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10 Best API Management Tools to Access, Control and Protect API

An API (Application Programming Interface) connects between computers and softwares. People are now looking for all services in a single device or software. API is used for integrating the different systems or computer programs with the help of API management tools. Besides, this tool ensures a secure environment to deliver the service and monitor traffic.

The core functions of API management software are to protect API, monitor traffic, ensure availability and compatibility. This tool ensures proper integration of API in the system so that API can be consumable and secure. For this reason, API management software has become popular in integration technology.

With the help of API management software, your organization can develop, manage and secure APIs easily. Moreover, this software helps your organization test API to ensure that it works properly. Additionally, this tool reduces development cost and simplify publishing process. So let’s find out which API management tool is best appropriate for your organization’s integration system.

How to Select Best API Management Tools

You may find many API management softwares. So, it would be best if you were careful to select your best suitable API management solution. To select the best API management solution, you have to consider some factors like compatibility, scalability, security, and comprehensiveness. Here we have compiled the list of the top 10 best API management tools. Let’s check out our list.

1. Apigee

Apigee API management is the product of Google Inc. This tool is developed for Partner Apps, Consumer Apps, Cloud Apps, Employee Apps, Systems of Record, and Internet of Things. With Apigee, you can design, operate, secure, and monetize APIs. Besides, you can get insights into the entire APIs activities and analyze the action. Finally, you can maximize your application’s productivity.

Apigee API management tool

Key Features:

  • With Apigee, you can provide solutions in the form of proxy, agent, and hybrid.
  • It helps developers to build and develop applications.
  • With the help of Apigee, the developer can easily use data for developing new cloud-based apps.
  • It provides analytics information about traffic behavior that helps developers to make data-driven decisions.
  • Moreover, it provides integration functions with a monetization setup. So you can monetize your digital assets with the help of Apigee.

Pricing Plan: Apigee offers four different pricing plans, which are Evaluation, Standard, Enterprise, and Enterprise Plus. Among these, the Evaluation plan is free to use. To get another package, you have to contact the admin.

Pros: Apigee maintains a well-documentation. Moreover, it monitors traffic and analyzes their behavior. So you get a clear picture of your development status.

Cons: However, Apigee does not have any version controller. Besides, its debugging process is difficult to manage.

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2. 3scale

3scale API management solution is developed by Red Hat. With the help of 3scale, you can manage your API for both internal and external users. It provides security, sharability, and accessibility. Moreover, you can control who gets access to your API. Additionally, you can earn money after setting up pricing rules with API.


Key Features:

  • With 3scale, you can control your accessibility. Besides, you can set traffic limits.
  • You can make a tier of your service by implementing your business and government policies.
  • 3scale provides a wide range of authentication and credential security services. So you can make sure that all transactions between your customers and partners are completely secure.
  • It introduces a smooth workflow to optimize the service lifecycle effectively.
  • Besides, it has a developer portal that welcomes the developer to customize the system based on your requirement.

Pricing Plan: 3scale offers two pricing plans which are PRO and Enterprise. You get access full-featured API program in the PRO service plan at the rate of $750/month. But if you need more flexibility and scalability, you need to choose the Enterprise plan. Please get in touch with the system admin for Enterprise price quotes. Besides, a free trial is also available.

Pros: 3scale supports Improved Swagger 2.0 with ActiveDocs that is awesome for developers.

Cons: The initial setup process is complex. You need to invest time to learn about the system.

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3. Akana

If you are looking for an API management tool for life cycle management, Akana is one of the best choices for you. Akana provides an end-to-end API management platform. You can design, secure, implement, monitor, and secure your APIs using this API management software. Moreover, it accelerates your system integration, and at the same time, it provides flexibility and scalability.


Key Features:

  • The user-friendly UI lets you easily create, discover, and monitor your APIs from a single API dashboard.
  • You can control the whole process in a single console, so you can easily identify any backlog in your system. And you can instantly take action to upgrade your system.
  • With the help of Akana, you can detect any vulnerability in your code or run time and ensure safety as per security results.
  • Akana is completely cloud-based. You can quickly change your deployment from one cloud to another cloud.
  • Besides, you can do the same deployment on the premise that minimizes your load time and optimizes your operation process.

Pricing Plan: Akana offers a free trial for 30 days to test its function. It offers two pricing plans; Akana Business and Akana Enterprise. Akana Business’s price rate is $4000/month, and Akana Enterprise’s price is not disclosed. Please get in touch with the system admin for Akana Enterprise price quotes.

