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Top 10 Best Star Trek Games For PC | Have You Played All?

Star trek games for PC are like creating a potential series of games based on cosmology and space-themed gameplay. Trek fandom produces the most creative and never-ending bunch of games that deal with the universe and can be pretty enjoyable to play on PC. These games are mostly multiplayer games where you can experience the mesmerizing graphics of the space universe along with a wide range of spacecraft. The exploration in this kind of game is unique and full of adventure.  These games are incredible to watch and play with or without the VR effect among all-star- trek gamers.

Best Star Trek Games For PC

Initially, Star Trek was a text-based computer game. Eventually, an unlimited series of games are made with keeping in mind the gamer’s likes and dislikes. You have to face new challenges and missions. It has been more than four decades now, and it released quite a series of games since today. We are giving top star trek games for PC below so that you can experience the fun of space missions within the best gameplay.

1. Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force

Elite Force is one of the most popular games on PC for star-trek fans. This is a shooting game with the peaceful environment of Starfleet. The game might feel incongruous in a striking way initially, but as you move further, it makes sense. This game is popular especially for its violent soldiers of the Fortune series. You play this game as a group and complete missions to complete the game. With a wide variety of weapons, enemies, and challenges, this game is all intense and beautiful.

Star Trek Voyager Elite Force Star Trek Games for PCImportant features

  • You will get to play as a member of the Elite Force against the dangerous races of the Delta Quadrant on various missions.
  • You have to battle the Brog, Species 8472, Hirogen, and more other races of Delta where its enemies have different criteria to knock it down.
  • Also, this game will seem pretty interesting as you find a wide range of weapons and upgrades of weapons eventually in the gameplay.
  • The plotline is pretty good. You can literally relate to every detail with the star-trek storyline while playing.
  • The main target is to rescue the trapped U.S.S. Voyager in starship graveyard, and so you have to reach to him and protect.
  • However, this game is complete entertainment as you can finish it off instead of playing a couple of levels and leave it uncomplete. 

Pros: This game is full of adventure with all those shooting weapons and nasty aliens and given tasks along with the quality graphics and sound system.

Cons: The game has some plotholes and might feel kind of boring at the end because attacking those aliens are all you have to do at the last level of the game.

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2. Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online is an online-based combat game themed on space combat and plenty of interesting elements to enjoy a star-trek game to the fullest. This game has an excellent foundry system that refers to player-made missions to play. The game has a great story and all the contents so that you can feel like an authentic star-trek game along with the character customization and reputation. You can enjoy your very own star-trek experience with your customized captain with 160 episodes. 

Star Trek OnlineImportant features

  • You can play in contents both in space and the ground to explore strange things in the new world of star-trek. 
  • This is a free-to-play online game with an ever-expanding feature with a triple-A MMO for free.
  • You can choose your faction to fight for the federation, defense force with a wide variety of ships as the caption of the team and lead it in your own direction. 
  • Not only your character but also your spaceship can be customized following your choice, starting from color to construction.
  • Besides, you can encounter various alien species in the game based on the iconic star-trek franchise and the universal featuring the story.
  • 100+ star-trek locations visiting all 4 quadrants to explore the galaxy and experience the real fun of star-trek gameplay.

Pros:  You can always find content updates that allow you new locations and iconic characters with customization of avatar, bridge crews, and ships, etc.

Cons: The space engine is great to operate in space, but it seems a bit laggy, buggy, and unsmooth in the ground.

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3. Star Trek™: Bridge Crew

Star Trek: Bridge Crew is one of the most popular star-trek games for PC as you can immerse the universe of spacecraft with both VR and non-VR players. The main mission is to explore an unknown area of space called a Trench. You have to find a better place to make a new homeworld for the Vulcan population. As you play the game, you have to strategically decide the decision among the crew and coordinate actions to complete the mission. The game is complete gameplay for you and your friends as team gameplay.

