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20 Reasons Why You Should Choose Linux Server

While having a lot of options regarding server platforms, why do I need to write about the Linux-based server especially? Doesn’t the question peeking from your mind? Just take a look at the scenario of the data center of the entire world. A large percentage of them are staying on a Linux-based server. For example, I can say that giant companies like Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, and even Google servers are running based on Linux software. Why not you?

I never advise choosing anything without knowing about it clearly. And here, I also don’t tell you to choose Linux based server until you know its benefit fully. So, I’m going to tell you all the opportunities and benefits of a Linux server. After reviewing all the points, you’ll decide whether you like it or not. Still, now the decision is solely in your hand. Let’s take a look at how effective and beneficial it is!

Reasons for Choosing Linux Server

Definitely, there are so many reasons for choosing a Linux server. And that is why most of the internet servers and data centers are increasing their spaces day by day depending on Linux software. Here I enlist 20 reasons for choosing the server.

1. Open Source


Linux is a long, long way ahead of other servers, such as Windows servers. You can see the code easily that is used to create Linux. Most importantly, you can easily modify the system if necessary.

On the other hand, you can develop programs according to your own style, and they can be added to the Linux operating system. Is there any platform that can give you this kind of opportunity?

2. Free of Cost

This is one of the best reasons for choosing Linux over other platform, such as Windows. It doesn’t ask for money from you while installing or updating. On the other hand, Windows requires more than 100$ for every OS update. So, at the very beginning, you save more than 100$, and you get the latest and most useful product.

3. Better Stability

This is the wonderful feature of the server that it remains stable for an extended period. According to some Linux users, they have had a few experiences crashing their operating system. On the contrary, crashing is the usual and regular effect for other server users. In some cases, Windows users have to face a harmful issue if they don’t have a backup. This is totally absent in Linux.

4. Better Flexibility

This is very much true that the Linux operating system is more flexible than any other operating system. On this platform, you can do almost everything that you want to do. You can also manage server-related activities such as performance monitoring, adding users, services and network management, etc. In a word, Linux gives you the power to control the server entirely.

5. Freedom of Choice


When you are using Linux, you are not bound to use any specific system. You can choose anything new; you can easily upgrade to any other version. In the Linux world, you are independent. This is also one kind of freedom. Is there any service that gives you this option fully?

6. Easily Modifiable

You may need to modify the server anytime, naturally. But all the servers allow it? Not at all. But, Linux is dissimilar to the other servers. You cannot modify the Windows servers if the next update doesn’t release. Is there anything boring like waiting? However, the server allows changing when you need. And even it does not require restarting while modifying the server. Benefit?

7. Maintenance And Total Cost

In the past, it is said that it comes free of cost. That means it is one step ahead of any other platform. On the other hand, when you need to buy an enterprise version, you have to pay an affordable amount. But, when you go for the same product for windows, you have to pay a larger amount.

8. Highly Secured


When the question comes to security, Linux is obviously better than any other server. The administrator and specific users only have permission to handle the Linux kernel and make the server protected entirely. The server of Linux doesn’t have the frequent chance of breaking its security like a Windows server.

9. Better Compatibility

Server spaces are increasing day by day depending on the Linux software, and it is the dominant server space. So, the operations are definitely smoother when your server language is the same as the communicating server. As you know, compatibility is the pre-requirement of the best rest result.

10. Hardware Requirement

Linux system never requires very high-range hardware. This information is widely known. It always consumes fewer system resources such as hard disk drives, RAM, etc. That is why most of the old desktop and laptop users like Linux, as it runs smoothly even on a low-configured machine.

11. Doesn’t Need Defragmentation

Defragmenting is a boring task, and almost everyone wants to skip this step. But which platform gives you the opportunity except for Linux? On the other platform, you must have to pass a lot of time doing these processes, which are absent in Linux. Thanks, Linux, for skipping this annoying feature.

12. Trouble-Free Updates

You definitely need to reboot the system while updating on most of the platforms. But this is exceptional in Linux. You don’t need to stop your ongoing tasks while shutting down the server. This is also not a matter of how large the update file is. Update the server without stopping your work.

