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The 10+ Best Online GIF Maker Tools To Make Fun and Promote Brand

GIF-sharing videos have become popular because of their lesser loading time and short size compared to videos. Basically, it is a combination of series of images that are cycled to create an animation. Currently, GIFs are widely used in social media websites for making fun and marketing purposes. This interactive images can earn more engagement from the audience and promote the brand. You may find many online GIF maker sites to customize interactive images. Though GIF is easy to create, many online GIF-making tools are complex to use.

So we need to find an easy way to create a GIF file. Here we have reviewed some great online GIF-making tools to create amazing animated GIFs. Use these online tools; you can create GIFs to make fun of and promote your brand.

Best Online GIF Maker Tools

GIF is a cool way to express your feeling and convey a strong message about your products and services. You may find many ready-made GIFs in the web. But all are suitable for you to express yourself. So you can create your own GIF by using a simple GIF-making tool. For this, you don’t need to be a creative designer.

There are lots of GIF-making tools around the web. Among them, we have shortlisted the top 11 best online GIF makers. You can use most of these tools for free. Use this GIF-making tools and create your own GIF. Let’s check out our list.


GIPHY is the most popular GIF editing website that allows loading videos. You can upload videos from YouTube, Vimeo, or a video link. Besides, you can upload GIF, MP4, and MOV files from your computer. After uploading videos, you can easily arrange the videos and then set the duration of each image or frame. Finally, you can produce your GIF file by adding more filters, stickers, captions, and drawings.

GIPHY Best Online GIF Maker

Key Features:

  • GIPHY has a green screen to change background-color
  • It has many advanced GIF editing tools.
  • You can share your content on social media sites.
  • The site is completely ad-free.
  • You can draw anything you want on your GIF.

Pros: GIPHY has a colorful and varied GIF library. Therefore, you can share this GIF to express your mode or convey a message easily.

Cons: However, the GIPHY search engine does not work properly.

Create a GIF at GIPHY

2. Make a GIF

You can create a GIF by using images and videos in Make a GIF website. Upload your images or videos from Facebook, YouTube, WebCam, or your computer. Here image rearrange process is very simple. Just use drag and drop to rearrange your uploaded images and set image frame duration. On the other hand, while you are working with video, you need to select the start point and duration of the video. Moreover, you can add text to the GIF.


Key Features:

  • You can easily create GIFs by using images and videos.
  • You can resize your uploaded images.
  • Besides, you can control GIF clip speed.
  • You can add text to the GIF file.
  • Moreover, you have options to make public, private, or unlisted your GIF file.

Pros: Make a GIF is an easy tool to make GIF online.

Cons: However, it does not have additional filter options.

Create a GIF at Make a GIF


EZGIF is one of the best online GIF maker tools to create a GIF by using images. It can upload many image formats like JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, HEIC, GIF, and other image formats up to 2000 files. Besides, you can upload all images file at once by uploading a ZIP file. Here you can crop, resize, rotate your images. Moreover, you can add different effects to the whole GIF.


Key Features:

  • If you upload high-quality images, it can produce high-quality GIFs.
  • You can upload bulk images in a ZIP.
  • Besides, you can edit your images like crop, rotate, reverse, resize, etc.
  • Moreover, you can add text to your GIF.
  • Additionally, you can apply grayscale, sepia, and monochrome effect to your GIF.

Pros: EZGIF is a nice GIF-making tool for producing high-quality GIFs.

Cons: There is no online save or share option. While your GIF is ready to use, you need to download it to your computer.

Create a GIF at EZGIF

4. ImgFlip

ImgFlip lets you create a GIF by uploading images, videos or share another video URL or GIF URL. It provides many GIF editing tools to edit your uploaded media like crop, rotate, reverse, background color changes, and more. Besides, you can reorder and resize your uploaded images. Moreover, you can add text or stickers and enable motion of this text and stickers.

ImgFlip Online GIF Maker

Key Features:

  • With ImgFlip, you can see preview your creating GIF.
  • You can store your created GIF online. Besides, you can share GIFs in social media sites.
  • If you want, you can make private of your GIF.
  • You can enable background sound during GIF play.
  • Moreover, you can draw or write on the GIF file.

Pros: ImgFlip comes with many simple but powerful advanced features.

Cons: However, the output GIF comes with a watermark for free users. Besides, you can only store 4MB if you are a free user. Some advanced features are only available for only ImgFlip Pro.

Create a GIF at ImgFlip

5. Picasion

Picasion lets you import images from Picasa web and Flickr. We know that Flickr and Picasa web has an exclusive and high-quality images library. So you can use this better quality image library by using Picasion. Moreover, you can upload images from your computer. Additionally, you can use the Picasion image library to find the best images for your GIF. However, it does not support bulk uploading. You can enjoy a few editing options to your image, but you cannot add text or rotate your images.


Key Features:

  • You can produce 450 pixels wide size GIFs.
  • The GIF animation can be adjusted as fast and slow as 10 seconds.
  • Either you can import images from Flickr, Picasa Web, or import from Picasion image gallery.
  • You can share your making GIF file on social media or any other site. Besides, you can send email this GIF to your friends and family.
  • Moreover, Picasion has a glitter-making tool to create amazing glitter without flash.

Pros: Picasion provides a large image gallery.

Cons: Picasion GIF editing tools are limited compared to other GIF-making sites.

Create a GIF at Picasion


GIFPAL can make amazing animated GIFs. You can make GIFs by using a webcam or phone camera. Moreover, you can upload images and videos from your PC. You can always see your GIF preview while you are working on it. Moreover, you can rearrange your images, add a filter and control the animation speed.

