Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. As we live and breathe, we use smartphones. As it is important for us, it is our duty to keep them safe and secure. Ensuring security doesn’t always means installing an Anti Malware and AntiVirus apps, but it also includes other apps which make our Android secure. There are a lot of Android security apps available on Google Play Store.

To help you choose the best, we have listed some of the best Android security apps for your smartphone.

 1. Systweak Anti Malware

Systweak Anti Malware

One of the most dangerous threats to a smartphone is malware and malicious content. To ensure that your system is protected from them, it is recommended to have an Anti Malware app. What app is better than Systweak Anti Malware. Let’s look at the features of the app:

  • It provides real-time protection from any harmful application that enters your smartphone.
  • It scans your internal memory and SD card for suspicious files.
  • You can whitelist your trusted app.
  • It enables you to perform deep and quick scan to scour all the infections.


2. App Lock

App Lock

Keeping your phone and documents locked on your phone ensures that no intruder could peep into your computer. App Lock is one of the best apps to lock your phone to keep it safe from prying eyes. Let’s look at the features of the app:

  • The app enables you to lock individual applications like Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagram, SMS, contacts and more.
  • You can hide your photos and videos in a vault to keep your private memories intact.
  • Applock also has an incognito browser which allows you browse privately and safely.
  • It clicks an Intruder’s Selfie to make you aware, who tried to violate your privacy.


3. LastPass


If you have a couple of accounts be it social media or mailing accounts, you might tend to forget the passwords now and then. Well, not anymore. With LastPass, you can save your passwords in a secret vault. Let’s look at the features of the app:

  • It allows you to protect all your passwords with a fingerprint or a password.
  • It manages all your passwords easily.
  • It has a feature to autofill all your passwords and personal info so that you don’t have to type it all.
  • It has password generator which helps you to generate your own unique passwords.


4. GlassWire


It seems that World revolves around the internet. Managing your data usage is tough. However, with an efficient app, you can track and manage the data usage. One of the best apps for tracking data usage is GlassWire.  Let’s look at the features of the app:

  • The app notifies you about the data usage and saves your money.
  • It shows a real-time graph of the apps using WiFi or mobile data.
  • It also has a Speed Meter on the notification tray which shows the speed of the data spent.
  • It also keeps you protect and secure your Android phone from suspicious app activity with network monitoring statistics.


5. Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus

Everyone needs privacy while browsing the Internet. If you want to make sure that your browsing history stays protected, use Firefox Focus.It is a browser which has an incognito mode on always. Let’s look at the features of the app:

  • It erases the trail on the internet such as History, cookies, and passwords.
  • It blocks a huge range of common Web trackers without any settings.
  • It lets you experience the delight of private browsing.
  • It doesn’t log your activities for a longer time.


So, these are some of the best Android security apps that will keep your Android secure. If we missed out on any of your favorite apps, do let us know in the comments.

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