News ClickUp – A Cross-Platform Project Management and Productivity Software

ClickUp – A Cross-Platform Project Management and Productivity Software

Everyone prefers to get the best thing for free. And if you’re looking for project management software, it can’t be ignored getting the ‘Best’ and ‘Free’ together in one package. So here is an intuitively designed project management platform called ClickUp.

It’s an entire productivity platform that keeps your team and personal work organized in one beautifully intuitive place. Now you can use one platform for everything. Sometimes, organizing projects from the ground can be confusing. But with ClickUp, you can take out confusions out of the equation as it helps you to organize your projects using a great approach. ClickUp is more than just a task management application since it provides much more amazing features like notes, reminder, calendar, goals even including an inbox.

With this software, you will also be able to assign tasks to multiple team members at a time, customize all your workflows and priorities from a single setting page.

Important Features of ClickUp

  • Available for Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.
  • Custom FieldsYou can add columns for notes, info, budget and more as you want.
  • Customized ViewQuickly find the task you’re working on by box, board or list a setting that matches you or your team.
  • PrioritiesYou will be able to custom your priority level to collaborate on different tasks based on how vital each task is to the project.
  • Drag and DropJust a few steps, and you can drag, drop, move and re-assign tasks to people if you have multiple teams using spaces and project. It is one of the key features of ClickUp.
  • Assign CommentsYou can instantly create or assign action items for own self or others.
  • Multiple AssigneesOnly if your space allows, you can collaborate on a single task.
  • Rich Text EditingThrough a rich formatting interface, you can eliminate doing tasks to only basic text.
  • 50+ Ultimate FeaturesBesides the above features, ClickUp consists of 50+ amazing features like templates, calendar view, smart search, notepad, storage, essential collaboration tools and many more.

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The Last Words

Any personal or teamwork can be done easily, faster and on time with ClickUp. As it is one of the top free productivity applications, ClickUp works for designers, developer and everyone in between. ClickUp is one of the best project management software that has made its position so quickly by featuring the best services as a productivity application.

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