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17 Best VoIP and Video Chat Apps For Android Devices

Technology has made our lives easier, especially by creating a better communication system. Years ago, we were happy to get the opportunity to communicate with others only with voice calls and text messages. But now, we can feel real-life conversation due to the rapid use of video chatting. However, the Play Store has brought tons of free video chatting apps for Android.

On the other hand, VoIP apps are handy apps that let you turn your regular calls into calls using the Internet to save money. You can make audio and video calls using some good quality VOIP apps with an internet connection.

If you have friends and relatives across the town and ocean, then there is no better way to reduce this long-distance without the right VOIP calling app with your friends and family.

Again, it can save a lot of money with its free service. Also, almost all of the VOIP apps on an Android device include tons of exciting features that will benefit you. So, it becomes hard to find out a good one.

Thinking about it, I have decided to write this article on this issue: a list of the best VoIP and video chat apps for Android devices.

Best VoIP & Video Chatting Apps for Android

To be exact, finding the best VoIP apps in PlayStore is not easy because of the traffic of other inessential apps. You don’t need to waste your time by using those unworthy apps.

I have made a generic list of free Android VoIP and video chatting apps, and I think you have already heard about most of them. Because they are very popular worldwide, they are good at providing high-quality video settings and many other important functions.

So, let’s look over them, in short, to be more specific.

1. iTel Mobile Dialer Express

itell - VoIP app for Android

Meet iTel Mobile Dialer Express, a beneficial app to get in touch with your friends and relatives from the farthest corner of the world. Offering excellent service to connect people around the world, this app is gaining vast popularity. Signing up and enjoying the inexpensive VoIP and SMS service on your Android device is effortless.

Important Features

  • A stunning cross-platform supported app.
  • You can sign up just with your mobile number.
  • Networking systems like Edge, 3G, and 4G are supported.
  • The country code is essential as it is available in all countries.
  • You can enable a mobile top-up and enjoy the free demo.

2. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is the most popular and convenient Android video chat or VoIP app for Android, which helps complete your daily communication with your community. It enables you to maintain a close connection with your Facebook contacts. It allows you to use voice and video calls and instant messaging.

Important Features

  • It provides options for group chat and interactive conferences with your contacts anytime.
  • Includes lots of stickers, GIFs, and emojis for a better experience.
  • Integrated with instant video, audio, and photo-sharing capabilities.
  • Provides free audio and video calling using WiFi networks.
  • It gives you a secure way to share anything instantly and is integrated with location sharing for better-personalized suggestions.
  • There are many exciting options like secret chat, group chat, Story of the day, etc.
  • Video and audio calls are smooth and quick.

3. MobileVOIP International Calls


Say hello to MobileVOIP, another great substitute for your phone calling operator. Using this stunning app, you can save up to 95% of your experience for making international calls. You can use your mobile number to make calls anywhere worldwide with an Internet network at minimal cost. All the essential functions are also available here.

Important Features

  • The lowest rate for a call within and beyond your country.
  • Any networking system can be used to operate this app.
  • It is a cross-platform support multifunctional app.
  • It supports almost all the Dellmont VOIP brands.
  • An option for free international calls with SIP technology is available.

4. Google Meet (Formerly Google Duo)

Google Meet is an interactive VoIP and video chat app for your Android phone. It is easy to use and provides very high-quality video communication functionality. It is available on Android and iOS and can run smoothly on phones and tablets. Also, it is very fast, accessible, and packed with tons of breathtaking features.

Important Features

  • Provides the industry’s best quality video calling functionality with many portable options.
  • Works on both Android and iOS devices.
  • Integrated with a voice call option for more versatility.
  • Includes an option for video and audio messages for your convenience.
  • Provides a very beautiful and simplified interface for a better experience.
  • Supports a wide range of mobile networks and WiFi connectivity.
  • There is no hidden charge for making international and national calls.
  • Option for sending audio and video recordings.

5. WhatsApp


To make free calls using your mobile number, you will find no VOIP app for Android as useful as WhatsApp. It is a complete package for all contact sections, and using this dynamic app is also very easy. High-quality video and audio systems are here to reduce the space gap between you and your dearest one.

Important Features

  • You need no username or PIN to use it.
  • You can send and receive pictures, videos, and documents.
  • Free calling option for both friends from home and abroad.
  • You can have a group chat with more friends.
  • Offline messages are shown.
  • You can connect it with your mobile number.

6. Skype


Skype is one of Android’s best VoIP or video chat apps. Here, you can enjoy file sharing, instant messaging, and free calls in one place. It provides free audio and video calling globally with a beautiful system interface and easy-to-use functionality. So, you will find it very hard to identify the faults of this stunning app.

