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Top 15 Best Microsoft Word Cover Page Templates [Free Download]

In the academic and professional arenas, you need to prepare the cover page that conveys the first impression of your content. So creating an attractive cover page makes your reports or essay more professional-looking. Moreover, it not only makes your writing more attractive but also provides a helpful summary of your writing by introducing the author, title, date, and abstract. If you are a Microsoft Word user, you may find lots of cover page templates. Here we have discussed several cover page templates to make your writing more impressive. So if you are going to write a professional report or academic essay, you must read the article. Because it provides a perfect guideline you how to make your writing more appealing.

Best Microsoft Word Cover Page Templates

The contents of your cover page depend on what kind of report or project writing you are prepared. Read on the cover page templates so that you can easily point out what type of elements are included in your cover page. So you can prepare your own cover page by following the professional cover page example.

In this article, we have listed the top 15 best Microsoft Word cover page templates from Microsoft Office templates library. Our listed cover page templates contain templates for business reports, educational essays, creative templates, and multiple purposes. Let’s check it out and make your Microsoft Word cover page more attractive.

Templates for Business Reports

A corporate executive or business entrepreneur prepares many business proposals and business reports for business purposes. If you are making a cover page with this business report, then your business report would be more engaging. Let’s check out the top-rated cover page for the business report.

1. Median Theme

The eye-catching business cover page median theme provides lots of options to insert many commands. The best part of this template is that you can start your report with this cover page. It lets you insert a photo with a large title. Besides, it has an option to insert the date, subtitle, and summary of the report.

Median Theme Best Microsoft Word Cover Page Templates

Moreover, the second page of this template starts with the title and subtitle along with headlines, paragraphs, and quotes section. So median theme is the best option for preparing a cover page for a business report.


2. Report (Executive design)

The report executive design cover page template comes with a professional geometric design. This cover page is designed in a purple-based color scheme. You can write a large title in the middle of the cover page. Besides, you can write a subtitle and abstract after the title of the page. The abstract section is colored by purple background and white color text that makes it more eye-catching.

Report (Executive design)

The second page of the cover page presents a nice combination of white, black, and purple color combinations. You can insert the title, headline, paragraphs on this page. It also offers a sidebar with a purple background where you can highlight the key points of the report. If you are looking for a stylish cover page, you can consider this template.


3. Formal Cover Page with Blue Vertical Lines

Formal Cover Page with Blue Vertical Lines

If you are looking for a simple but modern Microsoft Word cover page, you may like this cover page. This cover page comes with three different shapes blue vertical lines on the right side of the page. The page contains the title, subtitle, abstract, author’s name, and date. This cover page can not find in the Microsoft Office template library, but you can download it from external sources for free.


4. Report Cover Page Dark Blue Weaves

Personally, I like this dark blue weaves Microsoft Word cover page because of its beautiful curvy design element for the report header and footer. You can highlight your title in the center of the page. Another great option on this cover page is that you can add subtitles, company slogan, motto, and logo on the top of the page. Besides, you can introduce the author and write a short note at the bottom of the page.

Report Cover Page Dark Blue Weaves

If you are looking for an elegant design Microsoft Word cover page, report cover page dark blue weaves cover page is the great choice for you.


Templates for Academic Report

A student needs to submit an educational essay or term paper for his course assignment and he needs to prepare a cover page as the mandatory part of every assignment. Thanks, Microsoft Word for offering a pre-build cover page library that makes it easy to prepare a cover page.

Here we recommend you four best Microsoft Word cover page templates that are specially designed for educational purposes. Let’s check out the cover page for the educational essay and term paper.

5. Student Paper Cover Page

Student paper cover page is an excellent option to design a cover sheet for term paper. You can easily access this cover page template and input data based on your requirement. In this cover page template, you can insert an image on the top of the page and therefore you can write your report title, your name, course name, instructor name, and date of submission. Besides, you can delete the unnecessary part of the template.

Student Paper Best Microsoft Word Cover Page Templates

Similar to the business cover page, it has a second page where you can insert headings, subheadings, report summary, bullet for key points, quotes, and perfect pictures. If you need to use MLA and APA citation style on your report, you can use this cover page.


6. Student Report with Cover

This is lovely cover page comes with a compact design that you can use not only for school essays but also for a book cover page or history report. This template helps you to nicely present your thoughts by adding a large photo on the cover page. Besides, you can add the report title, report subtitle, name, course name, and date.

Student Report with Cover

This cover page contains two pages. On the second page, you can add headings, subheadings, and report summaries with bullets. If you want to personalize your report cover page you can use this template.


7. Collaborative paper

If you have more than one author to prepare a report, then this cover page template is handy for you. You can include all team members’ names on this cover page. Moreover, you can write your class, semester, instructor name, and date on this cover page. Furthermore, you can add a vertical image on your cover page to make it more attractive.