GIFPAL Online GIF Maker

Key Features:

  • You can import images from your webcam or phone camera.
  • GIFPAL offers you to disable the watermark from the GIF.
  • You can rearrange images in the GIF frame.
  • If offers to apply many filters.
  • You can create a 480X360 size GIF.

Pros: GIFPAL lets you create GIFs on both your computer and mobile.

Cons: GIFPAL does not support add text. Moreover, it can not upload more than one image simultaneously.

Create a GIF at GIFPAL

7. Imgur

Imgur is another amazing online GIF maker that can convert video to GIF easily. Basically, Imgur is a popular image hosting and sharing site, but it also offers to create GIFs. You can create a 15 seconds GIF by using Imgur. Here, you can share any video link to convert GIF. And, you can share your GIF to any social media site or anywhere you wish by coping with the GIF link.


Key Features:

  • Imgur Video to GIF conversion process is too simple and easy.
  • No account is required to create GIF, but you need to create an Imgur account for free to host your GIF files.
  • Imgur offers some advanced editing tools like rotate, resize, and crop.
  • Moreover, you can add text and stickers to the GIF.
  • Besides, Imgur lets you add text and effects to the GIF.

Pros: Imgur lets you create a GIF from a video link easily.

Cons: To share your GIF link, you need to sign in to Imgur.

Create a GIF at Imgur

8. is another popular online GIF maker that comes with many GIF features. With, you can create an animated GIF, slideshow, and animated avatar. A live preview is shown when you are creating a GIF file. With the control panel, you can set canvas size, animation speed, and the number of loops. You can set an infinite loop with this


Key Features:

  • You can merge multiple GIFs into one GIF. On the other hand, you can split GIFs into multiple GIFs.
  • You can set animation speed up to 10 seconds.
  • Besides, you can set infinite times loops if you need.
  • allows to create a 500X280 pixel size animated GIF.
  • You can overlay background music by sharing the music URL in your GIF.

Pros: A live preview is shown at the time of GIF-making.

Cons: However, does not support store GIF files. You only need to download the GIF file after creation is completed.

Create a GIF at

9. lets you upload bulk images at once while you are going to make a GIF. But total file size would be less than 15MB. After that, you write down your animated GIF name. Then, you set animation speed, animation file dimension. Finally, you may select an animation effect. has seven animation effects of applying. When you finished, you can save or share it with others.


Key Features:

  • offers bulk images uploading option.
  • You can rearrange your uploaded images here.
  • You can define the animation speed and loops.
  • Besides, you can create an animated GIF to your desired size. offers up to 1000X1000 pixels size GIF.
  • You can set whether the animation is cycled or not.

Pros: animation cycle can define whether the animation is cycled or not.

Cons: The output preview can only see at the end of GIF make.

Create a GIF at

10. Pixteller

Pixteller lets you create an animation GIF for free. You can customize pre-designed professional animated GIFs from the Pixteller GIF gallery or start from scratch. With Pixteller, you can create both personalize and business branding GIFs. You can add text, shapes, illustrations in a GIF. Besides, it has a good font collection to select an eye-catching font. Moreover, you can add color and filter to make your GIF more appealing.


Key Features:

  • Pixteller has a large professional pre-designed GIF templates gallery. You can customize your GIF from the GIF templates gallery.
  • With Pixteller, you can create a frame-by-frame GIF.
  • You can create multiple pages slideshows.
  • Moreover, you take full control of your GIF because you can changes layers’ position here.
  • You can download GIF in MP4 format or GIF, depends on your need. Besides, you can share your GIF on social media sites.

Pros: Pixteller provides full control of your GIF-making. You can rearrange your frame and layers to create a unique amazing GIF.

Cons: You cannot keep your video private.

Create a GIF at Pixteller

11. Canva GIF Maker

Canva is a complete package of online creative design, including GIF maker. It has a large professional GIF templates library. You can either use this library or start from scratch. Some exclusive templates are unlocked after you are registered as Canva Pro. However, its free templates library is resourceful. Besides, you can add elements, text, and audio in a GIF. Overall, Canva is a nice package to make GIFs online.

Canva GIF Maker Online

Key Features: 

  • Canva GIF library covers all categories of GIF templates. So you can search to find your needed template and customize this easily.
  • You can set your animation timing up to 30 seconds.
  • It has an amazing text style. So you add stylish text to your GIF.
  • You can either download your GIF in MP4 format or GIF. But GIF format does not extract any audio sound.
  • Moreover, Canva allows you to share your GIF to social media sites and generate URLs to share anywhere.

Pros: Canva is integrated with different media content provides like GIPHY, Pexels, Pixabay. So you can import many high-quality resources from external sources.

Cons: While working on this templates, sometimes you become blocked from adding new elements because of locking the elements for PRO users.

Create a GIF at Canva GIF Maker

Our Recommendations

Every GIF maker has standalone features. So it is tough to compare to each other. GIPHY has a large GIF library to reuse. You can easily pick any video or GIF to customize depends on your demand. For brand promotional GIF-making, we recommend you to pick either Canva GIF maker or Pixeteller. If you want to create a GIF using images, you can pick one from EZGIF, ImgFlip, and Picasion. Besides, is a nice tool to personalize a simple GIF.

Final Thoughts

Our recommended GIF-making sites are easy to use. Most of these do not need any registration. So you can take experience by using varieties GIF maker online tools. Besides, you can recommend any other GIF maker to which you are already addicted. Moreover, you are requested to share this article with your friends and family to make fun of and promote the brand.

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