Star Trek Bridge CrewImportant features

  • As it is a game of the crew, coordination, team play, communication, and group collaboration will be as important as individual skills to overcome the mission.
  • You can make a crew of four members with your friends to act responsibly as Captain, Helm, Tactical, and Engineer.
  • The great storyline with enjoyable audio and graphical representation will mesmerize you to enjoy a star-trek game completely.
  • The game features an “Ongoing Mission” mode that basically generates missions for unlimited gameplay hours for all the solo and co-op adventures.
  • You must need an Uplay account and Uplay PC application to activate and install the diverse experience of this gameplay with your friends.
  • Besides, you can encounter mechanics like tactical scanners, engineer repair teams, counter subsystems, and phaser banks originally from the star-trek series.

Pros: This is online-based gameplay to spend the best experience with your friends having space missions together where each team leader is essential to complete the mission.

Cons: This game might feel difficult to co-operate if you do not have friends to play the 3 major roles apart from the captain.

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4. Star Trek: Starfleet Command

Star Trek: Starfleet Command is one of the best star trek games for PC that deals with amazing real-time space combat experience. All star-trek elements like the Federation of Planets, Klingon Empire, Romulan Star Empire, and the Hydran Kingdom are there in this game. You will have to choose from four classes of ships and over fifty 3D rendered hull designs. This can be the best choice for you if you are looking to relive a classic star-trek game.

Starfleet CommandImportant features

  • You will encounter a  30-year campaign that takes you in control of a task force where you face a task force consists of Destroyers, Heavy Cruisers, and Dreadnoughts.
  • You will get instant access to critical systems like weapons, Shields, Transporters, Marines, Mines, Engineering, Science and Energy Management, etc.
  • It is full of diverse challenges with unique missions created by the Dynaverse engine to make the game enjoyable in every step.
  • A wide range of multiplayer options is there, along with “Pass the Tribble” and cooperative gameplay, consisting of up to six players in a single gameplay.
  • The detailed ship-to-ship stimulator makes it easier to play with the skirmish modes to enjoy the game to the fullest.
  • You can customize the skirmish modes starting from points to allocate the ship crew or extras to ship details of your enemies or allies receive.

Pros: This is a worthy game if you want to experience the classic star-trek gameplay along with all detailed factions and HUD.

Cons: The graphics of this game is not so amazing to play, but the sound is incredibly cool and gives you real pleasure.

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5. Star Trek: Judgment Rites

Star Trek: Judgment Rites is one of the oldest star trek games for PC, which is very popular among gamers from the very beginning. This is a war-based star trek gameplay with an outstanding storyline and great challenges. The game is full of twists and interesting plots where you seek for the reason of detecting a life form in a dead planet and seek for the answer of advanced technology within a primitive race. You will know as you play it and discloses all the mysteries from the game.

Important features

  • This game is pretty challenging and has a great plotline so that the players feel the tension as they play the game any further.
  • The graphics might be outdated, but it doesn’t matter because the gameplay is way too good to notice the classic low-quality visuals.
  • You might find yourself stuck when you miss out on some items or did not explore all the things you found in the surrounding. 
  • This game doesn’t have any tutorials, so you have to find the book or key bindings on the internet for game manuals. 
  • You have to employ the actual logic to solve the puzzles. Pixelated graphics can make it a bit harder to identify, but that’s enjoyable as well.
  • This classic star-trek will bring back the old-time game vibe with an amazing gaming experience.

Pros: This game can be pretty enjoyable for any star-trek lovers, full of plots and RPG puzzles in a real classic star-trek gameplay.

Cons: This game doesn’t have the facility to autosave as it is a very classic game. You have to save it from time to time while playing the game; otherwise, you might have to redo the mission. 

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6. Star Trek: The Next Generation – Birth of the Federation

This game is a turn-based video game for PC where the mission of the player is to build an empire by taking control of either the United Federation of Planets, the Klingon Empire, the Romulan Star Empire, the Ferengi Alliance, or the Cardassian Union. Five playable races, along with some minor races, are there to colonize and expand the power all around. You can include many canons or non-canon starship classes. Hence, this game is worthy of star trek gameplay if you like turn-based war star-trek games.

