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12 Best Fashion Apps for Android Devices

Who is not fashion-conscious and wants to be up-to-date these days? Yes, we all want to stay up to date. So, going with contemporary fashion and style has now become a part of our days. For this, we often buy magazines and watch lots of fashion-related television programs. But doing that is now not very common as men and women have gotten advantages from their Android phones. So, some of the best Fashion apps for Android can help you in this case.

Best Fashion Apps for Android 

So, you must understand how you can be helped with an outfit maker app. Thinking about this, I have decided to write about the best Android fashion apps. All are free, and you can install and use them easily and quickly. You can also check the features of those apps here so that you can get help in choosing the right app for you.

1. ZAFUL – My Fashion Story


ZAFUL – My Fashion Story is an amazing fashion app for Android that is dedicated to the young generation. It is a go-to guide and clothing store for youngsters and adults alike. It provides numerous catalogs and integrated hassle-free direct buy options for quick and easy functionality. To be more specific about it, you can have a look over its major features.

Important Features

  • It allows you to explore and choose from different designs and lots of merchandise.
  • Provides your personalized search option and makes your own outfit functionality.
  • Includes a wish list and favorite marking option for your convenience.
  • Provides thousands of daily fashion updates and suggestions for new trends.
  • Integrated with buying an option with many offers and daily deals.
  • It offers you a complete store experience where you can buy fashionable clothing at affordable prices.


2. ROMWE – Ultimate Cyber Mall


If you are looking for a personalized women’s collection store, then you are on the right track. ROMWE- Fashion Store is one of the rarest all-in-one woman-oriented outfit maker apps you will find in the Play Store. It is equipped with a beautiful interface and options for direct buy. Also, this modern app includes a good number of amazing features.

Important Features

  • Provides you with a premium Lookbook experience with updates about new trends and popular fashion.
  • Offers competitive and relatively low prices for women’s collections and other wardrobe accessories.
  • Includes daily updates of different styles and outfit collections.
  • Offers amazing discounts on different products and overall purchases.
  • Equipped with all available payment gateway for a better buying experience.
  • Includes regular updates on different merchandise and provides seasonal suggestions for your convenience.


3. Kitenge fashions and Designs


Now, I will introduce you to an African heritage-oriented women’s collection-based outfit maker app. Kitenge Fashion Styles holds up the unique characteristics of African dress patterns and historical fashion styles.

It helps to preserve the styles and provides updated dress patterns regularly. It’s also like an all-in-one type of fashion app with tons of tips and suggestions.

Important Features

  • Offers different colors and patterns of outfit collections according to African culture.
  • Provides modern variations and updated fashion designs for women.
  • Includes new stylish clothing for different occasions, such as for marriage and casual and formal events.
  • Provides catalogs of new trendy costumes and fashion designs.
  • It offers you ideas and inspirations to maintain your cultural look with style.
  • The app features a beautiful interface for easy accessibility.


4. WEAR – Fashion Lookbook


WEAR – Fashion Lookbook is one of the most popular fashion apps for Android; you will find it in the Play Store. It has a beautiful interface and customization options for easy and quick suggestions for your outfit selection.

It provides endless dress suggestions from updated trends that you can buy to better your outlook. Let’s have a glimpse of the features if you want to.

Important Features

  • Offers you tons of fashion ideas without your hand at ease.
  • Includes the latest ideas and trends of outfit styles to keep you updated.
  • Equipped with a quick share facility to upload and share your looks with the wide fashionable communities using your camera and photo editing tools.
  • Includes shopping options from different reputed brands for your convenience.
  • Provides season-based popular and updated dress code suggestions.
  • Includes easy social network connectivity for different social platforms.


5. Your Closet – Smart Fashion

Your Closet

Your outfit is important for your overall outlook in society. Your Closet- Smart Fashion is another versatile fashion app for Android you will find in the Play Store. It is truly helpful for your daily management of outfits and gives you an easy solution for managing your apparel collection. Let’s take a look at the features it offers.

Important Features

  • Offers a very well-equipped closet organizer that allows you to explore different items.
  • Provides customization search options according to color, season, size, and popular trends.
  • It includes a color management option and a full customization organizer that allows you to make your own outfit design.
  • Integrated with advanced search options and mixing of different clothing for your convenience.
  • Provides note-taking and advanced saving options for future reference.
  • Offers browsing and fully functional shopping options.


6. SHEIN – Shopping Online


If you are looking for an affordable fashion app that especially focuses on elegant women’s fashion, then you can try SHEIN. When you are with this app, automatically, you will find the dress and accessories of the new trends. Though it focuses on women’s clothing and accessories, it doesn’t mean that you won’t find anything for men and kids.

To say it more specifically, it is quite like a virtual mall with an aristocratic variation. Now, a few fingertips are enough to buy fashion clothes and accessories at an affordable price. 

