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The 10 Best Cat Games For PC | That Let You Play As A Cat

Computer games have become an integral part of our daily life. As people of today’s day and age, we surely understand the hustle of busy life. To take a break and make yourself relaxed, computer games can play an important role, which is why this industry has seen growing at an excessive speed over the last ten years. You will find very few games that allow gamers to play with a cat. But in these cat games for PC, you can enjoy playing as a cat or see the world from a cat’s point of view. Computer games can be of many types, but these cat games will certainly add an extra spice to the plate full of enjoyment.

Best Cat Games For PC

Cat games can be really exciting as the gameplay is much different from the traditional computer games. Besides, you will not be able to avoid the pleasure of playing as an adorable cat. If you are a pet lover and want to engage yourself with a kitty or two, go through this article to enlighten yourself about the best cat games you can play now on your PC.

1. Talking Cat Gold Run

There are some games that have become so popular that you will not find people who have not tried them at least once. Subway Surfer is one of the most popular games ever played on a smartphone where you will have to run away from the police. Talking Car Gold Run is here for the PC gamers who were waiting to play similar games like Subway Surfer on their computer for quite a long time. It is an amazing game and definitely worth trying.

Talking Cat Gold Run

Important Features

  • People of all ages can play the game. It is intended to render a fun time through the endless running.
  • You will have to overcome the obstacles and challenges that will come in your way to glory.
  • It can also be considered as an adventure game, and you can choose your pet.
  • Besides, the simulation experience is great. And you can wear a VR box to play the game in 3d.
  • You will find a fun park slide that can take you to the mega heights. The game is challenging, and you will need time to become comfortable.

Pros: You will get HD graphics which colorful visuals, detailed city and park design. You will have to dodge obstacles to earn coins for unlocking additional features.

Cons: If you have played subway surfer, then it has nothing to offer on the plate.

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2. Brawl Gumdball Cat Jungle Adventure

If you are the kind of person who loves to play adventurous games, it is a great option. You can not make the list of the best cat games for PC without including this game. Although it is not free to experience, you will not regret it at all.  The game can be played on the latest Windows version, while if you have an Xbox, you can even get better graphics. This game will fill your heart if you are fond of cat film or love to explore the wild jungles.

Brawl Gumdball Cat Jungle Adventure

Important Features

  • This game is intended for people who are crazy fans of Gumball cat. You will have to collect stars to open treasures.
  • It comes with highly customized controls that can help in walking, running, jumping, or shooting.
  • If you fall on the ground or cannot dodge enemies in time, then the game will be over.
  • Each player will have to survive and reach the end of the map to pass a level.
  • The graphics are awesome and enriched with the splash screen, Gems, Distance, Points.
  • You will also have to surf in a platform side view in this cartoon fan based game.

Pros: It is a great game for your children. While it is very easy to play, the game is equipped with an amazing story where you will have to help Dorra to fight with enemies.

Cons: Although the game starts with easy levels, it becomes more challenging every time you are promoted to a new level. The game is not free as well.

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3. Cat vs. Rat

There are many types of PC games available out there. While many people love to play action games, some are very much interested in playing racing games. But you will find a few people that do not love simulation games due to the lifelike feeling and refreshing controls. Cat vs. Rat is a great example of how simulation games for PC should be designed. Although you will find many options for the animal simulator or dinosaur simulator, Cat vs. Rat is unique because of its gameplay.

Cat vs Rat Cat Games for PC

Important Features

  • It is so engaging that you will never become bored and enjoy every moment. 
  • Developed by FlipWired 3D Games and suitable for people who love to have pets or crazy kittens.
  • Throughout the gameplay, you will have to assist the pet mouse to escape from the pet cat.
  • It will take you to the nostalgia as its story is completely based on the popular cartoon show Tom & Jerry.
  • The control of the mouse will be in your hand, and you will have to run, find, and collect cheese.
  • It has designed the mouse and cat beautifully while the environment is equipped with all the important household materials.

Pros: You will find 9 interesting levels while the gameplay is unique as well. Alongside, 5 different Pet Rat Models and the interactive user interface are also there.

Cons:  Although it is one of the few cat simulation games you can play now, the controls are buggy and could be much improved.

