fast. However, let’s meet the special features of this game.

Special Features

• This game lets you use different types of weapons to kill the zombies.
• You can get those weapons customized as you wish.
• This game is tablet-optimized.
• Awesome 3D graphics and sound effects.
• Provides lots of unlocked areas to explore.
• Offers lots of unlocked weapons.

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15. Last day of Earth: Survival 

Last-Day-on-Earth-SurvivalIt is 2027, and a dangerous infection is spread that turns humans into Zombies. Now, only a few human beings are alive as a person, and you are one of them. Now, the task you are given is to save the world from being destroyed as the human race is destroyed itself. Let’s see what it offers.

Important Features

• It will soon make you addictive.
• Provides a fearful sound effect with doom and scariest atmosphere.
• Offers 3D graphics and animation.
• Provides lots of weapons to save the human race from the zombies.
• Offers lots of unlocked options and areas.
• Let you explore a wide territory.

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16. Man or Vampire 

Man-or-VampireIt is another paradise where the souls of the dead people are living under the rules of Vampires. But the king of paradise can only control this phenomenon. It is also considered as one of the most played scary horror games. Here, you have to go through different survival options to be the king of paradise. However, let’s see what it will offer.

Important Features

• Provides a wide and big territorial world to explore.
• Includes awesome graphics and sound effects.
• Offers weapons to kill the zombies and also to save yourself.
• Provides battle and fights.
• Offers missions and little tasks to complete.
• Simple and easy game tactics.

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17. Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival

Grim-Soul-Dark-Fantasy-SurvivalIt is a game with simple but addictive tactics and strategies. In this game, the inhabitants of an area are turned into some evil spiritual souls — all you have to do it to survive as long as you can. Dangerous evil entities have covered the area, and it is not very easy to escape them. However, let’s see what it offers.

Special Features

• Fascinating video quality and sound effects.
• Provides a fearful and doom atmosphere.
• Easy and addictive gameplay.
• Provides a huge territory to explore.
• Let you build your own Castle and develop it.
• Offers help from the Ravens and the Horses.

More info & Download

18. Dead Target: Zombie Shooting Game

DEAD-TARGET-Offline-Zombie-Shooting-FPS-SurvivalNow it is 2040, and World War III has broken out. This time, warfare is different modern. Somehow, the enemies invent a virus that turns the dead man into some bloodthirsty inhuman and evil entities like zombies. Now, you have to save the world from those evil things using your weapons and war techniques. It is the story of Dead Target: Zombie Shooting Game. The features are the following.

Special Features

• This zombie shooting game is much more addictive.
• The Zombies appear with lots of pows.
• The fearful atmosphere and sound effects.
• Provides achievement boards.
• Offers lots of 3D weapons and tactics.
• Provides leaderboard with killing count.

More info & Download

19. Into the Dead 2: Zombie Survival

Into-the-Dead-2-Zombie-SurvivalIn this game, you have to kill zombies with weapons so that you can save your family. The game tactics are easy but terrifying. It includes a fearful atmosphere to provides the scariest feelings. However, let’s meet the special features of this game.

Special Features

• Provides weapons like guns and matching guns to shoot the zombies.
• Provides 7 chapters and over 60 stages.
• Let you develop your skill so that you can win special prizes.
• You can get lots of unlocked weapons and options.
• Provides an extensive area to explore.

More info & Download

20. Zombie Frontier 3: Sniper FPS

Zombie-Frontier-3-Sniper-FPSI am going to end up the list with Zombie Frontier 3: Sniper FPS. Here, the world is affected by a vaccine that the propaganda developed to mutate humans into zombies. So, the world is now full of these deadly entities. And you are the very hero who has to save the world from those zombies.

Special Features

• Provides 3D walking zombies and an apocalypse world.
• Provides over 120 levels to explore.
• Provides over 30 different types of guns, including MP5, AK47, Desert Eagle, FN SCAR, HK 416.
• Offers 5 boss battles and about 60 sniper missions.
• Offers 2 LDC maps to find new areas.
• Awesome graphics, resolution along with terrifying sound effects.

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Final Thought

So, I think now, it will not be a fact for you to find out the Best Horror Games for Android. If you love to play a zombie shooting game, then there are a lot of options. You can try Dead Trigger or Into the Dead. But if you love mystery and ghosts, then Slendarina’s games can be good for you. Besides, Eye and Granny are also exciting enough to amaze you. So, I hope you can now enjoy your times with these scary horror games.

Let me know which one you are choosing to play. Don’t forget to remind me if I have mistaken something important. Also, stay closure without comments, suggestions, and feedback. Thank you for staying with us.


  1. If you want a true horror game, I suggest you play the Jusou. Its available on mobile and it’s by far the best horror game I’ve played in my life. warning, that game is EXTREMELY scary and Gruesome. it’s a point and click game also.

  2. I have played ALOT of horror & bloody escape games, even the ones you have here! Im on now Number 752 horor game, its really scary* dont know if you played it but try it, you’ll like it* did Silent Hill the full game* now thats a trip* i think they have way too many of granny games out* but i did watch 63 games on YouTube with all of everyone like, Ice Screem dude n The Butcher n granny n Slinder n daughter n The Nun, there just a bunch of them that was put together, it’s pretty funny, and cool as hell! If you havent seen it look it up in YouTube, you will enjoy it 100% thete is more than 63 that was put out. But thout I would stop by to see if there was something I havnt played! I’ll check in now n then.


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