Pros: Akana designs a simple interface. So you can easily identify, debug, and analyze transaction logs without the help of your engineer.

Cons: However, Akana does not update its version for a long time. So you can integrate new capabilities with this system.

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4. Kong Enterprise

Kong Enterprise is an open source free API management software highly capable of handle critical application problems. This software is handy for end-to-end service solutions. If you are running a hybrid organization, you may pick Kong Enterprise. This is highly effective for hybrid-type organizations.

Besides, it automates organization workflow. Customers can identify what treats are coming and how to face threats. Overall, it provides the best critical management solution in an organization.

Kong Enterprise

Key Features: 

  • Kong Enterprise supports plugins. So you extend your service requirement to install plugins with your system.
  • You can deploy the software both in cloud storage or on-premise.
  • Kong Enterprise provides the highest scalability so that you can serve large and variable workloads.
  • Besides, Kong Enterprise support robust integration. So it can automate organizational workflows and monitor all APIs and microservices.
  • Though it is an open source software, its source code is open for all. So any developer can upgrade its functionality.

Pricing plan: Kong Enterprise is an open source software and welcomes all to use it free. Besides, if you need advanced security, rate limiting service, you may purchase a PLUS or Enterprise pricing package. Contact with the Kong admin for price.

Pros: Kong Enterprise is open source and highly scalable. It provides security, reliability, and communication between clients and microservices. Additionally, it has a dedicated support team to assist you.

Cons: Nothing wrong we have found in the Kong service except its UI interface. From our review, Kong Enterprise still has room to develop its UI interface.

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5. TIBCO Cloud Mashery

If you need to convert RESTful and SOAP protocols, TIBCO Cloud Mashery is the best API management solution for you. Mashery provides a full life cycle API management solution for the organization, which shifted the business model by adopting cloud service. It can create, operate, secure and analyze the API program. With Mashery, you can manage your business API from anywhere, anytime.

TIBCO Cloud Mashery

Key Features:

  • TIBCO Cloud Mashery provides full life cycle management solutions for the partner, private and public APIs.
  • It has robust authentication technology. Moreover, it can define rate limits and throttling between clients.
  • TIBCO Cloud Mashery constantly monitors and visualizes audience activities. So it can provide real-time analytical data.
  • You can manage your API from a central location from everywhere.
  • You can connect your business with a reusable service catalog that fosters your business growth and introduce a new innovative business model.

Pricing plan: TIBCO Cloud Mashery offers 30 days free trial to experience Mashery capabilities. Besides, it has two premium package like Masherly Basic for small-scale API and Mashery Enterprise for covering the entire enterprise API.

Pros: TIBCO Cloud Mashery provides a deployment service both in the cloud and on-premise. Besides, it provides a customization process to connect it to any architecture and any data plane.

Cons: Mashery’s customer support team needs to be more proactive. Moreover, it has much room to develop its UI.

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6. Mulesoft

Mulesoft has become popular because providing one of the best API management tools for connecting data from both on-premise and in the cloud faster. It is the pioneer for managing and building application networks on any API platform. This API management solution analyzes traffic and provides your API security.

Mulesoft API manaegment tool

Key Features:

  • Mulesoft provides custom integration code to grow business faster.
  • It provides centralized visibility and controls your application.
  • With Mulesoft, you can manger your users and analyze audience behavior.
  • Besides, it implements a policy to secure your API from cyberattacks.
  • It has a run time manager (RESTful APIs) and a design center (RAML).

Pricing plan: Mulesoft has a 30-days free trial. Besides, it has three pricing plans.

Pros: Mulesoft comes with high availability and scalability. You can develop custom functions with minimal system modifications.

Cons: With Mulesoft, you can not roll back the previous deployment. Moreover, you cannot configure API, which is hosted on other platforms.

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7. Axway

Axway provides full cloud-based data integration. Besides, it provides a full life cycle API management solution. Axway is the only API management provider that automatically discovers policy across multiple API gateways for providing vendor service. With Axway, you can ensure an awesome customer experience and drive your business cost-effectively.


Key Features:

  • Axway automatically discovers all API assets (internal and external) for ensuring central control and monitor.
  • You can easily track, monitor, and secure your API assets while integrating with existing or new technology.
  • It connects vendors and customers in a unified platform.
  • Consumers can independently discover and consume products and services that streamline business growth.
  • Axway system can monitor customers’ behavior in real-time and take quick decisions for the driven business.