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4. MagiCat

If you consider the retro-inspired productions, then MagiCat is one of the most popular free cat games for PC. It is a side-scrolling platformer that was invented back in the 16-bit era. It is a simple and kids friendly game. So you can have a wonderful time with your children. But if you are not a lover of 2D platforms, then this game is not for you. Along with Windows, you can play this game on Nintendo Switch and macOS as well.


Important Features

  • You will be surprised to see the gameplay, designed to render a classic, colorful pixelated interface.
  • Besides, the nostalgic music takes the classic platformer gameplay to the next stage.
  • Modern elements are mixed nicely, and this game comes with 63 different levels.
  • Each level has its own boss, and you will have all the control to manage a wonderful and intelligent cat.
  • You can also consider this as an adventure game where you can explore the world map freely.
  • All the battles are spread over 7 worlds, and the gameplay is relatively more organized than its alternatives.

Pros: The level design is gorgeous, and the learning curve will become smoother as you play the game.

Cons: There are many people who may lot love it due to the 2D graphics. Besides, you will have to pay $2.99 to unlock exclusive features. 

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5. A Street Cat’s Tale

You will find many games that do not give much priority to the story. But unlike other free cat games for PC, this game represents a beautiful story throughout the amazing gameplay. It is published and developed by feemodev, while you can consider this as an adventure simulation game. You will need to have Windows Vista or greater running on your computer, while 2 GHz of processing speed will be required to get the best experience.

A Street Cat's Tale free Cat Games for PC

Important Features

  • It is based on the story of a baby kitten left alone in the town.
  • You will have to play the game from the cat’s view, which makes it more interesting.
  • The game can render a good simulation experience and lifelike environments as well.
  • You will have to explore the roads and manage food to keep the kitten remain alive.
  • All the characters are built perfectly in this pixelated indie game.

Pros: You will have to interact with the people also to get food or help. Although the game looks funny, it is more challenging than you can expect.

Cons: Developers could add more elements and this game really offers nothing more than a story of an orphaned kitten.

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6. Blacksad: Under The Skin

It is another cat game that has given the storyline the highest priority while developing the gameplay. It is based on the official and all-new story for BLACKSAD that you can get in the comic series. The game is modernistic, and you will get all the latest features as well. The game animations are well crafted and ready to render an amazing user experience from start to finish. You will also find super background music, which will make you more engaged with the game.

Blacksad Under The Skin cat games for PC

Important Features

  • When you talk about the detailing and beautifully crafted characters, no cat game will come close to Blacksad: Under The Skin.
  • You will feel the taste of investigation as the gameplay combines interesting challenges.
  • Players will have to solve puzzles and multiple-choice dialog to achieve the glory of joy.
  • You will have full control over the gameplay, and the ending of the story is unpredictable.
  • The development of the playing character will depend on your choice, so you will need to make your decision wisely.
  • It comes with more than 30 characters where you will find many new faces as well.

Pros: The game features awesome soundtracks based on jazz, which can resonate with Hollywood’s film experience.

Cons: It includes anthropomorphic animals, which makes this game inappropriate for children.

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7. Rain World

This game represents the story of a slug cat. You will have to face real-world challenges and keep fighting against all the odds to remain alive. This game is so challenging that you can not predict what is going to happen at any point in the game. Besides, it is an action-adventure game and inspired by 16-bit classics. If you want me to mention what to expect in the game, then I will tell simplicity, and unique challenges set this game apart from other cat games for PC you can get in the market.

Rain World

Important Features

  • You will have to act rapidly to keep pace with the fast-paced gameplay.
  • While you will have to depend on your prey for survival, you will need to save yourself from the predators.
  • To win the game, you will need to design your strategies based on stealth and wit.
  • It comes with beautiful graphics where the detailing will take you to the next stage.
  • This is a modern game, and you can expect to get highly customized controls for the best experience.
  • You will need at least Windows 7 and 64-bit processor to play the game smoothly.

Pros: Although this game looks simple to play, you will have to take part in the intense and primal predator encounters.

Cons: This is an excellent game for the children. But if you are an advanced gamer, then this game has nothing new to offer on the plate.

