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Split Screen in Multiple Ways Coming to Chrome OS

We know that Chromebook comes with a multitasking feature. So we perform multitasking on our Chromebook or Chrome OS tablet. That’s why the importance of window management in Chromebook continues to grow. Currently, it is possible to split the window of the Chrome OS into two different parts. But a flag update reveals the possibility of splitting the screen into multiple ways coming soon to Chrome OS.

Windows 11 platform introduces a window management feature to snap your window differently. Windows user can set their window by using various pre-set configurations. A recent Chrome flag update reveals that Chrome OS is going to mimic Windows 11’s windows management feature.

The new feature will be possible because of a flag on the developer site Chromium Gerrit which show that Google is working on a windows management feature to divide the screen into two-thirds and one-third windows.

Partial Split Chromebook Window

When initially, I am reading the new flag #Partial-Split as described, “enable the option to split windows by thirds for split view.” With partial split Chromebook windows, you can split the screen into three equal sizes.

The recent update in the flag makes clear the #Partial-Split flag. According to the flag, you can now split the screen into three sizes. But you can snap two windows into a 2/3 and 1/3 ratio. The last update of the flag description is “Enables the option to snap two windows into 2/3 and 1/3 for split view.” 

Goggle Flag about Window management to Chrome OS

The wording meaning from the flag description is that the Chrome OS screen is still split into two segments; one part of the segment screen will be either one-third of the screen or two-thirds of the screen. The actual scenario seems to suppose you want to split the screen for Microsoft Word and Chrome browser simultaneously.

Here Chrome browser expands two-thirds of the screen, whereas Microsoft Word gets only one-third of the screen or vice versa. I illustrate the window management scenario to Chrome OS below:

Split Screen in Multiple Ways to Chrome OS

Final Thoughts

However, Google Offical does not provide any additional information about the window management to Chrome OS. I guess that when you drag your window to one side, you will get three options to manage your Chrome OS, such as one-third, half, or two-thirds of the screen.

If you are excited about this new Chrome OS feature and want to enable this on your Chromebook, you have to wait for a while because this feature is still not available publicly for Chrome OS. I am happy when I can split the Chrome OS screen into multiple screens and resize the split-screen as my requirement. I anticipate the new window management feature will be available in the future Chrome OS version 104.

Mehedi Hasan
Mehedi Hasan
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