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20 Best Weight Loss Apps for Android | Track Your Fitness

Who doesn’t want to have a fit and healthy figure? Yes, everyone wants to maintain a good figure and a healthy lifestyle. But often and even very easily, we get more weight than we want. So, being overweight is now a common problem. If you are also in such a problem, you can then keep the best weight loss app for Android. Here, I have added the 20 best weight loss apps for Android that may help you.

Best Weight Loss Apps for Android

A weight-loss app can help you in losing weight in many ways. It can provide a reminder for a workout, make a workout plan, provide a diet food chart, etc. So, the first thing is to check the features of these apps and then rethink your needs. Hopefully, you will find the best weight loss apps for Android that can be a great help to you.

1. Weight Loss Tracker, BMI 

Weight-Loss-Tracker-BMIDo you make a plan or target to lose weight within a particular time period? If yes, then install Weight Loss Tracker, BMI. It is one of the best weight loss or workout apps for Android that you use to install, use and update completely for free. This amazing app is packed with tons of exciting, important features to reach your target desired weight systematically.

Important Features

  • Provides lots of physical analyses of your body constituents that help you learn how to lose weight.
  • The active BMI calculator will always improve your stay in the way of your target destination.
  • Will work as your weight diary and calculate your calorie, workout timing, and water absorption.
  • Provides lots of effective diet charts.
  • Provides good workout plans.
  • Customizable theme and easy-to-use procedures.
  • Offers weight loss goals and lists and history of body data.

2. Loss Weight in 30 Days

What the name says, look again. So, are you willing to lose weight within 30 days? If yes, then give a look at this app, Loss Weight in 30 Days. Following the user’s reviews, it is one of Android’s best weight loss apps. This lightweight app is very active and good to look at. You can customize and install it within a few seconds. However, have a look over the features.

Important Features

  • Will track your progress in weight loss and burning fat.
  • Provides a good and impressive workout plan.
  • The workout plan provided by it will gradually increase the workout lists.
  • Will Provide a particular section for males and females.
  • Includes different workout plans for different body parts.
  • Will work as your weight loss diary and fitness coach.

3. Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

Calorie-Counter-MyFitnessPalI will recommend Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal if you are unsure about gaining muscle, losing weight, or doing both. Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal is such a great app that will help you with unbelievable features. It will keep its eye on every facet of your diet list and your lifestyle. However, let’s have a glimpse of the features of this app.

Important Features

  • Includes 6+ million foods along with different cuisines.
  • It will count all the nutrients you are taking, including Calories, fat, protein, carbs, sugar, fiber, cholesterol, vitamins, and others.
  • Will encourage you to riching your destination of weight loss, weight gain, and weight maintenance.
  • It will provide motivation, support, tips, and advice to reach your goal of weight.
  • Provides an effective workout plan with350 different forms and time schedules.
  • Will track the food and water you are consuming.

4. Lose It! – Calorie counter

Lose-It-Calorie-CounterDo you want to lose it? I mean all your unwanted weight. Then install Lose It! – Calorie Counter, one of Android’s best weight loss apps. This outstanding weight loss app is very effective and fun. It is very easy to use and customize. You will find almost all the necessary features you will need to reach your goal within a particular period of time. Let’s see what more it will provide.

Important Features

  • It will provide an impressive workout plan and lessons.
  • Will track your food, weight, and activity and suggest tips accordingly.
  • Will motivate you to reach your goal weight destination.
  • Easy to use and customize.
  • Completely free and includes no third-party ads.
  • Provides effective diet charts and calorie counting approach.

5. 30 Day Fitness Challenge – Workout at Home

30-Day-Fitness-ChallengeIf you are looking for a scientifically proven weight loss app to use as a challenge, then you can give it a try on the 30 Day Fitness Challenge – Workout at Home. It is another one of the best weight loss apps for Android. It is fast and easy to use the app. A group of professional fitness couches specially designs this stunning app. So, you must find it very effective. See the features of this app below to learn more about it.

Important Features

  • Provides several sections for men and women.
  • It offers different workout plans for abs, weight loss, muscle gaining, etc.
  • Will provide tips for exercising at home.
  • Will track the food and water you will consume.
  • Will track your training and loss progress automatically.
  • Includes workout reminders and video demo instructions.