It is safe and one of the most popular and free VOIP apps available in PlayStore. In this app, voice calls, HD video calls, SMS, instant messaging, and all other essential options are available for you.

Important Features

  • Provides instant call, messaging, SMS, & video calling with your friends, family, and contacts.
  • It allows you to use the app from your desktop computer and mobile devices.
  • Includes video clips and photo-sharing options.
  • Provides interactive messaging options with the integration of lots of stickers and emojis.
  • Offers full free Skype to Skype communication worldwide and very low-cost international phone calls.
  • HD quality video calling and other calls and messing options.
  • You can make a group video call with up to 24 friends.
  • You can share photos, videos, and emojis with your friends.
  • Video editing and video recording options are here.

7. Wechat


Wechat lets you connect with your friends and contacts visually and verbally at ease and free of charge. Being social is easy and more fun than ever. WeChat is not just an Android video chat app; it also provides updated news and informs about new trends while providing a beautiful UI.

Important Features

  • It offers easy and interactive ways to chat with friends, family, and contacts.
  • Provides high-quality voice and video calling options.
  • Includes fully functional location-sharing capabilities for real-time tracking.
  • Provides lots of customizable stickers, GIFs & emojis for a better messaging experience.
  • Get updates about new stories from contacts and official sources.
  • Integrated with group conversation facilities and provides a secure way of communication.

8. Viber

Viber Messenger

Viber is one of the most popular Android VoIP and video chat apps right now. It offers a secure and simple way to connect with people free of charge through instant messaging, voice, and video calls. Viber works on all kinds of phones and tablets.

To make a voice and video call, there is no other app as easy as it is. Also, this app is free to download and use. You can use your email address to have an account in Viber. There are also lots of exciting features which are furnished with ultra-modern technology.

Important Features

  • Provides a very compact and easy-to-use interface for a better user experience.
  • Offers free of charge voice and video calls from Viber to Viber account.
  • Provides a customizable contact list for friends, family, and colleagues.
  • Includes top-class privacy and security facilities for better communication and data-sharing experience.
  • You can open groups and chat with friends instantly. It also provides interactive icons, GIFs, and icons for creative texting.
  • Strong privacy policy.
  • Option for the self-destructive message.
  • Over 35000 stickers.
  • Cross-platform supported.
  • Big screen device compatible app.
  • Option for group chat.

9. Line


LINE is one of those apps that made a revolution in the field of communication. It is one of the most popular apps offering free voice calls, video calls, and interactive instant messaging capabilities.

It offers a huge collection of stickers and animations to use creatively in your text messages. It has a beautiful system UI and supports almost all capable modern mobile devices.

“Line” is a social messaging app on Android, PC, and Mac OS. It has versatile access and top-notch privacy for communicating with your contacts worldwide.

Important Features

  • Offers international phone calls at a very affordable rate and free calls over the Line app using WiFi.
  • Provides group chat and group video calling options with the video recorder.
  • Includes customizable stickers and a live touch option over video calls for a better user experience.
  • Integrated with multi-connectivity and a wide range of access from your desktop to phones and tablets.
  • Keeps your data and shared files safe in the personal storage space provided by the app.
  • Integrated with options to make polls about different things and to inform friends about plans.
  • It offers free voice and video calls within LINE accounts and offers low call rates for international phone calls.
  • It provides auto-synchronization options that help organize your devices and keep you updated.

10. Imo


We all need an app that supports instant messaging, video calling, and voice calling at the same time. If that is provided with VoIP-grade facilities, then it would save us from many hassles; IMO, it is one of those apps with many features and is currently popular among almost all mobile device users. It is also very compact and free to download.

Important Features

  • Provides a very high-quality video chat option with high resolution.
  • Options for messaging and voice calls are also available.
  • An easy and faster way to share photos and videos with friends.
  • It offers tons of emojis and stickers for you.
  • You will enjoy group video chat with friends and family.
  • Offers free and unlimited messaging over 3G, 4G, and WiFi network connections.
  • It provides a substitute for a costly phone package plan by giving ways to communicate freely through an internet connection.

11. KakaoTalk


Here, I have another option for you to find the best video chat apps for Android. Meet KakaoTalk. It is also a very popular and versatile app, constructed to provide a video chat app. It is free, fast, and very easy to use. Again, it is available for Android, iOS, Windows OS, and Mac OS. So, you can give it a try on it.

Important Features

  • You can build a friendship with over 150 million users worldwide.
  • Provides group video chatting option with an unlimited number of friends.
  • For fun, you will be offered voice filter options.
  • It Will work like a text messaging app alongside a voice calling option.
  • Any kind of internet connection is accessible.

12. Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger

Now, I want to introduce you to Signal Private Messenger, another stunning video chatting app for Android. This app is fully free to install, use, and update. Also, you will find it very easy to operate, and the systems are also very perceivable. A good number of breathtaking features are packed with this amazing app.

To make a clear and secure connection with SMS and voice calls with your dearest persons across the town and ocean, install Signal Private Messager. It will keep private records of all your messages and phone calls. You can also avoid wasting money with a free calling and messaging service.

Important Features

  • It demands no extra login as it uses your phone number and address book.
  • Let you enjoy group video chat.
  • Free to download and use, you can make international calls for free, too.
  • The messaging option is secure; sending and editing photos is also possible.
  • Options are available for voice calls and text messages.
  • It is very secure, and anyone can verify the security code.
  • Easy to use and optimized for speed.
  • Ensure a firm privacy policy.
  • You can use it on the big screen device, too.

13. Zoiper IAX SIP VOIP Softphone


Zoiper is one of the most versatile softphones one can find on any smartphone platform. If you want to connect with the world without any hassle or restrictions, then Zoiper will be the name that will come first in the name. It is equipped with cutting-edge technologies and a top-notch system interface for an easy and accessible experience for any individual.

Important Features

  • Provides superior audio quality and pitch while having voice and video calls.
  • Offers the industry’s best VoIP service with end-functional calling and premium security encryption.
  • It offers lots of themes and color patterns for better organization and personalization.
  • Consume less power with battery-saving capabilities and operates in the lowest possible latency.
  • Supports calling over network services like 3G, 4G, and WiFi.
  • Equipped with call waiting and call transfer options for better management of incoming calls.

14. magicApp Calling & Messaging


If you want a VoIP calling app for your Android devices that never misses any calls and always notifies you, then look no further than magicApp. It is one of the few apps that supports messaging in your softphone and voice calls. It is equipped with a dedicated caller ID and presented with an easily approachable, user-friendly software interface.

Important Features

  • Works with magicJack accounts and provides lots of options as you communicate with people.
  • Notifies you smartly about calls and texts for better organization of daily life.
  • Offers fully functional caller ID and voice mail functions.
  • Provides unrestricted and unlimited calling capabilities within the US and Canada.
  • Integrated with call forwarding options for better management and works great on packet data and WiFi network connections.

15. Talk360: International Calls


To enjoy another affordable and easy-to-use VOIP app, you can try using Talk360. It is such a great Android VOIP app that you can contact your dear one from anywhere. Again, it is free, and only a few taps are okay to use this powerful app. There are lots of useful features that you will find very helpful.

Important Features

  • You can use it from any country with any smart device.
  • The way to use it is the same as the way you make regular calls.
  • You can use any one account to use it on any device.
  • You can use your current mobile number and ID as well.
  • Improved calling technology for customer satisfaction.

16. VoipDiscount


It is always nice to have low call rates and unrestricted calling capabilities. VoipDiscount is one of the very few VoIP apps for Android that provides a very low rate and regular discounts for your calling needs. It is integrated with the complete functionality of any dialer app with versatile calling capabilities both on the local and international levels.

Important Features

  • Provides an easy and accessible system interface that is appropriate for all users.
  • Works on all the popular network systems such as 3G, 4G, and WiFi for your convenience.
  • Offers call-back functions for more versatile connectivity.
  • It gives you local access and an international gateway for more freedom as you connect with your contacts.
  • It supports all kinds of Android devices, and you can use it on your tablet and smartphone simultaneously.

17. Jumblo – Mobile Sip calls

Jumblo - Mobile Sip calls

Long-distance communication is both costly and stricken with lots of barriers and restrictions. Jumblo is one of the few apps that provide very cost-friendly ways to communicate with people from anywhere in the world. It is integrated with many cool features and has a marvelous overall layout. It is very compact for better compatibility.

Important Features

  • Provides cheapest call rates and a super low budget for international calls.
  • It’s available on almost all popular smartphone platforms and free to download from PlayStore.
  • Supports Windows and Mac computer operating systems and has a computer version of the software for a complete package.
  • Offers options for direct calling through its built-in local access numbers.
  • It integrates web call services through its sites and includes an interactive support team for uninterrupted operations.

Final Thought

So, what do you think about these handy Android VoIP and video chat apps? Do you make your choice? You can try Messenger if you are on Facebook. Again, Viber and Imo are also good to give a try. To be true, none of the apps from this list is bad.

So, you can rely on any of them. Let me know if you have any questions left, and let me know which one you are using. I will eagerly wait for your response.

Mehedi Hasan
Mehedi Hasan
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