13. Does Not Require Any Antivirus


Just think you are out from the Linux-based server; you cannot think of anything without an antivirus. Sometimes antivirus fails to protect your system, and then you’ll search for premium quality antivirus, which is so much more costly.

On the other hand, Linux is better known as the most secure platform. Having Linux means you have more enough than you expect when you want to stay away from viruses and malware.

14. Ease of Use

Yes, I agree there is a misconception about this Linux; it always requires geeky and genius computer users. It is not just next to the ’90s when it was really complicated. But now, it is quite easy. GUI tools and some other features made it easy to use, which means you are ready to handle it easily and comfortably.

15. Widely And Frequently Used

Linux server is very popular and widely used around the world. Now it is as popular; the rivals are also using Linux. You can see the supercomputer of the world. Most of the supercomputers run on Linux-based servers. The majority of people around the world cannot make the wrong decision, I think. Are you ready?

16. Better Reliable

Among the various servers, Linux is much ahead and reliable, no doubt. Linux developers are more active than the other platform. They always publish updates from time to time, keeping the necessity of users. On the other hand, Unix-like systems are very dependable and run years of years without any failure. It is also an important thing before choosing the best server system.

17. Complete Package of Software

Like the other server, you don’t need to search for the new software on the web. Every Linux server is a complete package of software. You also get a notification when the new software is released. So, using Linux means all the exciting and new release software is in your hand. Just install and use them.

18. Better Performance

Linux is widely known for its outstanding and smooth performance, which is better than any other server. A large number of Linux users are using the servers every day without facing any problems. The server is perfect to use for networking purposes. With the server, you can easily connect multiple devices also.


So, you have not only a server; you’ve excellent control and regulatory property over it. Don’t think about its performance twice; its overall performance is excellent and satisfactory.

19. Multitasking Capabilities

Usually, you definitely need to do multiple tasks or keep running one more program. But, all the servers don’t let you do this smoothly and trouble-free. Here, the Linux server is exceptional; rather, it is widely known to multitask.

Linux allows continuing multiple programs in the background while you are doing something else. On the other hand, you have to face many difficulties, such as sleep mode, restarting the program, and so on with the other. Happy with the Linux?

20. Incredible Community Support


When you start using Linux, you are a part of the Linux community. This means, from now you are not alone. Loneliness can never bother you. If you ever face any problem with the server or system, just drop a comment mentioning your problem in any forum. Thousands of users are always ready to solve your problem. Yes, Linux always offers you this helping hand.

Summary Line

You will find more and more benefits of Linux servers except for the above points. But, the points are enough for choosing this server, I think. I can bet you that no other server can give you all of these opportunities and benefits at the same time. Now, the decision is whether you will use it or not!

We are always ready to reply to your queries, and we love to see that you’ve shared your feelings after getting advantages from it.

Mehedi Hasan
Mehedi Hasan
Mehedi Hasan is a passionate enthusiast for technology. He admires all things tech and loves to help others understand the fundamentals of Linux, servers, networking, and computer security in an understandable way without overwhelming beginners. His articles are carefully crafted with this goal in mind - making complex topics more accessible.


  1. > Doesn’t Need Defragmentation

    In the old days of hard disks, Linux benefited from defragmentation. Nowadays, solid state drives have mostly eliminated the need for defragmentation, regardless of the operating system.

    > Does Not Require Any Antivirus

    Be careful with this. ClamAV can help with a lot of threats.

  2. I’d like to add another point to your list: It’s possible to find and hire experienced Linux sysadmins when you need help.

  3. I use Linux for a file server, and to be backup file servers for Mac Windows and Linux systems, and its very good at it.
    With the aid of Webmin it makes it easier to admin the server.
    The biggest problem I have with linux is not being able to find 100% correct answers to things. Normally there are loads of websites all saying different ways to do the same thing, many of them just dont work.
    The easier things are to use, the better they are. This is what made Mac OS X so popular

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