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10 Best Xcode Themes for Your Project

Although every web developer has an IDE that they feel the most comfortable working with, Xcode seems to be a constant favorite for Mac users. Xcode is Apple’s take on a versatile command-line toolkit for MacOS.  And there are plenty of Xcode themes and color schemes to make it even better.

Themes add a touch of personality to your workspace, and most professional developers often use them to their advantage. Knowing they have control over their environment’s outlooks and functionalities gives them a homey feel and a motivation boost when they work.

Best Xcode Themes

That said, if you are a Mac user looking for Xcode themes to spice up your coding experience, you’re in just the right spot as we will walk you through the ten most popular ones in the sections below – keep reading!

1. GruvBox

GruvBoxGruvbox was originally a free open-source theme for Vim IDE. However, JStheoriginal launched an Xcode version due to its popular demand on GitHub. The author maintained everything as it was from the original theme and only made it compatible with the Xcode IDE. If you love groovy vibes with retro colors, we can tell that you’ll absolutely love this!

Key Specs

  • The theme comes with many styling customization choices, such as changing the background contrast, color inventions, italics, and more.
  • Its pastel retro color palette is perfect for working late at night since the well-balanced colors do not strain the eyes in low-light settings.
  • Gruvbox is totally compatible with plugins such as Rainbow Parentheses, ShowMark, and more. It can also be integrated with any custom fonts of your choice.
  • One can use the yellow color for project class and other class names, which helps you recognize sources easily in codes.

2. Chalkboard

Chalkboard.If you are an Xcode user looking for something only slightly different than the default Xcode theme, Chalkboard is just for you. The theme is exclusively built for putting less strain on your eyes and, in turn, manipulating your brain to feel less tired over long exposures to your screen. Also, since the theme is only slightly darker, the texts stand out better.

Key Specs

  • The Chalkboard theme is compatible with Xcode version 9 and higher.
  • It is easy to install and set up, so the users do not need to waste more time on the installation process and code.
  • The theme is lightweight, so it doesn’t affect your work speed or your IDE’s performance.
  • To improve readability and functionality, you can easily integrate the theme into your Xcode plugins and fonts.

3. Kimbie

Kimbie light and dark theme.Kimbie is a robust theme inspired by the second album of the British band Mount Kimbie and makes great use of the color schemes found on the album’s cover. It has both light and dark versions for Xcode themes, so it has a little something for everyone. The theme can also be found for other IDEs such as Atom, Sublime Text, Notepad++, Rainbow, CodeMirror, and much more.

Key Specs

  • The theme is easy to install and set up – simply download the .dvtcolorthemes file and copy the file to Xcode’s FontAndColorThemes directory.
  • You can integrate the theme into any of your Xcode plugins and custom fonts to get your desired feel with your desired functionalities.
  • It is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution; hence, you do not have to worry about the theme’s security.
  • One can also configure the theme to suit their needs, such as the text colors, saturation, highlights, etc.

4. Space Gray

Space Gray and Silver Xcode theme.If you recently migrated from Sublime Text or used the IDE at any point in your life, you must have heard of or come across the Space Gray theme. This theme is an Xcode port for Sublime Text’s Space Gray theme, and it uses the Base 16 Ocean Dark color scheme and its space gray color background is its main attraction. 

Key Specs

  • You can change the theme’s fonts as per your liking to enhance readability and give your code a neater outlook.
  • It is available in both light and dark versions for Xcode users, and Sublime Text users also get an eighties retro version.
  • The theme’s font size and colors can be customized as per your needs and work best for users with faulty eyesight.
  • Space Gray’s Xcode version also has a silver color scheme which can be turned on or off according to the user’s liking.

5. Nord Xcode

Nord Xcode theme.Nord is a great rendition of the Nordic color schemes and is best for people who love the blue vibes with their Xcode themes. This theme consists of 16 primary colors and has UI elements that are geared toward enhancing your user experience while working. It is also a well-documented theme that has several attractive features, four of which we will mention below.