Star Trek The Next Generation - Birth of the FederationImportant features

  • Includes two main modes, which are “Domination” and Vendetta,” where domination mode demands the player to conquer a portion of the galaxy.
  • “Vendetta,” more in the gameplay, demands the player destroy the empire’s two racial enemies rather than conquer. 
  • Enjoy both single and multiplayer in the game to experience both solos when you’re alone and group gaming when you want to play with friends.
  • It offers a wide range of ships so that you can experience each ship according to your demand and don’t feel bored about it. 
  • Even in the non-canon section, you will get a huge number of starship classes, including Federation ships, Klingon ships, Romulan ships, and many more.
  • Play minor races from your conquered or voluntary area and gain a bonus.  Once they become a part of your area, you can construct the race-specific structure.

Pros: This game is pretty amazing if you like turn-based games. This deadly combination of turn-based and star trek gaming will leave a mesmerizing adventurous feeling as you play.

Cons: This game is visually unattractive in some cases, and this game doesn’t play in windows 8.1. You need to fix few bugs to play it more smoothly.

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7. Star Trek: Armada

Star Trek: Armada is one of the best star trek games for PC with the theme of real-time strategy. It is gameplay with both single and multiplayer options to make it more enjoyable for all-time gamers who like to play solo or in a group. The multiplayer is an internet-based combat mode, and the single-player is a campaign mode. Federation, Klingon, Romulan, and Borg are the main factions to build and maintain fleets. Moreover, each ship can build six types of spaceships, and the player has to complete twenty missions which include a wide range of motives.

Armada Star Trek Games for PCImportant features

  • A huge range of starts and weapons you can find in the game as you go deeper in the game along with various upgrades.
  • The venture, as one of the newest additions to Starfleet’s armenda, a highly maneuverable, lightly armored vessel for deep spacing and atmospheric flight.
  • It has some restrictions of crew complement and limited space as it is made to fulfill short-range exploration. 
  • You will get a temporal research facility to know more about spaceships and starships and the criteria of those ships so that you can make your strategy accordingly.
  • You can get some special weapons while playing the game that will be completely unpredictable for the player.
  • As a player, you can make your own ship as you go along in a single and multiplayer gameplay. Instant action is also a part of the game here.

Pros: It is indeed one impressive real-time strategy-based game that combines action, strategy, and star-trek elements all together. 

Cons: You can experience some glitches as you play the game, which is pretty disturbing at intense moments of your gameplay.

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8. Star Trek: Away Team

It is a strategy-based game with a star-trek theme where the mission of the crew is to battle against a threat and survive. The crew has all special commandos, each having different capabilities. The threat is to galactic peace from a far-reaching conspiracy. You must choose members of the crew by keeping in mind the strength and weaknesses of the crew members. Nevertheless, in some cases, the member you pick can reward you with racial bonuses or special abilities, which will give you extra benefits in the game.

Star Trek Away TeamImportant features

  • This game has lots of customization processes that will give you a feeling of freedom in designing a crew you want to work with.
  • You must choose the tools that should be carried by the crew members with strategical purposes which will give you benefits in wars.
  • The objective of each mission can be changed based on the current circumstances, which makes it more realistic to conclude any result of the mission. 
  • The plotline is amazingly done in the theme of star-trek, and the story is advanced with dialogues in between missions you are going to participate in.
  • Also, it has some nice images of Starfleet along with cool tag lines like “Squad-Based Strategy: Unofficial, Unseen, Unknown,” etc. 
  • You are in charge of the whole group, and so you will kind of feel like a leader and maintain a strategy to become successful in each mission.

Pros: This game is a solid and fun experience with not too tough or special in any aspect. It is relaxing gameplay for any level of players because of its average difficulty.