Important Features

  • You will get a 3£ discount on your first order.
  • There are tons of flash deals with up to 80% off.
  • Do you want to talk with customer service? They are waiting for you 24\7.
  • Enjoy free shipping on orders over 24£ each time.
  • Risk-free payment method and order processing system.


7. Zara


You must be familiar with this name, right? Well, Zara is the most popular clothing brand name in the world. You can now use their app to check what’s new and immediately buy them for you.

You find clothes, shoes, and other fashion items there for both men, women, and kids. All the items of the new trend will appear beforehand so that you can familiarize yourself with them. This is why all the fashion-conscious people love this app so much.

Important Features

  • It shows what the new trend is and what has come recently.
  • Shows prices, sizes, and all other information on the items.
  • Easy payment system and safe transaction.
  • Appreciating the delivery system will amaze you so quickly.
  • Good packing and protection are world-class.


8. Mod Man – Men’s Fashion & Style

Mod Man

Focus, fashionable man; here is Mod Man, your virtual closet. You can see all the new trends and styles in this app. At the same time, it will sell those trendy clothes and fashion accessories to you at a very reasonable price.

Using this app is easy and safe. You can enjoy their ultimate service by being a valued customer. There are offers and discounts on different occasions which will let you find the cheapest but hottest deals.

Important Features

  • They suggest the best offers of all time.
  • Find different types of accessories from different categories.
  • A huge collection with very good quality products.
  • Tons of exciting offers and discounts are always available.
  • Help you make the right choice with thousands of fashion tips.
  • You can make your fashion notes and shopping list here.


9. Yoins – Incerunmen Online Shop


Yoins is a well-known fashion app for Android devices designed to introduce people to new trends. The latest collection of different types of dresses and fashion accessories appears every day. It is easy to pick up the things you want to buy at a very affordable price.

Also, the transaction system is very secure and easy. So, you don’t have to look for a shop to shop to find the best dresses. Just lie in your place and see the collection. Select your products and buy them safely.

Important Features

  • Enjoy 15% off on your first order.
  • Different items are on flash sale that are up to 90% discount.
  • More than 100 new products appear daily.
  • Very easy and safe transaction system.
  • 24\7 customer service is always waiting for your questions.
  • Enjoy free shipping with shopping that costs more than 50 dollars.


10. IVRose-Beauty at Your Command


Meet another simple and elegant fashion app, IVRose. Whatever you want will be there with millions of collections in this app. Find your desired products so it will be very easy and fun. There are dresses and fashion accessories for women, men, and children.

So, choose which one you want to buy for you and your loved one. And buy them safely from this beautiful fashion app. I know you are now looking for something more about this app. Don’t worry. See the features here.

Important Features

  • Enjoy a 10% discount on your first order.
  • Free shipping is available on shopping for more than 59 dollars.
  • Tons of deals with lots of offer prices.
  • Very good quality products are delivered, and returned police are also available.
  • It recommends popular fashion items daily.
  • Recently, view records, wish lists, and basket options are available.


11. United Wardrobe

United Wardrobe

You can also use the United Wardrobe. It is another safe and simple fashion app. But the best part of this app is you can both buy and sell products from here. It will always show you what is new in the market and what is the newest trend.

So it will be easy for you to stay updated all the time. A variety of collections are available in this app, and you must love to spend time with it by experiencing those trendy dresses and accessories.

Important Features

  • Only fashion items like clothing, shoes, etc., are available.
  • Easy payment and transaction system.
  • A safe and fast delivery service will help you get your products on time.
  • The elegant theme will show you different categories of products.
  • The easy-to-perceive type interface and photo resolution are very high here.


12. Combyne – Outfit Creation


For teens who always want to stay updated and fashionable, I recommend Combyne – Outfit Creation. It is a very active and updated fashion app for your Android device. Check what is new in the trend and what is looking very stylish in recent times.

Also, using this app, explore millions of clothing items and fashion accessories from any time and anywhere. When you find something very reasonable in price and suits you well, just collect the money and wait for it to be delivered. This app will help you get that very quickly.

Important Features

  • More than 50 online shops are combined here to show the biggest collection to you.
  • Provide you with tons of fashion tips.
  • You can share those fashion tips with your friends using different social media.
  • Find your style soulmate and fashion match from this app.
  • You can follow different fashion bloggers and other icons here.


Bottom Lines 

So, what do you think about this list of fashion apps for Android? Have you already made your choice? If you still ask me to be more specific, then I suggest you try ZAFUL – My Fashion Story or Zara.

It doesn’t mean that others are not relevant. All of them are good and free fashion apps for Android. So, you can try any of them without any doubt.

Let me know which one you have picked up. Don’t forget to share your experience with that. Thank you for staying with us.

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