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The 20 Best Yoga Apps For Android Device in 2020

Every day we are facing various types of difficulties and complex situations in our daily personal and working life. It creates anxiety and complexity in our mind and thus makes us unstable to maintain the harmony of the balanced life. So how can we get rid of all those problems and get toned, stabled in mentally and physically to restore the balanced life? Here Yoga apps on our Android device can play a vital role in letting us inculcating best-fitted yoga poses and lessons in our daily life. The most common objectives of yoga are to get weight loss, fat burning, increasing body mobility and flexibility, calm mind, glowing skin and daily organize happy life.

Best Yoga Apps For Android

To choose the best free yoga app for android mobile is difficult. There are lots of yoga apps for Android available in the google play store. Too many choices come with confusion. So here I am going to share a list of Best Free Yoga App for you to choose the right fitted one as per your level.

1.  Yoga

YogaThis Yoga app is relatively new in the google play store, but all the lessons and yoga poses have seemed very effective and useful for all types of users including newbie, intermediate, and advanced practitioners. It let you teach the basic of Hatha, Kundalini, and Tantra Yoga. So why do you wait? Just grab this one and start exploring.

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2.  Everyday Yoga

Everyday-YogaThis one is yet the best free Yoga app for Android. For doing yoga, you need not go all those expensive yoga classes or hire the yoga coach. You just need to download this Everyday Yoga app in your android mobile and sort out 5 to 7 minutes from your daily busy life to follow the easy and step by step instructions. All the yoga poses and lessons are well described with easy videos and images. This meditation app lets you do yoga at any time, anywhere.

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3.  Yoga sessions

Yoga-sessionsYoga sessions app is one of the best yoga coaching apps out there. At first, it will let you inculcate the basics of beginner, and when you get a stronghold on it, then you will be provided daily yoga practices which will make you a yoga expert. By doing so, you will be able to get the most common objective like weight loss, fat burning, increasing body mobility and flexibility, calm mind, glowing skin and daily organize happy life.

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4.  Yoga Everyday

Yoga-EverydayThe motto of this yoga app is to take out only seven minutes from your daily work routine and do the best-fitted exercises as per your level of skill. All the lessons and yoga styles are well described with interactive images and step by step guidelines. So why do you waste your time? Just grab this Best Yoga app in your mobile and get toned mentally and physically by following all those meditation poses.

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5.  Yoga – Control Mind and Body

Yoga-Control-Mind-and-BodyYoga – Control Mind and Body will teach you all the basics of yoga and meditation which will help you to re-discover your body and soul. Whether you are an expert or newbie in the world of yoga, this app will help you find yourself and empower your Mental, physical and spiritual entity. You can choose the best fit from the various level of yoga poses and lessons.

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6.  Yoga – Track Yoga

Yoga-Track-YogaThis app lets you learn the basics of yoga and meditation. All the poses and lessons are just like studio standard and easy to understand through high-quality video and audio instructions. Keep this yoga app in your android mobile and do yoga anywhere, anytime which will ultimately help you to lose weight, gain flexibility, fight depression or get a great workout.

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7.  Down Dog: Great Yoga Anywhere

Down-Dog-Great-Yoga-AnywhereDon’t you have enough time to go to yoga classes? Then do the yoga on your own in the home with this Down Dog app. It offers studio-like classes with crystal clear audios and matching music that provide different and comfort experiences. All the poses and exercises are designed for both beginners and experts.

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8.  10 Daily Yoga Poses

10-Daily-Yoga-PosesIf you do yoga daily and steadily, your body and mind will get relaxed, toned, and calm. This app, 10 Daily Yoga Poses, lets you do the meditations regularly and it’s only ten lessons a day, so you will not get tired at all. So do it daily and set your mind and body cool, strong and flexible.

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9.  Yoga.com

Yoga.comThis yoga app is one of the best yoga apps for Android which is followed and adored by more than 700000+ active members. Yoga.com app is nicely designed and simple to use. It offers 289 poses and breathing exercises. All the lessons are HD video supported and applicable for all levels, beginners, intermediate and advanced. You can also sort out the exercises and meditations by skill level, your fitness goal or by type.

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10.  Daily Yoga – Yoga Fitness App

Daily-Yoga-Yoga-Fitness-AppDaily Yoga is another popular free yoga app for Android in the google play store. This app is highly praised by many health and fitness institutions and workout magazines. More than 100 yoga sessions and programs, nine guided meditation tracks, 500 yoga poses, and 18 background music let you be an expert on yoga on your own.

