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10 Best Auto Reply Message Apps for Your Android Device

Whether it’s for your business page or just in your personal life, being responsive is a necessity in today’s fast-paced world. Replying instantly is one of the ways you can be responsive and connected. But what to do when you are driving, sleeping, or in a meeting? Using an Auto Reply message app on Android can save you in this case.

Generally, Auto Reply Message Apps are the types of tools that let you create, customize, and send automatic replies to the people who are looking for you on your social platform. So, for both your professional and personal life, you should use these tools to stay connected and responsive.

We have tried quite a lot of apps that are designed to create and send auto-replies. Even though we have found some good deals, most of the time, we were disappointed because of the critical UI.

However, all the apps we have chosen are pretty good at their job, and you won’t see anything complicated there. Let’s check them out briefly:

1. WhatsAuto – Reply App

If you are looking for an auto-reply app specifically for WhatsApp, you should use WhatsAuto. In this app, you can easily activate the auto-reply option with a single touch without any complex setup processes. Here, you can customize reply timing and choose continuous, delayed, or one-time auto-replies based on your preferences.

WhatsAuto extends its functionality to support group messaging and lets you automatically reply to any groups within messaging apps. Besides, it is compatible with different popular social messaging apps so that users can deploy auto-replies universally from a single application. You can also select specific contacts to receive auto-replies using this app.

2. AutoResponder for WhatsApp

The next suggestion is AutoResponder for WhatsApp. This app allows users to set up automatic responses to incoming WhatsApp or WA Business messages. With this tool, you will have the flexibility to customize auto-replies according to your specific needs for sending responses to different contacts or groups.

This app provides a variety of automation tools to enhance user experience and streamline communication. Here, you can configure the system to respond to all messages when you are occupied. Thus, AutoResponder improves the responsiveness of your business. Besides, you can set up targeted responses for specific questions as well.

3. Messenger – Texting App

This one is not Messenger by Meta but a similar texting app with a similar name. However, the Messenger Texting App has something more to offer than your regular text message-sending apps. This one lets you make replies, customize them, schedule them, and send them automatically to the receivers you set.

With all the essential features of a common texting app, Messenger lets you send emojis, stickers, and even media like audio, photos, and videos. But the extra features are what you should use this app for. This one is particularly good for business pages. You can set replies for the common questions and command this app to send them when necessary.

4. SKEDit: Auto Message Scheduler

SKEDit’s Auto Message Scheduler is specifically designed to improve productivity by automating messages for business pages. In this app, you can easily schedule messages across all the common social platforms, like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Messenger. This app will help you stay organized by planning and scheduling important communications.

You can get rid of your extra work pressure as SKEDit can handle the hard work from scheduling and sending messages to automating replies. Additionally, it can send unlimited messages with diverse attachments like images, videos, audio, PDFs, and more. You can also create strategic drip message campaigns for WhatsApp, Telegram, and Messenger as well.

5. Wasavi: Auto message scheduler

There can be many apps that let you create auto-reply. But not all of them may not let you schedule them according to your preference. But don’t worry. Wasavi is a very popular app that lets you set up automatic responses for incoming messages on almost all popular messaging platforms like WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business, Viber, Signal, and FB Messenger.

The location-based auto-reply option is another new thing you will find in this app. This function lets you automatically reply with your location and ultimately enhances the versatility of automated responses. It’ll also save received messages as tasks or notes using bots to help you organize and manage your communication effectively.

6. AutoResponder for Telegram

Telegram has now become a leading communication app that people often use for business purposes. For them, AutoResponder can be the best app as it is specifically designed to improve responsiveness in Telegram. This app will automatically respond to incoming messages on Telegram to save you time and improve your business page’s responsiveness.

Here, you can customize auto-reply settings for specific contacts or groups, allowing personalized responses. A lot of automation tools are also available here that you can use to enhance your messaging experience. These tools will even react to all messages when you’re busy. This app additionally, lets you choose to respond to particular messages to your needs.

7. IM Auto Reply

IM Auto Reply is our next recommendation. This one is a very clean app that creates and sends automatic replies to unlimited receivers. So, you can consider it a seamless solution for automated responses on popular instant messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and more. 

This useful app offers the flexibility to set personalized and custom responses. So, it lets you tailor your messages based on your preferences or specific scenarios. You’ll have options to exclude certain contacts from receiving automated responses. Thus, it’ll ensure that important or specific conversations are not overlooked.

8. Auto Message Send Responses

Let’s meet another minimalist Auto Reply message app on Android. Auto Message lets all its users create and customize all essential replies for both professional and personal replies for all the people you contact. Eventually, customizing the contact list to personalize who is going to get your replies and who won’t get them is also very easy here.

You can also use this app to send bulk messages for business promotions, send greetings, or inform them about your latest deals. Besides, this app is exceptionally safe to use. It won’t ask for any unnecessary access as well. It will also inform you about all the texts you received.

9. Auto Reply Chat Bot

Whether it’s a person, your colleagues, or a large group of your clients, sending instant and automatic replies will be easier with Auto Reply Chat Bot. This app comes with a large reply menu customizing section that you can change according to your preference. So, creating and sending automatic replies for different purposes becomes a lot more efficient.

With all the functions for the default message reply, this app usually has a lot to offer. It uses AI-powered technology to reply to your clients instantly after understanding their questions. So, it can answer based on what the receivers are asking, especially in their language. With all its functions, it can work as a great tool to improve the responsiveness of your Business page.

10. Auto Text: Schedule.Send.Reply

No matter what platform you are using, just use Auto Text to create and send specific replies to the receivers you want. This is the final recommendation for today, and you should count it as a bonus. This exceptionally handy app won’t set a limitation for you to send automatic replies. You can choose unlimited receivers from your contact or just the CSV or TXT file.

Whether it’s for informing them about the sale at your business or treating them to an event, you can use this app for sending bulk messages too. Additionally, it’s very useful to create and customize automatic messages. Eventually, if you manage to give it essential commands, it can automatically generate specific messages for different questions from the receivers.

Wrapping Up

Sending automatic replies really matters, especially if it’s a business page. It will improve your responsiveness and make your business’s customer service active 24/7. However, in the initial state, you might find it difficult to generate automatic replies. But if you choose the right tool for that, it will seem much easier.

All the mentioned apps have minimalist and user-friendly UI. So, you don’t need to be an expert to use them and improve your online business page. If you are new in this field, you can try WhatsAuto or Wasavi. Thank you for your time.

Mehedi Hasan
Mehedi Hasan
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