6. Weight Loss – 10 kg/10 days, Fitness App 

Weight-Loss-10-kg10-daysDo you have some special events very soon? And you want to lose weight for those events? If yes, then say hello to Weight Loss – 10 kg/10 days, Fitness App. According to the user’s reviews, it is very effective, and also it is one of the best weight loss apps for Android. This stunning app is easy to use and full of trendy and impressive features. If you want, you can have a look at them below.

Important Features

  • Will offer 3 Levels of training to reach your goal.
  • Provides instruction and tips for science-based daily workout routines and plans.
  • Will offer lots of effective diet plans.
  • Will keep all the records of your training and weight loss progress.
  • Provides reminders for your meal, water, and workout.
  • Step by step, it will increase your workout plans for progression.

7. BodBot Personal Trainer: Workout and Fitness Coach

BodBot-Personal-TrainerA slim and healthy body is key to a stable mind. Everybody wants to be fit and appealing, and in this Fitness journey, a trainer app is all you need to be on a schedule; BodBot Personal Trainer is one of the complete apps you can find with its advanced platform of a digital personal trainer and adaptive workout planning. It is handy to have whether you are shredding or gaining muscle mass.

Important Features

  • A very well-organized and easy-to-use personalized interface is provided for your workout plans.
  • Provides science-based recommendations for your real-time situation and supports personal record charts.
  • Provides plans and workout regimes in a very personal and unique way as different individuals need.
  • Includes intelligent planner and rearranging system for a week-based missing target workout.
  • Equipped with strength in adopting functionality for a smarter training plan.
  • You can use it in the gym or even in a home-based exercise routine.

8. Burn Fat Workouts – Daily Weight Loss Exercises 

Burn-fat-workoutsAre you thinking of a weight loss plan with exercise? If so, you can give it a try on Burn fat workouts – daily weight loss exercises. It is another best weight loss apps for Android. This amazing app is ad-free and very easy to use and customize. Furthermore, it is scientifically proven as a very effective weight loss app. However, let’s see what the most important features of this app are.

Important Features

  • Provides hundreds of effective workouts.
  • Let you create and customize your own workout plan.
  • Includes different sections for cardio workouts, abs, and weight loss.
  • Offers a number of written and video instructions.
  • Provides a reminder for your meal, water, and workout.
  • Will monitor and track your body parameters, weight, and gradual progression.

9. Fat Burning Workouts – Lose Weight Home Workout

Fat-Burning-WorkoutsSat hello to another super effective and scientifically proven weight loss app, Fat Burning Workouts – Lose Weight Home Workout. It is also known as one of the best weight loss apps for Android. This effective app is hassle-free and very easy to use. It includes almost all the necessary features and tips so that both men and women can lose weight easily. Let’s see what more it will provide.

Important Features

  • Includes a customizable and suitable workout plan.
  • Provides video instruction for different workouts.
  • Will make a workout plan and diet list following your current situation and goal.
  • Provides suitable and matching music to listen to while working out.
  • Provides techniques for over 300 workouts with no equipment.
  • Offers daily tips, diet charts, and others.

10. Health, Weight Loss, Diet Plan & Calorie Counter

Health-Weight-Loss-Diet-Plan.To get fit, one has to maintain his or her whole lifestyle, and it is not an easy task; an app to get help making it all done is mandatory for an active and cautious person. Health, Weight Loss, Diet Plan & Calorie Counter is an all-in-one app for your day-to-day healthy lifestyle maintenance in a busy schedule. It is a must to have in your arsenal, from tracking your weight and measuring your macros to your workout plan for weight loss or lean gain.

Important Features

  • Equipped with an easy-to-use interface with personalized options for your Calorie tracking.
  • Provides a diet chart and meal planner from your health chart data and BMI.
  • Suggests healthy foods with nutrition information and a calorie calculator.
  • Provides a personal diet plan according to a health condition.
  • Includes expert help facility for your gym or yoga session on demand.
  • Equipped with a personalized AI-based virtual nutritionist from Ria to support your needs 24/7.
  • HealthifyMe also provides an effective expert help and one-on-one coaching for your workout and fitness goals.