It is similarly applicable to the beginner, advanced and professional users. There is a total of three different intensities (Casual/Moderate/Intense) and all the lessons are supported by high definition videos and crystal clear audios. Moreover, there is a large number of community members who daily follow this app and are ready to help all the time.

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11. Yoga Workouts – Yoga for Beginners – Daily Yoga

Yoga Workouts, Yoga Apps for AndroidIf you are a beginner in the yoga lesson, I will recommend this app for you. It is Yoga Workouts. With this supportive yoga app for your Android device, you can handle all the essential yoga movements by sitting at your home. So, you don’t need to go to a yoga class and thus you can save your time and money. However, it starts with all the basic learning of yoga. It will show you every single step with a 3D video animation that will help you to continue your yoga more efficiently without any mistakes. Also, this app will teach you all the basic yoga poses, asanas, and meditation movements that can help you to reduce stress and relax your body.

Important Features

  • This app is free and doesn’t have any locked feature to ask you to pay.
  • It will show you the benefit history of the workouts you have done.
  • It frequently checks your weight and BMI and informs you about that.
  • No extra equipment required to follow the instructions of this app.
  • Design and developed for both men and women.
  • Help a lot to lose weight special l your belly fat.


12. Keep Yoga

Keep Yoga, Yoga Apps for AndroidWant to start yoga and meditation at home? Keep Yoga can help you with this and I know it is not unknown to you anymore. However, you can install Keep Yoga and follow all the instructions of this app. This app has a huge amount of yoga courses and meditation sessions that are enough for you to continue yoga regularly. This combination makes your mind peaceful and your body healthy. No matter which stage of yoga course you are in. this app will help you to follow them. Do your yoga in your comfort zone and continue your yoga courses regularly to have a healthier and happier life.

Important Features

  • Yoga poses of different levels are available.
  • Guidance of real person in yoga and meditation will be there for you to make you more correct in your yoga courses.
  • Share your progress with your friends and thus, motivate other users.
  • Keep track of your training history and get motivated by investigating your progression.
  • Plans according to your goals and get a very satisfying result.


13. Yoga for Health & Fitness

Yoga for Health & FitnessIf you are looking for a better yoga class but too lazy to leave your house, then you can use Yoga for Health & Fitness. This is a very flexible yoga app for your Android device that will help you the most. This app contains many sessions and poses for you. Just give some time to this app and follow the instructions properly. This will keep your mind happy and your body fit. However, to get a flexible and strong body you have to maintain a daily yoga workout. It doesn’t matter how much you know about yoga, without a proper guide it will be very hard to maintain proper yoga courses. But if you continue following this app, it will recommend you poses according to your level. 

Important Features

  • An advanced user interface that will help you follow the instructions properly.
  • Supports in all kinds of android devices and so, don’t worry about the device you have.
  • Show you the workout history that will motivate you to continue your task.
  • It will give you a workout reminder that will never let you miss your yoga a day.
  • Different yoga levels are there and you can follow any of them.
  • Notification of every yoga will also remind you about your task. updates and activities.


14. Yoga for Beginners

Yoga for BeginnersIt’s easy to start yoga classes or starting it at home. But keeping it up is the hardest thing. Yoga for Beginners will make yoga one of your habits and make it easy for you to continue. With this supportive yoga app for your Android device, both men and women of every age can start their yoga courses easily. You don’t need to join any expensive sessions or classes to maintain your yoga. This app will take care of it. All you have to do is to sit relax and follow the instruction gradually. First, it may seem to be harder to maintain but your patience and time will make it easier. Yoga and meditation relax your body, make it more flexible and improve your immune system too. This app is especially recommended for those who just started yoga and also, it includes some advanced level yoga poses.

Important Features

  • The training program for this app will suit everyone.
  • Many categories of yoga sessions are available.
  • Focused yoga on essential parts of the body and they are categorized separately here. 
  • Video guidance by professionals will help you make it effective.
  • Track of the workout progress regularly and get motivated.


15. 7pranayama

7pranayama, Yoga Apps for AndroidAre you new to yoga and breathing exercise? 7pranayama will make yourself more comfortable with yoga. Pranayama which means the breathing pattern is very important for our body. this app will teach you how to control your breathing pattern. After 21 days session, you will have a great grip on this. Today there are a few common problems people face in their daily life is anxiety, stress, and insomnia. This will help you get out of those problems. All this can happen now while sitting in your house. This app will help you reduce belly fat and improve your flexibility. There is a scientific explanation that something practiced for 21 days will become your habit.

Important Features

  • Keep your life in a good schedule.
  • Make good habits like rising early and getting healthy.
  • Different yoga poses for different levels.
  • Reminder for regular tasks.
  • Drinking water timely in important there is a drinking water reminder.