Collaborative paper

Another best part of this cover page is that you can give a short description of your report or essay on the second page of your cover page. On this page, you add headings, subheadings, numbering, or bulleting the key points of your topic nicely. Overall, it is a convenient formatting option to present your cover page as you like.


8. APA-Style Cover Pages

If the instructor only accepts an APA-style cover page, this section provides you with a bundle of APA-style cover pages. To follow this section download link, you get a few cover page templates that follow APA-style. Each cover page contains double line spacing, one-inch margin, 12 point font size.

APA-Style Cover Pages Best Microsoft Word Cover Page Templates

Besides, all APA-style cover pages in this section come with Times New Roman font style. And, each cover page follows the correct rules for page numbering. Moreover, you may find multiple cover page options like one author, multiple authors with the same institution as well as one or multiple affiliations. So you can download your required APA-style cover page from the below download link.


9. Text Background Cover Page

Text Background Cover Page

This is another educational cover page that offers you to enter your report title, subtitle, author, and date. In this template, you can enter the date by clicking on the drop-down calendar. The background covers with text which is editable. So you can make fun by inputting your own words that help to make your cover page unique.


Creative Cover Page Templates

If you are looking for an aesthetically beautiful cover page that is stylish, full color, and fun; this is the right section for you. You can use these Microsoft Word cover pages templates for the different types of book covers, magazine covers, creative workshop reports, brochures, and more. So let’s check out the creative cover page templates for different projects.

10. Stylish Book Cover

Stylish Book Cover

This cover page is the best for the book cover. Its background is designed from the concept of old-fashioned yellow paper. On this cover page, you can add the title of your book and a short description. So you can create a stylish book cover in a few minutes.


11. Intelligent Solution Cover Page

If you are looking for an abstract design cover page, you can pick this cover page. Bright and powerful blue abstract design makes you elegant feel. At the top of the page, you write your cove page title and at the bottom, you can provide a brief summary of your report.

Intelligent Solution Cover Page

This cover page picture is located in the header section and you find the best printing result for borderless desktop printers. It uses Swiss 721 Light font, if you find the font is not similar to the screen font, you make sure that font is missing in your PC. So you need to download this font to find the best output of this cover page.


12. Purple Lined Cover Page

Purple Lined Cover Page

Do you like big space for cover page design? The purple lined cover page is designed with the purple-colored horizontal line and gree color border of every line that makes it stylish and modern. The middle part of the page is the area for the title and abstract.


All-Purpose Cover Page

The above cover page is not best suited for your project, maybe all-purpose cover page templates can meet your requirements. You can use these Microsoft Word cover page templates for both business and educational purposes. Besides, you remove any block from the cover page. All cover page is fully customizable, so you can redesign them according to your requirements.

13. Abstract Design Cover Page

Abstract Design Best Microsoft Word Cover Page Templates

This unique design cover page template is highly recommended for professional usage. You can put down the title, subtitle, author, and company information in the middle of the cover page. Besides, there is a placeholder for the year on the abstract design. This template is fully editable, so you can change any format if you wish.


14. Sample Report Cover Template

Sample Report Cover Template

This is one of the finest cover page templates that you can use in different types of report presentations. The main theme color of this cover page is dark ash and the left side comes with a zigzag design in a blueish color rectangle shape. Similar to other cover pages, you can add a title, subtitle, a summary of the report. Besides, it has a placeholder of the year at the top of the page. In addition, you can write the author’s name and date at the bottom of the cover page.


15. Basic Cover Page

Basic Cover Page Best Microsoft Word Cover Page Templates

If you are looking for a neat and clean cover page template, this cover page is the perfect choice for you. There is no fancy photo or design on the cover page. It looks so fresh. Just black color font on the white sheet. This cover page lets you enter the title, subtitle, author, and summary. All contents are centered and evenly spaced. This cover page is fully customizable so you can remove or enter any content.


Our Recommendations

In this article, we only cover free Microsoft Word cover page templates but there are lots of premium Word cover page templates on the web which are not free. If you are looking for the best free Microsoft Word cover pages, definitely our list is the best collection for you.

We have covered all types of cover page templates so you can easily pick the right one for you. First of all, point out your requirements, then sort the best-suited cover page template for you.

Though the median theme would be the best choice for a business report and an APA-style cover page is the most acceptable for educational purposes. However, you can pick anyone from our list.

Finally, Insights

Hopefully, you may find the cover page from our list make your business report or educational essay more attractive. If you can not find a perfect cover page from the list, you can create a custom cover page template on your Microsoft Word. But it is time-consuming. Another way to get a cover page is by purchasing from different creative content provider websites.

So what’s your experience? Let’s share your experience in choosing a Microsoft Word cover page. In addition, you are requested to share this article with your friends so that they can download a free Microsoft Word cover page for their business or academic report submission.

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