11. Monitor Your Weight

Monitor your Weight, Weight Loss Apps for AndroidYou can keep an eye on your body weight and measure smartly with the award-winning fitness-oriented app – Monitor Your Weight. It is free to use and can handle multiple profiles at the same time. This app supports up to 15 different languages. It is widely accessible and comes with a simple and modern app interface. You can easily count your body measurements, track progression, and share the data.

Important Features

  • It easily counts BMI, fat percentages, weight ratio, and weekly and monthly progressions.
  • The user interface is very lively and accessible to people of all ages.
  • It shows the progression and ratios through graphs and statistics on the full screen.
  • It is integrated with a calorie and weight loss calculator.
  • The measurements are available in all formats, such as kilos, pounds, stones, etc.
  • You can synchronize your devices’ data and the app’s servers.

12. Noom: Health & Weight

NoomNoom: Health & Weight is different from the regular weight management app. It provides scientific ways to guide and motivate individuals to reach their fitness goals. This app uses a psychology-based approach to form healthy habits. It offers custom workout plans and diet plans to boost progression. The app is integrated with lots of measurement tools and a battery-friendly pedometer.

Important Features

  • It is integrated with a full-fledged food database with regular updates and a comprehensive barcode scanner.
  • You will be provided with lots of fitness-based articles and health tips from world-class fitness enthusiasts.
  • It comes with tonnes of useful tools to track food consumption, blood sugar, blood pressure, body weight, exercises, and so on.
  • This app is integrated with modern real-time technologies to track your progress.
  • It provides personalized suggestions and feedback on progression from experts and coaches.

13. Pedometer

Pedometer, Weight Loss Apps for AndroidYou can also try Pedometer, another weight-reducing helper for your Android phone. It is good at multitasking methods. Because it will not work just as your workout coach but also as your fitness trainer, whether you are going through an exercise program or a walking session, this app will always help you to make it effective and successful.

But it is best for people who want to lose weight within a very few days. However, here are the features of this app, in short, that may help you to learn more about it.

Important Features

  • It will always motivate you to walk and exercise.
  • Provide an effective diet plan that is very supportive of reducing fat.
  • A well-designed privacy policy is attached to the app.
  • A step-counting facility is available.
  • BMI and calorie counters are also available.
  • A water-drinking reminder will help you consume sufficient water and stay fittest.

14. Weight Loss Coach – Reduce Body fat & Lose weight

Weight Loss CoachAnother popular weight loss app for your Android device is here for you. It is Weight Loss Coach. It is very effective to lose extra fat in your body and make you the fittest. It will provide you with a lot of fitness and weight loss tips and diet plans. Using this app is very easy, and the setting is also very easy to perceive.

Also, it will make a structural trace and show your progression through the graph. If you are not good at converting kilograms to pounds and vice versa, it’s okay. This app supports all those units too.

Important Features

  • Designed with a very active artificial intelligence and user-friendly approach.
  • In 35 days, it will guarantee that you will lose up to 10 kilograms.
  • Lots of motivational tips and ideas are available for you.
  • Will work as your dietitian and fitness coach.
  • Variety of diet plans with a lot of food-choosing tips.

15. Weight Diary

Weight Diary, Weight Loss Apps for AndroidThe next recommended app is Weight Diary, a very simple but supportive weight loss app for your Android device. It can be a part of your fitness journey and successfully help you to do so. It will help you schedule and plan your fitness journey program.

It also works as a smart body tracker that keeps everything in your control. So, you can control your diet and workout schedules with it. So, stay tension-free and keep going on by the schedule created by this app. You will consider yourself lucky to have this app beside you all the time.

Important Features

  • BMI tracker to check your mass ratio with a fat check unit.
  • Keep an eye on your progress in an attractive-looking chart.
  • Attach your photo to your records and inspire the other users of the community.
  • You can customize feedback on your progress.
  • Back up your data on the sd card or send it via email.
  • Excel spreadsheet to analyze your progress on the PC.