16. Simply Yoga

Simply YogaMany of us admit to a yoga and workout class but cannot maintain it regularly. If you are one of them, here is an effective solution for you. Simple Yoga can solve your problem in a very intuitive way. This app has more than effective yoga 30 poses. This app will keep you organized with your regular yoga lessons no matter how busy you are. It has different levels for the workout for different users. Each level has poses of different lengths. Just select the time you can carry and continue following the steps. Professional trainers guide you to the perfect pose. There are different sessions for every level of users. 

Important Features

  • Instructions of this app are flexible and so, both men and women can use it.
  • Predefined routines will help you maintain your course regularly.
  • Custom schedules for poses are available for your betterment.
  • Video for every single pose will be there to show you the correct way of the yoga pose.
  • Audio instruction for better clarity will also be very helpful.


17. Yoga – Poses and Classes

Poses & ClassesYoga is another option for you if you want to try a proper yoga movement. It can be the perfect solution for solving your problems regarding your yoga session. Here you can join a yoga class anytime anywhere. it will allow you to follow the scheduled class time that will match with your busy life. When You are in a business or late in the office, it’s okay. Do it at your home when you will be there. This app will train you just like a professional trainer does it on-site. This app has an advanced interface that makes the interaction almost real. 

Important Features

  • More than 100 yoga poses are available for you to follow.
  • Yoga classes for a different level of yoga sessions are there too.
  • Nutrition plan for daily consumption will help you maintain a healthy life.
  • Balance your flexibility with lots of healthy lifestyle tips.
  • Focus your mind and balance your body with easy instructions on this app.


18. Yoga for Kids and Family Fitness

Yoga for KidsThis one is quite a different type of app. Let me tell you the reason. Well, many of us are very responsive to our family and don’t know how to compromise with the health of our kids and other family members. This app is especially for them. It is Yoga for Kids and Family Fitness. The best part of this app will show you the way to keep your kids and other family members engaged with a proper yoga session. It will help them to stay healthy and fit. To be true, yoga is such a thing that is essential for people of every age. So, it doesn’t matter where a person is young or old, kid or adult. He or she should try yoga for a sound body and mind. This app also thinks so and for that, it instructs yoga for all ages.

Important Features

  • Yoga poses for weight loss and heart disease remediation are available.
  • Different poses of people of different ages are there to engage your whole family with it.
  • Freehand exercise and workout instructions are available.
  • Easy settings and user-friendly interface.
  • Video Details for more defined poses.
  • Lots of nutritional information and tips for a healthy lifestyle.



DDP YOGA NOWYou can also try DDP YOGA NOW. It is like a revolutionary app for your yoga session because if you manage to follow every instruction of this app properly, it will be possible to have a revolutionary result. You will find tons of yoga positions, sports rehab therapy approaches, and meditation movements in this app. And you will be benefited following those items instantly. The best part of this is the video files of this app that shows the detailed movements of those effective yoga poses. Also, you can follow a proper freehand workout session from this app.

Important Features

  • Detailed yoga poses are shown in lots of video files.
  • Lots of effective nutritional tips are also there for you.
  • Want to try some healthy recipe? This app will provide you many healthy but tasty recipes too.
  • The weekly live streaming workout session is there for you.
  • Lots of motivational video programs are also available for you.
  • A very detailed and interactive yoga instruction.


20. Yoga for Weight Loss

Yoga for Weight Loss, Yoga Apps for AndroidLastly, I want to recommend a special kind of yoga app for Android users that focus especially on wait loss. It is Yoga for Weight Loss. You may understand it by its name, right? Well, you will find a lot of yoga poses and asanas that are very effective for you to lose a lot of weight in a very short time. Besides, the instructions of this app will also help you to have a healthy heart and body. But the first thing you have to keep in mind is to keep patience. So, take your time and follow the instructions of this app properly. Hopefully, it will come as a great help.

Important Features

  • 10 minutes of video yoga sessions for each day.
  • It will remind you about your daily yoga course.
  • Special yoga session for belly fat reduction.
  • Specific yoga and health tips for women.
  • Lots of nutrition tips and effective healthy recipes are also available.


Final Thought

All the above Best Free Yoga Apps is offering a common objective that is it will help you to improve the condition of the mind and body, make you strong mentally and physically, learn how to faced difficulties in your daily life, and overall make your life balanced and controlled.

Did you like this list of best free Yoga app? Or do you use another best free yoga app? Let us know what you like and how do you practice yoga lessons in the comment section. If you like this best yoga apps list, then feel free to share with your beloved friends and family member, so that they can also inculcate the lessons of yoga and meditation.


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