Pricing plan: Axway has a free trial offer. Furthermore, you need to contact the client for a pricing plan.

Pros: Axway provides a wide range of security and automation that accelerate business growth.

Cons: However, it has several bugs when installing the program with the system.

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8. WSO2

The full meaning of WSO2 is “web service oxygenated” that exactly matches its functions. WSO2 is an open source API management software. You can easily build and manage API with WSO2. It comes with hybrid architectures which suit both on-premise and in the cloud deployment. Besides, it introduces a complete package of managing the organization’s life cycle.


Key Features:

  • WSO2 is highly customizable.
  • The developer can monetize with this API management platform.
  • The API traffic is always monitored to prevent any cyberattack.
  • Besides, it has an analytical platform that monitors and analysis customers traffic and behavior.
  • You can build APIs from existing, internal, and external providers and manage the API until the end of the process.

Pricing plan: WSO2 offers 15 days free trial. After that, you need to contact with WSO2 team for further access and set price.

Pros: WSO2 provides a clean and intuitive user interface for both subscribers and business partners. Besides, it is compact with all API features like security, API console, swagger, and more.

Cons: While you install WSO2 with your system, you need to configure many really boring things.

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9. Snaplogic

Snaplogic provides an iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) cloud-based API management tool that helps users create, publish, and utilize API without knowing to code. It can manage internal and external APIs. Additionally, you can monitor and analyze traffic as well as enforce policies. Besides, it is a highly customizable API and is available for good documentation as well as resource usage.


Key Features:

  • Snaplogic provides advanced monitoring and analyzing data.
  • This software is compatible with other API management softwares.
  • Though, the developer portal is easily customizable. The developers can customize the system based on customer preference.
  • The developers can monetize with the customization of Snaplogic.
  • Snaplogic generates automatic reports.

Pricing plan: let’s try a 30-days free trial offer from Sanplogic. If you become satisfied, you can contact with Snaplogic team for services.

Pros: Snaplogic provides a simple interface. So you do not need to learn about the Snaplogic pipeline. Besides, it is a great API management solution for connecting with external sources quickly and building complex logic.

Cons: However, it connects with external API, but it isn’t easy to connect with external sources.

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10. Fiorano

Fiorano is a modern innovative API management software that connects between system and service. It deploys both on-premise and in the cloud. You can integrate your API with your existing business applications. Besides, it supports third-party web applications. Additionally, you can conduct contextual analysis and assist digital assets for data-driven.

Fiorano API Management tool

Key Features:

  • Fiorano provides a linearly scalable API gateway to prevent any errors, overruns, and exceptions.
  • You enjoy drag and drop configuration settings for API developed based on REST.
  • Besides, it connects multiple data formats and transports.
  •  With Fiorano web-based console, you can test and manage API.
  • In addition, Fiorano analysis the whole operation process thoroughly to identify any errors or overload and provides you warning notification for any lacks.

Pricing plan: You can request a demo for free usage. For more information about Fiorano pricing packages, please get in touch with the Fiorano team.

Pros: Fiorano user interface is very appealing and easy to understand.

Cons: Sometimes, the total system goes down without any prior notice; that’s really shocking.

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Our Recommendations

We have listed both commercial and free 10 best API management tools. Some common features of this listed API management software are security, customization ability, scalability, and analytical ability. While you are looking for the best one from the list, you need to dig down your requirement. Every software has some specialty.

In summary, we can conclude that – Apigee is the best for monetization. Akana and Mashery are the best for life cycle management. Kong and WSO2 are the best open source API software. Mulesoft is the best development portal. And Snaplogic is the best for the non-technical internal user.

For free API management solution, Apigee and Kong Enterpreise are the best. Some API management platform offers free trial like Mashery, Mulesoft, Axway, WSO2, Snaplogic. You can test the free trial and, after that, make a final decision.

Final Thought

So are you ready to pick the right API management tool for your business project? In this article, we have covered market-leading 10 API management softwares. Either you pick anyone from the list or suggest any alternatives.

Of course, we are ready to hear your voice. Do not hesitate to write down your best API management solution in our comment box below. While you share your comment, it would help others to pick the best API tool. So your comment is highly appreciated. Would you please share your comment and share this article?

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