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10 Best Bulk WhatsApp Sender Software for E-commerce

You can never be sure that all your previous and potential customers are aware of your latest products and sales if you don’t send them personalized messages. However, there is no way e-commerce business owners and managers can’t send messages to all of the clients one by one. In that case, the best option is to use a bulk WhatsApp sender software.

This type of software is designed for online business promotions, especially via WhatsApp. They let you send promotional messages to an unlimited number of people at once. Some of them also offer many useful features that ultimately increase your business growth. So, as an online business owner, you should definitely use WhatsApp bulk message software.

Best Bulk WhatsApp Sender Software for Business Promotion

We have checked many bulk WhatsApp sender software to filter out the effective and reliable ones to make a list. Certainly, the list is in our hands, and we are grateful to WhatsApp for collaborating with these tools and letting users have these useful options for business growth.

However, let’s get introduced to the 10 best software that are very effective for your online business growth.

1. Infobip

Whether it’s email, WhatsApp, or just Facebook Messenger, your online customer communication will be a lot easier with Infobip. Even many big-head organizations are using this handy software for so many useful features it provides. In the beginning, you can try it for free as a trial, but later on, you have to pay.

However, this software is worth paying enough. It’s an Omnichannel support communication platform that comes with a very reliable customer support system. Additionally, sending bulk messages has no limits and almost no complications. So, for an easier and even better customer-seller relationship, you should try this software.

2. Wati

You can also use Wati if you are planning to boost your online business with an advanced client communication system. With Wati, you can build no-code chatbots that will respond to your clients instantly. As a result, it will be a great way to call into action. In the same way, it implies mass communication in a better way.

Sending promotions and new arrival notices will be easier with this software. You can simply form the message, and with just a few taps, you can send it to all your customers and potential customers. Wati won’t set a limit on the number of senders. Technically, Wati improves the whole customer relations and communication system perfectly.

3. Chatarmin

If you are looking for a go-to WhatsApp marketing tool that is specially designed for e-commerce businesses, Chatarmin is your must-have. It’s professional bulk WhatsApp sender software that helps you inform all your customers about your latest products quickly and efficiently.

You can easily integrate this software with platforms like Shopify and Klaviyo. As a result, customer engagement will be more fun and effortless. Besides, this software will give you a lot of useful features to utilize WhatsApp for your e-commerce business. That’s why you should count Chatarmin as a great opportunity to grow your business with WhatsApp.

4. Gallabox

You can now increase the WhatsApp Conversion Rate dramatically with Gallabox. Using the power of bots, this WhatsApp marketing software is able to grow sales of your online business quite effectively. Sending bulk SMS on promotions and discounts to thousands of potential customers is easy here.

Gallabox is also very effective in replying to all your customers, and it uses their native language with sufficient expertise. The 360-degree feature of customer conversations is a good feature of this software that efficiently helps in the strategic planning of your software. You can also share live updates and all other info more strategically using Gallabox.

5. Zoko

The next one is Zoko, another easy-to-use yet advanced WhatsApp bulk message software specifically recommended for E-commerce Business managers. The best part of this software is its super minimalist interface, which never makes you bored or confused. You will have no limitations on senders for bulk messages.

Additionally, the WhatsApp Broadcasting feature is available here. For E-commerce business deals, it will add necessary options like Cart Recovery, COD Confirmation, etc.

Indeed, you can manage the customers’ reviews and payment systems with this flexible software as well. If you manage to install and use it on your mobile app, that will be even more comfortable.

6. Vepaar

Vepaar is the next one that you should consider as an all-in-one solution for effortless and efficient client management via WhatsApp. With this handy software, reaching out to your potential customers and letting them know about your products will be a lot easier. Their bulk message-sending system is very quick and easy.

Additionally, this software will help you build all your customer profiles more strategically so that you can reach them, filter them out, and utilize them for a call-into-action strategy more effectively.

For a better filtration system, you can also use their advanced sales funnel system. Many other useful features are also there to boost your online business.

7. AiSensy

Using WhatsApp would be easier for the marketing section in many ways if you use the advanced bulk WhatsApp sender software, AiSensy. This one will give you free access to the official WhatsApp Business APIs. You can ensure a proper customer supper with WhatsApp Call and Google Meet.

Initially, AiSensy doesn’t fix any limitations on senders’ numbers, so you can send WhatsApp Broadcasts to as many people as you want. Also, it makes order confirmation easier as it ensures that receivers will get delivery notifications timely. This software is also helpful for payment systems and supports Multi-human live chat.

8. Interakt

For a seamless e-commerce business experience, you can also use Interakt, another advanced WhatsApp marketing software. This software will make a proper and analytically described buyer’s journey for each of the users.

So, you will easily learn how this software helps your business progress by increasing customer engagement.

This software uses AI to send notifications about automated shipping and delivery updates. Besides, it lets you send promotional messages to an unlimited number of senders to increase customer engagement. Additionally, this software has options for broadcasting and bulk campaigns with necessary analytics.

9. Sendwo

Sendwo is an interactive bulk WhatsApp sender software that aims to help grow your business using WhatsApp. With bulk broadcasting promotions, this software usually offers the official API. You’ll also get a personalized AI chatbot that you can use to reply to customers immediately in WhatsApp.

This software also has many useful WhatsApp-based features to offer. It will significantly identify green tick verified accounts and let you make lists of potential customers. Autoresponders and customized chatbot setup are other features that you’ll find very handy in managing clients. Overall, the features of Sendwo make it a worthy software for any business.

10. DelightChat

Lastly, it’s DelightChat, another super flexible WhatsApp bulk message software designed especially for online business management systems. This one is also very effective for growing revenue for your e-commerce business using WhatsApp. This software uses the Official WhatsApp API to send broadcast messages on unlimited numbers.

You can use this Omnichannel Platform for Instagram and other commercial social media platforms, not just WhatsApp. A convenient mobile-friendly app is available to use that software more comfortably. Collaborating with your team becomes much easier when you use Delightchat effectively.

Wrapping Up

Now it’s your turn to move. Check the details of all the software and choose the one that suits your requirements the most. Make sure to compare the prices and consider whether it’s worth it. I didn’t include the process because it changes frequently.

However, when choosing the software, you should prioritize your business types and the features of the software that perfectly fit your business. Also, you should spend some time learning the basics of the software before you buy it. It will help you utilize the features more efficiently.

Hopefully, you have got my points. Thank you for your time and best wishes.

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