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8. Cat Goes Fishing

It is a casual indie simulation game that was published by Cat5Games. This game comes with a great story, and if you want to enjoy fishing, this game is a great option. You will need at least  512 MB of memory of graphics to play this game on your desktop computer. This game does not come for free, and you will have to place an order before playing the game.

Cat Goes Fishing Cat Games for PC

Important Features

  • Although the story is straightforward, it is not a simple game, and you will become comfortable with the gameplay quickly.
  • You will have the control of a master fisher-cat scouring, and you will have to hunt the biggest fish.
  • It comes with complete quests that will allow you to earn cash.
  • Throughout the gameplay, you will have to win for unlocking better rods to catch fish easily.
  • Besides, you will get a whole lot of customization options to improve the performance while fishing.
  • On top of that, all the boats will remain locked initially, and you will need to complete challenges for unlocking the boats.

Pros: You will need to find and equip rare hats exclusive and make the game more exciting.

Cons: The game is not free, and the controlling could be much improved.

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9. Cat Quest II

Cat Quest II is an open-world action-RPG fantasy game for PC. It has inherited everything from the award-winning predecessor. It is a fantastic game that is powered by awesome graphics and amazing background music. Besides, while you can play this game solo, you can also take part in the multiplayer mode to play with friends or family. The official language of the game is English, and you will get comfortable with the gameplay once you start playing.

Cat Quest II

Important Features

  • You will be able to play as a cat or a dog in this amazing 2D game.
  • In this game, you will get extreme action and defend the opponents to control the territory.
  • This game is cross-platform compatible and available on iOS, Android, Playstation, and Xbox.
  • Besides, this game features magic and curious monsters. It will take you to a catventure like never before.
  • It comes with a brand new story that represents the world of Felingard.
  • Co-op mode now comes with a switch and local method while the number of the spell has increased greatly.

Pros: This game can exceed your expectation with the beautiful gameplay and super controls. Besides, it has introduced new weapons like Master swords and staves.

Cons: People were expecting more improvement in terms of visual aesthetics after the success of the original version. But this game could not reach that point.

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10. Cat On A Diet

This is one of the few cat games that can render an experience much more different than you can get from the traditional gameplay. You will have to help a clueless pussy cat who loves to eat cookies. And you will have to take care to touch the jar of cookies when the owner is asleep. It is a strategy game made for children, although people of all ages can play this game to pass their leisure hours.

Cat On A Diet cat games for PC

Important Features

  • The game is not going to get boring soon as it comes with more than 100 different levels.
  • You will have to win and pass the challenges before proceeding to the next level.
  • Children will enjoy it most, but many people will have to play multiple times to solve the physics puzzles.
  • Throughout the gameplay, it portrays the story beautifully to showcase the shenanigans of Dr. Meow.
  • You will get a lot of customization features that include cat costumes as well.
  • Besides, you can expect every modern facility from this fun game.

Pros: It is a great game for people who love physics. The game can become really exciting, especially while solving interesting challenges to overcome the problem and reach the glory of joy.

Cons:  If you have a PC with the minimum configuration, you will not play this game. Besides, the overall gameplay can become boring after completing the first few levels.

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Our Recommendation

Computer games can play an important role in removing the bad negative vibes that we have inside us and be relaxed. A great computer game can make the time enjoyable, and you can pass the time on your own. We have tried to cover all aspects of computer gaming before picking the best cat games, and this article will definitely help you choose one.

Depending on the features, simulation experience, and availability, we are declaring Brawl Gumdball Cat Jungle Adventure as the best cat game that you can play on your desktop right now. This game can make the folks satisfied who love to watch cat movies and control their pet cats as well. Besides, amazing graphics, arcade gameplay, and awesome characters are also there.

Finally, Insights

Cat games for PC are certainly different from all other computer games. You can expect to get action-adventure, simulation, and open-world RPG based stories with these cat games. But when you can see the world from a cat’s point of view, it takes the experience to the next level that you can never even think of. Besides, there are people who love to have pets and pass the time with their cat and dog. These cat games can render a similar experience to some extent. Go through this article and let me know which game you are going to choose to play next.

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