Cons: The AI in this game is really poor, and the puzzles get old real fast. The graphics are also adequate to fulfill the demand.

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9. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – The Fallen

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is a star trek game for PC which focuses on the rescue mission of the lost orbs and Pah-wraiths. A wide range of missions is incorporated in this amazing game to overcome the main target. The difficulty level goes high as you go further into the game. As a team, you have to break the force and stops the risky experiment from saving the world. The game has a strong and interesting storyline with a bit of plot twist. Henceforth, be prepared for any kind of turn while playing this game.

Deep Space Nine - The FallenImportant features

  • It is a third-person shooter game not having a real engine, and it is not even pre-rendered, so it is pretty fun to play.
  • With the scariest variety of aliens and other enemies, this game will keep you all focused on the game to complete the mission one by one.
  • The game is originally from a book series on star trek, and the game is full of equipment to serve as a game of star-trek series.
  • On top of that, it has awesome graphics and deeper gameplay which includes minor puzzles and varieties of weapons having a variety of strengths.
  • The player gets to play Sisko, Kira, and Worf, the most popular characters that will keep your interest level high.
  • This game is a great choice if you like old and classic star trek games and want to relive the classics with an excellent soundtrack.

Pros: This game can be played with the easiest access and relatively lower configuration on PC and a worthy star-trek game to enjoy.

Cons: There are some occasional glitches with the rendering of the video, which can be fixed with a patch and the graphics.

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10. Star Trek: Bridge Commander

Star Trek: Bridge Commander is a space simulation gameplay of the star-trek series, which is a very popular one among gamers on PC. You are in command of your own Starfleet, and you have to coordinate the vessel with all your senior staff to complete the task and overcome the missions. The strong cinematic storyline will leave an impression of star-trek as you play the role of a first officer of the galaxy starship. Moreover, you will be able to solve the mystery and discover the underlying reasons for stellar explosion and prevent it.

Star Trek Bridge CommanderImportant features

  • You will get to interest all the classic major races and some minor races during the gameplay that will give you a perfect star-trek gaming experience.
  • The voice in this game character is done by several star-trek alumni, making it even more enjoyable to watch the storyline.
  • Besides, you have to pick up the pieces and know your enemies to start the mission and fulfill the target.
  • This game offers you both single-player and multiplayer options where you can enjoy both solo gaming or gaming with your group of friends and make the best use of it.
  • There is a wide range of ships, and you can command two different ships in a single-player campaign so that your mission keeps under your control the whole time.
  • You can choose a wide range of ships in multiplayer mode and enjoy playing this awesome gameplay with your friends.

Pros: This game will take you and your gaming mates to the classic star-trek gameplay with the quality plotline and audio visualization.

Cons: As with old gameplay, there are some glitches and technical bugs in the game. As you play longer, you might get used to a bit of it.

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Our Recommendation

Star-Trek games are somewhat coming from a very old generation of games for PC. Not all star-trek games are that good to play. The graphics might not be as good as modern games, but it is still popular among those gamers who want to relive the classic star-trek experience. However, the true fans of the star-trek series are most eager to play these games. Old or not, these gamers are always enjoyable to almost every group of people.

Among all the 10 games, we recommend you to play Star Trek: Armada as it offers you a wide variety of star-trek experiences with the option to play single or as a group. Accordingly, it combines all the elements like action, intelligence, strategy, and adventure that too with the theme of star trek. This game is all you need to enjoy a star-trek game to its fullest.

Finally, Insights

From older to newer, all star-trek movies have a common background of star-trek series. The main characters of star trek games for PC are more or less similar. Yet, the freedom in building up gameplay or characters and their capabilities vary from each other on each game. Some of the gamers are so old that it was pixelated, but that doesn’t make the game any less interesting. The twists and missions are always favorite to star-trek fans as they experience the universe of spacecraft, ships, and various races. Follow our features, pros, and cons, along with the official link of each game.

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