Key Specs

  • Nord has several color swatches that can be integrated with third-party applications easily.
  • The theme comes in several module formats for CSS preprocessors and is compatible with various tech stacks, making it usable in a wide range of iOS projects.
  • Its syntax highlighting features allow users to highlight code elements that they can refer back to easily when needed.
  • You can integrate the theme with all Xcode plugins and switch between color palettes as per your liking.

6. Charmed Dark

Charmed dark Xcode theme.CyperPoet’s Charmed Dark is a theme that plays with contrasting colors and readability. The theme is One Dark and Dracula-inspired, which is a fun fact. While other dark mode themes often make use of faded pastels with only some neon highlights, this theme gives off a carnival-like vibe with its blooming color scheme.

Key Specs

  • The theme uses Fira Code font, which uses relaxed spacing by default for better readability.
  • The theme’s easy installation and activation process does not overwhelm new users.
  • You can reduce errors by customizing color palettes for different syntaxes and highlighting important methods.
  • One can have complete control over the theme’s well-balanced interface and customizable fonts.

7. Hyperlight

Hyper light is a game inspired theme for XcodeHyperLight is one of the most modern-looking Xcode themes out there, inspired by the Hyper Light Drifter game. The theme itself is simplistic, and it is obvious that the author believes in minimalism as the fonts used on the theme are sleek-looking, and the color scheme works well with the dark contrasting background. 

Key Specs

  • The background contrasts well with the syntax colors, so it does not overwhelm the user’s eyes.
  • Menlo font has great readability, set to default at size 11.
  • Colors for different code elements are completely customizable, so you can easily remember each color’s meaning.
  • Hyperlight is also compatible with Xcode plugins so that one can get the same feel all over their workspace without disrupting their workflow.

8. Amoyly

Amoyly theme for Xcode.Amoyly is an elegant-looking Xcode font with a dark background that has a hint of sepia tones peeking through it. Upon looking at the theme for the first time, you will surely get a cozy vibe and will notice how different Amoyly is from other Xcode themes. So let’s take a look at the theme’s key speculations below.

Key Specs

  • Users get to choose if they wish to install the theme manually or use Alcatraz.
  • You can set the cursor to white so that it stands out the most among the dark screen and the colorful texts.
  • Yellow-highlighted Header and format specifying elements let you notice them easily in case of modifications.
  • The console and terminal color schemes are monotonous, which sets it apart from the actual source code of your program and makes it look neater.

9. Eppz Xcode

Eppz Xcode themeEppz Xcode is a well-documented theme for Apple’s Xcode IDE that goes deep into the color wheel to find its meaning and use them to the user’s advantage. It has a dark background and contrasting texts with high readability. You can even see a chart defining the different color meanings when you go to the theme’s Github ReadMe doc for better understanding.

Key Specs

  • Brighter classes let you focus better on the features of your program.
  • You can customize the theme’s fonts as per your needs so that your code has better readability.
  • Colors are dulled by 35% in framework classes, methods, and variables to understand codes better.
  • Eppz automatically stores design files in the theme’s design branch, making it easier to find and configure.

10. Colorful Dark

Colorful dark is one of the best Xcode themes.Ruwatana’s Colorful Dark is a theme with a self-explanatory name. You might have already guessed that this theme plays with a wide variety of colors that go well together, much like Charmed Dark which we discussed above. However, this one has slightly dulled colors and other differences that we will see more of below.

Key Specs

  • One can quickly identify links as URLs are set to blue, a common practice worldwide.
  • Class names, Type names, and Type declarations are yellow so that you can easily refer back to your sources in case anything needs modification.
  • You can set different color palettes for different programming languages.
  • One can customize the theme’s fonts for a more personalized touch and enhanced readability.

Parting Words

So, we wanted to introduce you to those ten Xcode themes above. And we hope we did justice to these stunning themes by discussing their key features. Did we help you make up your mind as to which one to choose? Tell us in the comments!

Your workspace is often the place you spend the most time, and IDEs are just that for web developers or programmers. It is only human nature to make changes to their environments in order to feel more comfortable, and it’s the same with IDEs. That said, we hope this was an interesting read for you. Thanks for your time, and have a great day!

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