16. Weight Loss Running by Verb

Weight Loss RunningAre you planning to lose weight by maintaining an effective exercise routine? Try running as your weapon. Verv Inc came up with this unique weight loss app for Android, Weight Loss Running. It works just like it sounds. It will help you control your body by introducing you to how to run effectively.

Also, this app is considered the first one to try to control your weight by implementing different types of running. Just set up a goal for a specific weight. This app will track every step to give you the optimum feedback. It also includes a calorie counter that can show you how much of your fat you just burnt by running.

Important Features

  • Different running schedules and types for your choice.
  • You can maintain a better diet plan by following the meal plans it includes.
  • Hydration alert keeps you hydrated and fit, as water will also help you lose weight.
  • Choose your training methods from nice and caring to rough and military.
  • Track your progress in a detailed chart.
  • This app allows you to make a video out of your picture before starting the training and after using it regularly.

17. Walking App – Walking for Weight Loss

Walking appWalking is the first and foremost exercise that you can do to maintain good health. Here is a weight loss app for Android that will easily make you lose weight. A walking app is a simple way to say goodbye to your extra fats. This app designs a schedule for you to walk that burns your fat more efficiently and in less time.

This app also includes a diet plan to follow alongside regular walking. Its intelligent interface suggests a regular goal that you can customize to your level. It also works for a treadmill workout. Plugin your earphone and go on.

Important Features

  • Three-month workout plans with 3-7 days a week.
  • Different levels for different types of users.
  • Audio assistance guide you so you don’t have to bring out the phone every time.
  • GPS tracker to track every single step you make.
  • This app provides important tips and tricks to burn out your calories and control your diet.
  • Records your workout data and save it to your account.

18. Aerobic Workout at Home – Weight Loss in 30 Days

Aerobic Workout at home, Weight Loss Apps for AndroidDo you have any important event in a month, but your body fitness is not good enough to attend the event? Then this app is especially for you. An aerobic Workout at home is a special key to having a good figure within a month.

This app specializes in cardio exercises, which reduce belly fat very efficiently and easily. Set a goal; this app will instruct you to get your body to shape. Stop exercising like a noob and get professional instructions and tips for losing weight at home.

Important Features

  • Exercises level up evenly throughout the session.
  • Wide variety of aerobatics to start on.
  • Science-based daily workout to get the ultimate result.
  • Picture guideline makes it easy to follow.
  • Dark mode and beautiful themes are also available.

19. Female Fitness – Women Workout

Female fitnessThe most important part that dedicates a women’s attractiveness is there figure. Here is a weight loss app for Android that is specially made for women. Female fitness is specially designed for women so that the exercises can keep up with their bodies.

Just sweat for 7 minutes regularly and get your figures into the shapes. Train the body to burn extra calories. Get the perfect slim body by regularly using it. Just follow the instructions; no one can stop you from getting a perfect figure.

Important Features

  • Bodyweight workout with no pieces of equipment.
  • Animation and video guidance for better instructions.
  • Warmup stretch routine.
  • Specially designed diets for women.
  • Track your weight loss and calorie count instantly.
  • Sync your data with google fit.

20. Simple Weight Tracker

Simple weight TrackerDoing exercises is good, but the method is always important. The progress should be controlled; that’s why you need to track your weight daily. This app will help you track your regular exercises and show them to you whenever you need them. This app looks for your improvement and notifies you whenever you are off track. It also suggests to you what to do for different positions of your weight.

Important Features

  • The weight loss calendar shows you your progress over time.
  • Reminds you of your weight frequently.
  • Automatically stores data from the provided scale.
  • Test different kinds of diets like low curve, keto, etc.
  • Set a simple goal to achieve optimum results.

Bottom Lines

Extra weight will never work as a benefit. Instead, it brings unwanted diseases and pain. So, there is no reason to stay idle by not doing something to lose those extra weight. Otherwise, it may be a more difficult task to make it too late to do it easily. So I suggest you start your mission now with any of these apps. All are the best weight loss apps for Android, and I am sure they will work effectively.

Let me know if you have any questions or confusion. I will try to answer you as soon as I can. Stay tuned for your feedback as a response. Thank you in advance.

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